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RT @MakerCon #Hardware Startups: Meet #MakerCon's Launch Pad judges. http://t.co/uyasKujfyP Entries close 3/31 - get yours in today!Only a month left to enter the Pitch Your Prototype Challenge. Win 5,000 and a chance to be on stage at MakerCon! http://t.co/ZniJtBl36WCat lover or not, there's no denying @JimmyDiresta's adorably weird new project, "Cat Paws" https://t.co/inaZYSA2RVDid you miss our #Drone issue launch party? No worries. Almost as good as being there: http://t.co/2NQxTWRFsJCome to the dark side... and bring your drone! You'll never escape this Imperial Star Destroyer drone. http://t.co/PF3zZa8AJr
How to make the very popular Hovership 3D-printed FPV racing drone: http://t.co/s0RZgqYTBy http://t.co/1DJxBdZXq0RT @MakerCon New #MakerCon Speaker Added! Meet @yobie: inventor, founder, investor. Early Bird reg ends 3/31. http://t.co/PMNVxnJVmVDremel Captivates SXSW With Tiny Cars, Jimmy DiResta: http://t.co/a5bD9s86SS http://t.co/AJ5ZGhD8AgIt only took him 4 short years to create this immaculately detailed paper Millennium Falcon! http://t.co/6nVaGkGWV4You know what your party needs? This party-popper laden chair! http://t.co/9PooLP9erb
Did you know you could try out an HP Sprout at the Maker Media Lab in San Francisco? Visit us Wed-Fri… https://t.co/k2VAgjxaYoOne of these lucky six contestants will win a drone in Drone Trivia at tonight's Drone Issue Kickoff… https://t.co/N4PoStKKEjFull house at tonight's Drone Issue Kickoff Meetup at the Maker Media Lab. #make #makers #dronehttps://t.co/Poe2F1xE3BPlenty of drones at tonight's Drone Issue Kickoff Meetup here at the Maker Media Lab. #drone #droneshttps://t.co/t2Z3PPykesMarque and Eli of @gameofdronesca show off Racer X, the cover drone of the Drone Issue at tonight's… https://t.co/H5eCXq5y3HWhat will you melt in your carbon arc furnace? Learn how to make it in @oskay's http://t.co/J0eiFFnasa http://t.co/tTTirSvJRNThis easy bandsaw box is a great way to hone your woodworking skills. http://t.co/1ZToj7PMmtIt's #NationalPuppyDay - Pet Water Warden ensures your pooch stays hydrated when you're gone: http://t.co/G5NsiCcD4d http://t.co/2KjGRS319MThese 4 metal shaping techniques and make your work look fantastic! http://t.co/JeGErmIY94Spicy Taqueria-style carrots sound delicious don't they? Make some and share with us! http://t.co/oZGPF9SqJRRT @MakerCon #MakerCon #EarlyBird Reg ends 1 week from today! http://t.co/FNBVZg5kCz Act now + saveLooking for the perfect light for that rustic themed room? Convert an antique oil lamp! http://t.co/oZTY2e9eWvBefore you go to a drone race, you should familiarize yourself with the basics and the rules. Here's what you need! http://t.co/rtYcPIo74sRT @MakerCon #Hardware Startups: Enter #MakerCon Launch Pad + showcase your innovation. http://t.co/4xjZv8wLOE Enter by 3/31.Experience the Fast Flying Thrill of FPV Drone Racing with these 8 Videos http://t.co/T7loAZoqdlThe addictive new sport of FPV drone racing—cover story of the latest Make (newsstands today) https://t.co/xSO2wgX3Rp http://t.co/67wSk6O7tv
Milled from aluminum foam, these shoes look like meteorites. http://t.co/0RpbmYeMnc14-Year-Old Inventor Crowdfunds Battery-Charging Arduino, Hits $35K: http://t.co/N0iMnrMJVcYou'll want to build @nexxylove's security bot after you read Make: JavaScript Robotics http://t.co/RpmQWfoNU2 http://t.co/sHw1DSw620If you're near Providence Rhode Island, you're going to want to see this! http://t.co/GTH11lhukAUsing wax transfer paper to create a vintage looking crate from a pallet. http://t.co/4Hfy8jOWcyDrone delivery, will it happen in the next few years? Here are drones delivering beer to defibrillators! http://t.co/WcBBj2ay7hIn case you missed the #PSoCMaker hangout with @CypressSemi last week, here's the video and demo projects: http://t.co/sSYChvU9aX #BLE #IoT#BIY science lab, now in Early Release #eBook form http://t.co/327MYnmpZi Upcoming from @oskayPeople's @SculptureRacing is accepting entries for its inaugural sculpture race at Cambridge Arts River Fest: http://t.co/tnUPu0lxwS
