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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. I love possibilities, I believe in people & imagineering. More @ http://t.co/AvBTBiv8hn & https://t.co/QJLOprckus

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I see you and raise the stakes @sarahlane This is jaredkim baby Wall-e #thanksgiving http://t.co/Q1Ekx34Sfs@cpen also happy thanksgiving :-)@donica @mathewi if that is what the academics need to get context and teach their students, good lord: the business is in real trouble.@cpen Oh yes, but why destroy someone’s sense of illusion. :-)@mathewi ugh. don't waste your time.@cpen hitting the egg nog early?@JasonHirschhorn you and me both. Good for diabetics as low glucose impact :-)@sarahkunst yes indeed :-)@donica @mathewi @markdeuze it fails the newness, comprehension and return on time invested in reading test.@donica @mathewi @markdeuze as a former media guy and as an entrepreneur, I am wondering what this paper is trying to say?"Sulfur Smoked Kale" That is not super food. Instead it is what they are calling a pair of jeans. And with that kale-craze is finally over!@stevekovach looks like @hblodget when he was 21 years old.Looking for an honest take on European tech scene by country/region? Look no further than this essay by @robinwauters http://t.co/pebASsxVUCYou download an app, you open it & the first thing it wants from you is access to your twitter account & followers. Do you trust it? #pollThe essence of a good perfume http://t.co/t2kofqhPU1Happy 14th Birthday @jason may you never grow up (like that is even possible.) Also, learn to act your age!
From the pre-holiday SEC filings dump. Big $TWTR stock sale by @ev filed at 9:30 pm http://t.co/oL3bAgctFQ
Retweeted by Om MalikSo does being a terrible CEO means you are qualified to make a presidential bid? http://t.co/J0P08CB36X cc @dangillmorHow to stop Twitter from seeing what mobile apps you've installed - Gigaom http://t.co/ilERx9DEND via @nuzzel by @mathewiMany colors of #SanFrancisco #latergram cc @sanfranciscoway teresa_ @thatcliffguy @ Bernal Heights Summit http://t.co/KWJePFZRteObituary: PD James one of the great crime fiction writers who I loved reading. Thank you for the words http://t.co/jWA7ERTNTA via @nuzzelMore important than attacking Google, Europe should worry that Africa, Asia and the Americas all have bigger Internet firms than any EU one
Retweeted by Om MalikEU Parliament calls on Commission to consider Google break-up https://t.co/jNNHSJJEhV via @gigaomToday I am #thankful I work @SlackHQ on a shitty product w/people feeling bad for making mistakes b/c @stewart = slave-driving perfectionist
Retweeted by Om Malik"Companies need to combine data with emotion & empathy or find themselves in conflict with those they deem to serve" http://t.co/zXh53OTHT8Enjoying “Visual Storytelling with an iPhone” by @RichArdenESPN on @storehousehq http://t.co/iXzlqQmBe6
"Latin America is one of the fastest growth areas in the world in terms of broadband households and Internet connectivity" Reed HastingsNo one can tell how today's events will influence our tomorrow. Steve Jobs said it best! http://t.co/Q6NlmPF118@Stammy at least it is not happening on phone/skype/facetime. Indian Moms, predictably are more tech savvy at the "setups"@anand_raj congrats guys - best partners ever :)Quote of the day: "Convenience trumps bad behaviour." @om @EmilyChangTV
Retweeted by Om Malik@MikeIsaac @cpen alternatively rent a car, stick a pink stache and then write about it :)Second Shots with @om http://t.co/6TKoAyD2eA
Retweeted by Om Malik@tingilinde indeed and I remember reading about that as a college student and it has a profound impact on our thought process@EvanSelinger @mathewi amen to that Evan!Technology and the Moral Dimension http://t.co/yJotLXsYrA@TaylorFTW See the video, get some knowledge from one of the best in business @JeffJonas"As computers are getting faster & world is getting more sensors, organizations have been getting dumber" @jeffjonas https://t.co/7QJvaqfcccSunrise in San Francisco http://t.co/opLIXEIegS
@Bernalwood deal :)San Francisco in all its splendor #California #SanFrancisco @ Bernal Heights Summit http://t.co/sPmKifiAZzSan Francisco in all its splendor #California #SanFrancisco @ Bernal Heights Summit http://t.co/3L3RNXA1iZThe first 120 days of @stellar from @joyce https://t.co/LJtZGIDAob Nice progress for an interesting project.Should First Look Media go ahead and rename itself to "Zero Look Media?" http://t.co/YniFUzLHYc #discuss #kiddingJust published “A San Francisco sunrise ” on @storehousehq This is what the lovely city looks like in the morning! http://t.co/OKyiUSgSts
California Evening #SanFrancisco @ Sutro Heights Park http://t.co/uYeSASv8cRHow to rebuild journalism - Scripting http://t.co/cfQbX0nyKt via @nuzzelDocuSign Raises $230 Million, Copies HelloSign User Interface - HelloSign http://t.co/iZElKHehMF via @nuzzel thanks @shl@harper I think Drop Coffee is a must. It is one of the best places in town. Frantzen is another :-)Totally crazy moody & neon remix of a photo I took in Stockholm with mexturesapp #mexturesapphttp://t.co/CQqbnhpvybFor cloud, the best is yet to come http://t.co/D6d7xkpACT
