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Partner, True Ventures. Founder, Gigaom. I love possibilities, I believe in people & imagineering. http://t.co/3q3MCMmyuu & https://t.co/QJLOprckus

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Powdered meal replacements are a great way to save time so you can get back to working on your product that is probably a waste of time.
Retweeted by Om Malik@selenalarson and being an engineer like these guys, I refuse a future where I'm expected to change my human needs for a machine
Retweeted by Om Malik@fromedome first stop :)Serenity now! I need some peace as I travel all day (and night) to get to Iceland where I can shoot… https://t.co/5trqI4PfxgSometimes a box isn't just a box. http://t.co/lFESwxWS7O http://t.co/2jcxbBLuzn
Wow the New York Times is basically saying Fusion has bombed http://t.co/w7KJotKgOB
Retweeted by Om Malik.@monteiro @zillow @Curbed I think it would be more valid data to include rent/person 'cause of "sharing apartment" economy to be real dataThe Wooster Leather.. Available soon in 5 color ways. #GreatsBrand Early Access: http://t.co/JPo2nhh6F7 http://t.co/80Wo2J3QYF
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It would be great to read a detailed piece on how @Uber routing system makes decisions - with millions of trips it should be very accurate!Happy Birthday dear cpen may you celebrate many more of these days and thanks for being… https://t.co/jHCHh01VizMemorial Day almost everywhere in the US: first day of summer Memorial Day in SF: first day of winter
Retweeted by Om MalikMedia Matters for America | Facebook < Our government at work. This should boil your blood https://t.co/svm4LXtX2M
Retweeted by Om Malik@shak @neerajarora @rafat @someshdash @PayalKadakia that's seriously old school :)Sometimes you just have to stand there and let the world go by! #SanFrancisco #hyperlapse #timelapsehttps://t.co/L9J2r1fvzh
Forget robots, this dog can drive while hanging out of the window! #sanfrancisco http://t.co/PqmcvDaTN2@jason_kint @jeffjarvis @emilybell @raju @jayrosen_nyu @anildash great thoughtful comments everyone, lot of food for thought.
Hanging with @Scobleizer and @om http://t.co/nPoObfZQsN
Retweeted by Om Malik"The primary qualification for a great data engineer isn't education but experience" @medriscoll http://t.co/F5m2LPGrlc“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” – Oscar Wilde #fastfashion #quote
Amazon Prime seems more like eco crime! That is the size of the thing i ordered & the box it shipped in. Seriously! http://t.co/kc0k5zdjD5Oh my beautiful coast :( devastating to all the sea life & birds. Makes me so sad. #OilSpill https://t.co/2BMfLQyluI
Retweeted by Om MalikTechmeme Leaderboard finally makes sense as focus FINALLY is on individual authors, still tied too much too pubs! http://t.co/O9ycrCHlNO@alexia onwards, upwards and MBAEveryone is streaming video including @Snapchat @Spotify. Who is going to be watching video when busy snapping/listening to music. Thoughts?After four amazing years at @Dropbox, I’m starting my next chapter at @IndexVentures http://t.co/pB7rzgXyur
