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I invest in internet companies at Venrock, still wish I was a rock star, and have way too many hobbies.

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Want predictions for @AppleMusic. Have a listen to this @musonomics podcast from @larrysmiller. https://t.co/qI01xaSJHk
Incredible to me that traditional TV companies own no social/messaging platforms. https://t.co/8Y5CF1huZe@mikeisaac Anger comes from loss.@brobertsvc again@bobkocher You are now 2-0.
@learmonth And the 77M it doesn't reach? Yup...the smartphone crowd 13 - 22?@benthompson Are these photos equally as valuable? http://t.co/5OgIqc1QPA and http://t.co/xi1Mu5Bj4R@benthompson I just believe you over-state the case that the value in a photo comes primarily from the subject.@benthompson So all the value in your stories are because you are writing about Google, Facebook, etc.?Incredible to watch an incumbent get disrupted in realtime. "Razor Sales Move Online, Away From Gillette"@mikeyavo only 20 years in...AdTech going mainstream "At Cannes, Festival Shifts Focus Toward Ad Tech" http://t.co/5CAFkynk4J http://t.co/nxYINKQ17H
So @TeslaMotors stock is down, @fitbit is up. I am not sure Tesla is worth only 4x Fitbit.
Retweeted by David PakmanOne shave at a time. @DollarShaveClub $615M valuation, 2M subscribers on track for $140M in revenue. 3 yrs old. http://t.co/vkh3lBtdc4
Retweeted by David PakmanOMG! I just got quoted in E! Online! #bucketlist "20 Other Problems Taylor Swift Needs to Solve" http://t.co/r9uSn4bZqD via @eonline@tweetbrk ascap and BMI payments go to songwriters/publishers, not artists/record companies.@pkafka @taylorswift13 then she could re-negotiate record company/artist splits and artists would *really* start to make some money!Imagine if @taylorswift13 set her sights on terrestrial radio next! (US radio pays no royalties to sound recording rights holders.)
Nobody in my life — of any age, but especially the young — watches the nightly news. Period. Not CBS, NBC, ABC. They can’t name any anchors.
Retweeted by David PakmanTo fix broadband in NYC, we need guaranteed right-of-way. Consumer chooses provider, landlord must let them install. http://t.co/ItIvHEhQXA@mikeisaac This newfangled world of TV moves at the speed of light. Get with it.Slice Intelligence: 2.79M Apple Watches sold to date, IHS estimates $49 band costs Apple $2 http://t.co/kjodxdQxOf http://t.co/swntBVvy7R
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@mdudas @Gogo "we are raising prices because...well, we can."@mdudas @Gogo overpricedHow Apple and IBM marketed the first personal computers http://t.co/r5e1aYBNts http://t.co/GcDnjyTv9X
Retweeted by David PakmanCongrats to Doctor on Demand! $50M in new funding for the best and most used telemedicine product! http://t.co/sVNirA1n48 via @VentureBeat
Retweeted by David Pakman@BenedictEvans if it was AI/KITT I would have invested! (But it was content)@rfradin join my AngelList syndicate@jamyn i stand corrected!@rfradin investor!@christianhern surprisingly, no!@Falkvinge I was hoping for KITTIt took 7 years, but I finally saw my first startup pitch that includes David Hasselhoff. #bucketlistTV guys invest $750M in Hulu. Then Hulu outbids Netflix for content from same TV guys. Got it. http://t.co/v5Jqdtih00A first look at the economic data on robots http://t.co/8uB2s9hT3y http://t.co/TGYl88rMEX
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Time Warner Cable will be the first to get hit with an @FCC #netneutrality complaint: https://t.co/17ilATQuEi
Retweeted by David PakmaniPhone Photography Awards Winners Revealed http://t.co/vTaZ52vM5A http://t.co/QqaRf8ASJg
@ajs small market (~$1B) relative to global advertising ($500B)@pmarca "Musician" makes nothing for song played on terrestrial radio, but songwriters make a lot more (than when played on digital).There are about 50M US kids who are asking, "Wait, @jeb_ is running for President??" #minecrafthumor@mikeisaac happy to tell you everything I know…@mikeisaac No, they did not. Frankly, Disney should have bought it.Curious about really big data? Join us June 18 to learn how the AppNexus data platform team processes 175 TB a day. https://t.co/paL1EPvHMK
Retweeted by David Pakman@mims one small caveat, still need macs to design/build phones/tablets/OSes. Likely to become specialty platform.This is awesome. Spotify’s #TasteRewind takes your musical prefs & builds playlists from the 00s, 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s. http://t.co/RkAWKZROQC
Every now and then the right things happen to the right people. Congrats @nwintroub ! http://t.co/p4P8ViDvRT
Retweeted by David PakmanSteve Perry of Journey at long last admits he made up "South Detroit"! http://t.co/bkiogab4riDC circuit court denies stay request. Net neutrality rules go into effect tomorrow ! Congrats America
