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Luka Jones @lukajones Los Angeles, CA

actor. philosophy PhD. Kansas Jayhawks basketball fanatic. father of @mariannapalka -- instagram at http://t.co/4F7f5wvxxX

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@DustinMartian @alieandgeorgia @laurenlapkus agreed@alieandgeorgia @laurenlapkus but i also think that individual cases can vary in meaning :)@alieandgeorgia @laurenlapkus haha my sense is that generally the arm touch is more flirty than that and the back touch is a bit lessUSC v UCLA at the Rose Bowl last night. Beautiful setting. Bad guys won ... Next year. #FightOn http://t.co/OhwxOBg3up@laurenlapkus btw I don't mean they're equivalent in every way. Just along some social dimensions.
@laurenlapkus u disagree?Listening to Paul Reubens expressing love for @paulrust on NPR@kumailn smh you missed the lesson. You missed the moral of the story. Watch it again!t-shirt and shorts day in Venice, CA http://t.co/O8k51OThwv@vornietom Not sure, but if you haven't seen AMAZING GRACE AND CHUCK, check it out. Best anti nuclear proliferation movie w NBA player ever.woman socially putting her hand on a man's arm = man socially putting his hand on woman's back@kumailn NO! They win bc all they needed was him. Him. Just him.@kumailn um...he becomes cool but only bc of his wolfness and realizes that he doesn't need to do that and gets the right girl. Not nothing!
@ChelseaVPeretti beautiful CPLate night snacky-poo run bc I'm a mother fucking gangster http://t.co/WF2kD409ll
@katespencer I'm more than okay w the smooth stuff. So relaxing.@RAIDERS @WebsterBlake omg the KC fans must be dying@roryscovel @ComedyWorks @TheOrvedahl Mile Hi City baby!
TRUST THE PROCESS!!!! #10straight
Retweeted by Luka Jones@rezaaslan author seems to think one either must have proof for or against God or must have mere faith. but 3rd option = having best reason.@zoeinthecities oh agreed, only in joke contexts. or when inside my lovers while lovingly gazing into their eyes.@zoeinthecities i dig 'bone-deep' as a term. i like 'in my bones' too.@vornietom ha I thought you might be looking at the Discovery tab where you see what ppl fave and decided it was too lame a move@vornietom a selfie of yours or theirs?
@beta_angel Thanks for the btw! And I agree. In this case it is me being horrified by recognizing the mindset in ppl I've known, not myself.So is it that current elderly ppl never joked about cocks and pussies or just not any more? If the latter, will this happen to me too? :/@DamienFahey Or just read this tweet and didn't know who the name referred to.@brendonwalsh so mean spirited BWI'm like the fucking Mozart of the exact specific thing I do.@beta_angel Neither good nor bad, I assume. I think it just shows that dark subtle realism can be scarier to me than cheap torture porn, etcThe insecurities on display by the two main characters in FOXCATCHER horrified me far more than anything in any horror movie I have seen.If you can't sympathize with someone bc they are rich, you are morally stunted.@billyeichner I was thinking maybe a Steven Wright type could take over if you need to leave at some point.@RedScareBot @oldmanweldon @someofmybest it gets me a bunch since I do that bit too much@oldmanweldon @someofmybest okay commie@someofmybest still don't get it@someofmybest this means nothing to me@chosenberg such a gorgeous mustache
@brookswheelan DS is one of the most endearing characters / people I have ever seen depicted in a movie@ChelseaVPeretti love this!@kidblue I would KILL for that jobMy safe place is staring at a Kansas Jayhawks logo while listening to Jerry Garcia sing.@m_proksch @brendonwalsh @randyliedtke solid argument MP!"Cat couldn't scratch it." -Wilford Brimley in COCOON about his boner@jondaly cool thank you for the pointer!@jondaly where do I find that place?pet peeve -- when ppl say that it's hard to argue that p when they mean that it's hard to argue against p.@NYKensington Such a perv!@Natecraig1 @chrisfairbanks read about Green Bay on Wikipedia. Soporific stuff.@halrudnick excellent. Seeing him in a club is way to do it.@halrudnick bet that was fun@SarahKSilverman no mommy@kboruff omg KR's beard is gorgeous in this@ANP14 @gregorcorp hey DG, is this a parody site or are you supporting actual Nazis? (RT = endorsement of not just the tweet but all views)
