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Kevin Smith @kevsmith RDU, North Carolina

Caffeine curator, bookworm, and distributed systems enthusiast.

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Aaaaah. Good to be back home :)
@nathenharvey argh. I’m in TX until Fri morning 😞@nathenharvey in the afternoon, yeah. Flying back in the morning
@pavlobaron Go wild, man. Go. wild.@pavlobaron Are you sure that’s not remaindered medical waste? ;-)holy shit, yes. SO MUCH PAIN AND RAGE. http://t.co/MUyqgXclVC@mariofusco or immediately before a family vacation and/or business trip.@jmrodri @ThomTillis BECAUSE THIS ONE IS SPECIAL. LIKE A PRECIOUS, FRAGILE SNOWFLAKE.@jrecursive Eeeenteresting. Also, http://t.co/9zsTNGrip3
Flying to Houston on Sunday. Will be very disappointed if I don’t see at least one person in a makeshift hazmat bunny suit.@lusis Just go line by line. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA@geekubed @skeptomai Hot Zone’s first chapter is….unsettling. The phrase “with the sound of a ripping sheet” is dead to me.@skeptomai Spillover. Aaaaah. Never. Go. Outside. Again.This reminds me of ~so~ many software teams... http://t.co/eP0qy7hGIy
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@skeptomai Oh boy. I have not. Took a break from the genre after “Lab 257” wiped me out.@skeptomai Definitely don’t trust the CDC. They’re just in the business of understanding viral pathology. #wat@old_sound Make it an e-book and I’ll be one of your first readers :)Has Fox discovered Preston’s “Hot Zone” or Reston virus yet? Fully expect hysteria to shift into shatting pants soon.@lusis 9 minutes Sandman by angry Finns on electric cellos@lusis I bow before your superior skills, sir.@lusis Apocalyptica’s “7th Symphony”?Rubbing some of Daedelus’ “Bespoke” all over this morning. It’s gonna be a good day :)
Need a refresher — what problem does berkshelf solve?
@silentbicycle Interesting. I wish that was me. When I get a serious head cold I can barely put two coherent thoughts together.@peschkaj NoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooDon’t know which part of a cold I hate more: congestion or congested thinking…..Cannot. Think. Grrrr.OH: He took a lot of Chinese in college so he will probably be good at Node.
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@SusanPotter Janna Levin. Quantum gravity, black holes, “How The Universe Got Its Spots”.
@peterdfields @ctitusbrown mosh + tmux has become my default config for remote systems.@ctitusbrown it’s been a real lifesaver for me when I’ve had to deal w/crap networks (confs, LTE, etc)@ctitusbrown Have you tried mosh?OH: "Cloud is not ready for enterprise if it's not integrated with single server running Active Directory"Gonna be a good day when you’re compiling Erlang w/ CFLAGS=-O0 -g3 -ggdb ;-)I kinda really want this MT @Jason: wearable camera flies off your wrist/becomes a quadcopter https://t.co/1dNs6dp9Eh http://t.co/hxb2tabUBP
Retweeted by Kevin Smith
@JeffSutch *shrug* Meaningless distinction since you can’t control what app others use.So very glad I had the fight and kept my daughter from signing up for Snapchat. What a debacle.@BenKuchera Gauntlet circa 1985@jtimberman Rite. ‘Linux’.@jtimberman I am disappoint you don’t have a ‘systemd’ branch.@bryanl When the adults are away the bros will play.@seancribbs i18n == Teach everyone english@williamsjoe @markimbriaco But Rust has concurrency……Ah curl! —data vs. —data-binary just bit me (again).@markimbriaco I thought Rust was mainstream Haskell.Today’s debugging theme: Glitch Mob’s “Drive it Like You Stole It”@mattray Yep. At daughter’s school the principal forgot to announce the “all clear”. Missed an entire period of classes. #wat
Current status: http://t.co/uNiPH2Pvll@mzyk83 Truly my career has peaked :)@claireleemcquin Followed.@claireleemcquin hahahahahahahaha /me wipes tear@claireleemcquin Just try to not go “full Adolph” ;-)@peschkaj @jrecursive Monocle polish is currently planned for Q2. Might sir be interested in our Organic Loupe Wash in the interim?Wondering how long before @claireleemcquin follows @TopologyFact :)@jrecursive We’re waiting on sir to make his esteemed work available as prints. But we’d never want to pressure sir.Photographing The Road Ahead With John Hornbeck http://t.co/vaX7bznaIV via @HuffPostArts
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@mzyk83 @base10 What if the _3_ of us……..nah that’s crazy talk ;-)@base10 @mzyk83 Ditto. Also, I would try very hard to make the time and have a couple of papers in mind to present.I stand with @seriouspony.
