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I declare email bankruptcy for the rest of the weekThis #NYFW, you'll be able to buy some of @BCBGMAXAZRIA's looks right off the runway - on Instagram: http://t.co/pw7chiiouYSo excited we're teaming up with @Birchbox this month: http://t.co/Ux0xZHpo1T http://t.co/cES4SzYQ87
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik@rachel_arthur best news of the day! yay! i'm staying til the 18th tooLove this from @Burberry re beauty ind too - "Fragrance is driven by image, makeup is driven by improvement + skincare is driven by loyalty"
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik.@ericwilsonsays, not surprisingly, makes as interesting a subject as interviewer: http://t.co/UkBCXqnMjV
Why aren't designers returning to Lincoln Center this season? http://t.co/0vZkv1kcUC
http://t.co/plF7CuLpbC's Maya Singer makes a good case for moving #NYFW back a week or four: http://t.co/kg72enVgOV.@Zady, one year in, is launching its own label: http://t.co/4JJsvcTTtU
Nordstrom has become the first major retailer to make its Instagram posts shoppable: http://t.co/UxAQt5mgj0Excited to see what @Burberry et al will do with Instagram's new app for FW http://t.co/UV5UCi9pzP.@VVFriedman says the @nytimes should be breaking fashion news, not just analyzing it http://t.co/KWtBxNHz96Travel + Leisure's new EIC has spent most of his career on the ad side http://t.co/WJ3p05lEoL
Prabal Gurung's clothes aren't cheap, and his beauty products won't be, either: http://t.co/n4RdFFUfT8
Powerful essay from a young (but wise) journalist, 'I Will Not be Returning to Ferguson.' http://t.co/P5tYSNIVuc (h/t @amysimons)
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik.@ModCloth's tech team has been cooking up a storm lately. Here's why they're investing in entertaining new features: http://t.co/NF16MCzVye
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikAgree with @eliza_pb -- this is wearable tech potentially worth wearing: http://t.co/123TH5Ia7X http://t.co/9MglNl697Z
@StephTrong ha, good pointSpend enough time producing freelancer stories, and you start to go hysterical.Who killed the Times tech section? http://t.co/VkZuMdggxL
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikTOMS shoes founder Blake Mycoskie selling 50% of the company to Bain Capital, valuation $625M: http://t.co/QJucuYfbDk
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik"In the right hands, [WWD] could have the freedom to become even more of a must-read." @veroniquean http://t.co/8fTtr2dCv6It HAPPENED. Anna Wintour took the #ALSIceBucketChallenge: http://t.co/VT1RUKE7rI
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikEverything you need to know about universal shopping carts (like what they are & how they work)http://t.co/eIfuL7NcAC http://t.co/TKQhuPSJY6
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik
.@VictoriasSecret is NOT selling tickets to its fashion show for $16K after all: http://t.co/vvoinm6ry7 http://t.co/ynETo8xUYQ
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikWHOA RT @ravisomaiya Conde Nast plans to sell Fairchild Media to Penske Media for around $100m, per source close to the deal. Story coming.
