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Rags Srinivasan @rags Boulder-Berkeley-Bay Area

I ask questions. I #disrupt credulity.

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Asked Siri why is it cloudy got reply - it is not cloudy. http://t.co/mMz9NxG1BD@om for stories they could be hiding, yes@rjweeks70 likely you are not the target segment
@rjweeks70 may be you are not seeing opportunity cost of reading free but bad articles ( including mine)Hopefully not used , and of course it is the reason for his success https://t.co/P3zosO0g4a@mtrifiro https://t.co/UXMqedpJ7V "Success in selling digital goods does not require a whole new way of thinking about business"@mtrifiro being copied really means substitutability and commoditized. Differentiation depends on what segments value@rjweeks70 You want to find what information people value and willing to pay for https://t.co/UXMqedpJ7V@rjweeks70 berkeley means business @BerkeleyHaasFloyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao weigh in tickets selling for $600 — and you still complain about paywall http://t.co/st088VDAAAImagine all the data that is generated and collected while millions of those movies are played. #LongLiveData https://t.co/MktkawLnIcSmart kids these days aren't wasting time calling out the emperor has no clothes. They are selling the same to the subjects. #SiliconValleyConfusing. Evidently clear to many others https://t.co/dU43knbj3fIf you are a #Bayesian it is lower https://t.co/ZhcgMkmelMThe right lesson from Buffett- pursuit of unchanging goals through ever changing means http://t.co/b5Yutnz2e8Health food advertising or management advice depends on customer willingness to be fooled http://t.co/GWShPvnA8tStudy: Cosmic Rays Could Leave Travelers Forgetful - may be we' e all been to Mars, just forgot about it http://t.co/6nu19joTEoHighly motivated students-like those sign up for test prep- are more likely to improve regardless http://t.co/9s1Fmhbq0h
@rshevlin who joins new job on FridayWearing a Suit Makes People Think Differently http://t.co/9nfS2kAbCk Hawthorn effect“@KeHay: A day in the life of Melinda Gates http://t.co/dBkbCFRGJ9 via @WSJYou can bet your $5K iMac the real COGS for Apple are far lower because of their near monopsony power. http://t.co/XrX3RYhzx3If you mocked those who bought SBUX $50 gift card for $200, Apple watch costs just 25% of its price. #pricing http://t.co/XrX3RYhzx3You don't on your medical records, they are controlled by others. Time to change that http://t.co/ihbLZtHPHHI can give you 10 second summaries for you on Seth Godin and other management books https://t.co/2jKoRMzK6C
Red. Herring. @scroll_in: dress female teachers in lawyer's robes to prevent love affairs with students. http://t.co/9pq5RBSDRh
Retweeted by Rags Srinivasan@qz @mims the article surprisingly well balanced and never makes the claim the click bait title makes
"Six rookie mistakes to avoid in Net Promoter program" - 1. Using oneYou laugh but don't forget you praised Good to Great and 7 Habits https://t.co/XBEJa9yuZG
You really don't feel that guilty to pay $200 to get your mom $50 gift card do you? http://t.co/5KAJY4Fq7h @zachdillonYou won't get better schooling than this on boas free churn rate math https://t.co/mElJGyJJDtSometimes you just need an excuse for bozos with money to part with it - be it apple watch or $50 gift card for $200 https://t.co/gs0r9RCheN@zachdillon never underestimate the area under left tailiPhone ASP fell from $687 in Q1'15 to $660 in Q2'15. Fewer Plus and 128GB buyers?We will generate 16 zettabytes of data in 2015, and double every year. But only a fraction is analyzed. #LongLiveData http://t.co/gclw0Z9fpl"Tomorrow's Internet will draw in massive amounts of data to help us make better decisions" #LongLiveData - Nest CEO http://t.co/gclw0Z9fpl
@zachdillon wish I have read last such half baked articlesOh darn it, been waiting in line for Apple watch at University Ave only to find it was for that ice cream sandwich store@dannysullivan @RaquelHirsch I think someone will invent a neck band for the analog watch@RaquelHirsch @ShlomoArgamon let us have a sit down, we can address all conflicts hereOf course before you draw causation, look for lurking variables that drives both. https://t.co/djFp2ty2E8@RaquelHirsch @ShlomoArgamon I stand corrected@ShlomoArgamon @RaquelHirsch I had to sit down for this@RaquelHirsch Hawthorne effect and not sure if the results are lasting - your truly skepticThat makes the entire class of bloggers as tweeners https://t.co/EnS7jFPKkj
“@nytimesbusiness: The founder of Drybar says, “We’re not selling blowouts. We’re selling happiness and confidence.” http://t.co/97AUnDTsvBIf you are not paying subscriber of Times and @wsj pieces on box surely you can read the regurgitated blog post from qzTwo very well written in-depth articles on future of Box: @nytimes http://t.co/ymasiGkjpB and @wsj http://t.co/sJJNbt9sg8@avinash seeing his early works at Barcelona I can see how meticulous he was with following bothProbability these numbers were made up and don't stand the test of data? https://t.co/TC9mXPSzE0Chances someone will take this up given 100 people see this is? https://t.co/dyB3isUMitThis is #Bayesian probability https://t.co/cdLrOa4i33I bet the probability someone won't get conjunction fallacy is far higher than the probability they won't get general biases"Here is how You should think", is not #leadershipThose pesky scientists don't get innovation. https://t.co/qL15qFszYa"Everybody has to wager a little, but there is one correct way to revise probabilities with new information" #BayesPeople make relative judgments and use only objects that are ways to compare - reference price effect http://t.co/i9QB4POjGr"As you expand your scope of comparison, you should be able to make more reasonable decisions" http://t.co/i9QB4POjGr"The lawn is arguably the most foolish, annoying, destructive entity on earth" says Joe Queenan in @WSJ http://t.co/UueM09IB0e@mims then you are not the target segment, but they will target you after the current one help defray the fixed cost
Put data to work. #LongLiveData https://t.co/6RlSVjpGngYes making things up is protected under First Amendment. If you can run a invite only $25K ticket conference peddling snakeoil please do.