Retweeted by Om Malik@JasonHirschhorn so that is a HD burger?Big Banks have a way of doing illegal things, saying sorry, paying some fines & doing it again. #fact http://t.co/Rauh0SGNli"Conrad and the Steam Plant" This video featuring @prattinstitute is definitely worth a few minutes of your time http://t.co/cns4JmcMLABuried in this @FortuneMagazine story is the news that @S23P raised a brand new $600 million fund. Congrats @mamoonha http://t.co/wVgKTs6c7k
@rabois @davidlee have you heard about Bourbon?@davidlee @svangel onwards and forward, good luck amigo on keeping it real, always!Woo & Automattic http://t.co/mlKi8wLK9C http://t.co/KAUqO4RO1G
Retweeted by Om MalikLearn a thing or two: 23 brilliant life lessons from Anthony Bourdain. http://t.co/ocOEHZhbTc @Bourdain
Retweeted by Om MalikYou Need Equity To Live In Silicon Valley - Wealthfront Knowledge Center http://t.co/e1rqHLVDkt via @nuzzel@MartinSFP @prasanto @TheNextWeb readers don't care - they never have. It is the media which is interested in its own machinations@prasanto @TheNextWeb @MartinSFP I gotta say that was a weak post and basically didn't state anything beyond the obvious.So @cfpb has filed a complaint against @PayPal for illegally signing up consumers for PayPal Credit aka Bill Me Later http://t.co/TyFUBmCnvMDon’t believe the hype @EFF says @Facebook http://t.co/NCcrRZtq6h is “Not the internet” https://t.co/nZinFKK61k via http://t.co/lLtLusjIQXCongrats @tonysphere + team on the new Intro app launch from @aboutdotme on Android + Apple Watch. http://t.co/MT0dLu2SwuBill Black: Krugman is Half Right | or more accurately -- why failing upwards is now routine in modern America. http://t.co/ep8ytjaigL
Just learned that the name @TIDALHiFi comes from the name of company/brand that used to ship out @S_C_ cassette tapes back in the day!The real story of @facebook #instantarticles is "native advertising" platform for all media platforms! http://t.co/LhJ95zTFha"Verizon will become the first operator to generate more than $50B from data services in 2015" says @chetansharma #mobile #broadband #data@mat better than Colorado it seems cc @andrewhyde@mat where do you buy your greens from these days@mattbuchanan damn machines have outed me. i am don draper.@cyrusradfar hate to say this man, didn't really get anything except that there is lot of mumbo jumbo. simplify it @evanatmedium @joshelmanTesla's grid batteries will use two different chemistries and here’s why: http://t.co/y0lr9qrpeU
Retweeted by Om Malik731 Slack Users Reveal Why It's So Addictive - #openresearch via @hnshah http://t.co/M8Lv1A58T3Looks like Don Henley is now a fan of smartphones at concerts. Man has a point. http://t.co/ZHIR8LTb5P
@benthompson Netflix isn't available in China - so this is pirated clearly!@benthompson I saw an episode of @Bourdain show on Shanghai where to a kid shares love for "house of cards" how's that's cultural cachet 😜The housing market is just nuts in San Francisco. Amazing stats via @wolfofwolfst #realestate http://t.co/B3NmUW3TBU http://t.co/fWIPFtl9Zo
@stewart they do this in Copenhagen too and not sure why they don't do this in San Francisco!@piedpiper523 it be pretty dynamic@piedpiper523 how about landsendVeniam is putting Wi-Fi on wheels. Great @FastCompany article about @veniamworks by @CorinneIOZO. @CorinneIOZO http://t.co/DW8xu7mXWW
Retweeted by Om Malik"ADAY is coming: clothes that won’t slow you down." Is this the next LuluLemon? #fitness #fashion #trend https://t.co/HPxxwKzd83Stressed is Desserts backward! https://t.co/911bIJGlMY boom!
