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Josh Emerson @joshje London, UK

I'm a front end developer and designer working for @mendeley_com

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Watched “Good morning Vietnam” last night. Quite an insight into how someone can project a persona and disguise their inner turmoil.
@clagnut Designing any responsive site so that the most commonly interacted elements are in that "natural" zone will be a challenge.@sarahbadr And Yosemite Safari too. Just got to get Google on board and it'll finally be a viable format!And a file format springs back from the dead. I'm excited to think there's a competitor to the humble gif! http://t.co/j0TXM11bph
Does the queen purr? According to @David_Cameron she "purrs with pleasure" @Queen_UK
@boxman I'm so disturbed by this site.
@duff_el `npm install cake`Just published my first nom module! Woop woop!
Joan Rivers' ghost loves the design of the iPhone 6 http://t.co/iu2ZcHdIwJ http://t.co/DKcHnmh3oP
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@sara_ann_marie Sounds idillic! When we were there people were surfing upstream in the river - there was a torrent of water@sara_ann_marie I love that park! A perfect setting for a wedding!@adactio We heard you the first time! (It looks tasty though)@yonathando Really enjoyed your presentation at @webexpo. Are your slides available anywhere?I'm not sure how much you can get a new phone case and the other hand is not a fan of yours truly is the best thing ever I want to see you
Retweeted by Josh EmersonI'm not sure if I could be a good day to be a good day for me to be a good day to be a good time to get a good day to be a good day to day
Retweeted by Josh EmersonI love you so much fun and addicting but I don't know what to do with the same time I try to get a new one is the best thing ever is when
Retweeted by Josh EmersonLay off the math. http://t.co/KxCvCvc9c9
Retweeted by Josh Emerson@DesignedByBlind @tommorris @iheni It's all about visibility of the problem. People tend not to focus on things they aren't confronted with.
@sturobson What happened?!@googlemaps Why does Maps for iOS not save postcodes for home address? My home address returns multiple results without one.@fehler @benmacgowan it has been an absolute pleasure! Safe onwards journey!@fehler Oh, I'm at the venue too, also working (well actually procrastiworking) @indysigner@fehler Sounds good. Is it definitely the venue and not the hotel? I can't remember so if you can then we're good! /cc @indysignerReally insightful post by John Gruber on the Apple Watch http://t.co/d8jb7OTOlf
@frzamboni @kevinmhoffman @jboogie @sara_ann_marie @mwichary @philhawksworth We thought you only liked cheese after reading your profile.@andrewsmatt Do you know how many people who visit the FT on their phone save the website to their home screen? #smashingconf@kevinmhoffman @sara_ann_marie @mwichary @philhawksworth We devoured it like carnivores!A really inspiring talk by @philcoffman at #smashingconf on the importance of considering work/life balance. Great, and important, stuff!
Retweeted by Josh Emerson"The environment at Google or Facebook would not have been good for me". @philcoffman is speaking about work life balance at #smashingconf@_lizzelo_ @mezzoblue the latter could be done with https://t.co/e3PRheyAZR which screenshots changes to pages.@_lizzelo_ @mezzoblue No, I've never tried, but it would be good to enforce code styles (CSS lint) and spot unintended consequences.@mezzoblue Have you tried using automated unit testing on your CSS? #smashingconf@Codebryo @philhawksworth Are your bums also sore today?
What a great talk by @fehler to end the first day at #smashingconf. Have self belief, take the first step and make something awesome!For those of you not at #smashingconf, you can see the contents of @pbakaus's talk at http://t.co/84lzNxTx2NIf you can't reach 60fps you should drop to 30fps to avoid screen stutter. Learning so much thanks to @pbakaus's talk "Illusion of motion"@aegirthor not yet, but maybe @pbakaus could give you some links later!Did you know that we see higher frame rates in our peripheral vision? @pbakaus is explaining things I didn't know but have experienced.Great talk by @pbakaus, talking about the tricks used to make 24fps look like higher frame rates. #smashingconf@elisabethirg @mathias I love the poo!#smashingconf // Unicode ♥ JavaScript with @mathias. http://t.co/DhXp1zu9aB
Retweeted by Josh EmersonFor those at @smashingconf, you can find my slides online at https://t.co/wWUlhnXwis@trullus Yeah, I think I said that bit wrong. I have seen stats to show that they're not adopting new users at the rates they used to though#smashingconf @joshje showing us what it takes to make in-browser games that work on any device. http://t.co/fme3Ss9xYd
Retweeted by Josh Emerson@elisabethirg This is so great! I'm so flattered!@codebryo Great question btw. What's your thought on this matter? Did you agree with what I said in the QA?Congratulations @mwichary, loved the talk even more this time round. Your obsession to detail is something to strive for. #smashingconfSparklers plus adactio equals creepy! http://t.co/B0c6LveybE
Just arrived in sunny Freiburg!
