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I ask questions. I #disrupt credulity.

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I would rather have the food delivery service give me lower price than donate a meal for every meal I order. #econ101Seems like any profession - To get hired you need to stand out. To stay hired bond in. http://t.co/j3V1TL2nJG@mims @laurenweberWSJ I guess it comes down to who's brand and matters and whether the individuals offer visible differentiated valueIt is not investor interest or customer interest - investor interest cannot be served if customer interests are not.Are you marveling at Apple's cash pile? They belong to its investors, willingly given by rabid fans of their products.
@fmanjoo i remember your piece on this before @mims in @wsj. Commendable you admit that was an error.@rshevlin I am disrupting gurus :)While @gruber wrote 16GB on lowest iPhone6 was bad for customers, $6.2B in net new profit from ASP increase says it wasn'tHere is a lesson for business success - Sell more at higher prices and keep more of what you take in https://t.co/yC79KPuCFa33% of Apple's $18B profit came just from iPhone 6 pricing and introducing iPhone6+. ASP of $687 vs $603 on 74 million iPhones.When you make $18B profit a quarter you can afford to take huge risksSocial media companies rest easy, ACLU is not talking about you https://t.co/fYg3Va4L8LIf u think social media mktg is succeeding, don't let me ruin your delusion. If u want to know WHY it's failing: http://t.co/yEWQpoPH72
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanYou may credit the #seahawks fine system but it is likely regression to the mean that explain performance http://t.co/aPtltJK5ZjAnyone using NFL metaphors in business don't know business or NFL http://t.co/atg8fKRWqYPower of defaults and status quo bias for Cable and choice complexity of alternatives ensure we don't cut cord http://t.co/6U1JARVDQm
So you want to call the #SuperBowl like a pro http://t.co/5rtaEGUluyIf this iPhone ASP prediction holds, $AAPL will make $4.2B in new profit just from no 32GB and iPhone6 http://t.co/4wiZchMZJm
Yeah, I wasn't going to these restaurants because they weren't on social media https://t.co/ZSdLMKUR8K@mattwensing fine I am not famous :)0Some really good ideas sound stupid at first, http://t.co/PBBXtGlXvq“This book was very informative and insightful but it did talk me out of launching a Groupon deal due to the payout” http://t.co/pVRUzBFY9qOur Campanile. 100 yrs young. Share yr Sather Tower story! http://t.co/tuxk4Gf7Kc #Cal #GoBears http://t.co/WMK9SEVeiq
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@mattwensing is that creating differentiated value and getting a fair share of it?@pmarca @kevaldesai most marketing research don't work because they are done wrong@pmarca @kevaldesai Cannot make sweeping claim from two available data points - we don't know about all that failed@avinash no no, it is a product targeted at those in analytics business."Having an ounce of integrity is an awful lot to demand of any NFL owner" http://t.co/uYegRbkt3R"I would like people to understand and trust the scientists who study these for years" #vaccination http://t.co/E0AhR1Ccvs@bhc3 @wimrampen and those who back on KickStarter?
Data Analysis Is Helping Farmers Increase Yields http://t.co/2ZasgmPKyR #DataScience
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanWith services like Instacart you pay for delivery, add on for items, add on for distance, tips for delivery and price markupAfter Apple watch wearing fitness devices is going to be like carrying CD-man"What can #deflatefate teach us about business" -- this I would approve if it is about #data and looking for falsifying evidenceFascinating how everyone gets variance and why lack of it among 11 ball pressure readings implies foul play in #DeflateGate That is #stat.When you look at the data like @CEB_Challenger did, myths about sales performance shatter http://t.co/qleGZBojc2?
Nurturing tomorrow's time travelers starts yesterday“@TurboTax offers an apology and $25 each to angry customers facing higher charges this year http://t.co/nLSwv5377o http://t.co/b8G5wAQOUXThere is Apple way to raise prices and then there is TurboTax way. One results in billions in new profit, other in apology and brand hit.
