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The 3 best experience design things we saw this week http://t.co/Ourcc4RRnn w/ @johnmaeda @globalmoxie & @TimOReilly http://t.co/qh0M8bTXeIWelfare & Entrepreneurialism, Infrastructure Secrets, Insectoid Robots, Hacking Hexbugs http://t.co/9j6q2ce8xp links via @gnat
The shape of software architecture http://t.co/LxOZUttEjI @rroumeliotis takeaways & lessons from O’Reilly's Software Architecture ConferenceHow DevOps revolution informs software architecture http://t.co/NZ6AnQ7LAI @Radar Podcast w/ @neal4d & @sarahnovotny http://t.co/i7inrn7847RT @mikeloukides: Why open data sets are important in biology (and elsewhere): http://t.co/I4tn8k8XY2New Data Show Podcast: @enachb on redefining power distribution using big data http://t.co/5U1nHjxzLc http://t.co/3mAZUY7HIzDesign’s role is to bridge context gaps http://t.co/eoRMEAMwPz @inkblurt on IA's role in IoT & challenge of context http://t.co/hk2gNuucIsGPU Graph Algorithms, Data Sharing, Build Like Google & Distributed Systems Theory http://t.co/i82j1zYq23 via @gnat http://t.co/VIsV0XAzWZ
Direct delivery of @gnat's Four short links now available > http://t.co/hZ2RBujDHW http://t.co/6bpFbMDXMlRT @mikeloukides: Is the future of the internet really Google Now & Siri? http://t.co/IsDzTQLZJSMT @betsyatoreilly: Full-stack dev has been a polarizing idea. How much do you need to know? @simonstl on @radar http://t.co/9mwpCsfpaeRT @mims: Why Hardware Could Yield the Next $10 Billion Startups - a conversation with @sama http://t.co/eeeXDrstK7The 3 best experience design things we saw this week http://t.co/B6ZEuRZArw http://t.co/y5haK2FDk7Empathy is a stepping stone to a more important place: understanding http://t.co/HvQIG09CNn @odannyboy on @Radar http://t.co/L0otLy1kbvSelling Customers, Classier Parsing, License Plates, and GitHub's CSS http://t.co/iKIbkbxBms via @gnat http://t.co/KviVbNTveP
RT @mikeloukides: Interesting: machine learning in security research to find all instances of known vulnerabilities http://t.co/KdpgLFXmgfData APIs, design, and visual storytelling http://t.co/ASQJ3XAxNo @ssebastien on how APIs improve visualizations http://t.co/I4uoV29zOjTomorrow 1pm ET/ 5pm UK: Free Data webcast w/ @Novettasol > Entity Resolution on Hadoop http://t.co/XOGHnT9LLZ http://t.co/k7tjPHibtoAgricultural Robots, Business Model Design, Simulations & Interoperable JSON http://t.co/SLZKDZyORJ > links via @gnat http://t.co/yYAdvmzh0n
RT @techreview: Magic Leap and HoloLens Demos Show Augmented Reality Challenges http://t.co/QGdrObGYx7Better things couldn't happen to your inbox: get @gnat's Four short links delivered M-F http://t.co/VQBB0iYsic http://t.co/Rr1WhEpaNCExperience Design Links and Fodder: UX evolution, tooting horns, and a rambunctious rant http://t.co/qNbB9xpjzq http://t.co/v7eVzUapNKDesign’s return to artisan, at scale http://t.co/d4FPpKIVoS @emenel is on this week's @Radar Podcast http://t.co/NL83Mw8pFzRT @marytreseler: Thank you @rochelleking for the pointer. Design In Tech Report 2015 http://t.co/YORDN0bvVG via @kpcbCross-device interactions and interusability http://t.co/eYWr247usG > excerpt from "Designing for the IoT" free ebook http://t.co/v53ueFxj0rRT @mikeloukides: It's not the death of the web, it's the death of the browser: http://t.co/mezvYWsguiToday's links via @gnat: USA Hire, AR Game, CS Cheatsheet, and 3D Printing Cured Resin http://t.co/t2TBQJt39K http://t.co/Zy4LCUWx88
"The best architects remove architecture by figuring out how to... @martinfowler http://t.co/Y8t1DB698G http://t.co/8kL6DKFz1LA software engineer’s role traversal http://t.co/HwfzUrjZSm @jasonamyers on changing roles in a changing market. http://t.co/GUTY2CdBNLWorship maintainers http://t.co/LF7hFYYKhy @simonstl > The future is maintenance: build for the inevitable. http://t.co/DlHDXI3M6dWhat the IoT can learn from the health care industry http://t.co/AjnkSNsILP @praxagora & @agropper on federated trust http://t.co/pGuex0rtvVMT @martinfowler: #OReillySACon here is the article on microservice prerequisites that was mentioned in the keynote http://t.co/WdEcOunFQmChanging Behaviour, Building Filters, Public Access, and Working Capital http://t.co/IXhGPyxE0K > links via @gnat http://t.co/6QFrJQqvDM
