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Kenneth P. Vogel @kenvogel Washington, DC

reporter: @POLITICO; fan:@Phillies @Eagles; Author: Big Money: $2.5B, 1 Suspicious Vehicle & a Pimp—on the Trail of the Ultra-Rich Hijacking American Politics

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@blakehounshell if they walked another 1/2 block, they'd get to Pho 75.@davelevinthal @ReadyForHillary +17 meals at Cafe Asia up the hill from Politico, for a total bill of $894.@Olivianuzzi @Lis_Smith @GovernorOMalley i just assumed that's the house beverage at Local 16, but maybe it's changed since I was last thereReady for a Drinking Contest: http://t.co/mYLNXi0EI7 @Olivianuzzi @GovernorOMalley @Lis_Smith@Lis_Smith :)Yes, political cmtes spend $ at bars/restaurants for events. I did not assert that @GovernorOMalley did $8k worth of Jägerbombs. @Lis_SmithReady for Uber? Clinton-pushing @ReadyForHillary super PAC spent $3,500 on 67 @Uber trips in Q-3: http://t.co/eXWixbN1mj #CabbiesForOMalleyGood point. MT @DCDude1776: Definitely unusual. Ppl pay $$$ to see him at fundraisers, yet folks w/ free oppty walk out @StrokesofCandor@StrokesofCandor @DCDude1776 Definitely unusual & reflects poorly on Obama, but shouldn't have speculated on motivation w/out 1st hand info.Think it was probably trying to avoid bad traffic that the crowds streaming out of PG County Obama-Brown rally. Still, highly unusual.
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Oh, @FreeBeacon. "Democracy Alliance-Linked Drug Company Lobbyist Made Ebola Czar Despite No Medical Background" http://t.co/TLl2DswufXhttp://t.co/AfEs5DdI6o RT @davemitrani The Reef closed? MT @kenvogel O'Malley PAC dropped $8k at Local 16 on 7/29. Maybe b/c The Reef closed7 days before he died, legendary lobbyist Tommy Boggs donated $5k to Martin O'Malley's 527 group.Or, should I say "Martin Bro'Malley"? https://t.co/rTXhvCaUhRMartin O'Malley, bro. His PAC dropped $8k at Local 16 on 7/29 http://t.co/beLgFeZlAt Maybe b/c The Reef, where he spent $663 last yr, closedWhat could be more #Dogtoberfest than @GlensBeermonger & Chef Kurt in lederhosen? Them posing w/ dogs in lederhosen. http://t.co/5yXBMee7gy
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelAnatomy of an Obama cave: @jeneps details how POTUS's reversal on naming Ebola czar fits a well-established pattern: http://t.co/jj7ECqWh8v*not from a pig castrated by ur candidate MT @DCgretchen It wouldn't be morning on the #campaigntrail without bacon! https://t.co/VA25O9kvK9"Even @sethmoulton's parents did not know that he won a Bronze Star for combat in Iraq, & were told just this week.": http://t.co/jShPSCCLaV
She looks so expectant MT @kenvogel: Dogtoberfest tmrw (3-6pm) @GlensGardenMkt, featuring @FlyingDog's Dogtoberfest. http://t.co/qgt3PjUFED
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelBig $ vs Big Ag? MT @hbottemiller: @ChefAtEve @MikeIsabellaDC @GlensGardenMkt cooked at FPA fundraiser w/Harold Ickes http://t.co/FSpkoykcH9Ready for Dogtoberfest tmrw (3-6pm) @GlensGardenMkt, featuring @FlyingDog's Dogtoberfest. Doggie lederhosen optional. http://t.co/B2rEie1pYHJohn Bolton S-PAC donors: Iraq War architect Wolfowitz ($5k), beer mogul Pete Coors ($25k), Zionist non-profit ($75k) http://t.co/clqSVLg7mtThe list of potential '16 candidates on @Wikipedia is something, including everyone from George Clooney to Allen West http://t.co/FsJPOPPelC@lkmcgann he would be happy to arrange an interview at your convenience."With the Nov. elections drawing close, social media will play a critical role," I'm informed by a PR guy who has just the expert on this.Elizabeth Warren's PAC gave $5k each to Dem parties in 17 states, including Iowa & New Hampshire: http://t.co/DaK2XCgrP7 … #2016?@darthjenni short answer: yes. but there can be very interesting stories behind refunds.flawed methodology obvi RT @kbrookes Bacon in LAST PLACE?!? MT @MonaChalabi Everyone eats sandwiches. But which ones? http://t.co/NOusw6ysYtPublic svc. journalism at its finest RT @MonaChalabi Everyone eats sandwiches. But which ones? http://t.co/NOusw6ysYt http://t.co/D5vVBSMDOrBreaking: Nick Everhart, Ohio GOP consultant at heart of SGM meltdown last year, has been indicted. http://t.co/LD722l4Twj