@lusis Are they software defined trains? And do they run in the cloud?Syro is fucking tight, yo.@MarcParadise Paradise Lost *sobbing*@KirinDave A great bit of git porcelain right there.Stale emacs buffers as ghetto version control.CNN Headline: "How ISIS makes $1 million a day". Wondering when they will move into the açai, Viagra and other dietary supplements.
Retweeted by Kevin SmithHey y’all, it’s a bubble. http://t.co/nnBUJHWVgX@adamhjk True words, sir. True words.@jtimberman Rub some Red Dawn on it.@geekbrit That too :)@jtimberman Soviet Russia. Done.Sometimes, if you work on a crazy idea long enough, it stops being crazy and starts being possible.@jtimberman “Only communists live in red houses, son.”Speechless.... Department of Fisheries building Hyderabad, India — Image via http://t.co/dAejvyTLmh http://t.co/NzrFV9RKFS
Retweeted by Kevin Smith
@seancribbs Well, that too.@seancribbs Next up: UMLThe things you find in StackExchange: http://t.co/5MJM4IvKz7Yay. Reboot my laptop and C-spc stops working in console emacs. Gooooo Mondays!@bdha I KNOW THAT PAIN. Also, congrats on the gig!@mzyk83 Sort of. I’m trying to get back in the habit of writing regularly.
Excellent tech leadership advice: http://t.co/DaX8OAdPMU (my personal version: http://t.co/F4crAOnVtK)@wfarr I think you mean a boatload of _delighted_ builds. Also :(@bdha ZombieFactoryImplTIL: Good leadership is just like dungeon mastering.@abestanway That’s unfortunate. I think any number of human factors and/or industrial design texts would beg to differ.productive than a simple error message like “Error loading /etc/blah/foo.conf: file not found” (2/2)I wish more ops tools realized error messages are a vital part of UX. Untangling a long stack trace is irritating and way less (1/2)
“Essentially, life can be seen as drops of specialized seawater that eventually dissipate into unspecialized seawater.” —Flusser
Retweeted by Kevin Smith@moonpolysoft honey badger@bigfleet @base10 Yes and yes. Why spend time converging a VM when you can replace it w/known good state in seconds?@bigfleet @base10 Yeees?@raganwald I dunno. I’ve led/managed a few medium-to-smallish-large distributed dev teams w/no real issues.OMG. Watermark. https://t.co/tzG2BbI7iB@cricketgeek Including the author’s name “Anttti Kantee” might help :)@base10 I was thinking there’s a new corollary to Greenspun’s 10th: All OS’s evolve until they have the Windows registry.@base10 My opinion has come 180 degrees in the past year. Lightweight virt and streamlined image builds are the future.@base10 100,000% correct.@base10 And, for bonus points, no systemd on NetBSD /cc @lusis@base10 Standing up a VM is a special case of function application.NetBSD’s rump kernels are looking REALLY interesting: https://t.co/2jLLEyhfDD, esp. https://t.co/aVeByrfrrnProtip: Need to list all available macros for a given compiler? “gcc -E -dM - < /dev/null”. Works w/gcc and clang family of compilers.Multiple concurrent chef-client runs on the same node. You’re gonna have a Bad Time.
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