RT @jafurtado: Are We at a Tipping Point for Open Data? By Phill Jones | The Scholarly Kitchen http://t.co/nCb6ys92FAA software engineer’s role traversal http://t.co/HwfzUrjZSm @jasonamyers on changing roles in a changing market. http://t.co/h5DjVaoy0rMT @svpember: "A Software Architect is more analogous to a City Planner than an actual Architect", @martinfowler #oreillysaconThe magic design sauce: curiosity & serendipity http://t.co/PhKByIP73o @khoi on careers, cards & designer-founders http://t.co/AqsPyFzB7SRT @oreillysacon: "If 10% of people in any organization get behind an idea, the idea will be adopted" - @LoisKelly http://t.co/SdmWwkLbghToday's links from @gnat: Moonshots, Decacorns, Leadership, and Deep Learning http://t.co/WU7ZRARich http://t.co/Rt8IFDpm0o
Kathy Sierra’s new book Badass: Making Users Awesome — Real people are not Stock Photo people http://t.co/xHaTmfjZwU https://t.co/ElWwCLIzxRRT @ezraklein: The FCC released 400 pages of net neutrality regulations, and @binarybits read them all: http://t.co/BDfmXs6t0yMT @bigdata: new @radar post: Let’s build open source tensor libraries for data science http://t.co/9jGvoqJBbU http://t.co/A6ObH3zes6@kevmarmol @bigdata We're looking into it on our end. Apologies!MT @oreillydesign: What is the designers role in a programmable world? Explore w/ @emenel > free webcast 3/24 10AM PT http://t.co/9bUiq1RuZfOpen Source PA, Flintstoning Robots, Year of PAs & Infrastructure Curiosity http://t.co/KzGYyUxBFa via @gnat http://t.co/BKCWxJccl1
New @OReillyDesign online conference on design & IoT from @OReillyMedia: http://t.co/8w5Nk843QC http://t.co/PxxA658AnL
3 simple reasons why you need to learn Scala http://t.co/gFz4jyk1o0 > Excerpt from new book by @swartzrock http://t.co/TzV6t4OWYFNew @Radar Podcast w/ @stewartcollis > precision farming & data's impact on global agriculture http://t.co/kqr0nqC7mN http://t.co/giBQA7ETlnMT @timoreilly: What It Took These Four Women To Get Into Robotics http://t.co/c2JDKLqQIJ Good reminder of unintentional barriers, messaging10 thoughts for designers, wise words & open source surgery > Experience Design links & Fodder http://t.co/4DhXzRfQml http://t.co/JI7UvAJam2What should replace the project paradigm? http://t.co/Ez5Vkzcc0h @jezhumble on creating alignment at scale http://t.co/CZtlDWJtbQFrom innovation to mass market: Lessons for IoT http://t.co/bQi3pOlgZu Excerpt by @clurr in "Designing for the IoT" http://t.co/jjpBZWKULpRT @emmajanehw: There Is No Data vs. Intuition http://t.co/tnBkXh77Oo an excellent read by @rainypixels.Navigating the Hadoop ecosystem http://t.co/7715RcQoG3 New field guide from @ksitto & Marshall Presser http://t.co/MoUQbdbh6ZMarshal your data with entity resolution http://t.co/vpwl4mAMwM > on free webcast by Jenn Reed & @DaveAnalytics http://t.co/aAKN38vJepTurning Ph.D.s into industrial data scientists and data engineers http://t.co/1JpVYvODbn Data Show Podcast w/Angie Ma http://t.co/TmoqWw9diPMT @mikeloukides: A blockchain-based altcoin: IBM looking at adopting bitcoin tech for major currencies http://t.co/dlnExNZcCHToday's links via @gnat: Sad Sysadminning, Data Workflow, Ambiguous "Database" & Creepy Barbie http://t.co/3a3pJwZN5R http://t.co/97pXxzTRuC
Use qualitative & quantitative data to build better products. March 11, @lauraklein shares how to be #DataDriven http://t.co/2Ug3HlBHVz@lauraklein Whoops! I'll tweet a correction.MT @cpswan: @doctorow knocks it out of the park: 'Why spy? Because it’s cheaper than playing fair' http://t.co/O67UMIo0W6MT @kathykmy: Designing for #InternetOfThings: Free sampler @OReillyMedia design library http://t.co/UvqgTuzg5A http://t.co/H4ZOxAbawuUse qualitative & quantitative data to build better products. Next week, @lauraklein shares how to be #DataDriven http://t.co/2Ug3HlBHVzRobot Swarms, Media Hacking, Inside-Out Databases, and Quantified Medical Self > via @gnat: http://t.co/pKaCCroUxS http://t.co/aQhhBSxY6AMT @TheEconomist: Lab-type diagnostics for almost any population w/access to a smartphone http://t.co/iVnDtENdRm http://t.co/gGdqHd9rMLRT @WIRED: Disney's $1 billion bet on a magical wristband http://t.co/gMbTBYTfkY http://t.co/Zf5o9AksH2Public vs. private cloud: Price isn’t enough http://t.co/Fq0CTqjIA7 @jstogdill on risks relative to savings http://t.co/1vszvqrOOQRT @mikeloukides: The fight to kill the open Internet: heavily funded by the telecom monopolies. http://t.co/txXAd4pHBq