These guys are making an Ikea for Farming: Flat-Pack Hen House, Worm Bin, Beehive: http://t.co/VCO288aFnT http://t.co/WcQeGZap5l
18 Lessons in Smart Prototyping From a Self-Made Billionaire: http://t.co/GyuB9vE7kxRT @MakerCon #EarlyBird #MakerCon Reg ends March 31 http://t.co/4FFaL9N81m Sign-up now + save. Speaker line-up is live (and well)RT @VirgilMachine: @make +Electronics Experiment 22 - Flipping and Bouncing @charlesplatt +diy +nand +nor +latching http://t.co/g4jdzGXAcT
Build this knockdown table that folds flat in seconds! http://t.co/VZbsPuSJUoThese pictures are incredible looking. Yes, those are real plants! http://t.co/scnGci8OeZSee behind the scenes with the HowToons creators! http://t.co/D44ZboRvr8The first ever official statewide maker celebration! http://t.co/o2at7LqwUM@bps_slam if that happens, we would love to see - and hear - the results!New neighbor @mellowmonsters a @make intern building a hovercraft out of Tinkering book http://t.co/KfrC8LP0Xc
Retweeted by MAKEI hear there is a new #drone edition of @make coming out soon. Here is the model from last years cover. http://t.co/LBR37dfNds
Retweeted by MAKEBuild a homemade "big ear" for tuning in to nature or hearing far away conversations: http://t.co/bRdjcTUs9z #SpyTech http://t.co/zlBYtiFV5B
Drones and Drone Enthusiasts at tonight's SF Drones Startup Meetup here at the Maker Media Lab!… https://t.co/sJ8IWVfOHWPerfect for parents + educators, @KathyCeceri's 'Making Simple Robots' gets newbies skilled up fast http://t.co/kk2RZSSvT9Lightup pitched their prototype, and now they're on the market. Come pitch yours too! http://t.co/YM4V7RsHe2Crochet or Crochet not, there is no try. Make this Yoda outfit for your baby jedi. http://t.co/b5d7HtbK2PAutodesk Acquires 3D Figurine Design Tool Modio, Re-Launches as Tinkerplay http://t.co/BcQrS9jHmNRT @MakerCon #Makers: Launch Pad is for innovative products, devices + solutions. http://t.co/4xjZv8wLOE You in? Enter by 3/31.Beautiful Drone Footage: This cave is so huge, it has a forest inside! http://t.co/c1Gho2ZmRP http://t.co/XaSXDe8V2MAnnouncing #MakerCon's Launch Pad Contest http://t.co/jyPb60PbOb #hardware #IoT #businessofmaking"Massimo Banzi: Fighting for Arduino" – Exclusive interview: https://t.co/pMYkpPIxyP
'Books are Best' - 3D printing suggestions for kids - including @LeoMakerPrince http://t.co/lcKpxlWSKFMT @MakerCon #MakerCon speaker lineup is now live! http://t.co/VKEyh2xw0J The only conf by #Makers for MakersThe team from @CypressSemi are LIVE on Google Hangouts talking about #BLE, the #IoT, and our #PSoCMaker Challenge: https://t.co/gBDu3JWZsxJoin us in 1 hour to learn @ our BLE tech & discuss the #PSoCMaker challenge on Google Hangouts http://t.co/v4aqoPx7jM @make @ArrowGlobal
Retweeted by MAKEHacking a teddy bear to give it body heat. So cuddly! http://t.co/wCsEj4NPdKA special #PSoCMaker #HangoutOnAir with @CypressSemi will begin in ~3 hours. Learn about this new #BLE #IoT dev kit: https://t.co/gBDu3KeAk5Our Drones meetup is going to rock. One lucky person is going to walk away with a $750 Iris quadcopter! http://t.co/1K9QGPFIm5Learn to build @makenai's #deltabot from the early release ebook of Make: JavaScript Robotics http://t.co/RpmQWfoNU2 http://t.co/NfcAp2paVuJoin @CypressSemi later today at 6pm ET/3pm PT for a special #PSoCMaker Hangout On Air: https://t.co/gBDu3KeAk5 for #BLE & #IoT makers!
