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.@GirlsHBO Season 4, episode 3 recap of "Female Author": http://t.co/gM6C44acR2 by @neeeda http://t.co/ZIiaA5buEfHow many balls does each major sport go through per game? http://t.co/addBvfav1TAussie musician Chet Faker dominates Triple J's Hottest 100 http://t.co/fMofIyQ0jn40 video games we can't wait to see in 2015 http://t.co/OMWjprncY0Uzo Aduba paid beautiful tribute to her OITNB costars. http://t.co/7hvBH51KiQ http://t.co/JETXMAqbo1Emma Stone's face after accidentally tripping Naomi Watts. That is all. http://t.co/uGq5vQi6ww http://t.co/wz4bXCKAp3SAGAwards 2015: 'Orange is the New Black,' 'Birdman' among winners http://t.co/JtKm8CLLdA http://t.co/I0vMTGrIElEmma Stone, your face is a national treasure. http://t.co/mROVh5zQUH http://t.co/BDowqFrpdU'Girls' Season 4, episode 3 recap: "We just found our own Lindsay Lohan." http://t.co/1yAVBbdDUt http://t.co/LAf7qPtI1J
Hey there, Jon Snow. #SAGawards http://t.co/6TM1RyQ2zD http://t.co/1pUIOSXYN1Accurate #SonsOfLiberty. http://t.co/7JyCo5592O http://t.co/Y82YwM5oriThe 'Game of Thrones' cast looks smokin' at the #SAGAwards. http://t.co/ew841b7sNF http://t.co/5yEai8EfnAUzo Aduba delivers a tearful tribute to her 'OITNB' co-stars at the #SAGAwards http://t.co/nnHkmusj9N http://t.co/anMSyGbuyQ#Sundance Review: 'Going Clear' is a great Scientology explainer, but not much new http://t.co/kU9RDWglim http://t.co/Pi96Xm494iJohn Legend weighs in on wife's meme, 'Selma' snubs and the Super Bowl http://t.co/nWQDLudIUr http://t.co/TvkFqx5k5xFor a refresher before tonight's episode of @GirlsHBO, read @neeeda's recap of last week: http://t.co/cV5CU3TCVB http://t.co/du8yMK0HGkMystery Solved: 14 little-known NFL referee hand signals http://t.co/ad7GvuKjh7 http://t.co/H3PaUk92j3Nunchucks, the color yellow and other odd things that have been banned in films. http://t.co/YJ4nWmj1e2 http://t.co/gfwHkcE5btAccurate 'Sons of Liberty' shows the unattractive side of patriotism. http://t.co/FkP8ssKLan http://t.co/0dizV45WTABill Nye the Science Guy: Bill Belichick's #DeflateGate explanation made no sense. http://t.co/lkz4rFqHSA http://t.co/lJwnap6C0gYou can't look away from this Ed Sheeran chin puppet named Ed Sheerchin. Watch: http://t.co/335AoYfR5n http://t.co/FfEZCqDwK5Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow reveal juicy tidbits in 'Never Have I Ever' game. Watch: http://t.co/uZUN5gtSUS http://t.co/JIfhy6CWDXYou'll believe in magical footwear after seeing 'The Wishin' Boot' on 'SNL.' Watch: http://t.co/DOjZH0gFQd http://t.co/5ONeoU15Lo'SNL' expertly handles Tom Brady's balls in cold open. Watch: http://t.co/L0pKFOPXTc http://t.co/gg54xB4OFS'Dope' is funky fresh, funny, complex, uncompromising AND it just blew up #Sundance http://t.co/IRgH6hNmEs http://t.co/DyYHKek9W3
.@rihanna surprises fans with #FourFiveSeconds, featuring @kanyewest and @PaulMcCartney http://t.co/4A4spn8N7Z http://t.co/QmxN4si4w1Sean Connery rocks a red tankini/ bandolier combo in 1974's 'Zardoz' http://t.co/EpqmH9fJNz http://t.co/gD0iUeaSscHow many balls does each major sport require per game? The answer: http://t.co/VCuKFcnaKw http://t.co/qrAHCnJspgLena Dunham, Mindy Kaling, Kristen Wiig and Jenji Kohan talk funny ladies at #Sundance! Live stream starts in 1 hour: http://t.co/GWRm8dJA9XHead coach Bill Belichick firmly denies Patriots' involvement in deflating footballs. http://t.co/utI42HyQji http://t.co/AUgb2J6XxI'The Interview' is available for streaming on Netflix starting this weekend: http://t.co/kDBnMnwshHPresident Obama and Michelle Obama release statement on death of Chicago Cubs Hall of Famer Ernie Banks: http://t.co/ImNvwX25qUYou can stream Amazon's hit show 'Transparent' for free today: http://t.co/l4PKsAbf5lSundance review: Keanu Reeves is not the answer to 'Knock Knock.' http://t.co/ygMMs1NH61 http://t.co/BeJa4AT262China bans movies that feature time travel. 6 other oddly specific things censored in film: http://t.co/lvhpFEQHDp http://t.co/9n7a7USu2jNHL teams up with GoPro to broadcast games from new angles http://t.co/0n0tTtZ6CuChicago Cubs Hall of Famer Ernie Banks dies at 83 http://t.co/rb8k73dvej http://t.co/C1hBmfzuVn