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik"The press is a third player in this situation that is not helping." @mashable gets it right on #Ferguson http://t.co/QtCNw3TvMa
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik@eiffeltyler pink lipstick on the straw is a nice touchWhat Fashionista's editors are shopping for fall: http://t.co/XMPKFKf6UM
Leave it to @eliza_pb to work "sad trombone" into an earnings story http://t.co/8jV8YfDwq6StyleCaster, recently profitable, has been acquired by SheKnows Media: http://t.co/oWKjHE0uGn via @eliza_pbI took at look at the state of trend forecasting for @Fashionista_com: http://t.co/XKbl1PpdDQ
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik
Flipboard will introduce video ads in September with Chanel as an initial partner http://t.co/Pa8JGsNStS via @thenextweb
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik@andreawass ok, it works for me on that article, but i'll report this to our dev teamAthleta is coming to NYFW. Will other athleticwear brands follow? http://t.co/6wMBwkgpM5@andreawass Instapaper works fine for me on our articles - what kind of error are you seeing?.@IntoTheGloss is down two founders + up one COO: http://t.co/Ogonq9ks6E
Nordstrom paid $350 million to acquire Trunk Club, and it's not yet profitable http://t.co/TkvUG6UdeKSteve Madden Ltd. has acquired footwear firm Dolce Vita for $60.3 million in cash [SUB REQ.]: http://t.co/a6hEzUQgfP
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikOnce a client, Ulyana Sergeenko now dresses Beyonce, Lady Gaga, even Kim Kardashian. An oligarch turns a fashion leaf http://t.co/MakNTUJW7b
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik.@CathyHorynNY on fashion, friendships and sources: http://t.co/dk87kEakdE via @alyssavinganVery impressed with multi-brand mobile shopping app @spring, launching today http://t.co/qJMbIxGemJ
Yahoo's latest hires include the EIC of 'Women's Health' & 'Into the Gloss' co-founder http://t.co/Gj0dX3sEAh
A Standoff Between The Winklevoss Twins And Debtholders Killed Hukkster http://t.co/alzPnPINCT
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik
The state of BeachMint: http://t.co/KerRNV6BjAWHOA. @LuckyMagazine is being spun off into a new venture with @beachmint: http://t.co/8SJpUsZW45 http://t.co/jaYTs7185i
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik.@eliza_pb is funny http://t.co/qrrlA3lRwELove this: @lapresmidi takes a look at the unisex clothing market to find out who's buying & how big it can get: http://t.co/HrYW0p8BFa
.@eiffeltyler examines the culture of complaint + criticism that is plaguing the plus-size fashion community: http://t.co/GPt2v8U3Wf
Barnes & Noble + Google have teamed up on same-day book delivery http://t.co/gttcLiLgvE Too little, too late?
Even used, Hermes is so sellable that @DecadesInc and @CameronDecades give sellers 70% of the sales price and a $250 gift cert at the store.
Retweeted by Lauren Indviki need to rebrand RT @AliaksandrH: @laureni Lauren, bc you're a cat parent+techie, thoughts on booking vet appts online?How agencies find - and make - "it" girls: http://t.co/stonARKwsANot just fashion bloggers: NFL players' selfies will soon be used to sell goods on mobile, too: http://t.co/7EkqmRjz2m via @FashionREDEF
@Raman_Kia speaking of which… i think you owe me an emailOne of my favorite e-commerce sites lands in TriBeCa http://t.co/D9L9w2cQ82 @LaGarconne
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikEtsy wants to get more of its sellers' goods in brick-and-mortar stores -- here's how: http://t.co/VS0GTpFZEm5 startups bringing personal stylists to the masses: http://t.co/SA3fihM8e2
interesting findings, questionable solutions RT @FashionREDEF: Is Casual Dress Killing Your Productivity At Work? http://t.co/t1X66c8a4Wcute story RT @ATCodinha: Are these teen boys the next Tavi? I kind of hope so. http://t.co/pWyrisbkD1How much does your fashion job pay? Please tell us: http://t.co/PSXLgwWJp7Good hire: @mikenizza named exec editor of Bloomberg’s politics site http://t.co/aZNRvGSLHd
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikComputer science bachelors degrees granted, 1966-2010. http://t.co/yNSrzq0nvA
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikA no-nonsense explainer from @cherylanneny on "safe cosmetics" & why the U.S. needs better regulation in that area: http://t.co/Y55iY3gOrs
