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1 across: Crossword puzzle writer who contributed 150 puzzles to the @NYT, most recently this summer when she was 100 http://t.co/Z4a8IYrUmL@courtyforrest I had a very tough few minutes after looking thru the photosThis hit me hard. Wow. A Mother’s Illness, a Daughter’s Duty http://t.co/CUyWdliagW via @nytimesphotoShe was a neurophysiologist and author. Yet this is how @australian chose to start her obit. http://t.co/SeXvhI0vbG
Retweeted by katierosmanGreat #SuperBowl primer from @theSkimm. What you need to know about "shrunken balls" and "Mr. Gisele Bundchen." http://t.co/3FAhZQQEnH@kathoderaytube It's a great role. I'm really proud of him.Son cast as Mike Teavee in youth theater WillyWonka. Look forward to months of running lines in wh/he sez to me "Shut your pie hole, toots!"Boston officials slap John Kerry with $50 fine for failing to shovel his Beacon Hill sidewalk http://t.co/3P9KJNIGo9 http://t.co/Eh1PztlWzo
Retweeted by katierosman@ProfJeffJarvis send me your email. I'll send you an invite when I get to work!
@garyhe @JillFilipovic I like a man who is self-aware.@adnys I'm the editor of the nyt piece. I have an invite. Send me your emailFox New's Megyn Kelly has gone rogue and it is fantastic. #drinking #smoking #premaritalsexing #bossingaroundmen http://t.co/MiErwOkl0z@chrisgomez followed! now we'll have to be twitter BFF! DM me.Dad. http://t.co/edmWb4oCi6
Retweeted by katierosmanIn an excerpt from his book, "The Opposite of Spolied," @ronlieber makes the case for telling your kids your salary. http://t.co/sSWHPzR6GV@chrisgomez I'm the editor of the Times piece. Send me your email addy and I'll send you one of my invites."Separating, but being?” Blythe Danner struggles to recall the term used to describe her daughter's marital status. http://t.co/5wQU21Jok3
@AlexandraJacobs You should skip That and go straight on to The OtherUPDATE: I now have a This. account
Retweeted by katierosmanWell... This. http://t.co/zb3tOjbCOS
Retweeted by katierosman"This." is the social network that you wish you had an invite to join. By @mollyoswaks. @THISdotcm @NYTStyles http://t.co/k5HeoJx82g@mollyoswaks Not as funny as my Paul Krugman joke.@mollyoswaks @BKLYNBODYBURN I presume the frigid air provided a pointed reminder?@EvelynRusli We should cocktail it next time you are in NYC. Lemme know.@HerringWSJ I agree. It's the an exploding fist-bump@EvelynRusli I find the cheesy red pumps and nude hose offensive.Revenge Retail Gone Awry? Tory Burch’s Ex-Husband Opens Up to @lauramholson About C. Wonder’s Fall http://t.co/OqlWJxiTJz@carr2n Good thing journalists tend not to care about bylines. OH WAIT.@Jonwebs Horseradish in Russian?OH: "How are you?" "I can't complain." "You can't complain? But you're a journalist! And you're Jewish! And a New Yorker!"@courtyforrest Work has essentially ground to a halt as this (non-fashion) dressing distinction is discussed.What's the diff between Russian dressing and Thousand Island (aka Poor Man's Russian)?@TheSlot @Gothamist BAM! Ha!Who is the little girl in the front row? RT @VVFriedman: @MaisonValentino puts the sun on a skirt. http://t.co/7bf5L36wTyWhatevz. Who can't do this? #yoga http://t.co/FB7vS59PMbCrowd-sourced Page One! "The New York Times asked readers for Instagram photos...." #SnowFall2.0 http://t.co/IMVsxBtOc0Important research development provides hope in fight against peanut allergies. http://t.co/JNf9pH1S45
Gwyneth Paltrow really is becoming the new Martha Stewart. http://t.co/P1CpMLJ0OQ@MikeIsaac what does it mean for you?@SWMama He was a great and humble man who literally lived the American Dream. Died at 90 to be reunited with wife of 68 years.@CTav @CleverTitleTK WOW!!!!"Besa" -- Muslims who saved Jews from the Nazis. #HolocaustMemorialDay http://t.co/VVG0vks8Wk@CTav A quote relayed to me by @CleverTitleTK, "If you didn't have an amazing story, you didn't survive." #HolocaustRememberanceDay@CTav Herb, at 13, (mom was dead, dad in Dachau) managed to get visas to Shanghai, brought visa to camp, begged, they freed his dadGrandpa in law (died on Sat.) barely escaped Dachau death; returned to camp as US soldier. #HolocaustRememberanceDay http://t.co/CJP0k4c6agAt Dior, the dizzying set caused great concern among showgoers who worried it would complicate Instagram shots. #PFW http://t.co/Yh0DJzNjce
@SconsetCapital I should hashtagged it #TheBachelor. The girls would understand.Saw many old family photos tonight and must say that my fingernails looked great when I was pregnant.@Bookgirl96 😘 in the city and staying here tonite.Dashing through the snow, on a surge-priced Uber sleigh...@nickbilton woo hoo!!!I want one! RT @WSJ: Look closely at "pinstriped" suit Modi wore to receive Obama: http://t.co/xKTQl7yvrR http://t.co/QAwztIliyh
@mikiebarb this is great! 📻📞Ugly predictions from @SnowDayCalc http://t.co/SrHuLFI3HXMissing the NFL? We got you covered. With Versace couture! Starts in 30 http://t.co/bFUQhSD4fw
Retweeted by katierosmanI don't need to work out for a week because I just got my kids in their ski boots, on their skis and in the ski school chair lift line.
