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Got questions about the upcoming NBA season? This team of sports reporters have answers. Join us live - http://t.co/NfkMk5iXjZVote with your streams: VH1's "You Oughta Know" artist of the year will be the 1st media award determined by Spotify: http://t.co/g86GFvGTSi11 delightful things we learned from Paul McCartney's Twitter chat http://t.co/oBXYjJWZ3V"Dancing With the Stars" Episode 6 recap: What happens when everyone brings their A-game? http://t.co/7Kp1ILVZpS http://t.co/Qr6dAa6bZj
Gerard Parkes, Doc from 'Fraggle Rock,' dead at 90 http://t.co/GJfM7GGR5F http://t.co/xTHLhV4r9aThis guy may have won the #WorldSeries already -- a @Royals fan who came all the way from Seoul. http://t.co/V47dy4CMqlAnybody else think Taylor Swift's new song "Welcome to New York" sounds an awful lot like a Robyn song? http://t.co/PRpp9ENKG3Arizona Cardinals star Darnell Dockett wasn't about to just sit there and take that from fans of an 0-6 Raiders team. http://t.co/7XCibdZnNvDo your thing, NCAA mascots. Shake it off. http://t.co/QFRLmMIiHI http://t.co/ysQOPC09b6Here are all of Peyton Manning's NFL-record 509 TDs in 1 infographic: http://t.co/0fvaIm4hE8A 'My Little Pony' movie is prancing into theaters in 2017: http://t.co/LRoiXP42cK http://t.co/9MhskQ2E6cThis epic Beats ad shows what @KingJames has been doing since returning to Ohio - http://t.co/E3IzzafT5p'Downton Abbey' Episode 5 recap: A night for fights http://t.co/oQun1sXzZP http://t.co/MIoiISBDLfSan Francisco radio stations are banning Lorde's "Royals" during the World Series. http://t.co/xhnHJLRsPv http://t.co/vAcPoRnDbcThe Simpsons met their doppelgangers on 'Treehouse of Horrors XXV' --> http://t.co/0Ksb8Z6R6F http://t.co/bmA7VAICxQGwen Stefani drops "Baby Don't Lie" from her first new album since 2006: http://t.co/9zFOI1KIgw http://t.co/8q1QO5DjKV'The Hunger Games' is the next film franchise with a Google promotion: http://t.co/Mo05S6KersGiants vs. Royals is a World Series that defies all logic: http://t.co/oeh1nVkflJ http://t.co/Xcorgi1D5f'The Walking Dead' Episode 2: The ending that will haunt us forever http://t.co/snaYYUNLlk'The Good Wife' season 6, episode 5 recap: "Shiny Objects" http://t.co/3oSsotFDgD'Once Upon a Time' put a cool twist on 'Fantasia' in the latest episode http://t.co/kPZao5cefB http://t.co/Oh5xcWZ3Sr
Warning, Spoilers Ahead: 'Doctor Who' episode 9 recap: The TARDIS gets even bigger on the inside http://t.co/Rj0gIlXFTr.@samcmlaird, @SpearsNBAYahoo, @AlexKennedyNBA & @Pflanns are talking all things NBA this Tuesday at 3 pm. RSVP here: http://t.co/LDbtee7a2cSt. Louis Rams trick play is fun for everyone (unless you're from Seattle). Watch: http://t.co/5gffUs5Hh6 http://t.co/CdN6tYCbDnNew 'Call of Duty' trailer shows futuristic mayhem. Watch: http://t.co/tUBdWx2LbK http://t.co/hACICIYwbI
We're hosting a Hangout on Air on Tuesday at 3 pm ET to preview the NBA season. RSVP + ask your hoops questions here: http://t.co/LDbtee7a2cWatch all 10 'Halloween' movies in two minutes: http://t.co/1DWoTOwpwe http://t.co/D6Efz4SuDIWe're hosting a lHangout on Air Tuesday at 3 pm ET to preview the #NBA season. RSVP and ask your NBA questions here: http://t.co/FUo3QT5Do7
