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@geeksaresexy Thanks for flagging, Yan. You can donate here: http://t.co/FPTUasrod7. ๐Ÿ˜ƒThank you students @UCF for raising your hands for #BionicKids! Find more ways to support: http://t.co/Z8L2hKn4hC https://t.co/JU2LfvcGbT@KartiKapila We're sorry for the confusion. Try this: design@limbitless-solution.com. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ@markrmoran @veritasium Inspiring indeed! ๐Ÿ˜ƒAlbert Manero, #UCF student leader of #Limbitless Solutions, ends the high-five chain with Alex #UCFChangestheWorld https://t.co/LKKuQedh5w
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNote@M4got10 We love med students, here's a way to get involved: http://t.co/OFTQbSPARk.@tylerpetresky We got this, Tyler! #FTW #Limbitless@AuntyTech "Bionic brand of confidence" - we love it! #Limbitless #BionicKids@DotNetSolutions Great article, thanks for sharing! We're excited about todays events: http://t.co/luJs4o0YcS.Artist? Designer? Programmer? See how you can help with the #CollectiveProject Design-athon: http://t.co/mTSdQTXJf6 http://t.co/HiuqjDFFVLThanks @ReporterJackie for sharing Albert Manero's #CollectiveProject story & raising awareness of #bionickids #Fox35 http://t.co/cATeBxpN1l
@EddiePttrsn All we see is #PurpleandWhite! #TeamPurple@TheCGBros Thanks for getting the word out. We have some exciting events planned for tomorrow, check them out: http://t.co/nE16mrxzj5.@thenivenulls Thanks, Austin. We're so honored to be part of the #CollectiveProject & we're so excited for tomorrow: http://t.co/rpN6enZxmh.@FunnyMeNow We agree, Matt. You know what else will be great to see...setting a new world record for a Hi-Five Chain! http://t.co/XwEjBuxLQ9@Baylee_Jae Thanks for sharing! Here's even more ways people can get involved: http://t.co/Cos23dzqgx. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ@Counter656 We completely agree, John! We're excited for tomorrow's events: http://t.co/Gol2OpYbbU.@JohnFlickster We like your Outlook, John! We're excited to set a new world record for a Hi-Five Chain. Come join us. http://t.co/lZLy26pHA9@OrlandoTech We had a great turn out. We're looking forward to tomorrow's Design-A-Thon & setting a new world record with a Hi-Five Chain!@AusBrian Looks great, Brian. We're honored to have a plastics genius, like yourself, as part of the #CollectiveProject!A prosthetic arms costs $40,000+ @Limbitless3D prints bionics for $80 And donates them to kids in need #bionickids http://t.co/kgonuEi6pDNot at @UCF? Help @Limbitless3D from afar! See how you can participate: http://t.co/558fpGxprS #collectiveproject http://t.co/BfSbkmWpt6@LandonAustin That's music to our ears, Landon! ๐Ÿ˜Š We're glad to have you on board with the #CollectiveProject.Magical video editor @FinalCutKing will share a brand new video w/ us today on @TheView! Tweet us questions for him! https://t.co/BlNxoMHnRU
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNoteCreating @Enablethefuture hands! Raptor hands in production! #Limbitless #BionicKids #3Dhope http://t.co/EKpCoWvd7R http://t.co/tm28qDfFUJ
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNote@brittanitaylor Best tweet EVER! #StudentsRock #CollectiveProject@ahonner Thanks for spreading the word, Amanda! #CollectiveProject http://t.co/AIC9hFpJ00@Jacksondimaria Thanks for sharing the news about the #CollectiveProject, Jackson!@amapolaps One of the coolest we've ever seen! Thanks for sharing the #CollectiveProject.@Ali_alford Thanks for spreading the word, Alex. See you there!@DefinityFirst Thank you for sharing! Here's what's happening this week: http://t.co/i198PSEHRC.@bieberftround2 We're sure you could, but we're not so sure he would sing the same. ๐Ÿ˜‰@trevgruber Thanks for sharing, Trevor. Here's more about the #CollectiveProject events: http://t.co/nxf1OFXqFO.@jazyminz Thanks for sharing! Here's more ways to get involved: http://t.co/myfSk5TU6I.@LAAlaLAAlala Thanks for spreading the word! @WhitTapp you can learn all about the #CollectiveProject here: http://t.co/tUzw8LyPez@laurask We're looking forward to having you out, Laura! #BionicKids #CollectiveProject http://t.co/HWjDz5sisqStudents @UCF lending their hands with the #CollectiveProject https://t.co/ErPS6pjeZo #enablethefuture #3Dhope https://t.co/4nIygfWqraExcited to be here! RT @Limbitless3D Help build @Enablethefuture hands today in the engineering atrium at UCF! #CollectiveProject@KartiKapila Hi Kartik, thanks for reaching out! To get involved with the #CollectiveProject, please visit http://t.co/2fk6A4I54p.NEW VIDEO! A 3D-printed bionic arm designed by college kids can help millions. In collab with @MSONeNote http://t.co/6ekeAbSou2
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNoteHelp Albert Manero, '12, @Limbitless3D & #CollectiveProject beat the high-5 world record http://t.co/gMeA177FGR http://t.co/YLisCEbyQm
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNote
@RayonHarris We're happy to hear it! What are a few of your favorite features?@Starky427 We're happy to hear you were impressed with OneNote! What features impressed you the most?#CollectiveProject 3D printers are in full swing, building #BionicKids' dreams: http://t.co/q9jlCNhU6y https://t.co/AVjWYvHcSN#CollectiveProject student Albert Manero displays bionic technology. See the team's #OneNote http://t.co/OHGXlUSV1j http://t.co/hxUu7fFrt9I've teamed up with @MSOneNote to share the new hope that Albert and #CollectiveProject gives #bionickids http://t.co/4sUlq96iRW
