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Big Congrats to Judge Judy on signing her contract extension thru 2020 from a Devout Fan!
Retweeted by _A welcomed splash of cold water. | http://t.co/v7uyeFMV1hLots of teasing. "@economistmeg: Still don't understand how Boehner ever came to be pronounced as "bay-ner"."@Vox_Magoo sounds like it would be one long game of buzzword bingoI knew I wasn't crazy when I wasn't foaming at the mouth for this. "@MarketWatch: Fraud has come to Apple Pay: http://t.co/X3tzNWg2vI"Man Going To Take Edge Off With Decades-Long Slide Into Alcoholism http://t.co/ALy5Hm3EUx http://t.co/bTsF2ktHIn
Retweeted by _People are terrible: confirmed. "@jon_bois: holy shit, i want to hit somebody http://t.co/X8qaKRqHQR"If you heat fish for lunch at work, just know that in your next life, you're coming back as a plunger.This is what happens when the average American gets a little extra money in his/her pocket...$CBRL http://t.co/scoKaEvZae
Retweeted by _The U.S. government should pay anonymous in bitcoin to fight the Islamic State. Seriosuly. http://t.co/903VtmC8FX http://t.co/xoTXMiw4uA
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Our updated credit availability index reveals market can tolerate twice the credit risk http://t.co/p5S35aV5n9 http://t.co/RlZ1nzntWU
Retweeted by _New CRJ track and Kanye track are out <Internet explodes>I agree with this in general. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should be wound down or restrained. http://t.co/GoCSkuU3GF
Retweeted by _#monday "@mashable: Car thief throws brick at window, knocks himself out http://t.co/TPloB1i9G0 http://t.co/laLt4q4Dv0"Native American Indian tribes are betting on online payday lending to raise revenue for their communities http://t.co/HV7ekK4iKP
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Kanye West reveals new album title "So Help Me God," tweets possible cover art http://t.co/nI3kii8u7r
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@ShanersMD discovery sends me so much stuff I'm convinced they think I have an account with themRamen and pork bun brunch ©Really it's a distraction to wonder what this latest murder "means" when the pattern is clear. Oppose Putin & your life is worth little.
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20 years ago today, Newsweek got the Internet horribly wrong. http://t.co/ap8vtRnpIZ #NewsweekRewind http://t.co/05zHTIexhW
Retweeted by _Bad Risk Data Could Be Big Banks' Downfall http://t.co/HsCjhnJ0se
Retweeted by _@donalderyan "let's offer these amazing terms because there's no way anyone will be able to get prices any faster than they can today"Robert Benmosche has died. http://t.co/GScrid8ZBx
Retweeted by _Max-Herve George should be worried about Aviva assassins. For real.WUT. https://t.co/voZidk9nWm
Retweeted by _Nearly frozen waves captured on camera by Nantucket photographer (http://t.co/UiyJhGBQco) http://t.co/JIaBeIJUrw
Retweeted by _Hipsters are terrorists. | http://t.co/iN18Tt14ET@k_ved demon http://t.co/8hhuYEFmkpThe exposure on the photo was screwed up. If you all saw blue and black you have devil eyes.@ARTownsend gtfoYou black and blue people should see how all your stuff really looks..Finally saw that dress. White and gold.
Strange But True: 43-year-old Jaromir Jagr has been in the NHL longer than the Florida Panthers, his new team. http://t.co/mY2o4yGTur
Retweeted by _Liverfool FCI bet that lasso dude isn't even aware this is a chase, he's just like YEAH FREE LLAMA
Retweeted by _Take today's BBG website and compare it to the old school black and orange page...you wouldn't even know it was the same URL.Two Llamaz on the LlamSometimes chicks are crazy...I don't got a girlfriend
Retweeted by _All iPhones will stop adjusting for DST. "@juleshyman: My fervent hope is that Apple will be abolishing Daylight Savings Time."@k_ved @ShanersMD just put your stuff in Henry's locker. He needs to know the future of the franchise is in good hands.Younger brother scored a summer internship...3 blocks away #therewillbeboozeAfter using the word 'erroneous' twice in the past two days, I think it's about time to watch the first half of Wedding Crashers again.Every Song From Drake’s New Album Is On The Billboard Charts Right Now http://t.co/6vGV2zYVAK
Retweeted by _Joe Kernan is worse than Bill O'Reilly.@joshh031 @volatilitysmile the circles of hell must be appended to include this experience
@k_ved @dfledderjohn @KWALRULES you've got a couple billion dollars to go until you reach the fountain of youthSeriously. If anyone else had that diet they would have croaked a while ago. This must be the old South Park 'money cures everything' trickHow is this man alive? "@FortuneMagazine: Warren Buffett has 3 food groups: Cherry coke, ice cream and potato sticks http://t.co/GHYXFKX8hK"Wow...Arsenal couldn't buy a goal if their lives depended on it.‘Miracle On Ice’ Players Wondering If They Can Reunite Somewhere Other Than Lake Placid http://t.co/Bor5EvXAHQ http://t.co/Fzyrp9HI6B
Retweeted by _Not hearing someone for the third time, so just laughing and hoping for the best
Retweeted by _This is important. You can't discuss anything wage growth/inequality related w/o acknowledging this reality. | http://t.co/kvQ6H4xfzvThanks to the guy playing Iris on the subway this morning. Really puts a pep in your step....