Yeesh, Adidas had to cut its profit forecast by $241 million because of World Cup spending: http://t.co/rvhXSW1zwM via @FashionREDEF@Adweek that earnings call was five hours ago...Useful tips for anyone trying to keep their white sneakers/bag/etc. white this season - http://t.co/tzaqy1FWRF
AMZN on ebook pricing: "For every copy an e-book would sell at $14.99, it would sell 1.74 copies if priced at $9.99." http://t.co/vzoKdmGFAg
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikMeanwhile, Steve Madden suffering because of a lack of mall traffic + shoe trends http://t.co/OCIPCg3zzJHugo Boss has seen a 13% jump in womenswear sales since Wu named creative dir: http://t.co/NFCXDivZCU his debut collection not yet in stores
The joys of having a shared calendar with @eiffeltyler http://t.co/hX1hcdZKAB@rachelakay hard to say, but there won't be a Y while slimane is at the helmCompared to Gucci, Saint Lauren't business is tiny - but it's growing much faster than Kering's other fashion brands: http://t.co/jaybKajEIERT @joshriedel: a good @NewYorker read on @patagonia @WarbyParker and the balance of profit and purpose http://t.co/ZiHUs4mtztSuper chart by @EricGPlatt shows how Gucci sales are slipping vs @YSL & #BottegaVeneta which are on the rise #luxury http://t.co/mPVrKItqGK
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikWould you ever airbrush a selfie? We tried out the popular apps used to doctor Instagram pics: http://t.co/QK7BQ4OTwH http://t.co/JHyAL9aFs5
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikInteresting piece by @steff_leopard about how @FreePeople catalogs get made: http://t.co/GVDtAosbPyStudy says we're likely to spend more when we're feeling nostalgic http://t.co/ntU1Q0xgn4 via @FashionREDEFIs the minimalist aesthetic just snobbery? Lauren Sherman (@lapresmidi), @annanorthtweets + @chainandthegang discuss: http://t.co/Z5zOIO3c5T
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik'The New Yorker' has hired an ad agency http://t.co/ABIdDjN6gtPhotoshopping Instagrams—it's not just for celebrities and fashion bloggers anymore: http://t.co/6hMWsUZZWY
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik
We're hiring an editorial intern this fall - apply here: http://t.co/whVMKPRdWLRetailers really want you to buy denim for fall - http://t.co/A0gluKx1xVDoes @WarbyParker know this is how Google Maps describes them? http://t.co/XaNjOJff0p
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikBaubleBar raised $10 million in funding – here's what it's going to do with the money: http://t.co/SB97dXATCt http://t.co/gWiCMaiCoH
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikExcellent piece by @eliza_pb on the state of Kickstarter-funded magazines, one year in: http://t.co/paGLIpnEjE
Another call out: Are you a buyer/store owner who uses a trend forecasting service? DM/email me on lauren.sherman2@gmail.com.
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik@sapnam loved it. not often you get a subject who will lay out his hand like that"[When] nearly everything is a click away, there is growing pressure to flaunt possessions that no one else can buy." http://t.co/mZJguwBh2r
Every time you don't click on linkbait, a puppy is saved.Chanel could get away with a $50 price tag on nail polish. I don't think Louboutin can http://t.co/8NQ4g5iskd"There's a growing trend toward minimalism" in kids' fashion http://t.co/gOgYwDORnb http://t.co/8NlDwtU2Iy
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik"The inescapable fact is that it takes a lot of money and time to be effortlessly chic." http://t.co/1CuvPPpHy0Smart brands are collaborating with semi-obscure "influencers", instead of the obvious celebs and designers: http://t.co/P40DGYboKg
Retweeted by Lauren Indvik
obsessed with this story: Burger King is Run by Children http://t.co/S1N5AucACp CEO is 33, CFO is 28, head of IR is 29
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikSomething's up at Donna Karan: LVMH CFO says, "we're working on changes, not advanced enough to be able to make an announcement today."
Retweeted by Lauren IndvikLVMH hoping its fashion biz picks up when Nicolas Ghesquiere's RTW collection for Vuitton hits stores this fall http://t.co/xOTTf5MkWg"In politics a new accessory is never just a new accessory. It’s always a symbol. No matter which gender it’s on." http://t.co/60ASWkLDP2Magazine publishers are moving downtown, so restaurants & salons are too - http://t.co/4zeJNLofcP
Sad to see 'Lucky' & 'Teen Vogue' struggling in ad pages when they have such good teams http://t.co/3U1HrhgseE
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