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNoteArtists and designers needed for the #CollectiveProject's bionic limb Design-A-Thon: http://t.co/Bmk89RZjNW https://t.co/tTgosrcwqDCreate and share lesson plans across your department with the #OneNoteStaff Notebook. http://t.co/LTUweyvwiq #edtech http://t.co/WMW3dbQPQ9
@iGershteyn We're happy to hear we can help with your academics! :)@volkerw Thanks for spreading the word, Volker!@BrendanLiamT We do not have an update at this time. Follow our blog for the latest news and release information: http://t.co/PqPVUuHFRU.@HDIResearch That's music to our ears, Jenny! We're happy to hear we can help with your productivity.I've teamed up with Microsoft #OneNote to share Albert's cool project #bionickids #CollectiveProject https://t.co/laQiUSbFLQ
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNoteTook a group of kids to the movies today & caught the #CollectiveProject video. Hopeful for the future generations. https://t.co/Q7uokgck2Z
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNoteThese #CollectiveProject 3D printers are changing lives, one kid at a time. Learn more: http://t.co/V1ZXGPvIEt http://t.co/Rz52TGZFcM#OneNoteStaff Notebook gives Educational Leaders a new way to collaborate and save time. Download it today: http://t.co/clI5BKc1b4 #edtech
#UCF students are assembling mechanical hands for kids in need! #CollectiveProject More: http://t.co/CR3U9ini1p http://t.co/4iUOANfJQp5 can't-miss apps: 'Alto's Adventure,' Storm, OneNote and more http://t.co/Zyj8s3Edvv
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNotePeople are using #OneNote inking to do amazing things. Get OneNote and follow your passions. http://t.co/fuLhoHLC95 #CollectiveProject@bicyclemelville We're happy to hear you're loving OneNote, Tom. Do you also use OneNote on your mobile devices?@CoderAndrew Coming from a tech enthusiast like you, we're honored! #FTWI've teamed up w/ Microsoft to show how @MSOneNote is helping #BionicKids do amazing things. #collectiveproject https://t.co/tzgghCpW6m
Retweeted by Microsoft OneNoteArtists and CAD designers! Submit your bionic limb designs to help the #CollectiveProject. http://t.co/e89kgjOWw3 http://t.co/h1qQtZf30x
Albert Manero, #CollectiveProject engineering student and hero, helps #BionicKids in need: http://t.co/R7eEAltKO0 https://t.co/az8P4vgBNi
RT @mrLBF I mean, this thing is absolutely brilliant. #OneNote
RT @jsnell I may hate pens but I like the new features in OneNote for iPadโ€ฆ http://t.co/NleDT7DKT7@tiajoseph Oops! Sorry about that. Unfortunately the mobile app doesn't have import capabilities. See more here: http://t.co/tKbSiOoDWY.@rpeppelman You're welcome! Enjoy.@samuelmcneill Uh oh, we're sorry. Are you still having trouble?Get a jumpstart on all the inking features on #iPad with this video from the #OneNote team. http://t.co/A9XwUjlKU0@_brandon_truong We're pretty big fans :)@Florian_Si Hi there, we will escalate this to our engineers and report back!Handwriting for #iPad has propelled #OneNote to the featured productivity app chart in the @App Store. Get it here: http://t.co/x7UcYmPhDQ@CommandZer01 Yes. Let us know if this is helpful: http://t.co/m2piQk3ez8.@McAkins Thanks for your feedback! We also welcome it here: http://t.co/g1bwhj6NtW.@AdaptToReality Try checking our forums: http://t.co/rqZBkbRDgs.@cyi5 It's true it's true! Have you gotten a chance to try it yet?@abhinayashutosh Excellent! We're glad you're enjoying it. Have a great weekend!@ChanceArthur Awesome!@leghari73 That feature is under review! http://t.co/Fo9pag86Ik@hypermax You can vote for password protected sections here: http://t.co/s8GIrjCElQ. 2/2@hypermax Stylus for Windows Phone is under review. See more here: http://t.co/ZtjGxph9yR. 1/2@b1keridingpinko Yay! We're happy to hear it.@ChanceArthur Have you had a chance to check it out yet?@ericlmoffitt You are very welcome! Enjoy :)@makeupbyzoexo Oooh! We're flattered. How do you use OneNote?@tiajoseph Sorry we missed your first message! See if this helps: http://t.co/8zn6qS2wmd.@symoneinOz Yay! We're very happy to hear that. Enjoy!@BenBruens Please let us know if this helps: http://t.co/4EDkR2dSgV.Reimagine the @Limbitless3D bionic limb catalog! Anyone can help. Learn more: http://t.co/gHRto9MZvx http://t.co/13sz50hht9@maxblancoj Please let us know if this helps: http://t.co/SDqOmbum9B.@simonwitkiss We'd love your feedback here: http://t.co/KiDWBF5eFJ.@RyanAbdella That's great to hear! Let us know if you have questions.
@jagill How cool! Keep us updated on their progress if they do!@Alan_Hamilton Never too late! Welcome to OneNote, Alan!@ShingiThinks Please post your question here: http://t.co/HbviKU6Xso.@Florian_Si Try printing the files as PDFs and then emailing them to your phone. In the meantime, we will pass this along to the team.@mrbillny Let us know what you think!Here it is! Inking for #iPad is now live. Download or update #OneNote for your iPad and start inking today. http://t.co/Sw8XqCFa5K@Adillen125 You're very welcome!
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