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelTell me the kid next to Obama doesn't look like @Seahawks QB @DangeRussWilson: http://t.co/JYFY6V90Gr http://t.co/DxwexB7Tq9Klain is expert in experimental drugs https://t.co/J7gg24awl6 MT @DavidNakamura WH: "Not looking for Ebola expert but implementation expert"@byersalex @joshgerstein the kid sitting next to him looks like Seahawks QB Russell WilsonHard to play horse sitting down MT @joshgerstein Obama found time to sit down with HS students & play HORSE with them http://t.co/JYFY6V90GrThis time, Ron Klain is representing the govt & not the drug co. accused by govt of withholding life-saving drugs: https://t.co/J7gg24awl6New Ebola czar @RonaldKlain lobbied for a drug-maker accused of withholding life-saving drugs from dying patients: http://t.co/vKvuQawvDm"How do you decide which DC parties to attend as a guest, & which as a reporter who hates them & would never go?” http://t.co/flArdS3rTQIf you're not following @politicoalex, you're not following the midterms. Consistently stellar analysis/reporting http://t.co/VaL1A9VuTI #FFOr forced to file them out personally. By hand. MT @lachlan: Candidates who don't file FEC reports electronically should be disqualified.She's always buying from Amazon MT @jeneps Obama: "my credit card was rejected" at dinner bc he rarely uses. "Fortunately Michelle had hers"
@ibisflight It is too bad. That's what the justice system is for.Sad to see Geno Smith go down. But love me some Michael Vick, who knows how to lead a friggin' amazing comeback: https://t.co/9esbv8IXgcLeon Panetta knows lots about leadership, which is why he got paid big $ by Merrill Lynch, BP, Carlyle, Wachovia, etc http://t.co/scNkXOvBHgMT @Deadspin: How we f***d up the Cory Gardner story: http://t.co/sKqSmZ7pso
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelDEVELOPING: Story about fan confirms each sides' worst preconceptions about the other ...Interesting, but how often did @NPR mention the @Redskins outside of stories about the name, anyway? http://t.co/1pHuUUp77y"In a career of shifting allegiances, the fan is one of the few constants in Crist's public life." @davidlauter http://t.co/5PmtWOJrZp
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelBernie Sanders, planning 4 rallies/mtgs next week in NH (ostensibly to mobilize 2014 vote), really getting into this whole #2016 flirtation.He's gonna develop a tolerance RT @gretawire: Bill sits on the catnip toy all day long https://t.co/8HjOXWwO1lWords to live by MT @CallaghanPeter Quote of the Day: "Making sure you're not the cheeseburger that they're eating that day is the strategy"Oppo, circa 2034: candidates' childhood foibles & photos, being posted right now by their parents on @Facebook: http://t.co/3k5imVhuxg@CallaghanPeter @GoldyHA yup, just moved. turning up lots of washington state political ephemera.Attn: parents who post embarrassing photos of their kids on @facebook: you are sabotaging their political careers: http://t.co/3k5imVhuxg#TBT WA journos at '04 govs recount trial intervu Gregoire atty Jenny Durkan--now on AG short list. Wud b 1st lesbian http://t.co/TcNVWutsORResult of all-nite excuse brainstorm RT @SteveKornacki Scott's campaign claiming they had no idea Crist was on stage. http://t.co/GONdvJdRsl
