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JBoss / Red Hat Software Engineer | Somewhere between Fedora, Docker, Java, Ruby, Life, Beer, Electronic music, Poznań

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@j_palka Like logging?no-reply email addresses should be dead when dealing with support tickets. I'm looking at you @awscloud@lukaszlenart @majson @tombujok I jak było? :)
@majson @tombujok Ewidentnta obrona Pendolino, ale mi to wisi, chcę jeździć wygodnie :)If I get 100 retweets, @mellemcwhirter will buy me a FitBit.
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@KLM That's correct. I tried to get a confirmation of delivery of my bags, but I couldn't get one. Follow me, so I can DM you the details.The @klm customer care with answering my inquiry off topic and not making it possible to reply to it is a joke.
@cra I'm sorry but it's 13.12.2014 ;)
@nmcl Berlin ;)@szimano Mac to nie platforma dla Dockera, trzeba mieć to na uwadze jak się z tego korzysta.@majorhayden Ok, this changes a lot, indeed.@majorhayden Was it worth to spend $500? I'm in the same position, but refused to spend that money, because specs (at least) look similar.@szimano Nie lubię bugów, które występują *tylko* u osób używających b2d. Nic nie mogę reprodukować, a jak spróbuja gdzie indziej - działa.@ags313 Happy birthday!And yes, Nokia Suite is an enormous piece of shit, but what what would you expect?It's funny and tragic at the same time that with #Windows you cannot estimate the VM disk size. It'll eat all of it eventually.@kubem Aye, to nie jest (jeszcze) platforma docelowa Dockera, zawsze trzeba o tym pamiętać.@kubem Tak, teoretycznie. Ale mamy jeszcze proxy, no i nie mamy za bardzo kontroli nad tym, co się dzieje w tej VM. Poza tym AUFS ssie.@arungupta @agoncal @emmanuelbernard Nice! It seems you had some good time there :)@jchochol Sun :)@adrahon This is more or less what do I expect from a breakfast in a hotel :) Bella Sky in Copenhagen - best breakfast I had so far :)@adrahon Pic!I don't get why people use boot2docker - it causes a lot of troubles. Install a VM with Linux and use it the right way.
Strata of the Container Ecosystem http://t.co/4wuzpvMJhe
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@adrahon Hm, no, not really. Haven't seen any Docker related issues lately. Docker version? Which Fedora?@KenCochrane @docker Tagging should work better and be flexible. Maintaining now tags is a nightmare.
@WooKasZ Lechicka.@WooKasZ Of course, where else?It's snowing and people forgot immediately how to drive.Today's #hangout videos quality sucked badly.@alexsotob Uhm, I haven't used boot2docker much, since I'm on Linux, but I saw several weird issues realated to b2d. Execute steps by hand?@normanmaurer @mwessendorf @roidrage Hell?@normanmaurer @mwessendorf @roidrage Airplay is overrated :) I don't care since I dumped all my Apple stuff.@mwessendorf @normanmaurer @roidrage I like it too, have only Play 1 now. My plan is to expand over time, though :)@bobmcwhirter I think I should work with you! That would be a good team! Oh, wait... /cc @szimano @softwaremillReally nice interviews! Talking about #Rocket, #Fedora 21 and #systemd https://t.co/8hZsaY0i4T@marcinskarbek Haven't done anything and I have SELinux enabled.@szimano @softwaremill ROTFL@szimano @softwaremill Crap, I can some polish but being awesome is a bit harder :)Nice way to manage containers and not only! It just works on my #Fedora 21. http://t.co/4SAooFVhJr@akurtakov Happy birthday!
We will rape your mother in front of you. -US gov't to detainee al-Nashiri http://t.co/PAM5GpHclS
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannIt’s Here! Announcing Fedora 21! http://t.co/gDytT94zw5
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Happy birthday @the_jamezp
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann#Lollipop kthxbai. Time to give #CyanogenMod a try.
And you feel exactly how bad the airport is if you need to spend another hour there because #SAS delayed your flight.#CPH airport summary: unfriendly staff, no free wifi (you get 10 min after you create an account), not much place to sit, expensive! Avoid.
@bendi007 @EnvatoMarket I don't say that you cannot do something good-looking in Wordpress, but I'm just not sold (at all) to the platform.@ppalaga I wouldn't involve Java to solve this problem either ;)I think I never get why people are excited about #Wordpress or #Drupal.
