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Writer/marketer. Tweeting from Fenway. Find me: @mettermedia @onthebar

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I'm at Green Street in Cambridge, MA https://t.co/Oc93AqR6j0Okay alright not bad for my first time @ThePaintBar http://t.co/Nq8QBqeUD9YES. (at @ThePaintBar (Boston) in Boston, MA) https://t.co/a1kZGh3nkINEW: @Gansettbeer announces newest Rhode Island-inspired flavor, hints at returning production to #RI http://t.co/x6SMk3Xtvt #WPRO
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@BostonInsider @Interpol @HOBBoston It's postponed :(I'm at The @LowerDepthsBos in Boston, MA https://t.co/Kik5CqXMb1NOOO MT @HOBBoston Tonight's Interpol show has been postponed RT @Interpol Sorry Boston, weโ€™re still stuck in Buffalo http://t.co/LOPvkmSLGrDECEMBER 11th โ€” Sign up for our TWITTER CLASS at @GA_boston! Learn how to do it RIGHT: http://t.co/6mCaffXjM7 http://t.co/x6oUXyWBzC
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@saraherib @universalhub How far do you want to go? Theo's in the North End rules.Why Fashion Marketers Should Be Paying Attention to #Ello http://t.co/BuZ2NgmQI2@jasminejamboree Way better than I was imagining!!Jasmine has the best dress RT @jasminejamboree: @kciccolini http://t.co/yf5iPFp3AI@kellyoxford He has caramelized apples!@jasminejamboree pics or gtfo@megansarahj I don't understand people who get dressed if they're not leaving the house.Until a cab can get me from JP to Downtown Crossing for only $13, Sketchy Uber still wins.I'm at The Merchant Kitchen & Drinks - @merchantboston in Boston, MA https://t.co/vs4m6KmdTuI am le addicted. | French man quits ISIS because it was too hard to stop smoking http://t.co/lBygwj05hj via @Salon@kavermes I've been listening to your podcast nonstop the last few days. I am catching up!That moment when you realize you've removed basically everyone but @kciccolini from your Twitter list of people worth following.
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniBonnie Slotnick on the Struggle to Save Her Cherished Cookbook Shop -- Grub Street http://t.co/N4ZiJWzbTZSure I love starting meetings 45 minutes late when I'm already on a tight schedule NO PROBLEM@HealthworksFit Hi, you should open in Fenway :)#SocialMedia is awesomeโ€ฆuntil it gets overwhelming. Get back to the honeymoon phase with @saraherib's tips: http://t.co/WVCa1BZQV5
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@saraherib *saved* I'll watch tonight!@saraherib https://t.co/mwFeH9MULVWoman impersonates celebrities stuck in traffic... A+ Kristen Stewart impression http://t.co/wSsNsaqhYhThe Weird Science of First Impressions http://t.co/c7PNxEwvw3I'm at Firebrand Saints in Cambridge, MA https://t.co/FHsVoHfZOO๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™ RT @Workbar: .@mettermedia Happy to have you in the community and in our Network! #Welcome
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniThis week's MailKimp is here! https://t.co/jp70zEOnr3 http://t.co/KL09ddrjqJ#Allegedly, @Sephora blocked Asian accounts during the annual 20% off sale to avoid "bulk purchase for re-sale." http://t.co/0ctrpx7PCJDumb stupid idiot @lukeoneil47 defended that 'Punk Goes Pop' series. Let's all make fun of him for his bad take: http://t.co/RQqKRnWn3M
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniPennsatucky will kill you. | 'Orange Is the New Black' Star Taryn Manning Arrested For Criminal Threats http://t.co/YG8JHdtgZt@russonite haha that's ok....just describe your donut to me.@russonite They have the same surge pricing model as Uber, I guess it was high demand in Fenway! FOILED AGAIN.@russonite Delivery fee is $15 lol nope@russonite @BostonTweet @Postmates @UnionSqDonuts I don't see the store in the app :(The Secret Life of Passwords http://t.co/sAQsCiBGKMSarah Koenig is missing a big factor in Adnan's case - the failure of Baltimore law enforcement. @serial http://t.co/Q5dk2GMBnSOr, how a Delaware school plans to ruin snow days forever. | Snow days will become cyber days for some students http://t.co/ZZMz0RTTDCBringing Sous Vide to the Home Cook http://t.co/WVRJkQQ5AE via @nytimesSome morning motivation for you >> How to Live Better Through Positive Existentialism http://t.co/04k2Ei9XTa via @vice
@HealthConnector Tried to log in & pay my bill but it says my "account was not found." Using the same login/pw I always use. Please help!@MoheartsBoston @bbystudio has always been a favorite. Clean studio/locker rooms with classes for all levels.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ RT @mettermedia: GUESS WHO JUST GOT AN OFFICE IN #CENTRALSQUARE?!?! http://t.co/pdUr07Xa4NThe @onthebar blog quoted me a few times about @ThirstBoston! http://t.co/rmJtZZ3Jro
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini10/10 because I listened to every episode in 24 hrs ๐Ÿ˜ฌ RT @NYMag How well do you really know @serial? Take our quiz: http://t.co/wa1lrNjiMMToday in irrelevance, Foursquare launches its revamped app on Windows Phone http://t.co/OIUkVzWx4bmy response to the haters and press who keep giving me shit http://t.co/wizAegJoZE
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@AmtrakNEC Not very safe to be left hanging. Especially with an automated 800 number that doesn't understand anything we're saying@AmtrakNEC Can you consider providing like ANY customer service for late night riders?@AmtrakNEC What's the holdup on the 11:37 back to Boston from Providence?
