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Mentoring startups to the sounds of Crystal Castles. Now in London with Accel

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Shell bursting on the cathedral at Rheims http://t.co/S2j5LmtKpt
Retweeted by Fred Destin@LeFtO @marcelsel @BGrouwels enjoying a cheap 6 seater @uber with my kids and having a pleasant conversation about Brussels with the driver@PaulaMarttila good one :)The weirdest fairground painting I have ever seen (alpen hotel, winter wonderland) http://t.co/lcLbbPtqPE
The quasi VC congratulation at the board meeting for a job well done: https://t.co/0KEbk2bn0gMy son (9) calls @Uber my "stalker app" :-)@renjie @pineHQ sadly, androidBrutally funny takedown @RichHoward84: @fdestin @salesforce funnily I just wrote about this. My feelings are here https://t.co/0hNm6bVA3d"Think about why media are showing burning things instead of this image of Mike Brown’s dad #Ferguson http://t.co/h3I0eY8DUh
Retweeted by Fred DestinWe should all embrace failure, but not trivialize it. It can break people.@pegobry they are also about misfits (the independent woman, the creative genius who refuses shallow compromises)@pegobry rand books are fables. If you go beyond literal adoption by the rabid fans, they are about independence and use of one's brainWould you describe the @salesforce interface as old school or vintage ? Or maybe just bad ? #editsave
@BarkerFICC merely a happy by product of the schizophrenia :)
In North America it's only bad when black people riot... white riots are considered just good sport. ;-( https://t.co/CjVIPUtJTr #racism
Retweeted by Fred DestinNo RT @dianemulcahy: Are Public Pensions Inflating a Venture Capital Bubble? via @Businessweek http://t.co/3hAYhGJg9u #VC
Retweeted by Fred DestinBeing a good VC requires a good amount of schizophrenia@antoniolareis @jonpierce all proportions being kept, raising suspicions based on data is hardly trashing. trust in the system is low here@AntoniolaReis @jonpierce you know, that's a fair point !Out of 162,000 federal cases in 2010, only in 11 did grand juries decline to indict. http://t.co/xKCcvS39O2 http://t.co/jwNKxvkfxT
Retweeted by Fred DestinBREAKING: Fox News Hosts #Ferguson Panel On "Race In America" Composed Exclusively of White People. http://t.co/GWPZJRlUUo
Retweeted by Fred DestinWired @qz Tired @uber Expired @PandoDaily
(Monday) @Khagnine: #lundi http://t.co/8RYaWvhSO4 via @pegobryWow, that's like Wall St summers in late 90s. RT @tzhongg: Friend made a list of top internship offers đź’° http://t.co/UfdnqHLNGx
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@rorybernard @DameWendyDBE yes my tweet was in reference to the Barbie apology on Facebook. Great comment thread on there btw.@davetisch @aweissman @MikeBrownJr I really don't buy this research. Nice image though (pool of bacteria !!)Hey Twitter, it's cool to connect with #Barbie, she can code now (OMG what a role model!): https://t.co/R9tmY7hlvQ@howardlindzon @tonysphere @aboutdotme hahaha :). And Howard weren't you a bouncer in the eighties ? Great page
Now that's amazing. @PillPack makes Times' list of 25 best inventions in illustrious company : http://t.co/4XfCFvL1hJ
Go @PillPack : We have the opportunity to make everyday tasks delightful, even something as unsexy as taking pills. http://t.co/yueraAXux5"Vous pouvez voir @BlaBlaCar_FR comme la remise en cause du concept de propriété" @daedalium #LBA
Retweeted by Fred Destin"If you thought you knew what file sharing was, you've been living in the dark" (via "dope" @gregisenberg) : https://t.co/Crm0xTcKYE
A big BI win in the making for @atlasventure with @insightsquared raising more $$ (via @DBKeohane): http://t.co/ektw4OlDDA
.@DBKeohane on why #Boston is finally attracting its fair share of international #startups as alternative to SV: http://t.co/z0mTHbsUTO
got to hang with @fdestin in Boston and now off to @DraftKings ...also great seeing @Kinvey @rekindleapp ...boston seems rocking
Retweeted by Fred Destin
Congrats .@indicodata - announces $3M round from General Catalyst, .406ventures, Boston Seed et al #tsdemoday"we keep video from breaking the web" says @streamroot #tsdemoday - Akamai traffic records 1.4TBPS SuperBowl 2012 to 7BPS World Cup 2014The boys from @fairwaves: "we are from Russia and we know to build cheap and efficient rockets" #subltehumor #tsdemoday.@techstars stats #tdemoday: total raised $1.2BN, 80% raise money, 10% bootstrap, 10% die. 1.4K founders, 1.2K mentors, 2K investors."We're not anti Silicon Valley, we're pro everywhere else" - tweetable @davidcohen #tsdemodayLove that @fortifiedbike makes a point of saying "we have revenue, we're not raising money" #tsdemoday : https://t.co/sBuOud4L0f@hellobloc @halley @tydanco apologies i meant @helloblockHuge congratulations - “@balderton: Welcome @ndebock to the @balderton team, our latest principal”Excellent :-) “@jrap14: Too excited to be at #TsDemoDay”Most striking about this #tsdemoday : companies are more mature, well past product, launch with many showing tractionQuite the mixed metaphor from impressive coolchip: "CPU's hit a brick wall, and it's made out of heat" #tsdemoday - https://t.co/z21tNP1DTdPerenially funny .@tydanco takes early lead for Intro Of The Day #tsdemoday for bitcoin dev platform @helloblocDeutsche Telekom to launch new EUR500M fund replacing TVentures and headed by former Blackstone MD Thorsten Langheim: http://t.co/Dt0lMe7n2r