Stop assuming that everyone is aligned on the vision for your products http://t.co/CrVKk0hH9k
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan
@RaquelHirsch https://t.co/RPOES4Rm3Y“@logicalblock: @rags TRUE! It's our job to justify why what we price is appropriate compared to the value we provide #segmentation” #wordI'll let you in on a secret, it is not our customers' job to offset our costs or ensure we make a profit. #pricingThe only thing that works is price driven #costing not #pricing to offset costs http://t.co/wvuNl5WxEc
Where 12” Retina Macbook Air fits in the continuum https://t.co/Xuibs3gOAF http://t.co/v2n0ivT0AM@vkhosla @kevaldesai Page rank all over again?Yes, Apple will introduce iStylus if it can get you to pay. http://t.co/jEQgkN3kFb@priceintel either way, showing value created and then showing share of that value as price is the only right approachThe value distribution - who is creating and capturing downstream value here? http://t.co/KFyFFXMj3iThis #pricing is wrong on many levels, despite your emotional reaction. https://t.co/SX9w4LH2zj@vikkichowney @kevaldesai @buffer the problem is https://t.co/ftOPThZIaq@avinash but it is the journey, right :)What is the difference between @turbotax increasing prices and Apple increasing iPhone6 prices? value partitioning between versions.As I have been saying all along. Media turns against #fitness wearables by @kaviguppta http://t.co/GRuBOwUfWU@ronaldbaker Sowell is someone whose reasoning. I agree with but disagree with conclusions@chetansharma ha you waited
"Seattle was playing to win", "Greenbay played not to lose" - you can bet on these advice articles tomorrow@thereaIbanksy #deepityNow @nntaleb makes sweeping call regardless of data https://t.co/X97832mgkwOh #PackersNation you should've gone for 2“The probability of baby catching fire spontaneously is bleak” http://t.co/r0TXEzu4Nq@emeyerson "media ignoring sensitive topics is being ignored by media" - no wait,What is my basic advantage in a financial market dominated by professionals? Invest got long term. http://t.co/lKdL7OhHLGWhen the world is worried about deflation, you'll see Apple saw ASP increase. Do you have effective #pricing? http://t.co/WTLWWWFFbBBayesian reasoning says #Packers will lose to #Hawks but @chetansharma shouldn't book #superbowl tickets yet http://t.co/bDACbFUFEj"Many lack the ability to construct a cohesive argument or see logical fallacy" - don't worry this is not twitterati http://t.co/8o64j91pbU
I posit Google bus is the MVP for google's self driving carA big use case for teleporter use weight lossHow do you sell snake oil? Create uncomfort with the incumbent snake oil #marketingBreakfast on a pizza? Yes, at Emily in Clinton Hill http://t.co/3O38eTnuz9 http://t.co/Om8pdK3xHC
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@emeyerson can't these guys hack into test results database and fix it so they can get hired?
It is safe to assume vested interest in any scathing attack of or glowing tribute to a startup - until data proves otherwise."If you're selling thru my platform, you're selling to my customers. Not yours" - when you let channels take control http://t.co/dBKdKAldpcMiddle East Turns Back the Clock - if we credited social media for the revolution, the effect is fleeting http://t.co/UR1ETrfh9F
Using big words to look smart? http://t.co/DCyKlrQgKF
The road ahead is named the same as the road behind #deepity"While often inspirational, he has a tendency to get far out over his skis" - says @wsj, not about @mims lucky :) http://t.co/Ugdzes6IET
"There’s no point in attending church if we use it as an opportunity to judge our neighbors" http://t.co/FHtBHqvlyC
When you take the only option available, however uncertain the outcome is, it doesn't qualify as risk taking#Packers should've gone for 2, time to risk is when you have options and time to recover.@MarionDebruyne congratulations on your bookJust so two insurance salesman could play in #SuperBowl2015 @PeytonManningGo and @AaronRodgers12 should winYou ready for $1B in additional profit for Apple this quarter? http://t.co/5oFQwdUzcB #pricingI think it says somewhere in Ts and Cs of being a valley entrepreneur that one must not only tweet but also email advice and sermonsSignificance of Random Flukes: http://t.co/yBvVlfX8Gk
#France's most famous cartoonist, 87 yr old Uderzo - father of Asterix - comes out of retirement for #CharlieHebdo. http://t.co/ytGZ1SrBV7
Retweeted by Rags SrinivasanI am starting "Cuddlr" for intelligent conversations.#jeSuisHashtagActivist http://t.co/SMIxsqgcIn$10 toast. $40 blow dry. $80 cuddle. Are there any more layers left in Maslow's pyramid? http://t.co/0PAKyU7vML"Just cuddle" is barely scratching the surface, bring on $20B valuation http://t.co/jsJ5xyGDFu
@emeyerson what has cost got to do with pricing?Blogged: "Trust In Process, Not People" http://t.co/4kZ4hEQVzS > How hero worship, even of a genius like Jeff Bezos, leads us astray.
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@mims capitalism, right? use one artificially inflated instrument to buy another artificially inflated one.@mims at any given day how many investment bankers are pitching the same to twitter execs?
@Reddy @WSJ is there another possible explanation for the correlation http://t.co/lm1VxjKTUmBill Watterson was prescient #advertising http://t.co/j7r4BYqNXQ@rshevlin Happy New Year to you too Ron. Here is to more Snarketing in 2015!Price Discrimination At The Altar of God - Revisited #pricing http://t.co/KlTE2Q6VW1“short, simple explanations of complex brain functions that often make for good headlines rarely turn out to be true” http://t.co/8GnCphIXBv
The change in the perception was so big that the average customer spend went from €5 to €12 #pricing http://t.co/80CXEKVFCr
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