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git push -f @jamesiry San Francisco, CA

Some people when faced with a problem think, I know, I'll use distributed computing. Now they have n^2 problems. I corral Cascading cats at Concurrent.

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Apple UI designers are so amazingly primitive they still think arbitrary alpha blending is a pretty neat idea. (remolded from Douglas Adams)@raganwald #StrangeFruitGate We're really about ethics in groceries.Changed my profile name to something scary for Halloween.@tpolecat @deanwampler Because how do we get folks to show their government issued ID by mail? Duh.@pedrofurla Definitely not science. Engineering, though.@pedrofurla @nytimesscience He was in the US when he broke the record. We don't have meters here. The border patrol won't let them in.Pocket Money Loans: Payday Loans for Kids http://t.co/Eop0sgQVt3Google's Alan Eustace broke Felix Baumgartner's world record--a 135,908-ft jump http://t.co/AzGM1mMTSK http://t.co/9q7YeJ58GT
Retweeted by git push -fLawyer:"Now sir, I'm sure you are an intelligent and honest man--" Witness:"Thank you. If I weren't under oath, I'd return the compliment."@runarorama That form of argument often (implicitly or explicitly) seems to imply "if you're wrong about this then you can't be trusted."@deech Name it Lola. Ebay Lola.Enterprise architecture is boxes and arrows. That is a category, we can flatmap that architecture shit.
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.@ConanOBrien I'm considering going as hunky Conan O'Brien - but that might be too far fetched.
Retweeted by git push -fI picked out my Halloween costume. I’m going as “Slutty Madeleine Albright.”
Retweeted by git push -f@jamesiry No, clearly God wanted RGB to be subtractive, but we stuffed up. FFFFFF - COFFEE = 3F0011: http://t.co/RaJmFucBjD
Retweeted by git push -f"Consensus Protocols: Two-Phase Commit" => http://t.co/XHeQiqDNYI
Retweeted by git push -fWe're not really a terrorist organization. We're just very concerned about ethics in videogame journalism.
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Proof that engineers are not purely functional (redrawn from @jakemcgraw) http://t.co/zQwpEMOyZc
Retweeted by git push -f@jasonbaldridge Contrary to the author I've known people of many races that were douchebags.Some Java APIs I really love. JavaMail, doing a checkClosed call on an IMAPFolder: exception Operation not allowed on closed folder. Sigh.
Retweeted by git push -fWhen asked about the new developer API that Twitter is providing, developers rejoiced saying http://t.co/2HLdEAaZ3A@fanf42 Yeah, the etymologies trace English "companion" to Old French "compaignon" which of course comes from the Latin I posted.TIL, "companion" from Latin com: "together/with", panis: "bread"@bodil Merci por votre queso?@mauriciojr @silentbicycle http://t.co/Z1JVKORIim first then http://t.co/QIZoVN7SuU second, but so many good optionsThe particular kind of cruelty that is recommending "The Dragon Book" to someone who is curious about compilers
Retweeted by git push -fhttp://t.co/nGj9bjeHTU
Retweeted by git push -fhttp://t.co/8Np4MP1gpz Finally, GamerGate is getting the coverage it wants and deserves.
Retweeted by git push -fI'm so proud, I just have to share it with y'all http://t.co/w5YPDWr8fv
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@jamesiry 💩☕️
Retweeted by git push -f@stevej I know you just used the poo emoji because there isn't yet a standard mint frap emoji.Proof that there is no God on the Internet, HTML color code #C0FFEE is a kind of pale, pastel cyan http://t.co/81uMkLKru5.The Top 10 Reasons to Ban Me, @Annaleen, @BadAstronomer, et al from #BASF2014! http://t.co/LIzdiGLkj2
Retweeted by git push -fA hopeful vision for our future generations of developers http://t.co/f19NjrY2tk
Retweeted by git push -fhttp://t.co/E9ujNlp8eR
Retweeted by git push -f@al3x On the other hand, if your institution does support Apple Pay at launch then BUY ALL THE SHIT!Xkcd, foiled by convolutional nets. Courtesy our friends at Flickr (hi Simon). http://t.co/CNcv7l6q2O
Retweeted by git push -f@mralancooper See also http://t.co/t1j3F0o7nc
@wingod @built So we've been redefining CS for 3 decades and that's why it hasn't tracked other fields. I'm finding this hard to swallow.@wingod @built and no explanation of why, even if that was true, it wouldn't just be a brief hiccup rather than a multi decade trend@wingod @built No evidence to back claim that CS became more technical except claim by one guy who frequents /r/theredpill …@wingod @built but you still haven't said why.. Why would CS (even under a more narrow definition) not track the trend in other fields@wingod @built Why wouldn't changing the definition of the field still include the same relative percentages of men vs women?@wingod @built But the percentage of women starts shrinking in 1984 where in other fields it continues to grow.@wingod @built Why does that explain a difference in relative representation of men vs women?@wingod @built So while % of women went up, % of men went down…and vice versa.@wingod @built Wait. What? I think you misunderstand the graph. It's percentages, not total numbers.#SockPuppetGateThe last 20 hours of #gamergate and #notyourshield tweets, charted by the month they joined Twitter. http://t.co/En4wCb1cKN
Retweeted by git push -fHas anybody done a Venn diagram of #GamerGate and Youtube commenters? Is it a single circle?"prove it" http://t.co/qXhFpFriAy
Retweeted by git push -f@paulg @raganwald Just be yourself. Stop being me. Because you're not. You're you. Which is me. I'm very confused.@jonsterling Something more "open" other times, e.g. upcasting to void *.@jonsterling Although it's a bit confusing what exactly they do mean. Sum types, sometimes. But not always.@jonsterling C++ folks mean something entirely different from what everybody else means.λ is λove, λ is λife.You think tech support is bad now? Wait until they hire philosophers: http://t.co/C4DkCcnpGy @existentialcoms
Retweeted by git push -f#GamerGate http://t.co/fuYzy6B2Bm
Retweeted by git push -fFrom 1970 the % of women studying tech fields goes up and up. Except in 1984 one field deflects downward: CS. Listen. http://t.co/kWAnDfyUquHigh hopes for http://t.co/FNfPMJCh8R article, "Do any grown-ups actually live in San Francisco?" sadly just an ad for indoor mini-golf.
