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Josh Emerson @joshje London, UK

I'm a front end developer working at @mendeley_com, changing the way we do science.

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@paulrobertlloyd Been there, nearly done that!Check out my talk, One interface to rule them all, where I talk about the (possible) future of the web: http://t.co/LN5EMXhMfYFresh from the edit. One Interface to Rule Them All from Josh Emerson (@joshje) at @dot_york http://t.co/ljTVgd5YqX http://t.co/EDIPROpQDz
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@mrjoe I've got your display adapter. See you at the pub later?Listening to a great talk by @almostexact, using comics to relate to your users. Can't wait to make some comics for future projects!"Screens are safe to us... We are of the screen generation" @joshje #dotyork #design
Retweeted by Josh Emerson"We've all been there, trying to cross the road while looking at your maps application and nearly being run over by a car" @joshje #DotYork
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Shame unicode doesn't better support progressive enhancement. http://t.co/yfiz7BS8riEeek, giving a talk at @dot_york tomorrow! Excited, terrified... in that order.@rickary @mrjoe @almostexact @seb_ly @house @philhawksworth Sounds good. Just to check, that's upstairs, outside, at the back?@anna_debenham @seb_ly @philhawksworth Let me know if you're in York at some point today and want to meet up!
@dannybirchall Probably no April Fool (though I'm very gullible), but yes, people are lazy, especially those who can afford to be.@stewbirch I agree! We all want convenience though, so this thing will probably happen.If you though Amazon Dash was an interesting vision of the future, take a look at this: https://t.co/HhCWx4ve4F
TFL pulled the poster for the play "Bad Jews" from the tube because they thought it was offensive. Being a bad Jew myself, I disagree. 🐷
@LeifKendall @eldevri @lucygrewcock Thanks, emails going your ways!
@eldevri Unfortunately Helen is going to Africa (well great for her I guess!). Let me know if there's anyone else you'd recommend instead.@eldevri Thanks! My email is josh.j.emerson@gmail.com (for future), Thanks for that, I'll send her an email.
Spent all morning getting browser sync set up behind our vhost & SSL, but it was worth it! http://t.co/u0aJq6xhm4
@UserVoice Do you have an API endpoint for getting the current status? E.g. a JSON version of http://t.co/PLNrY68Ixa
@mendeley_com you're too good to me! https://t.co/XiMLCY5mr8
Thanks to Apple now I want a @Pebble. #AppleWatch
Retweeted by Josh EmersonWhile you're all talking about smart watches here's a shameless plug for a thing what I wrote about them in January http://t.co/zhFupTKqUO
Retweeted by Josh Emerson$349 for a an Apple Watch that lasts 18 hours, or $250 for a Pebble Time Steel that lasts 10 days with an always on display. Let me think...
Before leaving, Comcast's website wrote me this touching break-up poem http://t.co/nPUq95q2jD
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@_iest Also, I might make some apps for it with Pebble.js http://t.co/sw4T7EiQB0@_iest Nah, I'm not that loyal! Plus the 10 days of battery, and colour e-paper display, and the glitch design were the things that sold me!Ok, I'm now officially a wearer. Just backed the @Pebble Time, you can call me a late adopter! http://t.co/KzP5vbaBVX
Played some great thought provoking games this evening. All made by @ncasenmare, can't recommend them enough. http://t.co/4Jog3GyCj3
@GreenwoodMa Hey, is this your photo of a semantic layer cake? http://t.co/h1Hg7kyIPt Can I use it in a presentation?
A simple guide to washing machine symbols http://t.co/C5tGJs05RM
Retweeted by Josh Emerson@tristanbailey in which case, Mailchimp is your friend. And API is fine to use (or was when I used it a couple of years ago).@anna_debenham @kylebean and I noticed it too! You're in our old hood!The comedic (and best) side of the internet at work: http://t.co/PsNQYGWY2a #goldandwhite #dress
Retweeted by Josh Emerson@onishiweb rookie error! You'll get used to it… and wonder why you stuck with grunt for so long!@triblondon @ldnwebperf @michael_g_81 @sturobson I snapped it up, see you there!@tristanbailey I hear that Mandrill is better for automating: https://t.co/6dO08VVA90. It's made by MailChimp too.Vice piece on The Dress is better than it has any right to be. Good mass science reporting: http://t.co/JS9mNze4YV http://t.co/aCjcQL9Hxq
Retweeted by Josh EmersonJust discovered @donutcounty. Who doesn't want to play as a mysterious hole? Coming this year! http://t.co/WwqePnIciZ
Omg, there's a kitty in the Android developer tools! http://t.co/wGEkcoJfm4
About to see Dylan Moran live, at an intimate "warm up" gig in Exeter @ Exeter Phoenix http://t.co/xl6bF9EfGw
Just discovered @letsencrypt, free automated and open SSL certificates for everyone. And they renew automatically! https://t.co/PRqb06uQgv
@auchenberg Proprietary formats... #eugh@andybudd That video is absolutely hilarious, in so many ways!
@shellbryson @benhowdle @jsforall No worries. It is late and I'm full of beer!@shellbryson @benhowdle @jsforall That's not what I said, but ok.@shellbryson @benhowdle @jsforall Actually I'm thinking of future browsers (or clients). The future is closer than you think!@shellbryson @benhowdle @jsforall I think you're overlooking some big things. Only time will tell. Of course you can go crazy with NodejsJust read a great article about empathetic listening http://t.co/GUCYT4t40h@hyper_linda I regret feeling sleepy all day when I don't cycle. Nothing like the morning chill to bring me back from the dead!Life's too short to stress about punctuation;
Retweeted by Josh EmersonFinally broke through my writers block with my talk for @dot_york in less than two months. Phew!
