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What a great slideshow from Maker Faire Orlando! Love the T-Rex! http://t.co/f4IuAVCJHdYou can build your own Open Source Bluetooth Door Lock! Here's how. http://t.co/wCku9HN5uxSphero's new extreme robot Ollie looks insanely cool, fast, and rugged! http://t.co/2VUWokDaofFilming with a Quadcopter can be tough. Here are a few tips for incredible footage and a great flying experience. http://t.co/8OzVuDUoBYWyliodrin brings cloud programming to the Raspberry Pi and the Intel Galileo. http://t.co/TQya9w35RAJust Launched Today: 'Making Simple Robots' by @kathyceceri is now an Early Release #ebook. http://t.co/CGBwqkixUkNo matter how many times you've seen it, the Eepy bird Diet coke and mentos performance WILL make you smile. http://t.co/xbyXQmm3R5
Hacking breastpumps is a noble goal for a hackathon. http://t.co/UVNtsrfHUbThink you've got what it takes to solve the laser maze? http://t.co/jnmlHegpb4Want to attend World #MakerFaire NY...for free?! Help us with Learn to Solder, one of our most popular activities: https://t.co/MCRs345jco
Retweeted by MAKEAstrophotography can get much better if you can move your camera along with the stars. Here's a DIY tracker from Lego http://t.co/FK79qY6DVb
If you're a wolverine fan, you don't want to miss these fiberglass claws. http://t.co/AXTAKXV2ueCool Crowdfunding for September 13th. CAD, mobile makerspaces and more! http://t.co/48Ja8wnK28Lego Technics are pretty amazing, but what if they don't make the pieces you want? Print them! http://t.co/QfBN6tLMts
Getting someone started in making isn't always easy. Here are some tips and projects to help you get going. http://t.co/nmgnPbwurdWant to be Boba Fett? You're going to need to make a jet pack first! http://t.co/FGwVTms3B8big thanks @make + @RadioShack for featuring my translator as a Weekend Project, already brainstorming my next hack! http://t.co/E5mM0dOFEA
Retweeted by MAKEUsing lego as a printing tool. These results are incredible! http://t.co/eHnG8qups8Early Release #Ebook: 'Getting Started with @Adafruit Trinket' http://t.co/SBSKs4DpJH Mini #Arduino Magic!manufacturing a high precision machine is very complicated. Take, for example, these cnc mills. http://t.co/nxriyLLjhYEach one of her pieces is a unique world, a world you can wear! http://t.co/WnDHQB6hqf@PolarisMEP just backed @MakerFaireRI 2014 on @Kickstarter http://t.co/4YxpImrCih #makeri #developRImanufacturers #riMFGforward @as220
Retweeted by MAKEIs your hovercraft full of eels? Now you can tell anyone, anywhere, with the Pi-powered Universal Translator: https://t.co/i65Z7aXVelBelieve it or not, this insane machine is actually the system used to "puff" certain cereal! http://t.co/I6uLE27HiNThe Nordic edition of MakerCon is coming up soon! Get your ideas in quick. http://t.co/YR1UVUqHrp
Colorado's largest Maker Faire has a 30 foot, fire breathing, laser shooting, robot! http://t.co/MmCIzPhFaIDiResta makes a wooden spoon from an old block of scrap wood. Pure magic. http://t.co/HQwtQ3stxmKickstarting the Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire. Jepson explains how and why. http://t.co/mRI245aNh2RT @Omar_Soubra: @make 41 is out! Woooohooooooo! Thank you MAKE team! See you at @makerfaire in NYC next week http://t.co/qf2mazDARR...DIY is a part of every day life in Detroit, even in the fire stations! See how they made their own alarm. http://t.co/ENRUyjNxKCThe folks working on the Pi Top project 3D printed an entire laptop shell! http://t.co/917muLOVy9ever heard of a Kiwi drive? Also known as an omniwheel, they can go any direction! http://t.co/LH5jY8b6FaRT @OrlMakerFaire: Making to Learn at Maker Faire Orlando: http://t.co/9Afy7pO2Ik via @makea 51 foot crocodile you can ride on land or water? Where do we sign up? http://t.co/Abf3E8OpCn