RT @MaryTreseler: This guy's light bulb performed a DoS attack on his entire smart house http://t.co/qSyZvhk2kc via @ThisIsFusionShareable Audio, Robot Relationships, ML for Programming & Geospatial Databases http://t.co/PkmJh5XS7e via @gnat http://t.co/VVldYtIFCH
Bridging the gap in big data silos http://t.co/hNGk3sKQl0 New @Radar Podcast w/ @jmcarny & @mabb0tt http://t.co/IAwn8bGoZA
Experience Design Fodder: Design & business, wise words, and software beyond a single device http://t.co/ZIT3UiHvI1 http://t.co/fNDp6JQeLwWelcome to the new VR http://t.co/9mqoGRT7RR @beaucronin > "VR is about to cross the chasm" http://t.co/RBnxqExL6sDesigning dynamic human-robot relationships http://t.co/qOSlAfiU53 @scottstropkay & Bill Hartman chat w/ @jonfollettDesign Fiction, 3D License, Web Funding, and API Magic http://t.co/Ffm8xIzDSL > @gnat Four short links http://t.co/BVOW3ilgUF
RT @WIRED: VR won't just amuse -- it’s poised to improve the lives of millions http://t.co/SC1wyqYZCyBridging the gap in big data silos http://t.co/mS6r4RWlIn New @Radar Podcast w/ @jmcarny & @mabb0tt http://t.co/fPdNV2qWn8Pandora’s box model http://t.co/iqTZDAAgX8 @briankardell > An experiment in containing stylesheet complexity http://t.co/Txp6qfxIABDesigning for technological context http://t.co/UvqgTuzg5A @emenel excerpt > "Designing for the Internet of Things" http://t.co/ls8ZSCsCU7A Brief History Of UX Design http://t.co/IeOeLDu1fL Looking to the past to see where we're headed - HT @MaryTreseler http://t.co/HijIEWd9VAWeb Grain, Cognition & Computation, New Smart Watch & Assessing Accuracy > via @gnat http://t.co/xGEAyS9fkW http://t.co/j5ZFZpQuui
Radar Podcast: @marcharlier "Designers need to think about how they change people’s behaviors" http://t.co/b6owRcqtfy http://t.co/tLDNmhR79cMT @kathykmy: @timoreilly: Silicon Valley is massively underestimating the impact of #IoT http://t.co/v9Z5GUQckE http://t.co/g5PRqyTEPtEmpathy is a state of mind, not a specific technique http://t.co/JdvrRVwqUd @scottjenson on the paradox of empathy http://t.co/g2JOyLTQtDGo Microservices, Watch Experience, Multithreading Bugs & Spooks Ahoy > @gnat Four short links http://t.co/NqF36IsZZw http://t.co/Xn0ZcFTF5Z
RT @scifri: Roboticists are using E. Coli to power microscopic robots. http://t.co/drY23Er2kf http://t.co/HIZGKUJnxZHoles in qualitative & quantitative testing > @lauraklein 7 user research myths & mistakes http://t.co/dxEubiWNUq http://t.co/0pCwGZhF5oYear Zero: Our life timelines begin http://t.co/QmiUWdp1qn @acroll "This will fundamentally change how we live" http://t.co/JtXHqWutbeFour short links via @gnat: Wearable Warning, Time Series Data, App Cards, and Secure Comms http://t.co/PUP5xUJ9ko http://t.co/67k6CHMA2U
"I’m putting more trust in communities than corporations" Saying goodbye to Apple, Google, Microsoft http://t.co/pCqrW6ZCo1 HT @globalmoxie"Virtual reality is now an arms race" MT @mikeloukides: What is Valve doing in VR? This is going to get interesting http://t.co/QpqGZr6HBLWhat experts do: Curse of the intermediate http://t.co/hTeIyZpxhm Free excerpt from Kathy Sierra's new book http://t.co/ntgu6pz49QOnboarding UX, Productivity Vision, Bad ML, and Lifelong Learning > @gnat's Four short links: http://t.co/EZr6c8MtPj http://t.co/TUzoH5NH77
#NoEstimates and the "yearning to break the bonds of estimation" http://t.co/fOQOXSv0SaOur top experience design links: UX in ops, designing car-free cities, an MVP checklist http://t.co/H0CRiwekeD http://t.co/qmg3tBrUrO@dberkholz Apologies for the truncated RSS feed. You should be able to now get full stories here http://t.co/BVKg1wkN5o"I think of GPG as a glorious experiment that has run its course" - @moxie http://t.co/n3vrfRx85rToday's Four Short Links from @gnat: #NoEstimates, Brand Advertising, AI, and GPG BeGone http://t.co/3QrtQGw5pI http://t.co/NEjEqQK0tS
New at #FluentConf 2015: Intensive 2-day trainings on topics such as Node security, WebRTC, and building native apps http://t.co/0iJcA7oE7f@dberkholz Thanks for the heads up. I'm looking into it - Mac
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