I'm at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel for Prof, Atmosphere and Dem Atlas in Providence, RI https://t.co/LscwP01QwqUh, not the only problem http://t.co/yZzY8SRLmh RT @Slate The problem with Urban Outfitters? Their stores are a mess. http://t.co/PCQPYEQhWt@Slate Definitely NOT the only problem >> http://t.co/yZzY8SRLmh
Uber driver: Do you like horror movies? Me: Yes I love them! Uber: I don't. ๐Ÿ˜ถI'm at @BrickMortarLtd in Cambridge, MA https://t.co/h51fJbGXmcFollow us on >>>GOOGLE+ for all sorts of exclusive, secret secrets! https://t.co/Iw5TBSk7Jk #shhhhhhhhh http://t.co/qICi1ugk5n
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@NYMag ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ™Œ My recents depict an unintentional emotional roller coaster.Caffeinate me. (@ Mariposa Bakery & Cafe in Cambridge, MA) https://t.co/pC1JK5fopDThe Wall at Central Square is looking voluptuous today. http://t.co/uEWgu6lmg2I'm at @BaoNation in Cambridge, MA https://t.co/2vQxXp1iNW@lukeoneil47 What would yours say?When you think about it, Uber's deal with Spotify is an awful idea, by @brokenbottleboy http://t.co/QSdTFFhT94 http://t.co/CWhli2TuV9
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@coolmcjazz Never read the comments!It's only Monday.
@saraherib are they gonna do it or whatAlison Mosshart singing the opening of #WalkingDead? What song is this?I'm at @AudubonBoston in Boston, MA https://t.co/haoIvsmqMG
@saraherib I guess if you didn't get her plate you can just try to report her with a description. Sorry baby Sarah ๐Ÿ˜ž@saraherib What happened??Check out our @ThirstBoston recap from @kciccolini http://t.co/yifhllFsFX #allthefun
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@haveyoumetter preparing for your next freestyle I seeI'm at Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar - @citizenpub in Boston, MA https://t.co/JZvfwM3Os0@HeyRatty @serial I just finished, too :(Science, Spirits, and Shenanigans at @ThirstBoston (my latest for @onthebar, with @seanfrederick and @cocktailvirgin: http://t.co/Wgco0SHqxtHow can I get work done today when Jay is being so damn sketchy?? @serialIDK what I just witnessed in Harvard Sq but multiple guys in earpieces jumping out of the SUV next to you at a red light'll wake ya right upMeet Bostonโ€™s first ever chief digital officer, @lflockwood http://t.co/aGXEVocsfGProbably the best example of why you shouldn't rely on automated marketing... http://t.co/RctXx0A3HV
Don't you want this face to win @EaterBoston's Bartender of the Year award? VOTE >> http://t.co/9ixXDj25lj http://t.co/eQWxnsURlN
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@mbtaJac Tell him they're poison and you're off to go get revenge. He'll leave you alone after that!OKAY http://t.co/SOu1wWv8DUOk I like it. | Facebook launches new Places Directory to rival Yelp http://t.co/1MP7LtDcgJ via @thenextweb8 Habits of the Most Highly Respected Businesswomen http://t.co/aB3lbrA3ipThe First Close-Up Comet Shot From The Philae Lander Is Spectacular http://t.co/Xp8TURk5SmRemember in 2010 when @KimKardashian kried about her nude photo shoot for @wmag? Those were the days. http://t.co/YYgecJ3rZ2Who needs an alarm when you have fighter jets to abruptly wake and scare you to death? Donnie Darko just flashed before my eyes.
Some charming, nipple-touching beer Dan brought home for us from Vermont. http://t.co/jyKXhlZhFMI'm at Five Horses Tavern in Somerville, MA https://t.co/nFzQn57HGS*complains about privacy* *posts baby born 3min ago on FB* | Americans Say They Want Privacy, but Act Like They Donโ€™t http://t.co/M19sqXTyseWhat. | "Should We Ban the Word Feminist in 2015? Via @TheCut http://t.co/FElQY7DAJd"No, you are not โ€˜running lateโ€™, you are selfish." | Career Insights http://t.co/6CPKVPj0CJThis App Can Detect Skin Cancer In 7 Out Of 10 Cases http://t.co/rYpgbacrN0Creepy new device wants to be your family. | With Amazonโ€™s Echo, You Are Never Alone http://t.co/TC7qeQrYeTCan we put a worldwide ban on the phrase TREAT YOSELF?We talked to @SonsofAnarchy's Tommy Flanagan about those facial scars, this final season, and Chibs's love life: http://t.co/DkhXDBQwRh
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Kylie Jenner was so cute as a baby http://t.co/KIH2HlBR3N
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