Functional 3D printing: here are some things to print that actually serve a purpose! http://t.co/6utff8nMqNRT @MadeRightHereUS: WATCH our friends @MarkHatch & @dalepd talk about the future of the maker movement http://t.co/jMEQmYWOXn cc...RT @idaaf: MakerCon - The Nordic Edition @OsloIW It is now calling for participants: http://t.co/UimzQZwSsp @make @NTNU @MakerFaireOslo...There are 10 Maker Faires around the US this weekend! Wonder how long till we smash this record. http://t.co/BQvwnGSKgkToyota shows off a new concept car for Makers. If you want to see it in person, it will be at Maker Faire New York in a week!...We wish all makers could sustain this kind of energy! http://t.co/DAaq7M6oPZ @tenayahurst @dalepdUnboxing the Intel Edison! http://t.co/KsEmAGIsu3What is an End Mill vs a Drill Bit? If you've ever wanted to do CNC, these are some things you need to know. http://t.co/iiWI9IAtNVHere's a great article on our friends Lifesize Mousetrap - see it next weekend at World #MakerFaire NY! http://t.co/KYB9Bpslqh
Retweeted by MAKEMakerfaire isn't only about Making, Fixing is pretty important too! http://t.co/MBueHvegCu
Whats with these perpetual motion machines on kickstarter? http://t.co/y6QBaqf7kZIn the last 2 weeks we’ve seen 2 perpetual motions machines seek crowdfunding on Kickstarter, http://t.co/doM8DKqoT2. http://t.co/aaNqNnTKLZ
Retweeted by MAKELast year he brought a full Iron Man suit, This year, he's going to show off the best ghost busters rig ever! http://t.co/xmzrVbBfOtIn an attempt to avoid the #Apple hypegasm: Beatband Sleeve #DIY #IoT http://t.co/3ST4Ws2Rzi via @make You want #wearables? #make them.
Retweeted by MAKE@victor_butler ATtiny ftw! Great shirt Victor.#AppleWatch with heartbeat display. Why wait until 2015? Built the Beatband Sleeve today! http://t.co/uq7K0r2lab http://t.co/mnil6Jgf1WThe newest Maker Faire to hit California. The Inland Empire! http://t.co/J7CkqigjN7Such wonderful color! Feast your eyes on the inside of a crayon factory. http://t.co/j6t0Rt7uPkLearn a little history about the deliciously bitter IPA.There's a recipe too, for those that brew. http://t.co/RdCq6dLboSCome on #NYC #Makers World @MakerFaire 2014 at NYSCI http://t.co/uZlPZvr3QY @Make @nysci https://t.co/Bs3Spm5Qtc http://t.co/Mn8LNHjmBx
Retweeted by MAKELet the Bass Cannon Kick it! Would you call this a bass-zooka? http://t.co/AdYezt4xRtFor educators, Maker Faire is not only fun but also an incredible resource. http://t.co/mZF0nU9JQ9
Very Cool! RT @hiroshot: 今日の戦利品。数年来取り組みたいと思ってる電子回路。やっと第一歩。早くArduinoをいじりたい。 #arduino #o'reilly #makezine #make: http://t.co/2t6VLIqD69Simple self watering pots. Such an easy way of doing it and great use of recycled material! http://t.co/wxPfVGZ1WK"Stick bombs" are not only fun to watch and fairly impressive, they're fairly easy too. Here's how to make some! http://t.co/EwxC4X0935How can sea creatures inspire bottle design? in many ways actually. http://t.co/fYtd7HsckQWhere are the women in makerspaces? Here's some info to help balance things out a bit. http://t.co/lx7z9rEps0RT @adafruit: From the Forums: Quiz Show Kiosk – Momentary Capacity Touch Sensors Saved the Day! http://t.co/YM009uGrqwSave the date: Civic Hardware Hackathon @feastongood with @intel + @dhsscitech + @ideo Oct 10-11 #disastertech http://t.co/YfYyB02t9w
Retweeted by MAKEHere are some of the cool crowdfunding projects we saw this past week. http://t.co/HSD6Ed5mBxHow about a fantastic stop motion papercraft sci-fi music video to start your day off! http://t.co/womT0s4dDX
Check download speeds with tri-color LED tape and a BeagleBone, from Make! #LetsDIT http://t.co/mxZQCFvQdc http://t.co/HirXAGUDEY
