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Author of The Girl in the Road, published by @CrownPublishing and @LittleBrownUK. Playwright-in-Residence at @OLittleGreenPig.

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And thank you to @pushinghoops for pointing me to that essay in the first place.New post: Eating the Other. https://t.co/VhiEXNOvvH #Iran #travel #bellhooks@samalipour Wanderlust, plain and simple. :)Good morning, roof of the caravanserai. Good morning, desert. Good morning, distant mountains. #Iran http://t.co/R6FMDRvyEtGoodnight, caravanserai-under-the-stars. #Iran http://t.co/rluz8pehEKThese two, though. #Iran http://t.co/9VtU0lQilQBed #14: A room in a 500-year-old restored caravanserai. So basic. So comfortable. #Iran http://t.co/qvwyZmQyJZ
New post: Courtyard lullaby. https://t.co/qGFQuFUskj #IranA maze of mud walls and date palms. All ancient beyond imagining. #Iran http://t.co/MZD80H0jwdBed #14: Bedding in a traditional mud house room at Ateshooni Lodge, Garmeh oasis, #Iran. http://t.co/HgMHzGZJl2@KMBTweets @hannahjwaters @inkkr HEY. I just got back from the desert. Love to you all, too. :)@scalzi (1) See: black scorpion. (2) Feel: not as bad.A very dead black scorpion. I found it in the bathroom. Parviz smashed the shit out of it with a shoe.… http://t.co/SYtAA3QN8DVase of desert brush in my room at Bar Andaz Lodge, Farahzad, #Iran. http://t.co/XUlErTmf8JAfternoon on the divan. Hopelessly perfect (especially with dates and hot tea). #Iran http://t.co/caULW3GYDcA fresh date, soft as melting butter. Nothing in the States will taste the same after this. #Iran http://t.co/4mj96SMikkThe tree in the courtyard at Bar Andaz Lodge, a desert homestay in Farahzad, #Iran. http://t.co/P9XlPjrslBSunset winds. Bar Andaz Lodge, #Iran. http://t.co/4OOMjkZQfsWorn-away angel face in the Church of St. Joseph of Arimathea, Armenian Quarter, Esfahan, #Iran. Attn:… http://t.co/s4nJKzKKGP
@KatWithSword ...but here at least is the pic of the demon disemboweling a sinner while on a very large cell phone. https://t.co/1eYul9K8Os@KatWithSword Damn Internet connection! I'll have to try again later...@purp Gracias, y, por supuesto.@purp I'm deep in a beautiful dream.Boys on the other divan. Hi, boys. #Iran http://t.co/ZrXHyBZjonHello from the divan. http://t.co/kJ9YzXn30N@theStake_org @the_younger "Cuvven? Cuvven sounds so stupid, like 'oven.'"@the_younger @theStake_org Right? The scene of Mike screaming is a revelation.@theStake_org Tangentially: have you seen American Movie?New post: A catalogue of sacred places. https://t.co/Oq5MGqPE26 #Iran #writerslifeI wanted to run a caption contest for every single one of them.And here, I think they are pouring water down his asshole? @KatWithSword, can you illuminate? http://t.co/a42x7P8N1vHere, a demon is disemboweling a sinner while talking on a very large cell phone. http://t.co/ektmfI98slThere were many amusingly grotesque frescoes on the walls of martyr punishment and/or horrors of hell.Today I visited the Church of Joseph of Arimathea in the Armenian District of Esfahan. Attn: @afnewton. http://t.co/MOoxZHMutWSitting on the divan by the fountain in the courtyard under the stars, in Esfahan.The 33 Bridge over the White River, now dry, in Esfahan. #Iran http://t.co/FO120pMKG2The Persians' conquest of Delhi, as depicted on the walls of Kakh-e Chehel Sotun, Palace of the Forty… http://t.co/b7GTygdCjKThe many twisting rooms of an ancient hammam (bathhouse), sadly no longer in use. Kashan, #Iran. http://t.co/HG8auEc0Yk
@ferretthimself @crashwong I totally do.@ferretthimself @crashwong I feel ya. Will put some kohl in the mail ;)@KellyBraffet @KatWithSword @crashwong Also, the other direction I was gonna go w/that: I'D RATHER DIE FIGHTING! COME FOR ME, GMORK! I AM...@KellyBraffet @KatWithSword @crashwong Right? Might as well LOOK GOOD in the meantime.@KatWithSword @crashwong Kat, it's actually illegal to import in the States! Something about lead poisoning. WHATEVER, AMIRITE?Like a home meth lab. But legal. And no cat pee smell.I wonder if I can set up a home kohl lab when I get back to the States. Lead sulfide--how hard can it be?@crashwong P.S. Makeup addict!--first day with real kohl = total success. It just gets smokier as the day goes on. http://t.co/pE0wX1firX@crashwong @ferretthimself But...but...you're already perfect versions of yourselves.... ;*Swan boats on the dry river bed, waiting for the water to flow again. Esfahan, #Iran. http://t.co/W1uhUVas9BNew post: Flirting in translation. https://t.co/yMiZOTcEzf #Iran #Esfahan #Farsi #PersianI keep walking into these places and am like, "Are you serious." #Iran http://t.co/T51rgwXlpROne of the most magnificent mosques in Esfahan: Masjed-e Sheikh Lotfollah. Just absurd. #Iran http://t.co/POb6IsqqRRAlso: Iran is a homoerotic wonderland, for reasons that are not mysterious.@scalzi Mamnoon. And it stays put, which is more than I can say for eyeliners you get in the U.S.A wild apple orchard. We picked as many as we could carry. #Iran http://t.co/6sgre0PYimWaking up & checking @monicabyrne13's feed to see latest amazing photos from her trip to Iran: http://t.co/uRqlZteCFV truly another world