Great talk by @mwichary about sweating the details, despite all the technical issues. I look forward to seeing it again at @smashingconf@GaryRae @phuunet @giffgaff Wow, I had no idea it was that much! That's an insane interest rate (if you think of subsidy as a loan)@mwichary @smashingconf I enjoy the · (middot)!@phuunet I'm a die hard @giffgaff fan! £12 a month for unlimited interwebs. It's soon to be 4GB plus tethering thoughGreat talk by @yonathando about patterns for creativity. He has a beautiful clarity of thought around a very messy subject area.@WolfBruening Here's the list of style guides: https://t.co/dkFQf4dANQ@smashingconf @mwichary Yeah, we met over breakfast today! We will be travel buddies!Great audience at @webexpo! Think my talk went down well! Next stop, @smashingconf in Freiburg
On my way to @webexpo Prague to give a talk about making responsive, in browser games. I'm excited, and nervous, but mainly excited!
@davidcmoulton Here's the event I'm going to tonight if you're interested. http://t.co/XWCKSuF8fUWorking on a project where tests will not pass if less than 90% of all code is covered by unit tests. I think I like this approach.
If you are excited too, make sure you join the thunderclap at http://t.co/fpDqMgrwCqVery excited about the upcoming Mendeley open day! https://t.co/PRYIVdD5IvFirst lunch with the Mendeley team! (@ The Bowler in London, Greater London) https://t.co/imBWLRmvLw
@fakedarren So I feel your pain, and hope you win!@fakedarren We once lost some of our deposit because our damp flat went mouldy after steaming the carpets (which we did at their request).Wow! there's an Adventure Time title cards book! http://t.co/hT3MGfn4D7 /cc @anna_debenham@adactio Oooh, well I won't tell you then, in case that's part of the plan!@adactio Did you have anything to do with the #smashingconf surprise event this year? I'm excited and terrified!
Im giving a short talk Thursday evening @ProudArchivist in good company with other paper-craft artists. Tickets here: http://t.co/fIghxUBw5P
Retweeted by Josh EmersonBut the instructions leave a lot to be desired!Building a bed and drawers from Habitat. The quality of the materials is so much better than IKEA.@rosieclarke @hyper_linda @ClareSutcliffe I recon JavaScript or Python would be good to learn next as those are ubiquitous and "friendly"@rosieclarke @hyper_linda @ClareSutcliffe But move on from scratch as soon as they are comfortable with it. Think of it as a stepping stone.@rosieclarke @hyper_linda @ClareSutcliffe yeah, saw that on kickstarter. In terms of an easy start, scratch is the one to start with.@rosieclarke maybe @ClareSutcliffe or @hyper_linda would know. O'Reilly seem to do some books for kids: http://t.co/BklxQgt1W6
New house has interwebs. I'm living in the modern age again!
Go see @kylebean's work at the Paper Cut exhibition in Haggerston @ The Proud Archivist http://t.co/ypHsIqU68pPaper Cut Exhibition featuring Kyle! (@ The @ProudArchivist in Haggerston, Greater London) https://t.co/7wD3ijNVRQ@karisf Yeah, although he's not looking forward to being shut in for 2 weeks! It's for his own good!@karisf We get keys tomorrow. We're going to sand floorboards and paint walls this weekend, then move our stuff in on Tuesday!@Cennydd Made in Confluence no less!@anna_debenham I may have to start supporting them too! Currently I don't support any team, which is probably blasphemy in those parts!@anna_debenham It's 5 mins walk to Silver Street, which will become part of the overground next year. And it's 20 mins cycle to Walthamstow@anna_debenham Not our first choice, but I think we will be happy. For what we need (2 beds, garden) we were priced out of Walthamstow.@anna_debenham We're moving to a house next to Pymmes Park, Edmonton (north of Tottenham) http://t.co/6QZWN3V9Zs.@EllenEverywhere We're moving to a house next to Pymmes Park, Edmonton (north of Tottenham) http://t.co/6QZWN3V9ZsHaving a coffee and saying goodbye to Walthamstow (@ Ricco's Coffee House in Walthamstow, Greater London) https://t.co/Cd5FRmPUSI
@mikebarker Yeah, I know! @kylebean did a bit by accident, but no one noticed!This shop is amazing! @ The Cornershop, 19 Wellington Row http://t.co/EuGuC3R4pd@derekjohnson Oh yeah! Basically I did it the hard way, then wrote a post so others could get it right first time!@derekjohnson Nice! Did you come across any issues following my steps?On my way to @LadyDinahsCats to have coffee surrounded by cats! Omg I'm so excited! @lara_emerson @kylebean
@paulrobertlloyd @mendeley_com Thanks, I'm very excited!@aroncarroll I know! Tried this one before! Nothing like a fresh start!Today is my last day at @BeamlyUK, sad times. But in a few weeks I’ll be starting at @mendeley_com, good times!@adactio @kylebean It is a shame. I won’t be arriving till mid-day on Sunday, but if we get time I’d love the guided tour!@criography @smashingconf Yeah, I’m very excited!@kylebean Yeah! http://t.co/jMZ8auLcpZ@bramus I think they’ve got better. They used to block all blogs!Just received a lovely, personalised speakers pack for @smashingconf! http://t.co/sfHMia3WBc
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