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MT @Makershed (Bad Pun Alert!) Make your own Jack-El-Lantern this #Halloween. http://t.co/dknU1UtLGiThe @make staff is using the pinhole trick to watch the solar eclipse. http://t.co/XzkdE7POPo
Retweeted by MAKERT @Makershed @chibitronics Circuit Stickers literally light up your life http://t.co/Xgr7FcUYQq Fun project: http://t.co/ztc1irjOkALearn how to use circuit stickers to make your own adhesive creations! http://t.co/rjHm47bmgTThanks for the support, @Adafruit! Gregg Brockway Named CEO of Maker Media @gbrockway @make #makerbusiness http://t.co/pVsap7gYNNCrowd-Sourced Wedding Dress! Help make an LED gown http://t.co/t72AX40kvm Your suggestion could net @katehartman's bookIdea > Business: Our new CEO @gbrockway tells his story in Nov issue of @ENTMagazine http://t.co/Xf3ojeQ4pIThis simple LED stick figure costume is surprisingly effective! Here's how to make one. http://t.co/XdPYnYwdEoPut your 3D printer to work this Halloween! Here are 25 perfect things to print. http://t.co/qVTbMZpDuTWrapping Up a Funky, Fresh First Nordic #MakerCon: my photos and impressions. http://t.co/W2ByjQ8M56
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Store bought fish feeders are often simply not quite robust enough for real traveling. Here's an impressive DIY one. http://t.co/HNUVxUViSkRT @Makershed 40 #Halloween projects help you give up the ghost, the vampire, + other dreary costumes of yore. http://t.co/UqIxjND81ZFormlabs has just announced two functional resins: flexible and castable. http://t.co/BXlHHtckJhWhen you want to make a ton of really nice spider webs as part of your Halloween decorations, a web gun is a must. http://t.co/Qtf6SugWle@Hennesseyedit Cheers, Ray. Thanks for the reply!This biologically inspired hexapod is strangely cute for a simple block of wood with legs. http://t.co/vv8VdOezSc3D printing a giant sculpture of a horses head. http://t.co/Vj0wtHlaTe
@Hennesseyedit Hey Ray, thanks for the great look at our CEO @gbrockway in @EntMagazine Do you have a story link we can share?Our new CEO @gbrockway is the Nov cover of @ENTMagazine. Learn more about Gregg: http://t.co/tR5UdgDkcH http://t.co/2QffGTIKSU@EntMagazine Cheers! Excited that our CEO @gbrockway is featured! Pls share the URL so we can spread far + wide!A behind-the-scenes look at Taulman 3D! Interesting insight into custom 3d printer filaments! http://t.co/u3D9NrYRETRT @Makershed El Wire + Tape = Halloween grooviness. http://t.co/VSxhTlO3Rx Flexible + Heatless = Glimmering kids. Yes, #Tron.Hank's engravings are simply incredible. We were lucky enough to meet him at Maker Faire NY in the Dremel booth! http://t.co/0sfuE8caOxHaving a halloween party? This creep doll puking up green punch might be just the project for you! http://t.co/DkpFMC1lpq.@MattRichardson's 'GSW #BeagleBone' has six 5-star reviews. Naturally, it's on sale. http://t.co/38TZsWZQOL Save 50% on #ebookin this case, the film itself is 3d, but the movie is only 2d! http://t.co/WWVWz32MnFMeet Carvey: Inventables' sleek new "3D carving" machine be what finally makes CNC routing mainstream. http://t.co/UbYFlq0txb
Tracking commercial airplanes from your home using software defined radio http://t.co/xwF3j4xBe2Learn how to control those Halloween props using an Arduino! http://t.co/15eJih53cjRT @MakerShed New in the Shed: @BareConductive Touchboard. http://t.co/nogCMoAmyt Turn any surface into a #sensor.@desertnaut Yeah that moment is pretty exciting!Last chance to register for Hasbro Play Hack on 10/25-26. There will be Ponies, Lightsabers, and more! https://t.co/CoTcFOzbv1
Retweeted by MAKEWatch maker-musician Jerobeam Fenderson draw mushrooms (using sound) on an oscilloscope screen http://t.co/12xVzcksoR http://t.co/b73xDA0sjtRT @MakerShed: #MaKeyMaKey Music: http://t.co/v83dARJDLn #MaKeyMaKey Merch: http://t.co/mTiJxL6OQRA great read for Dronovember, @make! We <3 DIY drone community, too! In fact, @chr1sa just spoke about UAVs + Makers: http://t.co/29KJ4joPpK
