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My license was expired. My phone was haunted. Best at internet. Russian David Bowie.

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Where's the @EscapeTheFate after show?
Retweeted by Gerard WayWhat a fun night. My first official New Found Glory show and I had a blast. Most energy I've seen in a long time. Thanks for having us!@kierongillen well, the way you write it, it literally is. It captures it.Music is literally magicAt New Found Glory. Music=magic. http://t.co/UKxWB44ORN@cjwardart maybe it'll make you feel nice to have a trim, treat yourself@jamesjammcmahon @neilhimself amazing@jamesjammcmahon @neilhimself Yes!You are beautifulBrilliant!
@johnnyboyuk we call it "Wormrider" nowSo just keep in mind I'd like to keep my cornflakes clear of anyone thinking I'm clowning on a prostate exam. Listen to Foxygen instead.Remember it is a live tweet, not a live stream. Also I'm doing it to raise awareness that more men should get the exam.Prostate exam update. I am in Australia and need to find a physician once I get home. I will not be doing it in Australia. Also-@tylerinacoma lol@Cryptoterra I know...it's a real drag@thomas_violence ok, I agree to talk about it for your podcast, but only because it's youThere is no way I'm commenting on the dress (note: this doesn't count as a comment)@uhiero I can't really schedule one in Australia, I don't even have a physician back home, so I have to find one first@DallonWeekes It's so good...I think I like the newer, weirder album a little more. I like where they are headingI can't stop listening to FoxygenGood morning 1 million people!Goodnight goodnight@austincarlile with the Rise camp, going to watch Foos!That was literally amazing...such a magical energy in this stadium tonight. Foos are going to have one of the best shows of their lives.Thanks to my brothers in @riseagainst for asking me to share the stage for Astro Zombies- you guys shredded that crowd!
Foos/Rise Against tonight in Sydney! Going to be a good timeGood afternoon!http://t.co/FoG7eM5BHhI've gone full Ally Sheedy.@Mirysh there's no neo in our version, there is Bozo646We talk on tour about an alternate version of the matrix, with our own charactersGood vibes http://t.co/I5ejaplXHwhttp://t.co/RjSmDCWaHcI'm going to show you something that is the definition of bad vibes@VikkiIsACreep @GeorgiLM wasn't bothering me but he shoved his way through a bunch of kids to get to the barricade. That's a big no no@jjoshuadun always@craigschuftan @triplejmornings hey! Thanks for writing the book- had been trying to track it down!@kikki0109 sometimes that song just needs extra fucking@GeorgiLM I saw that guy...I can spot one of them a mile away. Thought I was going to have to flag security- guy was a mess.Thanks Sydney! Excited to watch the Pumpkins with you.
.@gerardway & the Hormones live in Tokyo!How do you like @ianwfowles custom Kurt Cobain #Jaguar?Photo by: Jamie Allen http://t.co/mkc3dYw9KJ
Retweeted by Gerard Way@AlabamaSmith @shitdeweessays I'm sure it will include Pet Shop Boys@wastedwings 30 is the best actuallyJames is going to Dj it @shitdeweessaysGetting really close to that prostate exam@McKelvie the bear had human eyes@bread_thing I lost, because it was not part of my cultureI was also dressed as a bearI had a dream I opened up for the Smashing Pumpkins in the Czech Republic by fighting a man dressed as a bear40 pages left of Children of Dune, then I can get into the real weird shit like God Emperor
@LolaPlusG @FoxNews #blessedQA-G0
Retweeted by Gerard Way@LolaPlusG We are spreading the word out here and reaching a lot of people with this factual information. Thanks @FoxNews@LolaPlusG @Billy Maybe he will ask me again tomorrow!@Gabriel_Ba of course!!Kerrang! office listening to the @gerardway album. God I love that record. Everything about it says to the listener 'do stuff, make stuff'
Retweeted by Gerard Way@thomas_violence im just going to start calling Billy my dad@thomas_violence thus a magical relationship was born as we would meet years later, and he said to me "You were the kid I thought was Billy"@thomas_violence (2) best friends, who is also Billy's best friend. He spotted me and pulled me aside and asked why I was walking around@thomas_violence funny you should ask. I shaved my head to see them at the Garden when I was like 19. That's how I met one of my (contd)@LolaPlusG http://t.co/V91AObsswK@gerardway look I made this for you http://t.co/Mni4SEkQGo
Retweeted by Gerard WayIt was hard not to geek out up there. I'm surprised I didn't wear my Zero shirt but I tried to keep it professionalOpening up for the Pumpkins last night was magical. And such a warm,welcoming crowd. Makes sense for fans of such an amazing band.Last night @Billy asked if I had any requests and I said "Heavy Metal Machine" and he said- great we close with that http://t.co/1dIYKZV6lLPs I'm repped by WME @starwars1. How does one get to be a new republic pilot that gets blown up? 2. How many questions like this do you get a day? @starwars
http://t.co/T1AMHKxYh3@lynzway and that's one of the reasons I love youthis shit really needs to go viral http://t.co/FNa5j6d6cM@lynzway no!@gerardway http://t.co/LrafsZ0ZrO
Retweeted by Gerard Way@beckycloonan !!!!!!!@beckycloonan duuuuuuuuuuuuuude(in Melbourne, Australia)For the Smashing PumpkinsI openTonight@soolightemup I think they are due for a comeback@AHoyeHoye please save them for me@AHoyeHoye is this true? Asking for an alcoholicWhen you go to bed with glitter on your face and it's not because you hang out in strip clubs #glamlifeMy public service announcement about Drop Bears went extremely well today I thought @LolaPlusGI have been up since 5 amI have been trying to finish Children of Dune for 6 months@Zombie_Cats_101 this is full-IggyMelbourne you were magic. Made me lose control I had so much fun. Full-Iggy.
Only 250 of these "Falling In Love Will Kill You" heart-shaped vinyls were made.Get them at http://t.co/t7ln80Fbc9 ! http://t.co/NytEFz19GBGood afternoon Melbourne! Let's have some hot fun today@LeraTomlinson69 that's trippy@EmmaJedWhite Lola is a completely separate individual, they are my adventuring companion@lolonghi stay tuned- I think you'll be pleased(2) Lola has really evolved into such an interesting person.Such a positive, strange, unique individual. Plan on seeing Lola for a long timeI know I've said it before, but you all really need to follow @lolaplusg. I started it as a place you can always get info about me but (1)@cierra_jeter ;) I think they are coming@playingkassidy I love feminism and support it strongly, and I also get a lot of that on here@karina_koroleva @mikeyway love this@pfff_why_not that sounds.... awesome?@kylatbh I get plenty of that on Twitter already
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