Good god. | http://t.co/DYefP74LXvI would get this (via @thedailymeal) http://t.co/0IpDtG7ftN"@nicolatheron someone should drop that guy from the top of a treeImportant PSA: http://t.co/jJXvmXviCv
Retweeted by _It's like why you shouldn't freak out if your kid puts a little dirt in their mouth. Exposure to germs helps build an immune system.This peanut allergy 'revelation is insane. Of course shielding your kids from something increases odds of susceptibility. Esp a f'in peanut.Convinced these allergies are manufactured. "@mashable: Feeding kids peanut prods could act reduce risk of allergy http://t.co/Dd3PHhXPTS"@naufalsanaullah it is amazing how modern thinking is routed in the mid east and now the whole area has gone to shitHubble Takes Best Picture Yet Of Beta Pictoris http://t.co/kExO40s5U6 http://t.co/qD1IzyboU1
Retweeted by _NOT A JOKE: This is one of the reforms in Greece's letter to the EU "Work toward creating a new culture of tax compliance"
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Infographic: How oil prices affect everything http://t.co/mUvZqOvyAX http://t.co/FOLPmgTi3h
Retweeted by _This is a story of true love. A modern day Bonnie and Clyde. | http://t.co/lX7Cyktg6wPatricia Arquette gets major props. At least she's used her platform for something good instead of convincing women to vajazel/not vaccinate
#InMemoriam http://t.co/LLszIhyOGG
Retweeted by _Spirit animal. "@mashable: It’s going to be a long night, Cumberbatch. http://t.co/76UHYuCK8A"Sunday funday http://t.co/ooDDv3P9AW***** RT @VentureBeat: Watch how quick it is to vote in the most advanced democracy on earth, Estonia http://t.co/j4cgXFJtdj #Ireland
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Preview: Pats fan overpays for what are essentially fake friends and gets treated like shit. | http://t.co/b7PltEXeQhMariota vs Jameis Winston in the 40. These overlays are nifty https://t.co/89kgowSc3Z
Retweeted by _This dog is the anti-christ | https://t.co/FmTqdUkdJ2YESSSSSS "@SportsCenter: “This will be the biggest event in the history of the sport." – @FloydMayweather » http://t.co/mwQfn7Lydg"@zatapatique @naufalsanaullah I had this with the ad for the Cosmopolitan in Vegas. Turns out it was Twilite Speedball. Felt like $$
@TBrodes my kind of bar (?)Manny Pacquaio has made more than $300M in the ring during his career.
Retweeted by _@TBrodes I like your styleHO-LY SHIT. YES. "@Deadspin: It's official: Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao will fight in May: http://t.co/sZHo6Luuel"I remember that Zohar CLO. You never knew wtf was going on with it.And smile like you mean it. http://t.co/qxRUF4jS1e
Retweeted by _The ketchup bottle decoded. | http://t.co/H63qNWCXTaAMAZING "@NYDailyNews: A cocaine-snorting Oscar statue has popped up on Hollywood Boulevard. http://t.co/h3cnz4dBWm http://t.co/Gk8u9PsphW"Greece sending the wrong letter about the bailout extension is perfect. Embodies exactly why they are in this mess.
Hell of a game, that was.Celtic with the extra time equalizer! Wow.What retail bankruptcy looks like "@SBNation: adioS: @jon_bois talks to a store manager about the end of Radio Shack. http://t.co/qPKa1vw4Vc@jabriella elevator one floor down is eq to kicking a baby in my bookKG back to the Wolves. The Nets just got even less exciting."Almost none of the jobs in the U.S. are being filled by new hires." -Prof. Peter Cappelli on the shortage of skills: http://t.co/CThKxh1bpB
Retweeted by _Interesting read. War against ISIS is just as much a physical fight v terrorists as it is a fight for Islam. | http://t.co/AOloPkiWRVSomeone should have tripped him. | http://t.co/0gjIlx0kxLGermany has called dibs on the euro.It takes $20 and 5 min to enter Islamic State from Turkey, and it's a strategic problem for the West. My column. http://t.co/6p5afL7Rwn
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That Marcelo goal was an absolute screamer.@k_ved it's as much fun as regular golf. Possibly more (I said it)@k_ved Top Golf to me today is what laser tag was to me in 5th grade (also now)RadioShack and Standard General accused of assisted suicide. http://t.co/RERLdNDyuL
Retweeted by _I have never understood treadmill desks specifically because you have to walk at grandma speed to do anything. | http://t.co/BOGAzBveOsCurious what people will say about the Syrian rebels the US arms down the road. Similar to arming Afghan rebels v Soviets.
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