Retweeted by MAKEA massive assive shipwreck appeared in this yard for Halloween! http://t.co/ZLG4pNQURX.@Atmel @NextGov We <3 the Drone Dudes, and wrote a profile on them from last year - check out their vehicle: http://t.co/TRCH0GteySMeet the Makers behind the drone revolution: http://t.co/ikytcFmzoX #MakerMonday #Drones (via @NextGov) http://t.co/dha7s6CXpg
Retweeted by MAKEThe Form1 printer changed how this artist creates insect models. A very insightful interview. http://t.co/9ujfDa6eGK
To get your halloween fog to cling to the ground, you have to cool it really well. Build a fog chiller to do the job! http://t.co/KjX6F2ULdL#Bitcoin price fluctuating? Build a gadget for at-a-glance current value, hack it with physical notifiers: http://t.co/Gw7Y7avT6fIf you're going to be a werewolf this year for halloween, you need digitigrade stilts. here's how to make them. http://t.co/Vt5288gnMl
Forget store bought tombstone decorations. Make your own awesome ones this year! http://t.co/tz2TeHcajALooking for a weekend tech project? Check out the Soundcard Oscilloscope from Make: magazine. http://t.co/UEn69jDcGt http://t.co/O2lBiJE0Bc
Retweeted by MAKEMT @Makershed Hey you, Grownup. Isn't it time you owned your own tools? http://t.co/C5kuiBk6F0 Welcome to Weekend Workbench.Want an easy but impressive Halloween Costume to make? Check out this giant foam headed Frankenstein's monster! http://t.co/YM3ufrdhUt
Inspired by the cover of newest issue of @make mag, kiddo made this dc-motor-run #Lego car tonight. Runs great! http://t.co/yDIejBjMlu
Retweeted by MAKEOne last winner this week - congrats to Emily @ewhite28 who won a 3D Printer at the Aggieville MMF! Happy making! #makerfaire #make #makerShake it up this #Halloween w/ #wearables http://t.co/utnq5CxyIW Great ideas from @toysaretools for kids to go DIYLewis shows us how to make a fun silly string trap for your halloween candy. http://t.co/hWDZQgKNrBDressing up as mundane every day objects for halloween. This kid has bizarre taste and we love it! http://t.co/wRaGDVYhUCOur latest #WeekendProject powered by @RadioShack turns your PC's sound card into a simple oscilloscope: https://t.co/u6Gh3ak9g0Autodesk to call its upcoming 3D printer "Ember," premiering in Paris next week: http://t.co/QyhVqMVDDR
RT @Makershed #MaKeyMaKey Madness! http://t.co/mTiJxL6OQR Get the standard kit now + connect to conduct http://t.co/U9JUBMl5AUThe winners keep on coming! Congrats to Dixie Beer, who won a 3D Printer at the Cincinnati MMF @CincyMakerFaire! #makerfaire #make #makerA quick and easy way to turn your 3D printer into a 2D printer. Pen plotting is so much fun to watch! http://t.co/WwuL1VoNQRFinding starter projects: Deep Dives http://t.co/5oVivn2NuYPeter had this crazy idea to make a usable pint glass out of used cardboard coasters. It actually worked! http://t.co/2Ri1VzfgAu
Great to hear @SenSchumer discuss the future of tech in Queens, our #MakerFaire host borough, at #C4QTechBash http://t.co/WeVvmDeKOhIf you want low-to-the-ground creeping fog for Halloween, you have to chill it. Here are plans for a nice chiller. http://t.co/IU8iTO90GMAllan's motorized ratrod drift trike is made from trash and it is totally awesome! http://t.co/DWghioSppICongrats to another 3D Printer Winner, Jennifer Wade of Ellicott City, MD. Won at the Silver Spring MMF @makerfairess #makerfairess #MAKE
Retweeted by MAKEMakers against ebola part 2: The virus http://t.co/cwjEmHjQqt3D-printable steel? Right in Providence? Better check out @NanoSteelCo at #pvdgeeks tonight! http://t.co/bk5MKbnR74 http://t.co/YZucwa55SP
