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@ShoeyDelMurs love!That moment when even pizza won’t cure your #ZaynPain. http://t.co/k4B1ILmEZ1
Retweeted by donny♡Neymar: "Rumors about girlfriends? Nothing to it! They're all friends of my sister. I'm just flirting a bit... (laughs) I focus on my job."
Retweeted by donny♡Alves: "My heart is happy in Barcelona. I'm happy with defending these colours. Despite exit talk, I'm still as motivated as when I arrived"
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Wishing this bag of m&ms was actually skittleshttp://t.co/1p3zFSLg8lThe the fosters episodes has gone off demand 😭Ugh I'm so lost watching @BetterCallSaul 😥You look dumb as fuck & I feel so bad for you. #growup@wxzdom I'm sorry baeBitches be like 😂 http://t.co/m78Q6psVqI"@StrangePintura: RT @dannyyonce: Morale of the story: don't date Chris Brown http://t.co/oQZ6tlgS7k" #KarruecheSpeaks
Retweeted by donny♡Chris has zero chill for going to that basketball game 😭 BRUH“@JohnTheFame: RIHANNA snatched Karrueche Christmas Day. She the grinch #iyanlafixmylife” LMAO STOPRaise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimized by @chrisbrown 👀“@Shortkickz_23: Well flowers worked the last time so I see why” 😭😭😭“@Shortkickz_23: SO YOURE A FUCKING FATHER @chrisbrown” 😂So proud of you @karruecheThe promise the penis or the pleasure! #KarruecheSpeaks😩 I feel bad for her idc. #KarruecheSpeaksOkay this guy at @ChickfilA is cute as fuck 😭😩Where would I be if you didn't believe? @justinbieberI just wanna sleep!!!!!!!
You want cookie's nookie? Ditch the bitch.“@barcastuff: Picture: Neymar after BRA game against FRA yesterday, with Thierry Henry #fcblive [via @messinesss] http://t.co/zQgarplDPI” I😭Hart (Man City): "In years to come, when potentially Messi has been honoured as the greatest ever, the penalty save will be a nice memory."
Retweeted by donny♡Gif: Skill Iniesta vs UKR #fcblive [via @emenderk] http://t.co/vj5daGiOeZ
Retweeted by donny♡@barcastuff @2KingsOneMan okay@barcastuff @2KingsOneMan ohLuis Enrique has asked the club to sign Atletico player Koke (23) to replace Xavi. The midfielder has a 60M buyout fee. [sport]
Retweeted by donny♡Jesus, I love you so much.
“@ScandalABC: OMG! Hilarious! 😂 **Mellie mimics Olivia - "Ok then!" Storms off** #Scandal” I laughed sooo hard every single time she did it!
Retweeted by donny♡Awwwww! #Scandal http://t.co/ul8W1cFoO0
Retweeted by donny♡Omg 😩😩💔💔💔That face 😭😭😭Mellie 😂😂😂😂😂Ramos (Real Madrid): "Iniesta is the boyfriend every mother wants for her daughter... (smiles) A pity he plays at Barça and not at Madrid."
Retweeted by donny♡Xavi (35) has signed a 3+1 year deal with Qatari club Al Sadd. He will also work at a youth academy and get his coaching degree. [as]
Retweeted by donny♡Pique: "My son Milan, when he goes to sleep, only wants me to sign the club hymn of Barcelona for him, no other song." [uefa via fcb]
Retweeted by donny♡@momokhlo 😍😍😍😍I just wanna sleep bruh“@Koroma95: A girl said "my bf cheating on me but... 🐸 ☕" loooool who's business is it then?” @StefanReid_ 😂😭Yall niggas hiring? @onedirection
Retweeted by donny♡I LOVE @hillsong 💙Jesus, lover of my soul.
Nope ask Tyga. RT @morganreneex3: @cthagod #AskGuyCode will you go to my senior prom with me??👀
Retweeted by donny♡“@cthagod: Nope ask Tyga. RT @morganreneex3: @cthagod #AskGuyCode will you go to my senior prom with me??👀” @StefanReid_ 😭@2KingsOneMan @barcastuff http://t.co/BR2wdl4spa@barcastuff @2KingsOneManOrava (surgeon Vermaelen): "His thigh injury is in the past now. He has totally recovered and he will be able to play in one week." [rac1]
Retweeted by donny♡Pictures: Former 'One Direction' singer Zayn Malik wearing Barça shirt #fcblive [via @muhaky_ @fcbjulian] http://t.co/hNKpgZO5Aw
Retweeted by donny♡Iniesta: "Cup final at Camp nou? I like it. I understand Madrid didn't want it, it's not pleasant your rival could celebrate at your place."
Retweeted by donny♡Picture: Messi with Gheorghe Mureșan, tallest player in NBA history #fcblive [via ébarzaboy] http://t.co/vvonkegD7a
Retweeted by donny♡Official: Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium will host the Spanish Cup final between Athletic and Barcelona on 30 May 2015 #fcblive
Retweeted by donny♡😭😂😩 http://t.co/YDb7VzwR9E@barcastuff @2KingsOneMan when will it end?Messi has scored more Liga goals (17) in the year 2015 than Real Madrid's forward trio Bale-Benzema-Ronaldo combined (16) #fcblive [via sq]
Retweeted by donny♡@barcastuff @2KingsOneMan unreal stat 😂Pique: "Cristiano was attacking and Mateu (referee) asked me about my kids. I told him: what is this, you want to distract me?" [ser]
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Ander Herrera (Man United): "Last time football made me cry? I was about to when watching Messi against Man City. He's so good!" [el pais]
Retweeted by donny♡Lunes de descanso. Muchas gracias a todos los culés por el gran apoyo. Juntos somos más fuertes!!!!