Oscar Watcher: Must-see 'Birdman' is unlike any movie you've ever seen http://t.co/OL0WwSatcF http://t.co/LdO8sjHkMOThe New York Mets prophesied this World Series on June 28. http://t.co/WsrgvPqLkS http://t.co/obfv3au6HoBatman and villains pop in this 75th anniversary gallery of Mondo art: http://t.co/9BVMnp2aPW http://t.co/MAY9el7zFQBono explains why he always wears sunglasses. (It's not for fashion.) http://t.co/59UOKkJPVA http://t.co/XxwnWbfmKlCollapsed bench results in greatest team photo ever: http://t.co/fzhuAlD6pfMegan Amram proves she has comedy in her DNA with 'Let's Get Physics Y'all.' Watch: http://t.co/uPhOrHFPxj http://t.co/E5LnsDTcfuFitz and Olivia reunite in explosive 'Scandal' episode 4. Read our recap: http://t.co/W9Q3GD5Vnn http://t.co/cf3S4DMci7Watch Sting sing cellphone ringtones or "Stingtones." http://t.co/VqdK5szre7Christian Bale's 'Batman' would actually be a pretty good Steve Jobs. http://t.co/ViymrtZHHkMissing actress Misty Upham found dead in ravine, reports say. http://t.co/U7bn3s289n http://t.co/bHdLQbPbP3LeBron James denies forgetting he's on the Cavs, but this Vine doesn't lie http://t.co/1EA6x2BLwB
These 6 actors are our picks to play Newt Scamander in 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' http://t.co/Dv6bs40KinWhy an NFL star has a 'Mighty Ducks' neck tattoo http://t.co/x4eKP9ThnCNew 'Twin Peaks' book to fill fans in on what has happened since the show went off the air 25 years ago http://t.co/OhdMzib5peBig man gyrates with bear, things get weird at NHL game http://t.co/KVQ4FM36jYAfroman is getting high again. But this time it's to support marijuana reform. http://t.co/5AOT3bTQCn http://t.co/gSjZOBDG8L.@BookofLifeMovie Mariachis transformed tweets into delicious melodies http://t.co/OL3bcynzmJ http://t.co/I3ygfnZZEE5 Taylor Swift Songs That Are Actually About Sandwiches http://t.co/ISZGd2UDBjYa ya ya, "South Park" releases full version of Lorde parody song "Push": http://t.co/YwZ82J1Szj http://t.co/sYrhmknSNxTwitter now lets you listen to audio in app while looking through your timeline: http://t.co/D9q0szWGll http://t.co/6ZAaIBwAJt'Game of Thrones' producers confirm flashbacks in Season 5. http://t.co/GXZiG758oT http://t.co/lxS4Q5symMJoan Rivers' cause of death ruled as "predictable complication" from surgery: http://t.co/VSXNOBScvPChris Hemsworth battles giant whale in first 'In the Heart of the Sea' trailer http://t.co/4boLgqb17MConjoined twins stun with Fiona Apple's "Criminal" on "American Horror Story: Freak Show": http://t.co/um1NcwVZHo http://t.co/T3R7OkflWOIt's a love story between @taylorswift13 and @Subway sandwiches. http://t.co/eW0vj5s2Q7 http://t.co/sBOFM1vWbhFor just $1, you can be a producer on the environmental film 'Talk is Cheap.' http://t.co/9htghe5P88Katnis returns to District 12 in new 'Hunger Games' trailer. http://t.co/gVMxWerFGD #MockingjayIt's a brand new day, nostalgia lovers. 'Rainbow Brite' series is coming to color your world http://t.co/tOaOR6KlddAustralian rugby star turns down millions to chase NFL dream http://t.co/2QUDBmtBjV http://t.co/F3WQyLVVfv
'American Horror Story' Episode 2: Twisty finds a spoiled partner in crime http://t.co/89DzD2vMfaAfter trademark flap, Deadmau5 says Disney asked for help with new Fantasia http://t.co/ampWF851eQMeet Booth's new partner James Aubrey in "Bones": http://t.co/4ghjDl648U http://t.co/AMnqwbkU3XDC Comics, Warner Bros. shatter the Spandex ceiling with unprecedentedly diverse lineup of superhero movies http://t.co/URo98wNwZFWhy is HBO going over-the-top -- and what does it mean for cable and the consumer? http://t.co/pNQXmAl0dINeil Patrick Harris gets to cross another one off his bucket list: Hosting the Oscars http://t.co/bk5vbP7AEB http://t.co/08gCozE49uDear NBA: Please, please never shorten games. http://t.co/B8R3SNs7xv by @samcmlaird http://t.co/3HzK73OzyCNew(s) Flash: WB casts Ezra Miller in 'The Flash' film, not TV star Grant Gustin http://t.co/LYq4CFZjKV http://t.co/YyZAS2a4VuRequired reading: 5 articles to help demystify #Gamergate http://t.co/5H9iLzvHElHere's an exclusive 'Birdman' clip: Zach Galifianakis (@galifianakisz) melts down on Michael Keaton http://t.co/7VS9hBO6xuNeil Patrick Harris reportedly tapped to host the Oscars: http://t.co/IdJ4qgg84A http://t.co/LjuVu2YOfCMove over, 'Let It Go.' Here's your new Disney addiction. http://t.co/NxdTaSOkNpRejoice, nerds: The creators of MST3K are re-teaming for new sci-fi comedy on Yahoo. http://t.co/R4cfj0HT9I via @cinemablend.