Uplifting tale of grassroots activism lies beneath the dark surface of campus rape doc 'The Hunting Ground' http://t.co/ZUCpbu1TFKWatch Homer inspire @elonmusk in sneak peek of Sunday's @TheSimpsons episode http://t.co/3RxEiFfPar http://t.co/bhdTnd2evVBatkid is back — in a Julia Roberts movie? http://t.co/C7bPegJlKWWith a boost from @katyperry, TLC reaches $150,000 Kickstarter goal to fund a farewell album http://t.co/FN8D1lxEVj http://t.co/83wWaUYcwVTIL Myanmar officially bans the colors red and yellow from movies: http://t.co/sn4VzyI9TA http://t.co/6kHpfobJiRNetflix signs 4-movie deal with indie darlings the Duplass brothers http://t.co/ScypgAiPOQ http://t.co/ljcLOAWlH3Bob gets some not-so-rosy news in 'Bob's Burgers' sneak peek. Watch: http://t.co/xJ1awm1DXo http://t.co/vr7NmVyZWxFullscreen is coming to the big screen. http://t.co/op91IfZZPM7 oddly specific things banned from movies around the world, including Claire Danes. http://t.co/ksseak5l2u http://t.co/kmQOoZFqeOBud Light's giant Pac-Man is just as cool as it looks in its Super Bowl ad: http://t.co/EqVNYmSDsB http://t.co/oJPZKV663zWhat's your dream SXSW show? Tweet us your fave artist w/ #esuranceaccess for a chance to win a customized SXSW trip! http://t.co/pMcPuENxz2"Growing Pats" is perfectly awkward. http://t.co/fzRdl1jm9n http://t.co/NhNPsnPPW2Sansa Stark cast as Jean Grey in upcoming 'X-Men' film http://t.co/hfHo9Hr6Z3The Black Keys cancel 17 tour stops due to Patrick Carney's injury. http://t.co/0pBdnmL5Eh http://t.co/qLkCDc0ZX3Steph Curry and the Gasols: All-Star starters with irresistible stories. http://t.co/40Bcq2x9pb http://t.co/6zlmBHrkSMThe gymnastic sex is a perfect 10 -- but can't salvage "The Bronze." @NotoriousJLD reviews the #Sundance kickoff: http://t.co/zvH83Jr2aG
Telltale's 'Game of Thrones' heads to the Wall in 2nd episode http://t.co/l9a02yeUXPSpoilers ahead: In the first episode of 'Backstrom,' Rainn Wilson is just another savant http://t.co/CB4nmyUeuB.@samsmithworld shocks crowd by revealing breakup http://t.co/Gvm98L9Y1S http://t.co/7HbUHrnSuuHere's how Matt Damon is turning beer into clean water - http://t.co/9rVwfj3rYKBalls to the wall: The Tom Brady press conference supercut http://t.co/bnl9gJEvdX #ballsMindy Kaling is a quirky, invisible mess in Super Bowl ad teaser. Watch: http://t.co/FG4bYTb5ST http://t.co/alrJkLaW4gNFL Bad Lip Dub is back. http://t.co/gDkOC3EQOw http://t.co/39VfNvlaTENSFW 'Fifty Shades of Grey' music video stars Dakota Johnson tied up. Watch: http://t.co/xekSyvCRew http://t.co/CX5mkx9kNYThe other #Ballghazi: Marshawn Lynch fined $20K for NFC championship crotch-grab. http://t.co/069tw7i4Z6 http://t.co/6jURoarwYICollege hooper squashes Twitter troll who mocked mom's cancer http://t.co/SYxpkohxmISuper Bowl XLIX: America's absurd, violent selfie. http://t.co/CrsSYCjgKu http://t.co/2Bi3xiUhW8First trailer for Netflix's 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' is ridiculously fun. Watch: http://t.co/gAxWcblXsJ http://t.co/N9kZDtKfnTJennifer Aniston with Jimmy Fallon's lips. Are you watching, Academy? http://t.co/qe5bVnFDDp http://t.co/m1l3tkIDhfMadonna thanks FBI for helping catch hacker who stole and leaked her songs. http://t.co/2xjGU6HKfu http://t.co/JiBcpL6xrOBill Gates tricked Jimmy Fallon into drinking poop water. http://t.co/ujne4TV2e8 http://t.co/TlW31hOAP3You can watch Amazon's "Transparent" for free, this Saturday only: http://t.co/B0ziPyCdzi http://t.co/hMbuQxks8E.