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My license was expired. My phone was haunted.

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tbt http://t.co/PnetA65QOK@yerpalmildsauce Happy Thanksgribble homie!@cameronMstewart This is a very interesting ideabut mostly youand small rodentsI'm thankful for youWilliam S. Burroughs: "A Thanksgiving Prayer" (1986). http://t.co/WyJRw6appI http://t.co/3uWl9tqGMr
Retweeted by Gerard Sleigh@robertliefeld ah yeah I just watched it...pretty fake looking and the view count was too high@robertliefeld awesome thanks!@robertliefeld did it leak??
@thomas_violence looking to get into some of the old out of print games like Mordheim@JAINITZ1 we always wanted to but never got it@IanGonzales web!@thomas_violence holy shit I just tweeted about games workshopThis time every year the music biz shuts down and every year I spiral down the Games Workshop vortexI hope when Bandit is 15 she becomes my disinterested hacker sidekick that helps me break into government museums after hours@DVSblast that's RIGHT@t0myemy is that me as a hobbit adventuring?That's why I started thinking about bag end, cuz all that cheese#thrillingtales@nweaver rankin bass@nweaver I want one!Me and @mikeyway just bought so much cheese at the supermarket that the woman in front of us asked if we were from the midwesthttp://t.co/w4gS4S8mieBag Endโ€œ@starwars: The Force is with you on #BlackFriday when #TheForceAwakens teaser hits @iTunesTrailers.โ€ oh shitFirst issue of ODY-C by @mattfraction and @cjwardart is out today. I have read it and it is brilliant. I highly recommend this book.Dream House by @deafheavenband is making excellent writing music this morning.@George_LeSage no worries...really great stuff@sashahemmo it's taking some getting used toI wonder if @beckycloonan likes DeafheavenWent and checked out Deafheaven because I remembered hearing the band name and liking it. Was very psyched on the music.
@blambot oh thank you! They were fun to write togetherOff to write comicsTo anyone that is reading @mikeyway 's message- thanks. I'm sure it really means a lot to him.@wastedwings hahah...he wants his flesh to be made whole"The only way out is through." http://t.co/uvbpzAunKT
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Appalled. Thoughts are with those in Ferguson. Please be safe.@danielwarrenart Thank you! I enjoy watching yoursYou guys are so supportive, it is nice to know that whatever I choose, you will check it out. Thanks for that.depends on everyone's lives lining up, me, Gab, Scott, the editor. So it's a slow proccess. I need something to jumpstart over holiday breakBasically, I'm always working on music, so that is steady. I'm trying to choose my next secondary project. UA is happening but that (contd)@jamesjammcmahon hahahaha, sounds good@jamesjammcmahon I think it would come down to budget really@jamesjammcmahon There was a possibility of it being a short on ADHD tv but it didn't materialize. It would have been for a trailer@jamesjammcmahon So it ends up being a lot of time I could have spent on something else. Maybe I should give it a go anyway@jamesjammcmahon Yeah- it's tempting. I get really frustrated with developing tv or film projects because they rarely happen@jamesjammcmahon yup- that is one of them@The_YUNiversity it's rough...got all this morning energy and I gotta use it for somethingHaving one of those mornings where I can work on any of 7 projects but I'm trying to figure out which one I want out in the world first
Just posted a photo http://t.co/xmuF4FaK42Good morning!
@andy_oconnor http://t.co/InEGEl4j2v@TommyTadeo I wish! Just giving you a signal boosthttp://t.co/JgInSwC1GE@DVSblast that's it!@fiona13red yeah that's totally correct@gaskarf only if you're doing it wrong@gerardway face palm is harsh, unsophisticated. face cradle is gentle and nurturing
Retweeted by Gerard Sleigh@gerardway a facepalm is a more disappointed/ugh vibe and face cradle has a calm/peaceful vibe
Retweeted by Gerard Sleigh#facecradle@DVSblast true true...we need a celebrity, top tier@goatqueen_ it's different@falloutpeat I will only allow it if I am allowed to cradle theirs and if someone is taking an artistic black and white photographI wonder if facecradling is ever going to go mainstream@Cryptoterra @nickbayside deeeeeeamn@Cryptoterra @nickbayside oh really? The cold is ok but not the hot?Here's a look at the sink/faucet situation in some bathrooms in the UK "Caution very hot water" http://t.co/BFxyeHJceZ
Retweeted by Gerard SleighI donated to Ricky Jackson, falsely imprisoned for 39 years, longer than anyone in US history http://t.co/1lLN7Lm0Yg http://t.co/uAyqSjIVDQ
Retweeted by Gerard Sleigh@mikeyway YESSSSSSSHappy Saturday@gerardway don't ask why ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™Š http://t.co/kECnOghY0Q
Retweeted by Gerard SleighIt's that time #wpr #weekendpancakereport http://t.co/lCITYMLTCz
@someofmybest @rachelmillman kriss angel@someofmybest @rachelmillman hey! http://t.co/8Rc4cyncFp@rachelmillman ahh I like jenpose, we should get her to cradleface and I will jenpose@rachelmillman what's #jenpose ? It's like facecradle?Mozcradle (gift from the Moz camp) http://t.co/6sGh1VxCFtGood afternoon!
Nightcradle http://t.co/RLORmsTjgMSometimes you stumble across something that floors you- just happened to me with this song http://t.co/7XGk8QvWyh@BarryToasttt unbelievableBirdman is probably one of the best films Lindsey and I have ever seen, you should check it out while it's in theaters, life-alteringly goodhand/cradle/facecradlefaceHappy Birthday to the legendary @thejillthompson !! Such a phenomenal artist.I'm having a great time making art online@youth_code lol@FakeYourDeath2 yes just like that@antalkaa love this one, it may be my favorite for overall tones and composition@gerardway a gentle and succulent caress
Retweeted by Gerard SleighNot a facepalm, a gentle cradle for the face, womb-like, darkHand Touching Face (series), 2014Just posted a photo http://t.co/Fdk6uNK81aJust posted a photo http://t.co/hkBx6V5WSHJust posted a photo http://t.co/pnCtwUBuH7http://t.co/Dp2hwDi0Dahttp://t.co/F9TCM9YwA2@jimmyurine @JamesGunn yall gonna blush me out, I feel the same way about Hey TomorrowREVIEW: Sinergy #1 http://t.co/NdAXsKef7K via @ComicCrusaders
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