Retweeted by git push -f@al3x Then you're missing out on impressive levels of WTFness.With Yosemite, Apple has done the impossible: they've made iTunes even more confusing to use.This weekend I took my daughter to swim in a corn pool. Prior to this weekend I didn't know "corn pool" was a thing.An actual, real paragraph from the draft PHP specification. http://t.co/H9MscHwh90
Retweeted by git push -fReal vs Movie Scientists http://t.co/YLbpBW4AwQ
@jamesiry Because of that feedback we are fixing that in our next release.
Retweeted by git push -fI'm naming my rock band "syntactic wigs" https://t.co/I7mNX0rxo9@mergeconflict {"lorem":"ipsum", "dolor": {"sit": "amet"} }Objects can be such a PITA.
Retweeted by git push -f. @Hipchat just increased its minimum vertical space on OS X so it doesn't fit where I used to have it. What a pain in the ass.@raganwald I tried plugging my earbuds into neo-naziism. Now all I hear is white noise.The motion sensor in my office turns the lights out as soon as the pillar between it and my desk stops moving.
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OH: "Computers hate me." "Of course they do after what you've done to them. I've seen your code."@djspiewak @nuttycom The short answer is not much.@djspiewak Implementing a Java interface that used a Raw EnumEvery time you swallow an exception God kills a kitten but doesn't let you find out when or where He did it.Just wrote "type RawEnum = Enum[T] forSome { type T <: Enum[T]}". I'm getting a raw deal and it's filling me with existentialist angst.@beyondjava @pelotom @bhurt42 Compilers would be morphisms in the category of programming languages.In the last week, I have been impacted by uninitialized variables and array overruns. We still write more software in C/C++ than we should.
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To git diff, 1000 lines of code commented out with /* */ is a two-line change which never touches your ident of interest.
Retweeted by git push -f@jeanqasaur "Double stuf" is clearly a witness of the monadic join, Oreo (Orea a) -> Orea a.
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American scientists unearth lost 1960s polar satellite images worth billions http://t.co/ulC2wSpWPk
Retweeted by git push -f@djspiewak @josevalim Although that terminology isn't universal. In some communities reduce is fold.Cascading on Tez vs MapReduce. Looks like I need to work on improving sorting/grouping speed. More charts soon. http://t.co/RalwwyukBt
Retweeted by git push -fhow hard is it to write portable #lisp code? Fairly hard, it turns out: http://t.co/6nMrnWDNc9
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View the pull request that introduced a commit: https://t.co/HmBX6S04xL
Retweeted by git push -f@marius @hivetheory Penis Shot Advisory?@samth @lindsey @mrb_bk Yeah, a compiler from X to X is an endopiler. Also, a compiler and a decompiler combine to form an isopiler.After the last couple weeks, this shop's sign is far more amusing than it has any right to be. http://t.co/5sa6ex0cE1
Retweeted by git push -f@djspiewak Disputed quote, but funny http://t.co/bLXimV6RM4I think the technical meaning of “straightforward” must be “I haven’t considered this for long enough to work out what the problem is”
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I can’t decide which iOS 8 feature I like best, “Hey Siri” or slow, crashy shittiness. I guess the Siri thing
Retweeted by git push -fMilitary jets are currently buzzing my building. Uncertain if Putin annexed SOMA, ISIL is hiding in Site Glass, or Fleet Week is coming up."The abyss would like to send you push notifications. Continue gazing? y/N"
Retweeted by git push -fSo….are transducers burritos, space suits, or…?@pelotom @rickasaurus Well…C had a form of unions since forever. They're totally not safe and they're awkward to use but that's C for you.
Scientists have discovered Indonesian cave paintings that are 40,000 years old. To put that in perspective, the universe is 6,000 years old.
Retweeted by git push -fQuestion: 'I want to be an author when I grow up. Am I insane?' "Yes. Growing up is highly overrated. Just be an author."
Retweeted by git push -f@frak_you @scienceporn Venus is the only known planet inhabited solely by puddles of molten slag that used to be robots.@djspiewak Seems legit.
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