Retweeted by MAKEBackground music or white noise? This project is somewhere in between, it makes random but pleasant music. http://t.co/oqJgoP5MWtWe're hiring a web developer to help out with Makezine and Makerfaire! Do you have what we need? http://t.co/uOGoqjwhbkWhat are you doing up this late? Maybe if your pillow played music you could fall asleep. http://t.co/HCtoLpQoHH
Playing an instrument not your thing? What about playing a floppy disk drive.. or 8. http://t.co/v7UkVSY5SdYou've probably seen plenty of cigar box guitars, but have you seen a license plate guitar? Here's how we built one. http://t.co/D1aQ7BRLljA maker's take on the #ALSIceBucketChallenge http://t.co/ZGcKCv6JGI
this daft punk inspired helmet was 3D printed in a single piece! Some RGB LEDs really top it off nicely. http://t.co/OEphmf4UWkLearn to make #squishycircuits with @amptMN http://t.co/MgXriv181Z via @scifriEver seen an Air Rocket? You could see some at Maker Faire New York! http://t.co/4ltuw30zPSStarts Now! 'Making Makers' author @amptMN on @scifri! http://t.co/hOoVAdwKiV 'How We Learn''Making Makers' author @amptMN on @scifri today 11amP/2pmE http://t.co/hOoVAdwKiV 'How We Learn' segmentDon't Miss! 'How We Learn' @scifri today 2pmE/11amP http://t.co/hOoVAdwKiV w/ our 'Making Makers' author @amptMNTransitioning from working in a cubicle to repairing clocks for a living. One man's journey to doing what he loved. http://t.co/LHUxgO7fPhRT @scifri What's the best way to learn? Find out today at 2pET. http://t.co/OkgngLdTTQ <<With our author @amptMN "Making Makers"!The Rhode Island Mini Maker Faire call to makers is still open; just over a month to go! http://t.co/Mwoo74AeGy
Retweeted by MAKEPlaying Pac Man in a bus stop using the Raspberry Pi and Makey Makey http://t.co/NsWbd1OKKMBre Pettis steps down as CEO of Makerbot to head up new department at Stratasys. http://t.co/HBC3frAKsYRacing rigs for video games take up a ton of space... unless they fold up! http://t.co/eWtQFcxtg8
“Pick up your tools and get started!” —@aallan http://t.co/P8HzzgQHkQBizarre taxidermy leads artist to prison. Don't import endangered species folks, not even parts of them. http://t.co/J8spHWL4hRGreat use for old windows. All the glass in this cool looking greenhouse was at one time a discarded window. http://t.co/qzkRmu7vLeThis chair not only looks cool, it is fairly easy to make and pretty comfy too! http://t.co/fZAtYLCL4gRT @Joey_Hudy: So today i wore a @make tshirt, @make backpack, @make Skateboard, @make helmet. my mom rolled her eys.Always enjoyable, Burnkit2600 will be at Maker Faire New York! http://t.co/G0fYlFS3lKEveryone needs an 8 foot long staff covered in RGB LEDS! http://t.co/rv49zZC4aj
9 World Maker Faire makers not to miss: http://t.co/K8oQKvGiumRT @calebkraft: Never realized that vapor smoothing could change the color so much. Video coming soon. @make http://t.co/Z8BrhMmGXtRT @thingiverse: .@make's amazing Dremel Devil soars up to 200 feet in the air. What are you waiting for? http://t.co/esTJ2985bj...RT @katjapurrs: @make This seems like a really good application for polar coordinate printing as seen on @hackaday http://t.co/zd9loIBkNFRT @calebkraft: One of my favorite shirts died. So I'm turning it into an octopus! http://t.co/n5fDHW0GJPOliver van Herpt is printing out clay artwork that would have been impossible without his really cool 3d printer. http://t.co/OLJALEJkj56PM TONIGHT at @AS220 @makerfaireri Town Hall, come get a #Makey 3D printed robot keychain! http://t.co/hcbZfzVNex http://t.co/wGmBoEl5LR
Retweeted by MAKEEver heard of "lost wax" jewelry casting? Here's a great example. http://t.co/c9o1WXdgjZYou can now watch the hour long special on maker faire, online! Enjoy! http://t.co/46hFQBbwAu
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