@virginmedia How do I disable "Advanced Network Error Search"? Your form at https://t.co/fJVkzgpFKp is broken.
@jesslynnrose Thanks! You may be right for the job, I'll forward your details on. Have you run workshops before?@jesslynnrose I know mandrill just added support for handlebars, which looks cool! http://t.co/uNwon1uX9R@jesslynnrose Not sure, they've been taught pure HTML before, but they may be open to templating if it isn't too complex (how to send them?)Does anyone run workshops on how to create HTML emails? A friend of mine works for a design agency who are interested in getting someone in.
@riklomas Mainly ideas for films. I often wake up with this story. Maybe I should write a screenplay! Also occasionally product design.@riklomas Depending on the idea I often weave it into my work@riklomas I would and have, except most ideas I have are for something completely outside my skill set.@riklomas I love making stuff, but more than that I love working with likeminded individuals. I don't care who had the idea first.@Wordridden @paulrobertlloyd Been there, done that. It sucks. Friends of mine have had breakdowns over it. Tbh not sure if it's worth it!Just received this email from 15 year old me. A very strange feeling. http://t.co/P8xbA1vvZH
Retweeted by Josh Emersonmy favourite #Valentine's poem is still Roses are red Gender is performative Mass-market romance Is heteronormative ♥ happy #ValentinesDay
Retweeted by Josh EmersonAnonymous squirrel is idle http://t.co/GnV5zsaVZ0
Think someone told Spotify to make the button bigger http://t.co/QBsnHAte1B@subcide @daringfireball Oh, that's bad! So is this! http://t.co/BkYWHtu2lR@subcide @daringfireball Perhaps so, but often when anyone has declared war on something, they've tended to just make things worse.@oswald808 I'm sure they were thinking that if all went to plan then it was good riddance. Maybe not to the company but to the practice.Very glad I managed to buy a non-smart TV, every day there's another example of companies abusing their power. http://t.co/Ddkfsh27uVIlluminating post about the real cause of addiction, via @daringfireball http://t.co/zCwNrPuoQh
@lfliz Great post on sharing open data. Is the survey data available somewhere? http://t.co/rJ97EWhbdQOh yeah! New thunderbirds sets revealed, am I too old for this? http://t.co/fyzBSF3Fkt
Client-side MVC's Major Bug http://t.co/qGFOYbYfqv Really smart words by @tkadlec on client-side rendering and performance
Retweeted by Josh Emerson@codepo8 I was doing that 17 years ago when I was at school! Some things don't change (schools attitudes to an open internet)I think @codepo8 pretty much knocks this one out of the park: https://t.co/hG1QFyIXsW
Retweeted by Josh EmersonMeet the fold. http://t.co/37yQvShMCg (via @jordanmoore)
Retweeted by Josh EmersonThanks @LukePurton, you may regret this! http://t.co/QbyGTPIsM2Got a Nerf Gun for my birthday! http://t.co/QbyGTPIsM2
@ollieglass By agreeing to work for them! @BuzzFeed@ollieglass You're not special enough! Seriously @BuzzFeed, let users do the work for you!Bloody hell RT @drhingram: A light-hearted moment from a children's bible there http://t.co/Es98Pv02r6 (via @andynyman )
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@exceen_ Here! http://t.co/yCHTXQ0686@schmantinski @raspberry_pi From here! http://t.co/yCHTXQ0686@kraig_walker @raspberry_pi Here! http://t.co/yCHTXQ0686@andywood_86 @raspberry_pi It's a Pibow Coupe: http://t.co/yCHTXQ0686@ookook @raspberry_pi It's a Pibow Coupe: http://t.co/yCHTXQ0686Just received the new Raspberry Pi 2. Now back to work @joshje! http://t.co/e031M66hz0
@mrliamoneill I don't see that. @dot_york, you don't place ads on this site do you? This must be a browser extension or something melicious.@mrliamoneill Yeah, it's all on http://t.co/APIvsfEL9P (scroll down)@mrliamoneill Yeah, responsive web design. And really I just mean responsive interfaces, so ignore the web bit!@mrliamoneill But you're right that in practice, people often go with what is possible, and not what's desirable from user perspective@mrliamoneill I think the concept of rwd doesn't dictate any specific user interaction, but simply that the content adapts@mrliamoneill From a web perspective but referencing other things.@mrliamoneill How do we create interfaces that work on watches, phones, tv's, glasses, laptops and more?!@mrliamoneill I want to talk about the path that responsive design is taking with the increasing diversity of devices.And if you want 10% off a ticket, the discount code is JOSHJE http://t.co/SYRdGQqpsiVery excited to be speaking at @dot_york! Think I may have bitten off more than I can chew with my talk though! http://t.co/SYRdGQqpsi#DotYork Talk: 'One Interface to Rule Them All' @joshje explores approaches to responsive & adaptive interfaces http://t.co/Sw71U4XPrj
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Discovered two exciting (but unrelated) 2.0 releases today: Raspberry Pi 2 http://t.co/PLTdSRsbSy and PhantomJS 2.0 http://t.co/ov95ufOiqA
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