2014: The Oppo Election RT @dsamuelsohn: Strategists explain why oppo rules the news @POLITICO http://t.co/xucfIsyiOA@mattcanter @dsamuelsohn funny@NormOrnstein they try to find viable Republicans who support campaign finance reform, but, as you know, they're a rare breed.Mayday PAC claims to be non-partisan, but it accepted $219 from Pelosi-linked Democratic super PAC @HouseMajPAC: http://t.co/O2evtSuOKTThought provoking... RT @texasliberty1: and am all to familiar w Jews. What liars. They wish to subvert the white Chriatian race. Admit it.Thanks for the clarification. RT @texasliberty1: kike jewboy."a low blow" MT @denverpost: Main source disputes @Deadspin story of Gardner football career http://t.co/aA6m4Nvalc https://t.co/qFxBZw6A6Z@texasliberty1 what's a "like"?Something Hillary knows a thing or two about MT @kasie: @HillaryClinton says McConnell is the candidate of "big money"Parties fight back MT @POlsenPhillips: #McCutcheon effect: Targeted State Victory raises $2.3M. 6 donors gave $100k+ http://t.co/ueHcPOGyxYRomney legacy: Pro-Mitt super PAC Restore Our Future last month gave $100k to @AmericaRising (started by Romney-ites) http://t.co/8yyVhbuUE1.@mattcanter, at Google panel, ripping @politico over our story on oppo boomtimes. http://t.co/mkU9ODvqnJ b/c @dscc doesn't engage in oppo.@RSBill @Aaron_RS incorrect: https://t.co/szjB5vdDaO@SuperAbe2014 https://t.co/szjB5vdDaO@SahilCDesai https://t.co/szjB5vdDaO@jenmelton1976 https://t.co/szjB5vdDaO@johninUT https://t.co/szjB5vdDaO@moxiemom https://t.co/szjB5vdDaO@instapundit https://t.co/szjB5vdDaO@Aaron_RS already tweeted that https://t.co/szjB5vdDaO@moelane @Deadspin tweeted that 4 mins ago: https://t.co/szjB5vdDaO@gabrielmalor @davidharsanyi @Deadspin or at least an update@JohnEkdahl :) busy breaking news.Cory Gardner's response to @Deadspin story suggesting he fabricated his high school football career: https://t.co/s5WON9Ik28Did Cory Gardner completely fabricate his high school football playing days? @Deadspin makes the case: http://t.co/12rTyAFcY8Charlie Crist, the only candidate who stands up for Florida (as long as he has his fan) MT @Taniel: The optics. Wow. https://t.co/LwCHuonKmrBob Mercer giving big to GOP down the stretch MT @fschouten: New super PAC making big splash for Land in Michigan http://t.co/aXpgf92bWHHe paid for that fan! MT @MarcACaputo It now appears Rick Scott will appear on debate stage. Scott said rules barred Crist from having a fan.@Lessig's "crowd-funded" anti-super PAC raised more from 5 big donors ($650k) than from all small donors ($525k): http://t.co/ZL9gFGMgVE.@BuzzFeed co-founder @JohnSJohnson3 gave $100k to anti-super PAC super PAC Mayday.us: http://t.co/TiahrSzoT9.@DarrellIssa is among the leading small-$ fundraisers in the Calif. delegation, according to @CommonCauseCA: http://t.co/Cz0eSUPgqfhttps://t.co/UbrT85mkRO RT @bydanielvictor: In fairness, I have always thought it was ridiculous to "fly" on the "road" to victoryEasiest way around coordination ban? Telling super PACs what to do thru the media, as demonstrated by @RepSteveIsrael http://t.co/z5YKtWOQhqJust lost SE Pa MT @costareports Christie: “Rather have teeth drilled than listen to that awful song "Fly Eagles Fly" http://t.co/sHhO3PiifI@jrotkoff @teddyschleifer the internet is filled w websites containing interesting information run by folks you might not consider reporters@jrotkoff @teddyschleifer is there an error in the item I linked?The Koch bros donor network is comprised of folks like the Kochs -- heartland industrialists, per @BenMathisLilley: http://t.co/mic4NuE2vB@kenvogel @MotherJones Jared Polis is jealous http://t.co/Ws4XtX56dY
Retweeted by Kenneth P. VogelPretty convincing case RT @MotherJones: Rand Paul is the best-dressed man in Washington http://t.co/omcj4E9B2k https://t.co/VJBpoPjUjVHurricanes Mostyn (a/k/a trial lawyers Steve & Amber) ascending ranks of D donors: http://t.co/sPu7RTzi4s Look for them to go big w Hillary.@meredithshiner very clever, i knowthat's czartaling hypocrisy MT @meredithshiner: Sen. asking for Ebola czar http://t.co/XepC4Q0ADr intro'd '09 bill calling for end of czarsProud of my childhood friend @clevitt for coming forward to discuss @nfl brain trauma. http://t.co/SJRNiQOXuP #Brave https://t.co/Snnrn6VYZbTorrential in Dupont MT @ABC7Brian: No warnings-Flood Watch continues. 1" of rain fell in ALX & DC last half hour! https://t.co/lBOqbnYuiR
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