Will This New Technology Make 3D Printers 25 Times Faster? The demos are impressive: http://t.co/NklvN4vF6RMT @akaziuna: At Mighty Bill Young's fabbing for @AtFAB_co's "Design For #CNC" @make Book http://t.co/7fbVMn38CjEver seen a ukulele get made? Well, here's your chance! http://t.co/kytPfp8UEOSplit flap displays aren't just for public transit and alarm clocks! http://t.co/lEjFeR6kWSThis easy leather key and coin tray packs flat when not needed. http://t.co/q8nIVpjdG0Rubber Band Power: 7 Stretchy DIY Toys http://t.co/JGLGfPgi0zThese twisty motorized sculptures are simply mesmerizing! http://t.co/IcD8fduBirRT @MakerCon #MakerCon: The Only Conference By and For the #Maker Movement. http://t.co/PMNVxnJVmV Register now + saveUncanny DC & Marvel Miniatures Fooled Us With Their Realism-- seriously, much time was wasted. http://t.co/fIfj4vFpM7 http://t.co/fcnrJBzNA3Early Release #eBook! 'Getting Started with Spark Core and Photon' by @simonmonk2 http://t.co/rYhqvGZEOB @spark_io
RT @MakerCon Happy Monday! This week's To Do list? Get Early Bird savings on #MakerCon reg http://t.co/PMNVxnJVmV Thru 3/31These felted critters will melt your heart! http://t.co/nf2JKSL2g7This World Map is Totally Strung Out! http://t.co/xEey57kwRGMake some sweet green rice krispie treats for St. Patties day! http://t.co/BKBikfEuDjThis garden protector bot is pretty terrifying. It would keep us out of the garden! http://t.co/KLFIG1dDGVFull Contact Lightsaber Battles are never a bad idea. Make your own lightsabers from pool noodles! http://t.co/ehzowheLGO
At #SXSW2015? Don't miss 'Maker Pro' reading w/ @SophiKravitz http://t.co/djmtxHMVxj 5:30pm Ballroom G #sxswinteractiveExiii's gorgeous 3D-printed EMG prosthetic arm. #SXSW2015 http://t.co/mKvFZDt14tMind blown. Controllable ultrasonic levitation demonstration from pixiedusttech https://t.co/muncAVAD7U
Retweeted by MAKEPanelist view. About to start! "Drones Take Flight" — #sxswdrones #sxsw #sxcreate http://t.co/41K553Hxgp
Retweeted by MAKETODAY @ #SXSW2015: '#Drones Take Flight' panel w/ @msenese 11am W Pincer Lounge http://t.co/A7XF9jz6hz #SXcreate
RT @MakerShed Irrational #PiDay Savings: 15% off #RaspberryPi http://t.co/pXHT4sklSK Use code PIDAY2015"Making a maker city" panel with @dalepd @hirshberg and @TravisGood. #sxsw2015 http://t.co/yGVnbI1aOERT @MakerShed #RaspberryPi savings are at mathematical constant of 15% today w/ code PIDAY2015 http://t.co/pXHT4sklSK #PiDay#SXSW2015 TODAY: 'Making a #Maker City' w/ @dalepd @hirshberg @travisgood http://t.co/cKHMWE2VFx 5pm, Long Center #SXcreatePi day isn't only about Raspberry Pi, here are 12 real creative and wonderful pies! http://t.co/yt1MXHY4mkRT @MakerShed Increase #RaspberryPi savings ratio http://t.co/pXHT4sklSK w/ code PIDAY2015 #PiDayWatching @JimmyDiResta work his magic at the @dremel booth. #SXSW2015 http://t.co/1X4kGqNsbhMT @MakerShed Happy #PiDay! Use code PIDAY2015 to save 15% on #RaspberryPi http://t.co/pXHT4sklSKWe're at the @IntelSoftware IoT Roadshow in Somerville, MA. 130+ #IntelMaker projects will be built over next 2 days! http://t.co/nkF11HdcPCCelebrate Pi Day with a baker's dozen Raspberry Pi Projects! http://t.co/zVJufM4q4CRT @MakerShed Happy #PiDay! Get a sweet slice of #RaspberryPi + save 15% w/ code PIDAY2015 @ check-out http://t.co/pXHT4sklSK
RT @MakerShed #PiDay Eve Sale:15% off #RaspberryPi http://t.co/pXHT4sklSK w/ code PIDAY2015 Plus save on add-ons http://t.co/gXoemaqhvDRT @MakerShed #PiDay Eve Savings on #RaspberryPi. http://t.co/pXHT4sklSK Use discount code PIDAY2015 + save 15% more.Star Wars speeder bike quadcopter + first-person video = now I can die: http://t.co/TDOF1RazrY via @msenese
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