Retweeted by donny♡Hiding your opinion through retweets does nothing but make me laugh even harder at the delusional state of your mind #NoRetweetNeeded 🙊✌😂😁😂
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@KhloeKFanxo same, her and Bentley are THE cutest 😭@KhloeKFanxo yessssLMFAOOOOOOOOOOO drag her! Cannot stand @F1abrahamLMFAOOO bye twist 😩Tell me what it takes to number one. http://t.co/GIwfc4gag8When you think you're working a 2-9 shift but it's actually 1-9 ☺️😅Pictures: Real Madrid's Ronaldo standing on tiptoes trying to look taller during team photo before clasico #fcb [md] http://t.co/1bgQnn4hcr
Retweeted by donny♡Gerard Pique is THE Defender! Shak
Retweeted by donny♡“@shakira: Gerard Pique is THE Defender! Shak” 😭😭😭😭😭😭For those of you saying I'm up Messi's arse, can I say what a wonderful arse it is.
Retweeted by donny♡“@GaryLineker: For those of you saying I'm up Messi's arse, can I say what a wonderful arse it is.” LADVideo: Messi and Neymar celebrating Mathieu's goal, after Messi's assist #fcblive #elclasico [via @alex_cubero] http://t.co/IZbbiQIeix
Retweeted by donny♡Luis Suarez: "I think this has been my most important goal for Barça, because it meant we could win against our biggest opponent." #fcblive
Retweeted by donny♡Picture: Real Madrid's Ronaldo diving during tonight's game #fcblive [via @e3_barca] http://t.co/o4KXKjK4Dm
Retweeted by donny♡Tw Bravo: "This is how my house looked today. Good night! Impressive crowd. 👏👏👏👏👏" [@c1audiobravo] http://t.co/gspldNybGI
Retweeted by donny♡Picture: Pique after the game against Real Madrid #fcblive [via @klngbartra] http://t.co/PWILUTGF88
Retweeted by donny♡Dani Alves is now the player who has won most games (21) ever against Real Madrid #fcblive Sevilla 8, Barcelona 13 [via @pedritonumeros]
Retweeted by donny♡@barcastuff this is goldenCartoon: Mathieu scores again against Real Madrid #fcblive [by @fahad_khashrami] http://t.co/SkbVjNZWjn
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Awwww Khlo!Worst headache 😰Suárez scored against: PSG ✔ Atlético Madrid ✔ Manchester City ✔ Real Madrid ✔ We all love you Luisito.. http://t.co/Bo0Tdk6Pvg
Retweeted by donny♡😂🔥😩 http://t.co/jdOnhis3wFSuarez is shit.
Retweeted by donny♡Y qué decir del homenaje: Gracias por el detalle... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 http://t.co/QULNcnFVwT
Retweeted by donny♡Mathieu: "Tough game, but in the end we won and that was the main thing. Set piece? We work a lot on it, this time it worked for me."
Retweeted by donny♡Luis Enrique: "Pique again among the best centre backs in the world? He's getting there.He's playing great, should continue now." #fcblive
Retweeted by donny♡Lionel Messi is the player with most goals and the player with most assists in clasicos #fcblive #elclasico
Retweeted by donny♡Pictures: Pique and Shakira leaving Camp Nou after the game #fcblive [via @patriciaplaja] http://t.co/VxCvF5EHYh
Retweeted by donny♡Picture: Team celebrating Suarez' goal #fcblive [fcb] http://t.co/HqOSsWCS0n
Retweeted by donny♡Tw Rafinha: "Força Barça!!!! Together we can!!! Huge, team!!! What a night!!! Come on, Barçaaaa!!! PS: Style..." http://t.co/sdzee2n8Wa
Retweeted by donny♡Ig Neymar: "Great game, boooooooooooys!!!! With the geniuses #leomessi @luissuarez9" [neymarjr] http://t.co/3Icy67IZYc
Retweeted by donny♡Mathieu: "After the first goal, we sat back too much. We were still tired from the game against City, but we kept on working hard." #fcblive
Retweeted by donny♡Luis Enrique: "Very complete game from both teams, two of the best teams in the world. Good win, happy for team and fans."
Retweeted by donny♡Pictures: Pique and Messi after the game #fcblive [via @emenderk] http://t.co/Jvy9KcxQPp
Retweeted by donny♡Gran triunfo! A seguir luchando y soñando... Vamos por mas!!!
Retweeted by donny♡Tw Bravo: "Great win! Let's keep on fighting and dreaming... We want more!!!" [@c1audiobravo]
Retweeted by donny♡Bravo, Pique, Suarez all performing against Real Madrid and forcing a 4 point lead. This is personal for me. I am PROUD
Retweeted by donny♡
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