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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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.RT @edyong209: You're not Banksy. You're a fucking idiot. http://t.co/sBdj8kSRIM@nadyne maybe this’ll help ‘Mysterious Other’ http://t.co/iGbUdPSz7PYou just know cable/network news bookers are gonna have rudy giuliani all over the TVs…Countdown to @nickmuzin blaming ‘an intern’ for his #dumbass Ebola tweetOdds ‘fox & friends’ show up tomorrow moring in full Hazmat suits?Fill in the blank: ___ is a distraction from ___ Ebola Benghazi IRS Gamergate Tan suit Hillary kardashian bieber#Dumbass ===>>> RT @nickmuzin: Before Obamacare, there had never been a confirmed case of Ebola in the U.S.Dave Gimour: Wish You Were Here (acoustic) http://t.co/10vHF8syEa@sherifffruitfly without a doubt..@HumanityCritic http://t.co/wmODmDLZStNote: the doctor who tested for Ebola, is with Doctors Without Border & was treating Ebola patients in Guinea http://t.co/tqpEIr3AnW@sherifffruitfly my mistake, correcting it.@Sulliview the NYTimes headline on the NYC Ebola story is irresponsible. http://t.co/BSf7syEsKq omitsPerhaps if newspapers didn’t take ads from candidates who refused to answer their questions? https://t.co/66hpey3mBI@monicaisliberal This #thankfulthursday is for all the great work you’re doing for Dems, Hispanics & women in TexasNew iPad mini 3 was delivered a day early…also it came w/iOS 8, not 8.1..@monkbent Somewhere there’s a Kindling & Fire joke to be had..Dear Massachusetts Dems: Quit nominating Martha Coakley.. http://t.co/F5X4uY8ayPAcceptable usage of sour cream.. http://t.co/6nFWOLXjWx cc:@sherifffruitfly.RT @sazzy: Designers who love pens, pencils and sketchbook shots, you will love this. #inspiring https://t.co/3sbRjIgfHJ.@sherifffruitfly You’ve seen ‘Wrath of Khan’, right?
@Karoli #puglife RT @burgerkrang: heard someone was talkin shit http://t.co/QFEHi3lCSD@JeffersonObama street value: $3.99Crossroads GPS running ads against candidates for ‘going Washington’…their leadership is full of DC lobbyist http://t.co/UcotgLncaXRT @akmcquade: “The idea that women are abandoning Democrats for any reason just isn’t borne out by data.” @jess_mc http://t.co/n4LkXllihSChicago Sun-Time is no longer a credible news org.. http://t.co/IPd9KC1DeP
Paging @HumanityCritic RT @MLBJesus: Let Joe @Buck be blessed with a throat-punch..RT @DAbitty: Whatever Renee Zellweger did with her face is absolutely none of mine, nor your, business.Having his head that far his own ass will do that.. RT @rolling_2: chuck todd has lost his hair. karmaBiting my tongue b/c I remember how a DC paper bowed to reagan, spit at Clinton & cowered to cheney/gwb@Lib_Librarian BREAKING: Chuck Todd says Chuck Todd makes Chuck Todd 'ill'...#JoinThe ClubMore Americans have used the 'more Americans' meme than have had Ebola
Read @LegallyErin TL…Important message about Domestic Violence@LegallyErin Respect..@kevinrose in the address bar on the far left (4 parallel lines)@gte Rocket & Groot (scroll down) http://t.co/5gW8KVkRcU@Shoq @thejoshuablog What season/episode are you on?The pic of Lacoste store being looted was *NOT* #PumpkinFest http://t.co/pVnE7Nfikf via @romenesko@DAbitty Serious answer; He’s no more/less insane than hagee, robertson or any number of other ‘end times christians’Who?? RT @DAbitty: Is Kirk Cameron insane?@WiltonWallaceSr @goldietaylor I was referring to blocking/muting monica lewinsky, not GoldieSystem Pref -> Spotlight -> Search Results -> (deselect Bing Web Searches)@goldietaylor I blocked & muted the account. Not personal, I just don’t thinks she’s relevant & I’m giving <side eye> to Vanity Fair@thejoshuablog I thought you’d be able to use it for online purchases@JeremyinAustin Try not to muss Federighi’s hair.. :)@thejoshuablog It’s a much smaller update (~126MB) & shouldn’t take too long@thejoshuablog you have 8.0.2@thejoshuablog you mean 8.0.2? 8.1 is the current release@thejoshuablog you’ve updated to 8.1?