"...the main criterion of success is honesty" @lefsetz #quote http://t.co/aMsWCNHcMcMore media companies need to think of themselves the way Quartz does http://t.co/WHdkvtlUbd serious Q: how big are they financiallyI might need to get this one - finally a keyboard smartphone that works 😜 https://t.co/U4Pp3DWFxaA chat w/@VincentLaforet about future of news photography, realtime, visual web & ProjectAir http://t.co/lzPBOYGslA http://t.co/uiytp5gcr2
Lost in patterns, I mean Presidio! #california #SanFrancisco #instagood #instaphotos #iggershttps://t.co/Msb7qXHMpb@jason_kint trying to figure it out for now@jason_kint http://t.co/6DoKRSz5IV just for you amigo ;-)@jhamby it must be throwback thursday :-) man you took me way back with those set of tweets.We @trueventures celebrate Priya Haji’s legacy & her commitment to mentorship & +ive impact with our new fellowship http://t.co/0jVNgGz0y946 Times Vox Totally Fucked Up A Story http://t.co/zUFDbS6mvr via @nuzzel"In a Mother’s Library, Bound in Spirit and in Print" a touching & poignant bit of writing by my friend @nickbilton http://t.co/8w08vuONBL
I believe @chr1sa long game - software, scalability and usability! Glad @3DRobotics is part of @trueventures family https://t.co/myjilMH5dv@benthompson and for the record I am telling you that this needs to be reported. You are being needlessly defensive@benthompson again actually good to talk to people in the industry - don't depend on others. This is factually not accurate!@benthompson Ben you actually might want to do report that out before making an assertion. Seriously, call a few people!That would be telling too about Facebook's changing culture. Also I am reminded of the rise of Flipboard! https://t.co/Kd82Ttleps@jw was that inspired by @Flipboard 😜Facebook #instantarticles move is part inspired by fear of @Snapchat and its Discover move. Discuss!This is a solid piece that makes sense of news madness! https://t.co/Cf1Biyko6NForeshadowing #Facebook news foray: "We don’t create content...we build this connective tissue..."@ShorensteinCtr http://t.co/breBlJHtKo
Retweeted by Om MalikI start May 26! https://t.co/PksFxZgriU
Retweeted by Om MalikMy first article for @backchnnl: @meloneewise on her new robot at @FetchRobotics https://t.co/kpSuWbjlTp
Retweeted by Om MalikThis #instantarticles move has bared the hypocrisy of #AxelSpringer - via @dannysullivan http://t.co/9qJdg3UEXu http://t.co/vCJanGzXWVDoes Facebook #instantarticles helps @BuzzFeed become a more efficient ad agency? http://t.co/PctAfXPYBx You decide! http://t.co/bNMiPYm21UToday more than ever I recommend this by @davepell https://t.co/QmaTDb6aLV #instantarticles8 years ago I wrote about publishing to platforms like Facebook & AOL. I was naive, and wrong. http://t.co/akW8jddvtK http://t.co/byoHNlFQYh
Retweeted by Om Malik@zeynep @peretti @s_m_i @jeffjarvis I am sure it is all about the readers and journalism. http://t.co/Td8G5NJnSX
@joshelman for your sake I will ask the questions in a blog post for your@joshelman if you have to ask that question then you clearly aren't thinking about the real challenge here!@tcarmody @facebook @guardian @SPIEGELONLINE what ethics of targeting on FB. There are more questions to be asked!@tcarmody @facebook @guardian @SPIEGELONLINE none of these publications have outlined what data they are sharing with the social platform!@benthompson @jason_kint @jbenton one last thing - any company that depends on others to determine its future must and should meet the makerIt is ironic that @guardian @SPIEGELONLINE go all righteous over data, privacy, government spying but are okay to get in bed w: @facebook@StartupLJackson AOL: you can't be on Internet and get calls; Verizon: you can't be on a call and use the Internet. The deal makes sense.
Retweeted by Om Malik@benthompson @jason_kint @jbenton if you need Facebook to solve the page load problem, then as media entity you need to be darwined!So every tech reporter in America appears to be taking Facebook’s self-reported 8 second article load time as fact. You sure?
Retweeted by Om MalikIf Google had launched Instant Articles like Facebook, the mediarati would have lose its collective s**t screaming conflict. Remember Knol?
Retweeted by Om MalikOn the Aol-Verizon thing, all I would like say just one thing: Verizon has a terrible track record of buying/expanding in non-telco areas!I just published “A 5-Year-Old’s View of the App Economy” https://t.co/gGZrLzFd8o
Retweeted by Om MalikAnalog clickbait. Funny it always works. To recap: it seems babies, divorce, cheating, death are best lead gen! http://t.co/wp4jRJnwlJ
Is Gustave Courbet's The Painter’s Studio a metaphor for our modern society? http://t.co/FSnoinBUbo
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