Retweeted by Monica ByrneMore abject absurdity from the realm of pure beauty. Kakh-e Hasht Behesht, Esfahan, #Iran. http://t.co/K0FoubnCOtMore abject absurdity from the realm of pure beauty. Kakh-e Hasht Behesht, Esfahan, #Iran. http://t.co/rg1cjGV5s9Ah, Baba has come to take him away. Mama gets to be alone. Mash'allah.He coughs half-chewed cornbread out of his mouth every few minutes. And then resumes wailing.Does this child even breathe.This amazingly talented child in the courtyard of Abbasi Hotel in Esfahan has been wailing for the last hour straight. Like a police siren.forgive me father, for i have sinned: i partook of the minibar@ModCloth what fresh hell is this@scalzi Not as permanent! Unless I get lead poisoning hahahahahaha. Here's my first shot at it... http://t.co/JgyDTjN0tI@ECthetwit Sooooo cool! I was just in those mountains, I think...the Alborz? Anyway. Yeah. Amazing on the ground, too.@carynrose Ah, yeah, I hear you. But hey--do whatever parts you feel comfortable doing! Shame to let all that shit keep you from traveling.@petebuser @astro_reid Whooaaaaa. I was just in those mountains!@jeffvandermeer In answer to your question--YES. (Couldn't DM you.) Fire away!@haszombiesinit @jeffvandermeer I want onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne *stomps*Realms of light. #Iran http://t.co/MvMKHHUJvn
This is what is happening right. now. Proud to say I wrestled my new friend Mohammad to a draw. #Iran http://t.co/FTKkGRVdnWThe secret garden at the foot of Abyaneh, the Red Village. #Iran http://t.co/eGvvZih3ayThe domed ceiling in House of Tabatabei, Kashan. #Iran http://t.co/T5kCK8qJBCGift to self: Esfahan kohl and applicator. Shit's about to get real. #Iran http://t.co/Nf83P1paRu@carynrose In India!? Really? Or did you mean Iran?@carynrose Thank you so much!! But wait, why will that never happen? It would be the most wonderful journey.@jeffvandermeer P.S. Here's where I finished reading. Fountain-side, in a courtyard in a guesthouse in Esfahan. :) http://t.co/5kuQTdZXK8Am really loving reading about @monicabyrne13's journeys through Iran. A nice escape from the settling cold here.
Retweeted by Monica Byrne@ECthetwit :) I'm so glad you're enjoying them.Mohamad reading poetry to Parviz in the main courtyard. And a little boy nearby. #Iran http://t.co/ddHymzYNdX@jeffvandermeer Women Destroy Science Fiction(al Universes)@jeffvandermeer LOL. Area X is all the biologist's fault for not being a better wife.@jeffvandermeer omfg@jeffvandermeer Well hell, next time we're in the same city, let's get coffee and mindmeld.@jeffvandermeer Though I do have one: are you getting any shit about the biologist et al not being "likable"?@jeffvandermeer Mais oui. Want to ask you all about it. Will go read interviews instead bc I'm sure many of my Q's have been asked already.@jeffvandermeer Never read anything like it. Gave me permission. Gave me possibility. Gave us all possibility.@jeffvandermeer It was so SINGULAR. Couldn't have been written by anyone else in the history of the world. Mean that as highest compliment.@jeffvandermeer I finished the trilogy. Jesus H. Christ. Thank you.New post: Persian threading. https://t.co/aP0pCCHm0S #IranThe main courtyard of the House of Tabatabei, Kashan. #Iran http://t.co/tfbxM0kKVuOur driver, Parviz, doesn't speak much English (but way more than I speak Farsi, it must be said).… http://t.co/RAnmMR1yyXLight behind the door. In the House of Tabatabei, Kashan. #Iran http://t.co/JjwNaVPNn2Window in the House of Tabatabei, Kashan. #Iran http://t.co/YRca8NLDiWMorning pleasures. #Iran http://t.co/q5TMfJ8kHI
Bed #11, and by far my favorite so far: a night in a traditional guesthouse in Kashan. http://t.co/tObwjUVeEiREAD The Girl in the Road by @monicabyrne13. Fantastic book; intricate and absorbing. Make this the speculative fiction you read this year.
Retweeted by Monica ByrneTurquoise channels for the natural spring water in the gardens of Bagh-e Fin, Kashan. #Iran http://t.co/Qmdpa2pOld
@mahveshm Oh hell no.
@crashwong @sugarpillmakeup Gorgeous.
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