@Jonwebs http://t.co/4ptKTqk5H4@Jonwebs did you read jasonwsj's column?@Jonwebs This is just way more amusing to me than it should be. 😂He did! Belichick made a "My Cousin Vinny" reference!!!Did he just make a My Cousin Vinny reference?I'm not a scientists but I play one on TV."Let's go back to the studio to discuss what Belichick had to say." http://t.co/UU0wBxSqkf
Retweeted by katierosman@jasonwsj Each ball has its own unique characteristics@johnjannuzzi @katieburkie She's always in UsWeekly, walking with a lover, Starbucks cup in hand!@katierosman no it's "long list of ex-lovers" but I was corrected on it as well--Buzzfeed here to help: http://t.co/x28iUDKhCY
Retweeted by katierosmanIs Taylor Swift saying "Starbucks lovers" in "Blank Space?"@peterlattman @jonathanmahler Great story, Jonathan!Cc @jasonWSJ @katierosman RT @bubbaprog: Alert, Jim Harbaugh wearing regular slacks http://t.co/EaCmllmSCF
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this is modern life in 2015 http://t.co/THEJIxd7Lm
Retweeted by katierosman@mims @Joshmedia You turn the music on you want to listen to, in the room you want to listen to it in. My 6yrold navigates it from my phone@mixedmediapromo There is really no good way because I haven't worked there since July.Are you in a long-distance relationship? Don't go without Without. https://t.co/QSPbBtAXeuSundayStyles preview! @matthaber profiles Amanda Bradford, the founder of The League, a tindr for discerning swipers. http://t.co/mentC4QRWwYou know who must not be enjoying Sheldon Silver's arrest? Gov. Cuomo http://t.co/O7KhMvN2ysYou know who must be enjoying Sheldon Silver's arrest? Eliot Spitzer. http://t.co/LwUHgqUP3P@jasonWSJ 🏈😂🏀😂🏉😂🎱😂🎾😂⚾️😂⚽️😂@Sulliview @brianjbowe @DavidMargolick Speaking of...this WSJ column is both risqué and also artfully dodgey. http://t.co/4ptKTqk5H4In an artful post, @Sulliview considers the Times's artful avoidance of vulgarities. http://t.co/vLfcewMNFD@AdamsLisa @Tristansaidit How to loosen the jar from the nose of a bear? 🐻If you read just one piece about Tom Brady's balls, it should be this howler from @jasonWSJ. http://t.co/4ptKTqk5H4Fascinating insights, details and updates related to the rites surrounding the death of #KingAbdullah from the WSJ's @ahmed.Saudi Arabia doesn’t observe official mournings: Government and business will be open after the weekend; no flags flown at half-mast.
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@socarolinesays that's very on-brand of you@CleverTitleTK Also, when the miners were rescued.Best question ever about entrepreneurship: "does it ever suck?" - @katierosman Best answer: "there's a lot of crying" - @clairemazur
Retweeted by katierosman@ilamont vegan + bacon = bacan or vegonImpressed by @erorange. Never have heard so many economic + social trends mentioned in a single speech. 2 more of her + it's a Styles story?"The woman who does not need validation from anyone is the most feared person on the planet." #WEfestivalThe Way We Lunch Now. The story the media elite--both tech and establishment--will be devouring today. By @koblin http://t.co/XPhWE2kWQBTalented kid. #SubwayArt 🚇✏️ http://t.co/87HPhQ1fPU
Power Lunches Are Out. Crumbs In the Keyboard Are In. This dish is served by @koblin. http://t.co/3izIdIMTBzOn the day she appeared as a subject of a Page1 WSJ article, @dvf was asked by a man, "Now why is a nice girl like you reading the WSJ?"Diane Von Furstenberg is chewing up the question-askers during the Q and A. Be succinct! Be articulate! Or be quiet! #WEfestivalFeel like a woman, wear a dress.--@DVF #yep! #wefestival"There is the speed of sound. There is the speed of light. And then there is the speed of Joanne." @thegothamgal #truth! #wefestival@PageSix wish i could un-see that.@MikeIsaac If you respect me as a colleague you will removed that photo of your puppy from your desk, or as I call it, office coffee table@MikeIsaac I hope he keeps a tidy desk.A horrific tragedy. Surgeon shot in a Boston hospital yesterday has died. A 44 year old husband and father of 3. http://t.co/DLzJQMfW9t
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