You're welcome! http://t.co/AimETHvCOb
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannGreat intro to Docker: https://t.co/x01oRFbgya It's short, It's informative AND It's entertaining Great job, @vbatts
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannHow does TorqueBox 4 stack up against Unicorn, Puma, and Passenger 5 performance-wise? http://t.co/2Kcf9aguZU
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Interesting read. http://t.co/7VaqKwkFB2 #RedHat #DevOps #Docker #Rocket
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@wombatsoftware Nope, I'm in Copenhagen right now (private trip).The IT industry: smoke screens, Potemkin villages and blatant lies. Getting a bit tired of it.
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@phusion_nl Benchmarking hello world is trivial enough. Benchmarking cached hello world is just plain silly.
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@ALRubinger Yep, but that's at least a good change, I couldn't get why I need to have two mail apps earlier ;)@ALRubinger Available after reverting to KitKat? You just need the certificate, everything else is easy.I'm sorry #Google, but after using #Lollipop for about two weeks I want to downgrade to #KitKat.@sgatner @tcrawley FY, my friend! ;)@robynbergeron Ubernetes is a good name for meta-orchestrarion tool since we already have so many orchestration platforms.Oh shit, 30!
We have RC2 #Cloud images from @fedora. http://t.co/Bl6WjhwmGD Working very well.
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann<3
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@adrahon Indeed! :)@adrahon I'm way better now, thanks! It seems it was a start of pneumonia and we catch it in the right moment.@adrahon Yay!Not saying it's time you refreshed your wallpaper but... http://t.co/RRDZvRCb7B http://t.co/s6kqV3QkNV
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Looooooool, #rocket, haha!JavaScript is overrated.
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannAll #JBoss #Docker images are now tagged with proper versions: https://t.co/t3QoY0BbSS@sgatner No way, we're the same ;) http://t.co/lqjnzOW4jN
@jcrossley3 Wait a sec. Is it snapchatting over twitter?Met my friend at the doc today. Same doctor, same place, same diagnosis, same prescription. Of course we live on the other ends of Poznań.Pneumonia confirmed.
Suspection of pneumonia.The #WildFly #Docker image just got 8.1.0.Final and 8.2.0.Final tags! Feel free to use them in your Dockerfiles. #jboss
@the_jamezp That's why I need #2 I mentioned in my first tweet; I disabled (with Trigger) wifi and mobile data for whole night.@the_jamezp Then my alarm will not ring in the morning.@aslakknutsen This is a workaround which sucks. I miss the long press on power button to choose the profile.I do not like two things in #Android #Lollipop: 1. Sound profile management (no silent!), 2. Removed programmatic disabling of mobile data.Thanks to @gegastaldi we have now @JBossForge #Docker image available: https://t.co/5eQOOMrlo4 #jboss@majson got vommit#Geary is very nice but crashes way too often on #Fedora 21. https://t.co/G4nuQCyCUz"We are only collecting the list of applications you have installed" Umm, yeah, Twitter? Can you not? Thanks. https://t.co/eTkHc0xeSA
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@nullr0ute And add to this frequent temperature changes and walking 8h/day ;) So yah, not surprised ;)
Wonder how to write "good" Dockerfile? Start with this guide: http://t.co/nDBoYqipEi #docker@maxandersen @michaelneale Totally depends on the carrier. Since a few years in Poland we do not have SIM locks on ANY phones. At all.Current status: I'm alive. Somewhat.
@ricardoarguello High five!I'm delaying the TorqueBox 4 release a week to include benchmarks against #Raptor using their own benchmark kit. Don't believe the hype.
Retweeted by Marek Goldmann@cra This is unreal, enjoy!@jarry_dk It's a personal trip for my birthday :)If you wonder if the #WildFly 8.2.Final #Docker image is online - of course it is!@arungupta Not sure about Ubuntu (don't see the reason), but CentOS is possible (see mail).Of course you need to be sick just when you change the timezone. It seems this makes shit even worse.
Happy birthday @ALRubinger and @headius !
Retweeted by Marek GoldmannI'm very (positively) surprised what this little #Sonos Play 1 can do.Welcome back Poznań!
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