Yes making things up is protected under First Amendment. If you can get a TV show peddling placebos please do.I think to say to someone,"great start", is disingenuous. Everyone one knows there is a 'but' coming. #leadership #management@NatashaSamani almost trivially true,I wrote this 6y ago on #pricing airport water https://t.co/gPU0ml6MKg now @MiddleSeat shows more data http://t.co/BJVo5kFEwbCooler than Your Average Sweatpants: Mr Porter Launches Athleisure- different customer #jtbd http://t.co/UHVWLsapCUSometimes faster horse is the product http://t.co/898FVAkXBt
No question, let us assign causation here. https://t.co/2bnITdWXlvI am vegetarian and I favorited tweet on Earth Day - done my partThe ultimate value distribution - https://t.co/mGptJQYnmN@mims who is the Lord Voldemort who feeds of Unicorn blood ?Study: No Link Between Vaccine and Autism - sure this will change minds http://t.co/uVW84sfv4D
@RaquelHirsch never underestimate the market size of left tail@RaquelHirsch @rjweeks70 http://t.co/ozbDCFAaFX "the readings are so general that you'll think they are about you"
How Well Do You Really Know Yourself?cc: @prithium http://t.co/ozbDCFAaFXI am writing my management success book based on this. https://t.co/DO9KbTVvsu
RT @HarvardBiz: 9 Things Successful People Do Differently http://t.co/teMw5B5Iz6 http://t.co/3SysTpees3 this from issue on cognitive biases@wimrampen http://t.co/FpxQMNGHt4 remembering information that supports your opinion better than information doing the opposite“just more data, more readily available” -> better decisions. @mims in @wsj #LongLiveData http://t.co/DTRCds47DJReally no one can live without #statistics if we want to program machines and not be eaten by them as @mims said https://t.co/OYei91ib2h#Bayesian or #frequentist? https://t.co/SIKa3ttlY7Sane advice https://t.co/kY36fII6QI@RaquelHirsch have you seen The Experiment http://t.co/tyGGjgoVPd“Seven habits of highly confident people” - not that different from books you read http://t.co/AE3QcKxsZS@mims of course.Think about every market is a 2-sided marketThe disrupters you extol really want to become the monopolists you despiseUnfortunately the layered sophisticated case made by the article is going to be lost among most https://t.co/1siUq6qiyJThe best ROI for business education according to @FortuneMagazine @BerkeleyHaas http://t.co/HLodOyx2Ne http://t.co/JmD1uHm1ezDon't underestimate the profit potential of Apple watch by sending signals thru wrists to nudge us to buy more Apple productsWill The Customer With High Willingness To Pay Please Step Forward - how Apple does product development https://t.co/dHfAigcADkWhat Apple watch could be- Nothing more enlightening than reading regurgitated opinions of self proclaimed product specialistsNot that there is anything wrong with this, people have the option of not paying attention https://t.co/bL9pVKRBoa
@RaquelHirsch Aries?@RaquelHirsch "parts of every profile will fit everyone"@RaquelHirsch nice pun@rjweeks70 Aldus Huxley's classes, religion, school, cities, beliefs, gurus, Harry Potter sorting hat -- same thing@rjweeks70 there is inherent desire to fit within a category and have someone tell us who we are - these things help fill that needFeed back to clients what the clients just told them - management consultants http://t.co/HYyfC3k9c5
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