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I have a lovely wife and 6 amazing dogs. I collect vinyl and ties. Love The Smiths, The NY Islanders, rational thought and vegan food.

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CALL FOR ENTRIES! 35th Atlantic Film Festival Script Development program presented by @HG_Fund and @Telefilm_Canada http://t.co/0uwcQBOCFo
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Years from now history will look back on events of the past 2 minutes and refer to the whole episode as "The Great Quinoa Boil Over of 2015"Would you listen to a Thom Yorke song that lasted for 18 days? http://t.co/sT1Tx2Eo9f
Retweeted by Paul RyanEx-JW? I've written a novel you might like. https://t.co/reg7ct5qDu
Retweeted by Paul RyanFound this in an old record sleeve from like '81. I need the pin that says I Love Break Dancing. http://t.co/hhGpHGhNfS@cmandrecyk Absolutely. 2000 punches in every fight.Really pleasantly surprised by Daredevil on Netflix. The backstory isn't over done for a change. Quite enjoying it as a series.
@NatalieBorden1 Very obscure. Barely remember that one.@NatalieBorden1 Love Alphaville, and indeed they were.@NatalieBorden1 did you like the band Japan?@RemoZaccagna I can see it's appeal. To each their own and all that. Just played to foolish juvenilia too much for my taste.Can't help but feel that Garth Snow deserved to be a finalist for the NHL GM of the year award. Certainly as much as the three chosen.@RemoZaccagna Better than we expected and made us laugh some, but basically a show about d-bags for d-bags.@RemoZaccagna We watched a season or two. I regret every moment.@NatalieBorden1 We have actually just reached the Notorious part of the program@imashleymi People ask if I miss meat, and I don't at all, but very occasionally I miss a big cold glass of milk.@Hooberbloob That would have been great. Have you heard the Finn Brothers albums? The second one was especially great.Of all the gigantic hit singles Duran Duran had in their peak years, "New Moon On Monday" remains my favourite.Citrus on the grill? Sign. Us. Up. http://t.co/Ra98HW4Pn2 http://t.co/fkkwoXgqFh
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@mightyzo @trudi_e Some men also do bothLooking for a great job with a fantastic local company? We're HIRING part time sales associates! Send your resume to info@takeitoutside.ca!
Retweeted by Paul RyanTime has been so very kind to Rio. Such a flawlessly written, played and recorded record. #DuranDuran@EPBryn Mixed mostly. They're all rescues and adoptions.@EPBryn Sitting on a big couch with 6 dogs listening to old Duran Duran records :)Please pause now, for a moment, where we can each reflect on the co-workers we have that are dumber than this dog. http://t.co/jG9nGpGyIC
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@WayneCarterRad Good there, but running light on eye liner and scarves.@OceanOptometry Chronologically starting with the Brit version of self titled then the Canadian version of self titled. Not the other way ;)Friday night roster http://t.co/90CRZ9GdF1@Hooberbloob @MarkTTAC Best US based show on tv right now.@matthaldane He's a beautyThe Replacements on their SNL appearance in '86: ‘God almighty, what were we trying to prove?’ http://t.co/m2bQqfwm5L@HustleGrindCo I wouldn't even know where to find decaf.@huskermould Indeed. He's probably in a corner somewhere sobbing.New mug alert courtesy of @HustleGrindCo. There is zero decaf in there, know that. Check 'em http://t.co/tHWhJyfEqJ http://t.co/7O4r18vt4RThe gang at @ISL here in Halifax are looking for a Digital Marketing Strategist http://t.co/ia8E0nYucg@PurcelliRaptor @BexSaunders7 @gahanlebon Sure he's not at all grumpy about it being his birthday.Interesting stats and thoughts from Time + Space: Are More Canadians Cutting The Cord http://t.co/X2Igoa4Pi6 via @bessyn
@ianmarquette I would like to be there when you ask the questionI don't have an opinion on unions or striking, but the dudes picketing for Halifax Water Commission look like they're marketing a car wash.A couple beers, lots of laughs and great catch up conversation with the infamous @FindlayH@WayneCarterRad @jerryleewilson I missed most of this, but yeah, fuck people over 50.@CoyMoore Haha, fair game.@CoyMoore I'm fine in Sackville if I stay close to the strip.I have lived in HRM for over 40 years and it is easier to get lost in Dartmouth than it is in the entirety of the Greater Toronto Area.@huskermould absolutely@huskermould sort of weirdIt's a gorgeous day for lunch or dinner on our roof top patio! #parioseason #patio #restodining #lunchtime
Retweeted by Paul RyanMusic reviews criticize bands for sounding like Joy Division. If every band tried to sound like Joy Division we would have more great bands.
@huskermould Versus a team that's only won a couple cups in the last 35 years ;)@huskermould Ha. I have no stake in any of it. I've always been fascinated by the silly Habs/Leafs partisan foolishness of both fan bases.The new album by Ceremony is splendid. On my third straight play this afternoon.@grantisagrant Admittedly, this is true.Leafs fans: a bit early for the Stanley Cup parade Habs fans: stop being dicksSources say Mike Babcock has been hired by the Maple Leafs. Mammoth 8 yr contract believed to be around $50 million.