@gordonhayward says he'd 'crush' @kingjames in a 1-on-1 http://t.co/WIuSrsfG5b http://t.co/sPvjjo8icp'The Matrix' trilogy explained in less than 3 minutes http://t.co/LLbYO1q6BbThe pros and cons of watching 'The Walking Dead' --> http://t.co/AOcy9YqwfH'Criminal Minds' season 10 episode 3 sneak peek: Kate's past revealed http://t.co/hKSbIFNXmC8 familiar faces from 'Fight Club' you probably forgot about, in honor of its 15th anniversary http://t.co/tKoRctsdB5 http://t.co/D3rD4wmhDmDrone sparks ethnic tensions, chaos at Serbia-Albania soccer match http://t.co/s6yK5fSy4B http://t.co/xQaFF8T7EsWarner Bros. drops a motherlode of movie news: Harry Potter spinoffs! DC Comics movies! 'Lego Movie' sequels! http://t.co/RAaxikWd1wHOT DAMN! More movie news from Warner Bros.: 10 superhero films to come between 2016 2020: http://t.co/0h9okyiHzW
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentFeminist game critic @femfreq cancels talk at Utah State University after death threats were sent in http://t.co/7DEptmIxlMEvery 'Friends' episode is coming to Netflix in 2015: http://t.co/s0fjoe80Ca http://t.co/hUrjDWSk2zWatch 10 CEOs pitch their Disney Accelerator startups in 6 seconds: http://t.co/737u2k2VQY http://t.co/ynaAt7KNk4'Civilization: Beyond Earth' introduction paints our bleak future http://t.co/dnsOlwpPWDWith turnip in hand, Michelle Obama dances to "Turn Down for What" http://t.co/VstoAU8cAh #TurnipForWhat http://t.co/aKupdSfPMs'Hyper Light Drifter' is a visceral 16-Bit adventure worth waiting for http://t.co/7aTnLN1Zr5
The battles begin: Teams get shuffled and singers stolen on 'The Voice' http://t.co/HPiSUOyqQrBono says he's sorry about forcing U2's new album on iTunes users http://t.co/Bk5dl21hYiNeymar, Messi continue to dazzle in international matches http://t.co/L756gPOHFzFlag-waving drone sparks chaos during Serbia-Albania soccer match http://t.co/qOE04fjM1I http://t.co/O8bqZdcqykhttp://t.co/w8J6P3pEEA (@iamwill) to unveil voice-controlled wristband smartphone http://t.co/qH6bG78S1C http://t.co/0AVdVAtTgUThe last remaining German Tiger tank is on (fictional) lethal display in 'Fury' http://t.co/p8cMFTAyjd via @livescienceDr. Luke files a counter-claim against Ke$ha; says she'd threatened to defame him if not released from her contract: http://t.co/QEgeXBfQ2qShia LaBeouf recounts the absurd tale of his arrest: http://t.co/OE9T2bYK6A http://t.co/1GA5RO1AqJKristen Bell shaved Dax Shepard's butt for a movie role. FYI. http://t.co/3mvvfzSQJyChad Kroeger thanks his haters for making Nickelback famous http://t.co/EJkkVUEVU4 http://t.co/C9lRlxayU5These are the secrets of the "Star Trek: Next Generation" cast: http://t.co/cp30OwE9fJ http://t.co/aS0ioL7kU8These are the secrets of the "Star Trek: Next Generation" cast: http://t.co/NJeyj3f7xZ http://t.co/u40jmuH02uKesha sues to break her contract with producer Dr. Luke, saying he was sexually, physically and emotionally abusive. http://t.co/DhgMmSbjxpIn which T.I. reads your mom's adorably terrible texts http://t.co/Tx0tWZ4sT4 http://t.co/8VrHTXa5opListen to @taylorswift's new song, #OutOfTheWoods: http://t.co/P6tRMIeeS1 http://t.co/ws7FFMTYAkNotes on a scene: Kensi's emotional moment on 'NCIS: LA' http://t.co/flmTBcm1dE
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