@RainnWilson isn't afraid of a little 'Backstrom' backlash. http://t.co/Xmzcpc7R6T http://t.co/qZARyHdVPqMartin Odegaard: 16-year-old Norwegian prodigy joins Real Madrid. http://t.co/T434yWQZ76 http://t.co/di7M00qErJThe Lego Movie Videogame' brings the big screen to iOS http://t.co/gjExc4UIh7 http://t.co/EKpaRkwNgVSundance: All the 'most anticipated' movies top bloggers are dying to see http://t.co/6LSoapUXK9WOW. #AmericanHorrorStory: Freak Show finale was nightmarishly dandy. Best tweets: http://t.co/lcYVyrHGqN #AHSfinale http://t.co/qVkkJqYNce
9 things that happen before 2017, according to 'Parks and Recreation' http://t.co/ZfDvoXJ34uWhat's coming to Netflix in February and what's disappearing http://t.co/LCAN7q8Diy'Money IS the point': 'Better Call Saul' spinoff delivers your 'Breaking Bad' fix http://t.co/pxb2fqLqnWThe Patriots' deflated balls: 6 key questions and answers http://t.co/2IfwpRxGZO #DeflateGateEverything you wanted to know about 'Evolve' in 1 trailer http://t.co/dhXsVBLcmyPerformers added for #Grammys: Sam Smith, Pharrell, John Legend, Common, Usher, Miranda. Previous: Madonna, Ariana, Ed, AC/DC, Eric Church.
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentSundance unveils new tool to launch indie films everywhere at once http://t.co/PPhYmaT6V8
The Mets have a big new player: a massive new video score board http://t.co/7lXXh57NXFIranian football players warned: Don't take selfies with female fans in Australia. http://t.co/p3GR1yzVYz http://t.co/0HmLy08UmYFox's 'Luther' remake is still alive — if they find the right cast. http://t.co/GSGzblQx6h http://t.co/MVA2bkZLEPGeorge Lucas: Disney dumped my 'Star Wars' treatments. http://t.co/kErP72cAHS http://t.co/2aPIl74fuHBjörk's album 'Vulnicura' hits iTunes two months early due to pesky leak. http://t.co/3vzRnK5z1E http://t.co/nnR0JfGslIThe @Oatmeal creates 'Exploding Kittens' card game, reaches Kickstarter goal in 8 minutes. http://t.co/ttNDGbVQuF http://t.co/oQgP2eyuLnNew special will show you just how hard it is to make 'Game of Thrones.' http://t.co/CJj0PyL2S5 http://t.co/crATiMmanIThis year's Oscar-nominated films get new, brutally honest poster designs: http://t.co/pTZ7ws6ve4 http://t.co/UpyOglpqzl#Deflategate: Patriots' malarkey pales in comparison to NFL's failures http://t.co/7ll1fU1YJ3Gospel choir takes NBA pre-game intros to a glorious new level. Watch: http://t.co/MtCVpDavHL http://t.co/qW9gQUL22HSet your Twitters to @Mashable & @MashableNews beginning at 9p ET for real-time coverage of @BarackObama's State of the Union address. #SOTU
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentWhoever wins or loses this Twitter fight about the Super Bowl, his name will be Chris. http://t.co/rQggsg68g6 http://t.co/jycEZi3bzyNintendo is discontinuing its beloved rewards program http://t.co/IdLS854nQVNetflix will stream 'The Interview' starting this weekend http://t.co/f2RDEXl0NYNBC to offer free Super Bowl stream, no login required http://t.co/ZhruOGJVaASo much — yet so little — happens in this 'Walking Dead' midseason trailer. Watch: http://t.co/X7HUZfX93q http://t.co/ocMVMylRRgJurassic Park. In 3 minutes. http://t.co/job510FcS9 http://t.co/M7FcyDEQUPFresh from his Golden Globes victory, J.K. Simmons will host 'SNL' - http://t.co/t1B7bBGquIThe "Borderlands" next-gen update comes with functional Claptrap 'bot -- for a whopping $399: http://t.co/1UAdKQvUfz http://t.co/9MRA5XRIXu
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