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Josh Emerson @joshje London, UK

I'm a front end developer working at @mendeley_com, changing the way we do science

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Just saw a @CodeClub float on the TV! http://t.co/VsFkBsbrb8
Hey everyone! Here's a website one of our students built after coming on our Front End Web Development course http://t.co/2I7TUep8YE
Retweeted by Josh Emerson@Dizzmeister8 Of course. And school is a confusing time as you're still "finding yourself", so that can make self expression painful.@Dizzmeister8 And I'm sorry if I'm coming across as aggressive, I like a good debate!@Dizzmeister8 I was bullied terribly at school, but I was different in deeper ways than the clothes I wore. We should embrace individuality.@Dizzmeister8 I'm not saying a uniform won't be needed in the workplace, but that it might not, and why crush their individuality so young?@Dizzmeister8 People skills, creativity, dexterity & versatility are what separates us.@Dizzmeister8 In the next generation, any role that can be replaced by a machine will be.@Dizzmeister8 True, but I hope we have higher aspirations for our kids than to work in a bank. Calculators are cheap, those jobs will go.@dantoml There's definitely a degree of both. But why stifle kids creativity? If they need to dress formal for work, I'm sure they'll adapt.@Dizzmeister8 In every work place I've worked in (since school) the dress code is whatever you like, express yourself!Teachers who think that "dressing for the workplace" means formal dress are seriously out of touch with reality.
Here's a movie we made for @lara_emerson and @R_David89's wedding! http://t.co/867dtARZeE
Very excited to announce 3 more speakers for #dotyork2015 http://t.co/cnxwZiQJa2 @joshje @anna_debenham @seb_ly
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@aajhiggs I use it. It's useful when you just want to quickly pick an arbitrary color. Sorta like the one now inbuilt into Pages/Numbers etcI just noticed how the crayons in the colour picker look on Yosemite! http://t.co/DUbWGPmGRh
@iainspad @jefflembeck @beep With any (non life-endagering) vocation, it should be more about experience than a formal education.@StuRobson Works for me on my 5. I recon the next major release will be the one to cripple em!I know this has been asked before, but can you sound off if you're a developer without a degree? I need your help with something.
Retweeted by Josh Emerson@jefflembeck @wilto Here (too)!
If like me, you use accessibility to zoom in at a pixel level to check icons etc then this Yosemite preference is 👌 http://t.co/aYwGw9KCJ1
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My spare time seems to be rapidly filling up with writing articles. Strange how I'm good at time management 9-5 but not outside these hours.
@alpower Seems unnecessary to create a made up element. The class should be enough for CSS/JS. And a made up element has no semantics.@alpower Well the sticky element is not an element at all. Are Apple just making up elements these days?
@benhowdle Wow, that's nasty. Reminder to self - never let a domain expire, even if I'm not using it any more!Our cat is so happy go lucky that even when we shut him under the stairs he just has a nap and waits for someone to come home!Does anyone know the twitter account for "Alexander Gibbons" of http://t.co/xWKmVH8Q9F? I've got a fix to make his service work again.Just discovered http://t.co/QlERnVc5LB. Allows you to use Github raw files directly in your projects with the right Content-Type header
I'm going to be a coach at tomorrows @codebar event at @madebymany's lovely offices. Can't wait!An almost daily occurrence at @mendeley_com! http://t.co/bMn7WkLrIoShit the camera is on me, just act natural. http://t.co/NAyE0rjHam
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@paul_kinlan @fronteersconf After crashing my browser 4 times, I finally managed to download the PDF from @SlideShare!@mikebarker It's very difficult to support fallbacks for icon fonts. Whereas for SVG, it's easy to fall back to a PNG.@mikebarker One issue is, even if you use the private unicode range, some devices (namely Blackberries) will display symbols.@mikebarker Not tried it, but https://t.co/SXYePIq8I1 will make web fonts. Or there's https://t.co/uHDfgKD5pJ@mikebarker Not icon fonts per say, but for automating SVG icon sprites (Base64 CSS) with PNG fallbacks, try https://t.co/HIdRxvCnLj
@adamyeats Also, marriage is basically meaningless.@adamyeats Surely that should be a good thing? Yay for your sister! My sister is getting married in Nov and I'm so happy for her!
After the Hans Zimmer concert last night, we are watching Pirates of the Caribbean and Inception back to back. Good times!Just spotted a deer in Waltham Woods@tmaslen @andyhume Good to know! :-), I'll make sure that team get's full credit!@andyhume Yeah, I got it (http://t.co/08cEZmX4zU). Thanks!Before I write the wrong thing in an article, did the BBC first coin the use of "Cutting the Mustard" to describe the non-js experience?