@jennyslate mos def. another groovy "shift" movie is "Night Shift" w Michael Keaton & Henry Winkler & the "That's What Friends Are For" song@someofmybest I hear you@literallyafool @AraAstourian oh sure I am happy to see players get even bigger slice of pie. But KB arguably had a chance to win one more@churchcooper @mattjonesisdead ahhh cuz he is fiscally conservative and she is socially conservative? Gotcha, makes sense now.@literallyafool @AraAstourian KB has enuf $ had a chance to win a 6th but $ was more important to him. Plus ppl don't like playing w him.@literallyafool @AraAstourian oh gotcha thx, will check it out@AraAstourian @literallyafool go Lakers, Kobe fucked the team@AraAstourian @literallyafool who is ms pat?I just ONCE wanna know what it's like to do a standing 69 with a woman with ME in the upside down position.@mattjonesisdead @churchcooper oh man I wanna hear the back story on why you guys are interested in this article@someofmybest I understand. What they sounded like is even more difficult to hold on to@AuntieQs I'm against scented candles from being forced to smell them so many times in my life. :(@NYKensington pure projection. That is an innocent scene!My exact life but with a Rolls Royce.@NYKensington positive side of this is that w/o a soul you can't go to hell! :)Harmless creeps should be left alone.@neiltyson If a sig amount of ppl who have clinically died and then been resuscitated reported that experience, that might be evidence.
@NYKensington it's absolutely horrible. One of the most depressing aspects of normal life.
@nicstanich solid game by UCSB. AFH is a tough place to play.@nicstanich Kansas will pull away. Rock Chalk Jayhawk@vornietom Not at all "slutty" ... It is def shitty whenever violent tendencies of others curtail one's personal freedoms, in my opinion.@vornietom but it does seem reasonable to give ex-cons 2nd chances (while taking precautions). Lame not to be able dress how one likes tho..@vornietom yeah maybe, no idea what the guys had served time for. (might've been other violent crime, but still reason to be careful)...Loved the new @ChelseaVPeretti standup comedy special on @netflix. She is a comedic genius w real insights. Check out #OneOfTheGreats asap!@vornietom it wasn't just, "We don't want you to get assaulted" full stop?.@ChelseaVPeretti STANDUP SPECIAL #OneOfTheGreats IS NOW STREAMING ON @netflix. THE TITLE IS MISLEADING BECAUSE SHE IS THE GREATEST.
Retweeted by Luka Jones@ZackPearlman atta kid@thehumphreyker @ChelseaVPeretti IT IS GREAT HUMPHREY - SHE IS ONE OF THE GREATS
@itsa_talia fuck your mother@itsa_talia love love love@itsa_talia again, might be the lack of meds that causes u to hastily generalize from one case@itsa_talia yeah as a joke. with missed meds that might be difficult for u to see?@itsa_talia @DesiJedeikin ok time for u to take ur meds now@itsa_talia @DesiJedeikin you two are ganging up on be. Such haterz. But I love u anyway@itsa_talia @DesiJedeikin god is love guyz@itsa_talia @DesiJedeikin I love everything@itsa_talia @DesiJedeikin no this is the effect of the meds@DesiJedeikin I think, therefore I love with all of my beautiful and generous heart. :) xoxo@LauraJSilverman @LAKings Go Kings Go@willhines Jesus is just alright
@NelsonFranklin oh I see, you're taking on the perspective that you're making fun of. Cool!@vornietom don't put vehicle-related gender expectations on him! #yesallppl@AaronSauder is that from the commercial?Contemplating ironically buying a Lincoln SUV like the one Matthew McConaughey sells and then sincerely falling in love with it.At this point, if I'm watching a new movie and the shot is in a moving car I am always feeling the tension of a potential shocking accident.
@robbelushi Do it
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