Like version 3.0 of software, season 3 of The Newsroom is just fantastic. It also features caricature of a weird tech billionaire. @HBO" Contrarian views on the role of fashion in wearables http://t.co/Ek2PMbkqYN… by @davidcard"Debunking The 7 Myths of Marketing In The Enterprise by mmamoonha is a good and valuable column. #mustreads http://t.co/cVOPaWGdMjBombay the Hard Way http://t.co/mkHwVAwS7F
The new new Office Space! #futureofwork #cafeculture #digitalnomads #office http://t.co/UETIvBRyS1Enjoying “The Top Timelapse Videos of 2014” by Mashable on @storehousehq http://t.co/1pnGPP6PTSTechnology set journalism free, now new platforms are in control http://t.co/8LqAOzXlG5 by @mathewi comment: someone always owns the media!@FastTash if it was all that, more than 7500 people per city would have signed up for it. It was a nice idea, short lived, but nice.@FastTash TV is not what we think it is. The world views videos differently and that behavior is what makes Aereo an arbitrage at best.Aereo, Fab, kaput! http://t.co/nBOKPmWBjI
@Yarcom @ryanirelan fab was well designed in the early days before it went all crazy@jswartz he is an analog guy so I know he will get s kick out of it. And i find writing on paper a form of therapy!Just laughed out loud, sitting alone while writing a letter (paper & pen) to a dear friend who turned 50, reliving stories of our youth!@benhuh and thank you for the edit.@benhuh Great. My edit would be "Cheezeburger Network, a company that started as Pet Holdings and later acquired ICHC & changed name to CN"@benhuh it is not hit and run. I am merely pointing out the fact that you edited history. You just don't like someone questioned ur version@benhuh just because you are an entrepreneur doesn't absolve you from telling the true story of origin. I don't need to add more! Good luck@benhuh I have been around long enough, know enough people in business & who are part of the story to know what I know!@tcarmody @SaheliDatta I have met her and worked with her at Business 2.0 and she is cool and smart and awesome!@benhuh my comments are on Twitter and are on the record. I don't really care ever meeting you. Just don't make up history. Good luck!@benhuh what makes you think I will want to be in the same room as someone who straight up recasts history. You are getting tiresome@benhuh you can never have my apology, you can apologize to the founders of ICHC by including them in the history of your company@benhuh you did a good job of aggregating other sites, but when you say I started "cheezburger" that is a sleight of hand.@benhuh you do that and we can have a drink. Otherwise I don't see what you want to argue? Articles like you wrote become fact after a while@benhuh one simple thing you can do - rewrite the lead of the piece, be full disclosure and don't write the Ichc cofounders out of history@arjunsethi call them out for starters@tedr which one?I rest my case@benhuh @StevenLevy did you come up with name for your company after you bought Icanhazcheeseburger or before that?I for one am sick of revisionist history of how companies were started, founded with people taking faux credit for ideas, success!@benhuh @StevenLevy @ericnakagawa how about mentioning that in ur story instead of using confusing language to obfuscate history of origins@benhuh @StevenLevy started cheeseburger. So fact is you need to clarify on your piece instead of recasting history.@benhuh @StevenLevy your article specifically says one man startup you started in your apartment. Wikipedia says @ericnakagawa & his founder@benhuh @StevenLevy I know the facts - the fact is you have obfuscated the issues at hand.@benhuh I have never found someone lying about fact as openly as you do. I am surprised folks like @StevenLevy don't check harder!@johnolilly but the benefits out weigh the downsides.@joyce The best android phone is the one you can get for free. Otherwise, go for Nexus 6@johnolilly makes it easier to maintain the story, facts and forces you to be respectful of others.2015 New Media Rule: No more "Off the record""I am friends with Emil. We were both White House Fellows. Take it from me that what Ben reported is not true" #totally #objective #lolMaybe @StevenLevy et.al should have @benhuh explain that comment about being "one man startup" when Wikipedia says otherwise.“Cheezburger started in 2007 as a scrappy one-man start-up in my apartment” NOT TRUE @benhuh Founder = @ericnakagawa https://t.co/gFNkcDiwoCSuch an important story about baseball player Ryan Howard and is so poorly written/edited. http://t.co/MCgRrs44n1 cc @gruberThe Quiet http://t.co/KfzQF5GEax“Good design is about the things that most users never notice” @craigmod #quote #design http://t.co/KyBhHkf91c
@davepell too much almond milk man messes with your head@davepell that is because I love the 90sNice article by @om on the impact of cloud on bsuiness transformation - "The Cloud’s Bright Future" /at @fastcompany http://t.co/BifeEHiY1w
Retweeted by Om MalikThis revenue debate regarding @uber is a remake of a movie starring @eBay from back in the day. #internet #history http://t.co/9UhQ5SQflv
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