Retweeted by David PakmanHuge props to @dickc for building up one of the most important companies in the galaxy."The Imperial March" by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra https://t.co/oTgOOGr9wm@kwhitehouse Wait, did you file that one?If you care about patent reform, and we all should, please check out @LincolnLabs @DerekKhanna's proposed changes. http://t.co/W6fmr28TOmWow, ADP must really feel threatened. "ADP Sues Zenefits for Defamation" http://t.co/ceXxDHQRkA
@jyarow artists get 15%-20% of total record company rev, sometimes 50% of streaming rev, after recouping. See this: http://t.co/lPFsCEu7eH@shaig @pkafka @jyarow 81%"Did Apple Music Have a Window To Disrupt and Not Take It?" by @djgeoffe on @LinkedIn https://t.co/9JxI5A8Uzf
Jack Ma's says it's possible #Alibaba will be bigger than Walmart globally this year. http://t.co/DWmNls0s7X
Retweeted by David PakmanFascinating to watch this. https://t.co/1CqOyBynsM
@karenallen @djgeoffe permitted? Apple Family Sharing exists today and requires a shared credit card.@karenallen @djgeoffe there are only 3M US families with 4 or more kidsLed Zeppelin debuts new track on...YouTube. https://t.co/UqruzkjdkaCheaper to be an Apple Developer than to pay for one year of #AppleMusic . https://t.co/vLHURp2cQFWhy the cost of Apple Music doesn't make sense. A good read from @pakman on music pricing http://t.co/g5ZZEB5tnx #WWDC
Retweeted by David PakmanApple Said to Build High-Speed Network for Fast Content Delivery http://t.co/qFE9rk0Vef via @businessHackerOne Connects Hackers With Companies, and Hopes for a Win-Win, via @nytimes http://t.co/aCZEKKFcjK
‘Le Selfie’, via @nytimes http://t.co/Nj41AKGyZ2
This is the sound of tens of thousands of homeowners electing a new East Hampton town supervisor.When I was a kid, budding promoters launched music festivals. Now they launch YouTuber/Viner/YouNower festivals! https://t.co/BWRmvX55S8
@schlaf also… 4) HR Dept bans services like Uber 5) PR dept prevents unfiltered blogging/tweeting 6) IT department blocks Facebook etcHow to Know If You Talk Too Much - HBR (needed this advice 10 yrs ago!) https://t.co/GA9kifax4O
A Rare Look At How Netflix Manages Security in the Age of DevOps http://t.co/xvh38JNEml via @WSJ"The tech arms race in AAA games - and why I'm abandoning it." Increasing costs with marginal improvements. http://t.co/wTwru7PjSd@bcmerchant That's true, they can be. It will be interesting to see how they manage that.@bcmerchant @randeedawn @lorakolodny Actually, they never said "as of now." They said no external ads "ever" which they have always said.@randeedawn @bcmerchant @lorakolodny @lorakolodny Entire exec team has consistently refused to adopt an ad model.@randeedawn @bcmerchant @lorakolodny @lorakolodny Just because they are showing promos, what evidence exists they are going to show ads?A great Wall Street trend: B-school grads endowing engineering schools. "Paulson Gives $400M to Harvard Eng School" http://t.co/hPWLebRVWjTrue for OSes but also for social networks and media platforms. Great observation by @benthompson http://t.co/CWv0FISKJT
@sawickipedia @sether no joke they still use okidata dot matrix printerskerning is important. http://t.co/msnjtJgYyG
Retweeted by David Pakman@mekosoff "so-called millennial generation". Such a silly article.
Awesome seeing 6K+ live fans helping @tyleroakley raise more than $500K right now on @YouNow http://t.co/0SzEAdOlGk #GetTylerTo7Million@daddymention Exactly. You seen anyone do the math?@daddymention More like LTV, but yeah.Has anyone estimated the economic value of launching a presidential campaign (assuming you don't get the nomination)?Messaging is just getting started (Fantastic thoughts by @thoughtwax, h/t @mdudas) https://t.co/vwRAroeWcr
@peretti let me be the first to tell you that you are an "online force"!@stevebryant nope, I do mean messages. Lots of "yep", "can you...", "home by 5"First impression of Apple Watch: we will message each other even more frequently but in shorter and shorter bursts.@pakman BuzzFeed Video gets more than 100mm YT views every single week
Retweeted by David Pakman@BenedictEvans nice. My daughter was like, "Dan and Phil get 5M views each video."@pakman @nytimes @JerrySeinfeld Coming up on 90million views myself. Not bad for a spare time hobby.
Retweeted by David Pakman@aweissman still waiting on that profile of captainsparklez...There are thousands of channels with far more than 100M video views on YouTube, but the @nytimes anoints @JerrySeinfeld as an "online force"
🔴 LIVE Adi on #YouNow - Come hear @YouNow's CEO Adi do a live Q&A http://t.co/FD9dzsEAgV http://t.co/NSP3q0iALA@jess exciting news! Congrats!
Machines are beginning to make inroads into everything humans are good at: http://t.co/3zrFIznajl http://t.co/ysIhqORLIy
Retweeted by David PakmanWe don't often think of Google owning a mobile messaging platform. "Gmail Now Has 900M Active Users, 75% On Mobile" http://t.co/01dlgwTFlhAvg consumer has 36 apps installed. 1 in 4 used daily and 1 in 4 never. Findings from a Google survey. https://t.co/MUNvzwioJn
Retweeted by David PakmanI'm a black ex-cop, and this is the real truth about race and policing http://t.co/mtSRhDyFIY
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