@criography @kylebean Nice! We are right at the back - row X. Wasn't that incredible!Very excited to be seeing Hans Zimmer at the Apollo this evening with @kylebean!Come help us blast bugs! We're having a Bug Bash on 16/10 spaces are limited so GO! GO! GO! http://t.co/K1g3Q7DGM5 http://t.co/hqAQvXVgnb
Retweeted by Josh Emerson@aegirthor @wordridden @shanehudson @hyper_linda @ntlk You peeps are the best!@andrewdavidfox @rrhoover Likewise, I should probably study design & UX. I have informal knowledge of both, but could do much better.@andrewdavidfox @rrhoover Definitely! If you work with programmers/developers (which you do) then it should make you better at your role.@andrewdavidfox @rrhoover T-Shaped individuals make great teams. You don't need to specialise in everything, but know enough to collaborate.@shanehudson @wordridden @hyper_linda @ntlk Unfortunately, that word always conjures this image for me! http://t.co/scKiu72aHS@gridinoc @ntlk @hyper_linda And by bad people (with regard to gender pronouns), we mean every single member of society. You and I included.@gridinoc @ntlk @hyper_linda The culture creates the dictionary, and thereafter the dictionary shapes the culture.@paulrobertlloyd But how else can the offer targeted advertising?!@gridinoc @hyper_linda @alsothings @hyper_linda If we did we would be prejudiced. Which is exactly my point.@gridinoc @hyper_linda @alsothings @hyper_linda Also, we don't differentiate by genetics, wealth, weight or many other factors at this level@gridinoc @hyper_linda @alsothings @hyper_linda When the differentiation leads to prejudice and hate, it's worth avoiding.@hyper_linda @shanehudson @ntlk Wow, I struck gold! http://t.co/gmlGZhZRwS. "Hey posse!"@gridinoc @hyper_linda @alsothings @hyper_linda A collective word for girls and women (and all other humans) is "Person". Why distinguish?@hyper_linda @shanehudson @ntlk Again, I wish there were more gender-neutrals. Something informal and friendly to say "Hey people!"@shanehudson @hyper_linda @ntlk Surely "Who are they? The cat's parent" is a good replacement here. (I'm being serious btw)@shanehudson @hyper_linda @ntlk Also, I may be wrong here, but I tend to think "guys" can apply to women as well as men (e.g. Hey guys!).@shanehudson @hyper_linda @ntlk I almost never say man/woman. Tend to say they/someone/person (depending on context).See every thumb print!! @AmazingMorph stars in our first ever 4K animation, have a watch right here: https://t.co/bcVSWtfiAD #aardman
Retweeted by Josh Emerson@jamfactory @amazingmorph Morph has come a long way! You must have to be so much more detailed with him these daysGreat post by @hyper_linda on gender stereotypes. https://t.co/hdFzSu2XtA@hyper_linda @ntlk The thing is, gender is a continuum rather than a binary state. I am x% masculine and x% feminine. As you say, baby steps@hyper_linda @ntlk Because it sets gender as the main agenda, when who you are is not defined by your gender. http://t.co/JIjxTRTr8I@hyper_linda @ntlk Personally I think that gender pronouns are severely damaging and wish we used gender-neutral pronouns.@hyper_linda @ntlk Yeah, I know. Just scrolled back through the conversation history to see how it turned to gender. Makes no sense.@ntlk Oh and I'm not saying that's what he said, but that's what he _should_ have said! He didn't say that… I did.@ntlk Maybe to (completely) reword "gender should have no bearing on the way we treat people". The word _should_ being key here.@smashingmag @Souders Do Android webviews support hardware acceleration in canvas yet? Was a real issue for us on a project we got 10fps.Just found @kylebean's old DeviantART account! http://t.co/15jBYYflsD
@hyper_linda @neil_pie @markdurbin104 @foamcow Don't you think it works both ways? Ppl don't know difference between "male" and "masculine"@markdurbin104 @hyper_linda @neil_pie @foamcow Then they should use the words "masculine", "feminine" and "neutral".@hyper_linda @neil_pie @markdurbin104 @foamcow Part societal issue, but part an education thing I think.@hyper_linda @neil_pie @markdurbin104 @foamcow It's such a common mistake, most people don't know the difference between sex and gender.@nancetron Or is it a chestnut? https://t.co/75Mke4GVqj@nancetron What is a marrative?It is NSFW because it contains penes. I learnt a new word today BTW. http://t.co/Cp5zyQUmuoThis @SarahKSilverman advert is unfortunately definitely NSFW. I'll be watching it just as soon as I get home. http://t.co/WBRJ9hxNWz@cole_peters Haven't finished reading it yet, but it's a great and well constructed article.I published a new article on data, privacy, and user experience last night: “Privacy vs UX is a false dichotomy” http://t.co/LLLiagL1QS
Retweeted by Josh Emersonbaby goat, in a top hat. http://t.co/K93QCMrLlY
Retweeted by Josh EmersonUX is not UI http://t.co/lUPePCol65
Retweeted by Josh Emerson@phuunet Did you press refresh too many times? Or was it livereload that dun it?
Fancy working at @mendeley_com? They're a great company to work for and they're looking for two front-end devs right now. jobs@mendeley.com
@adactio And they won't necessarily know to remove the polyfill or have the confidence to do so (if it ain't broke)@adactio I would add that even in a company where you own your product, other devs will be working on the product in the future.Great article by @adactio, thinking about when not to use polyfills. http://t.co/aKGv4tFEQBI'm in sunny Brighton for my sister @lara_emerson and @beckadavid101's (non-trashy) hen weekend!
Loving @adactio's response to his top 3 front end tools, HTML, CSS and JS, of course! https://t.co/8NrLCMudJl
Learning about the awesome vision my new company, @mendeley_com has at #mdod14 http://t.co/KyTkiCeFPYLearning about physics at #mdod14 @ Camden Lock Market http://t.co/CXTD1WdNEtMendeley open day! (@ Camden Stables Market - @camdenmarketldn in London, Greater London) https://t.co/a2OCet4Xjc http://t.co/LaP9Ugn8Ch
Watched “Good morning Vietnam” last night. Quite an insight into how someone can project a persona and disguise their inner turmoil.
@clagnut Designing any responsive site so that the most commonly interacted elements are in that "natural" zone will be a challenge.@sarahbadr And Yosemite Safari too. Just got to get Google on board and it'll finally be a viable format!And a file format springs back from the dead. I'm excited to think there's a competitor to the humble gif! http://t.co/j0TXM11bph
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