@marcoarment so I guess now everyone is moving Passbook to the Home Screen@thejoshuablog go to passbook@thejoshuablog …Capaldi would have been able to find it :)@thejoshuablog passbook or Settings-> general -> Passbook & Apple PayiOS 8.1 installed..tried using the camera to add card to Apple Pay, worked well (still need enter the card security code)@monicaisliberal iOS 8.1 installed & the Camera Roll is back!Anyone do a search for the number of ebola stories CNN did to fuel the ‘hysteria’ & ‘overreaction’? http://t.co/DP09ppqBC2marsha blackburn thinks bill frist should have been ebola czar http://t.co/GozS9JXaAK // 2 words disqualify frist: terri schiavoForgot my headset at home..now having to listen to morning TV & people complaining about their 4 yr old car battery dying…@sherifffruitfly until he goes to a NFC championship game, Romo isn’t even Danny White@Shoq Blog networks The Daily Banter & Crooks & Liars should go to Twitter to have their contributors verified..test the system@Shoq I blocked & muted the account…my guess is vanity fair arranged for the verified account.Dem party (DCCC, DSCC, DGA, etc) abandon/ignore red state Dems & their candidates then blame those voters for Dem losses #WhyWeLoseShould the U.S. be criticizing other countries corporate tax policies? http://t.co/gkPPOgA27qPSA: Highly reccomend #mute for the new lewinsky account…no offense to her, but I doubt anything good can come from following itTavis Smiley Forgets Republicans Run The House, Blames Dems For Everything http://t.co/55b7wO4ses
Retweeted by lvdjgarcia@sherifffruitfly ‘MY BOLOGNA HAS A FIRST NAME IT’S ,O-S-C-A-R. MY BOLGNA HAS A LAST NAME IT’S M-A-Y-E-R…@eclecticbrotha @LOLGOP ‘the future’s not bright, I gotta give shade’?Dems/Progressives *LOVE* presidential politics, but those pesky (& vitally important) congressional, state & local ones bore them #WhyWeLoseDay off & taking car for regular service.. #NoMondayOctober‘The human cost of Texas’ refusal to expand Medicare’ http://t.co/Libiddfq7U //
@gte My episode: Why did I pay to watch ‘Battlefield Earth’…Worst movie I ever seen in a theater.RT @MattBinder: #gamergate http://t.co/S4QM5avNyBMoved the dock & I keep forgetting where it is…@siracusa @mrgan ‘yo dawg’? http://t.co/6hIs4ngA1Y@flargh #NotAllPumpkins.RT @GlennF: “You should have taken precautions against being doxed, so now that you’re doxed, it’s your fault.” Latest shaming approach..@GlennF ‘You have windows on your house? Don’t you know bricks can break glass?’@JeremyinAustin 21st Amendment brew pub on 4th St has excellent food & beer@GlennF ‘you should have had better door locks, so the burglary was your fault’?@JeremyinAustin Heading to the mothership? :)@ohheygreat Jerry Brown girlfriend, Pirates of Penzance, or traditional Mexican folk music, Linda Ronstadt…I like them allNope, no racism here https://t.co/dPmlK3hqgHchuck c watermarked pics (‘gotnews’) he copied from someone else’s Flickr account..http://t.co/RlddCrMJKZ@Green_Footballs chuckie c must be having a fit..@sherifffruitfly …and special teamsYou forgot #HookEmHorns \m/ RT @owillis: Yay? #Redskins@sherifffruitfly beat by a pass from a kicker? Oh the indignity…@darth Do w/this what you will :) http://t.co/3cychZvL1OBe careful, I hear those pumpkin festivities can get outa hand.. #KeenePumpkinFest RT @marcoarment: Pumpkin picking. http://t.co/0uAEfhFxBO@chrisgeidner did one of them bring their pet parrot? #ExtraPoints@eclecticbrotha ‘I got mine' at its worstjeff fisher looks unhappy…..good!This Week had tavis smiley, bill kristol AND mary matalin? #HackeryYup.. RT @sherifffruitfly: oh great so the entire country gets to watch us play like ass@sherifffruitfly some places have the audacity to ask for your social media accounts too..@tim_cook @JeremyinAustin Great experience w/Apple customer support regarding a web order..Pass my thanks on to the Customer Support Team@DAbitty it’s gotten so bad, I check ‘about’ pages for any site I don’t know@QueenofSpain @aaronvest your Spartans have Michigan next week, so that should fun for you :)@DAbitty satire/fake news site http://t.co/AUoIGUD1aA.RT @arclight: I like the cut of this @anildash's jib: https://t.co/UR05vIwm6i See also: Business Insider
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