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I ask questions. I #disrupt credulity.

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2000 years of #pricing wisdom http://t.co/g9C03dH4V9 http://t.co/Ig1Sx8EflbAs purely cynical tactics go, "25 Under 25" lists (and their ilk) rank somewhere between clickbait and Who's Who books.
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanSince @mims tweeted 2 #iPadAir2 reviews and none of which are @JoannaStern's from his own @wsj here it is http://t.co/WWuiVqyQEnI wonder what to make of this Sprint iPhone 6 commercial. Who are they mocking? http://t.co/IzdYC2tUVaIKEA says, " the first thing we design for a furniture is its price tag", I bet Apple's first design element for its products is also price@wimrampen this changes everything
Guys, if you witness a peer being inappropriate/saying a sexist "joke" to a woman you work with, call them out. #womeninflight
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanConversations in four tables around me at Starbucks is about demand genBosses want hires with critical thinking skills. Trouble is, no one can say what those skills are. By @melissakorn http://t.co/Ytoocc9mB9
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@kannonboy there is a more famous Rags Srinivas you likely are referring to :)@mattwensing the nice folks at @stormpulse delivered! Matt saved my dayI tweet how happy I am with brands just so the intern managing their twitter account will favorite or retweet itRT @WSJ: Tips for wearing Indian clothes in the U.S.: http://t.co/S5ibHB55tU  http://t.co/2vO38LW8MW #HappyDiwaliI think #fitbit analogy is too small for this scale of data collection http://t.co/bNlaf1fVaG #BigData
#BusinessModel is? http://t.co/TYsRVryae3Mobile service providers and Comcast say they doubled the speed for middle and higher tier. Why isn't Apr advertising thus for 64GB & 128GB?Mark the ASP of iPhone and iPad in today's $aapl earnings. Do it again next quarter to see the jump.If the leaders are natural the habits are derivative right? http://t.co/4nbrEretEuWhat can #startups lean about disruption from #STLRams special teams playNationwide’s data driven approach to business challenges http://t.co/UTCfHe2TcAIf customers want to believe in the story and pay a premium, let them. Why regulate? http://t.co/SONpW6zox8“@peterl: @rags the difference between games of chance & games of skill is generally misunderstood, but matters in decisions.” #measureYou know the end is nigh when you hear, " this startup is Yo for ..." http://t.co/tD6Qzp5FWnOne wonders what appear to be Product leaks are really attempts to validate market and features http://t.co/C3h01EyV9z
@peterl if you see the solution you will find the problem was poorly explained :(What I didn't get in this #cartalk puzzler was it wasn't one randomly selected person tossing with @BillGates http://t.co/WXRj7Qzppn@RaquelHirsch i wonder what about my gait makes me question this derivative post and the selective non-clinical study@sachinuppal if only I can get over post purchase painThis means #BigData http://t.co/wv504HlWr6Coming in at #7 in @TheEconomist business school ranking @BerkeleyHaas http://t.co/PBWdh8fMm3 #in http://t.co/ZMRDOpmuUY@om i find it par for the course - if articles on 7 ways to improve business are acceptable so are these. Same genre.@om Yes! However we could argue that those with modesty chose not to get on it.I am thinking of buying MacBookAir now vs. waiting till March as I know that version will make me spend more like the 64GB iPhone 6
What is the difference between a dry cleaner and Apple? http://t.co/7gx3qINdub Use password: no32GBMore like those who rule the future gets to tell stories http://t.co/yDxfmtyPimAnd spelling skills? http://t.co/ac4qC9pBWvI ask lot more questions to keep up the average as most are not asking any@avinash @NewYorker I thought first it was BorowitzBy now you bloggers should know that if Apple finds a way to make new profit by offering a certain feature they will find a way to offer itHere's why Apple doesn't have a MacBook Air with a Retina display http://t.co/rBrla6qxJi wrong answer! It's about net new profit@piplzchoice the moment I become quotable I run the risk of fast degradation to Being called a Guru. Scary ;)Experiments Show the Allure of Uncertainty - yeah but don't draw overreaching broad conclusions and use cases http://t.co/VPfWdWOh3HMarie-Antoinette probably never said,"let them eat cake" http://t.co/ziiSXSiAzNGood Communication Is a Big Part of Smart http://t.co/no6bVT6iC7@Kellblog we have unit test, integration test etc. for code. we sorely lack QA process for business tools and business decision making@spf13 @mtrifiro or to not think all advice we give are anything but good advice
Walking with my child to school each day, it occurs that crossing guards aren't there to stop children making bad choices, but drivers.