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Retweeted by Paul RyanHappy #HumpDay Halifax! Don’t forget that our members can benefit from #BuyingLocal - Check out our member discounts https://t.co/XWtp2Ja89O
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@huskermould Not even sure the monstrosity the old man wore was even a Jofa. More like a globe.@k4rv0x Indeed. Great to see him coming into his own this past year.Great to see Foligno get the C in Columbus. Such a complete hockey player and a real class act. http://t.co/6rOnkvMoJwThe return of @Hot_Chip this week brings some serious stripped-down summer funk: http://t.co/VoAk8e33Xp
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@EdGrant7 Ha. That's funny.
Everybody's moving, Everybody's moving, Everybody's moving, moving, moving, moving https://t.co/RQaNmo17DWMarina Abramović Is Very Pissed At Jay Z http://t.co/ds12xFMT1GBiden Loses Control Of Butterfly Knife During Commencement Speech http://t.co/WaaPOCA2I6 via @theonionWe reward bragging – our M2M program means that if your friend sets up a CUA account, you get a free gift card! #WinWin
Retweeted by Paul RyanWaiting for my next client meeting in a Starbucks, and "Thirteen" by Big Star just came on. Did not see that coming. Cool.@elliottkrista Linen/cotton blends are better, but I'm still just way too particular about pressing and wrinkles.Old people say even though linen gets super wrinkled, it's an "expensive wrinkle" Great. I still look like I slept in my blazer last night.Check it --> The Wild Story Behind All That Chrome Spray Paint in 'Mad Max: Fury Road' http://t.co/1lTGGHdZHq http://t.co/JZRl7VYj2g
Retweeted by Paul RyanSit back, relax, and let @Hootsuite take care of your #Facebook ads. For free: http://t.co/MibP4QRQv4
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@meganfluevog The song holds up like it was written yesterday.The video for “Love Will Tear Us Apart” was filmed 35 years ago today - http://t.co/bgix4WYPy7George Miller confirms sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road http://t.co/n54gXXTOCL via @coslive@joelkelly You bet. I forgot I already bought it 11 months ago. Almost purchased it again ;)Public Image Ltd announce new LP and huge wave of UK/EU shows http://t.co/65sRAVz7hl http://t.co/33GUr15F4p
Retweeted by Paul RyanMy friend @joelkelly wrote a book. You should buy it. http://t.co/BLZXCHNZYhNoel Gallagher claims that Bono can drink more than Morrissey http://t.co/MY52DX8UYt via @NMEWas enjoying the new Brandon Flowers album, then my wife said it sounded like Chris Deburg. Still like it, but now slightly less than I did.
@ajlburke Yeah not sure it's a brand new phenom to have the least literate songs on the charts, but it does seem really prevalent right now.Spinning an alternative classic. Still their best record for my money. #Mode #BlackCelebration http://t.co/pEgJCdSx2Z@huskermould Looks cool. Thanks mate.@dianamchard I get it. We've had that very same discussion a million times over the years. @SmoggyRandall@dianamchard Congrats. Sad to see you and @SmoggyRandall leave the area. Hate when we lose the good ones. Happening too much lately.It's a sad state of affairs when country music measures out with the highest reading level among garbage mainstream music genres.That's why you avoid music that plays on places where they still say things like "No. 1 singles" https://t.co/H3JClD7Qu1Please do me a favor and buy my book and tell everyone you know about it? Thank you!! https://t.co/cx55IyVSOU
Retweeted by Paul RyanDavid Bowie, New York, 1976. Photograph by Andrew Kent. http://t.co/Qo2n9mi9yb
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@im_adam_barrett That's fair, and it's impressive no question, but I'm just well past assigning much value to artistry based on album sales.@im_adam_barrett @wblakelives I get it with Kanye, but The Killers just seem like way too mediocre a band for that level of boasting.@im_adam_barrett I don't know. For me it's about letting the music speak for itself. A little bravado is fun I suppose. @wblakelivesHave you heard about the new #vegan burger in town? Meet the Buffalo Barley Burger, now a regular menu item😍 #halifax http://t.co/RyTWavwl2v
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@wblakelives No kidding. I don't hate The Killers, but they're largely average, derivative, and forgettable.I don't accept it Brandon. At all. https://t.co/L8coSLXhuV35 years to the day since his death, why Ian Curtis remains UK indie's most enigmatic icon http://t.co/wOd34MjFpF http://t.co/1FEjv59fMd
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Two beauty periods of hockey. Good stuff Canada.RT if you are excited for this year's @GreekFestHFX starting June 11! http://t.co/IXJ1TFCgH5 http://t.co/1ag6OSmZDR
Retweeted by Paul Ryan@RemoZaccagna Yeah same.Sweet goal by Ennis@RemoZaccagna we're streaming the world game and watching the Ducks game on TV@dianamchard The story arch really shifted and def felt more sexist. By the end I didn't care about any of the SOA characters. @murphytodd
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