A comprehensive look at Europe's "scale-ups" by @robinwauters: http://t.co/JvZgmZbYOk"Your brain has decided to do some work" _ "I'd rather look at kittens" http://t.co/8mhgCoqWeI
@yojimbo23 @collinmathilde I agree 80%. Does not account for market diversity but rings very true.@peter_wagner great post@nero @robertdighero @eileentso @stefanglaenzer not mine. closet dominatrix, this robbie is.@robertdighero @nero @eileentso @stefanglaenzer http://t.co/iVLlHuX7Fn@cerebrawl80 @nero @amazon there's definitely as dystopian flavour to it.@Nero @fdestin @amazon It's the dildo the NSA always wanted to fuck you with
Retweeted by Fred Destin@samim it's called US mass market, i don't mind, fits the target. first time i see AMZN got that deep on a rich media production though.Really curious to try the @amazon #echo hands on - the video is really high prod value: https://t.co/cKMRbKZIdn"In the US VC's fund you because it *could* work. In Europe, because it did". Nice one from @collinmathilde http://t.co/C510QD8QFCFab read on #containers and the next wave of IT commoditization by @peter_wagner : https://t.co/b5n5xCCXvf
@neurongrid @mkaptur @atomicoventures great to hear. Which ones?Awesome interactive map of the 137 Unicorns created in the last 10 years (by @atomicoventures): http://t.co/7gIUEcutLi"our unending use of social media has radically elevated the level of ego in our personal lives" via @HarvardBiz https://t.co/FUu0aF4n1c
Retweeted by Fred DestinBelgian Showpad closes whopping $8.5MM series B http://t.co/5nKzVMiyaF Contrats @pieterjan @pminne! #betech
Retweeted by Fred Destin
@pkedrosky I don't really follow cricket. All well.@pkedrosky ah yes indeed.At #web summit, tech #startup ecosystem braces itself for bubble hangover (no pun intended) by @MattCampbel : http://t.co/B9RTeykdQf@willjgibbs @andychung @naval many great breakout stories like newscred etc. For whom it was game changing to connect with right investors@willjgibbs @AngelList makes the world flat for founders, allows direct access to sector relevant experts globally cc @naval@willjgibbs @naval why would you say that ?@sharpshoot @naval @andychung I'm aware. Sit on it :)UK launch soon ? @naval: "Why Angel List Syndicates Could Change The Asset Management Industry" http://t.co/HjDQ37XXjk"Red RT @jczamora: This is what a wave looks like. http://t.co/z0UrObiAIU h/t @digiphile (via @rollcall) #Election2014 http://t.co/iHcLQp3t0P
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@Christine_Sturm no sorry missing it this year :-(
"Embrace chaos to succeed" says @fdestin at #MTPcon. Watch the video: http://t.co/zPuNmsnmOg http://t.co/K0H9UXCDPe
Retweeted by Fred Destin$100M for pre-launch ultrasound-on-a- chip startup to put medical imaging in everyone's hands: http://t.co/OknMJFM4AlA flattering portrait of @partechventures - reinvigorating itself ahead of a EUR300M fundraise - by @LiamBoogar : http://t.co/v0LMeO0hZg
Yup http://t.co/LujWMkHk
Retweeted by Fred Destin@anthonycgreen @snowded awesome thanks for sharing. To thrive in chaos requires extreme focus, and in fact start-up survival depends on itAnd now for a uniquely London pumpkin (think hedge fund, baby). http://t.co/4oKEWEoFAbAmerican expats in London, confused by smaller packaging, fumble #Halloween http://t.co/gurS1aSPQf
You need to embrace chaos to succeed says @fdestin at #mtpcon http://t.co/KG5Mjbk9oq via @mindtheproduct #prodmgmt
Retweeted by Fred DestinGreat PR: @Uber now saves the planet: insurance costs, DUI, road congestion, unemployment, road rage, driver happiness all solved.Investor @fdestin auf dem #Pioneers14: So ĂĽberstehen Start-ups die ersten zwei Jahre. http://t.co/Vtd5yf4Ivg #startup #investment #accel
Retweeted by Fred Destin
great, Ironic take on @Techcrunch Disrupt #TCDisrupt and our Tech Zoo by @joshiherrmann: http://t.co/rDlPcM5CpfHere is what we all have been waiting for: The winner of the #Pioneers14 Challenge is @OradianHQ
Retweeted by Fred DestinConstraints drive ingenuity : in Israel 70% of sewage water is recycled for agriculture. Spain second with 20%. #pioneers14@kreutzerglitzer @thejuliablonde @gruenderszene mos def@aonetti @ivospigel @chazver al shugart. 1979.@frlnschrk @gruenderszene I love my mom. It just brings the point across :)@robinwauters @matthewcbostock @gruenderszene it's an old saying. From Al Shugart 1979.@mahringer_a don't think so. Only gave it once before.Hey #pioneers14 people: I'm on stage at 11am to talk about "surviving your first 24 months as a #startup. Come join us !
"If you can launch a flying car out of Bratislava, you can launch anything from anywhere". The spirit of #pioneers14 !.@markroberge 2012 on hiring salesmen - look for prior success, intelligence, work ethic, and coach-ability: http://t.co/a27ky0u9G1The #Pioneers14 live stream is at http://t.co/eteHa5AA9s. @martinmignot of @IndexVentures on air soon.Q&A on European #startup landscape for #pioneers14 (via the excellent @Informilomedia): http://t.co/ZF0ajlZdBbHard ROI !! :) @coletteballou: Why PR? PR can add $10M to a valuation or increase chances of closing a round 2x @msuster"Judging by the terrible quality of data networks everywhere, wireless broadband start-ups are still likely to do well !!
.@dolginow nails great advice on expressing your start-up offering in a terrifying 90 characters or less : https://t.co/PwXPdg3a4j
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