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan#iPadAir2 is 18% thinner. Your wallet will be 20% thinner when you splurge $100 more to get 64GBWhen size of iPad target segment shrank, Apple went for getting current segment to spend moreIs @JoannaStern the new @waltmossberg. Great writing and reviews like this http://t.co/Wuf4r9T7ib take note @KevinCTofel"Oh my gosh, it's getting worse and worse. Who's in charge here?" Harvard prof on #Ebola response http://t.co/gggRKGgOIFIt was the very definition of asinine behavior, but enough about people standing in line for iPad http://t.co/oN2y6CqEbnIn the days of cloud everything I am surprised people are happier to may big premiums for more GB on their device.The most impactful #iPadAir2 design element is the storage option. Higher ASP, higher profits and happier customers. #16GB64GB128GBRT @rags "When you make 60%+ margin on horse feed it is hard to innovate on electric cars" #innovation
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@piplzchoice wow, you remembered this@RaquelHirsch as long as the individual still has the choice including not working for these companies , can we say it is a benefit?
@getlocbox @kevaldesai @neilpatel is reading 7 obsolete tactics one of them?With help from Pigou and Bayes I called the 16,64,128GB iPad storage. I say effective pricing. Wonder what @gruber will say.@mims @lanicossette when i first entered 'computer center' I wondered who among the many working was the compiler who'd give me machine codeIt's Apple announcement day, a.k.a Day of Quartz whipping up sensationalism to get page views
Meat eaters, you're not doing a favor to plant eaters when you decide to switch to plant during lunch meetingIf you think this article is purely organic and no PR teams from brands were involved, you are new to marketing http://t.co/YBLi3GTH4eGrowth hacking success comes down to details http://t.co/LHaD1Ln0lOEven Empty Jails Lack Appeal - bring on AirBnB for empty jails http://t.co/vxNUFI01GX
What makes for good TV on #SharkTank are not good behavior on either side of the tableI got 4/5 right - Guess the party from just 6 frames in the campagin ad via @wsj http://t.co/ToxEXmhaBEThe #SharkTank investors say, "it's business", when negotiating. Then why the hugs on closing?@SusynEliseDuris sure"Your survey questions are all wrong" - @LoveStats http://t.co/6H8lbXjuCM #mrx
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@SusynEliseDuris I appreciate it Sue #goBoulderMarc @Benioff Facts via @mycervello #genius #DF14 http://t.co/SE7WvGWX7i
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@mims Chicago economists have done real work on this http://t.co/P0l6uxrLaDRetailers hiring executives who are more valued for their ability to run large organization than their gut instinct http://t.co/KL9tAknktu@mattwensing why these basic principles that hitherto no else claimed now get attributed to a popular person?
@mims vice or virtue #pricing starts with customer segment, needs and budget they are paying from@mims indeed@chriswaldron when a stranger at airport starts with,"u must know this" I wonder if it is because I look the part or ...“@jasonhiner: "We all have two lives. The second one begins when you realize you only have one." —Confucius” and a #deepity @danieldennett@emeyerson you don't say it is the same thing :)
What’s All That Data Worth? @WSJ http://t.co/HHnj5hzCwII have little trust in those with all the answers and whole lot trust in those with all the questions
How you make decisions says a lot about how happy you are http://t.co/YwE49ZEKAp http://t.co/ZFD65P8rMJ
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanWhen you hear, "we've a mattress to fit your budget", you should be careful not to reveal your budget.@mims and the lurking variable is?I don't like tipping. I believe it is a way of cost based pricing"It isn't cocksure forecast; it is a deep humility in the face of irreducible uncertainty" - not your average Guru http://t.co/Y8sxIp7UsQ@hnshah the question is are the relevant factors considered and are of equal - weight, likelihood and cost to avoid“@WSJ Nobel committee has been looking for an Indian since their Gandhi snub http://t.co/8Nd08PtSnX
@ccz1 you can bet you are found to see articles in your linkedin stream@mims we have enough snarky writers here. sorry no vacancyDon't bother making meatless burger look-feel-taste like beef burger. Make the plant based burger appealing."It's a game changing victory" - whatever that means http://t.co/wCEqarJDKPHow do you sell $7000 trike? You start with segmentation, positioning (no pun) and what budget are they paying from http://t.co/HxWLYVbKHM
@avinash If you want to live longer die late?@RaquelHirsch oh no! are the teens growing up so fast? not enough people growing into teens?Will the Amazon store clerk say, "customers also bought", "pick 10sec delivery for $$ more" - or all Amazon jokes taken?Don't talk about pricing to a person who doesn't have to pay #HeardOnNPR #pricing@mattwensing isn't the startup mantra get out of the building?
@mims i see @gruber continuing to make a case 16GB iPhone 6 is punitive. It is not. It is effective price discrimination
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