Retweeted by MAKEThis electronic demon costume is absolutely captivating to watch. http://t.co/LdGCbGq5h5Ends Today: Save 50% on 'Getting Started w/ #RaspberryPi' #ebook http://t.co/RITobsdonT Ready for B+?After tons of trial and error, this farmer was able to grow pumpkins in the shape of Frankenstein's monster. http://t.co/PaZ2auoWu6Makers can fight against Ebola: The Intro. http://t.co/e9Q8ghkABqPhil Shapiro shares two important maker moments in his life. http://t.co/3y0GwBAt8L
.@leomakerprince author @CarlaDiana_ featured for #ALD14 on @adafruit today! http://t.co/RMlfFzgdBLHappy #AdaLoveLaceDay! http://t.co/JZNSVQG6mw Celebrate women in tech w/ 50% off 'Making Makers' 'Simple Robots' '3D Printing' #ebooksSometimes a bit of cardboard is all you need. Here's a radio controlled car built from cardboard and raspberry pi. http://t.co/WiQkr7OvQbWe have a winner! @JranSakarra has won a 3D Printer @MakerFaireNash! Congrats Jacob & happy making! #nashville #makerfaire #make #makerWasp's 20-Foot-Tall 3D Printer To Make Mud Houses in Rural Areas: http://t.co/lH2j9b1AN6You could print messages on a floor, or on a road with this Roomba based printer. We need these for Maker Faire! http://t.co/VS7qN9l15j
This peristaltic pump can be 3D printed all at once in a single piece. http://t.co/dk3mzS49B8Dronecode: Linux Foundation, 3D Robotics Create Open-Source UAV Software Platform: http://t.co/nBHtae3hDAThis glove can translate sign language into text! http://t.co/ZpkqXhKfGLEver seen a pinata that is a full sized reproduction of a car? How about big bird in pinata form? http://t.co/oFQR9DwC3X
Before you toss out your old phone, you should check out Jula Christensen's upcycled artwork. http://t.co/ESq4Do6nxRRecreating the spooky book with the creepy eyeball from Hocus Pocus. http://t.co/d88uXQ4SkHMake a spooky animated door knocker for halloween. http://t.co/9P3tknQz1s
If you're not at @as220 for the @makerfaireri after party, this is what you're missing! http://t.co/ISFaEG8tzJThe @makerfaireri after party 9pm tonight @as220 115 Empire Providence. Dance to 8 bit music. Free w/maker Faire wristband or maker badge!
Retweeted by MAKEFascinating to see the future design technology right here in RI @makerfaireri http://t.co/jTw4YF5bL2
Retweeted by MAKEKids and families--come play with us at the @makerfaireri today til 6 at One Hasbro Place in Providence!
Retweeted by MAKE'Making Simple Robots' by @kathyceceri now an early release #ebook. http://t.co/CGBwqkixUk Save 50% w/code WKERRE @ check-outWe're at Rhode Island #MakerFaire today, where lots of people - of all ages - are Learning to Solder! http://t.co/8VX5rL1Akz
Come see the greatest show (and tell) on Earth, @MakerFaireRI kicks off tomorrow at 11am. #makerfaire http://t.co/5U8uP5DWIk
Retweeted by MAKEThis adorable giant headed Frankenstein's Monster costume is easy to make and looks great! http://t.co/aoH9bw0Y8p10 incredible halloween projects, from simple to scary, house to costume, cute to creepy! http://t.co/v6FUAF06NNNew + Improved? Yup. 'Getting Started w/ Raspberry Pi 2nd Ed' Early Release #ebook. Save 50% w/ code WKEERE. http://t.co/RITobsdonTHere's a super creepy halloween prop that you can toss together in a few minutes! http://t.co/T7txDOMesjPresident @BarackObama posted a writeup on Medium about makers and @techshop: https://t.co/qGxR6JGnArIn 1876, nine million saw the Centennial Engine built by George Corliss of Providence. What will you see Saturday at @makerfaireri?
Retweeted by MAKELike most people, you probably need some apothecary bottles for halloween. Here's how to make some. http://t.co/tfD8lyVVF2Ever wonder how they make bubble wrap? nope, it doesn't involve little gnomes with pumps, close though! http://t.co/nkuYi3utSVMorning makers! Looking for a #WeekendProject? We have 57 videos, projects range from 15 minutes to 2-day builds: https://t.co/cLZn1gTbC6Using a 3D printing pen to create a functional micro hexacopter frame. http://t.co/Xhrwbfbkp0This wall mounted "exploded" style PC looks fantastic! The blue lights were a nice touch. http://t.co/xBwJdlRSH5
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