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Rob Ruminski @ruminski Melbourne, Australia

Politics. Music. Moving pictures. Beer. Food. Baseball. Assorted detritus. Opinions belong to whoever poured my drink. RTs mean we're going steady. Lumbersexual

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Momma, here comes midnight, with the dead moon in its jaws...@kateiselin That's more like it, princess.@kateiselin That halo is made of tinfoil wrapped around a bent-out-of-shape coat hanger.@kateiselin I'm a bit drunk. And distracted. But you wouldn't know anything about that.Sext: it put's the lotion on its skin.Guitar owned by Johnny Ramone sells at auction for £47,950 http://t.co/zHfb4i5bAc
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiMan Married To Queen Becomes Knight Of Country Where A Man Can't Marry A Queen...
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@Dan_0 @thirstyinmelb @thewobblythong @michalowski @cailyoung @LeMandapantz @mattbrick1 en route.@Dan_0 @thirstyinmelb @thewobblythong @michalowski @cailyoung @LeMandapantz @mattbrick1 I should be there around 4.@ruminski 👕👖📲🙌
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@ruminski foolish. You’d be a dickhead if you’d found it in wet washing.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiIn possibly related news, I am a dickhead.I JUST FOUND MY PHONE. In my dirty laundry pile.Day three of missing phone. To my great surprise, my head hasn't actually exploded.Has anyone ever watched football and thought "Man, what baseball needs is an illegal formation penalty?"
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski
@Dan_0 @cailyoung @LeMandapantz @thewobblythong @michalowski @beergirlbites I might pop in for a couple.#nowplaying Fits my mood today perfectly. https://t.co/gzdXlAfwWn
I have had a supremely awful day. Haven't felt this bad about myself in a very long time.@AleOfATime I'll take anything at this stage.Home. Still no phone. Not good.I am going to deal with the disappearance of my phone like any rational human being and go get a Bloody Mary.@janey3putt Nope.Phone is either in a random cab or at The Gasometer. i really hope it's the latter.I think I've lost my phone.
@BrashMark @beergirlbites @AllForBeer @adrianpua @26bear @LeMandapantz Spoo Row."Highly Entertaining" by Rob Ruminski http://t.co/xJq2iZcmVb@AllForBeer @adrianpua @26bear Mountin' Goat@beatrixcoles @WhatsApp https://t.co/YPTWB9Tdo7@AllForBeer @26bear BlowbeerSomebody is afraid of the LNP logo #qldpol #qldvotes http://t.co/lBtvF07jjX
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@JamColley Geez. Talking to you is like walking on eggshells. Chill out, mate.@JamColley No, you're right. Puns would be egg-rerious.Last night I was stood up. Here's what happened: https://t.co/2ms3PWghWd #stoodup
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiMy babies. I love each one differently. #guitar http://t.co/UcIZVNgN3P
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@karlhaglundart SEXY."Twission"@_lightningheart Nothing tastes better than warm, cheesy, carby failure.OHHHH!!! “@WhyMyKidCried: "I wouldn't buy her the “dolly” movie for Christmas" http://t.co/4uIrwjgzbo
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@Aaron_Finkel If we tried we could probably kickstart you another $35.@Aaron_Finkel Be rich and famous already.RT if you think the Cards will win the div. Fav if you think the Cards will win the div. Ignore if you think the Cards will win the div.
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiUnexpectedly safe for work... http://t.co/j3txP6SLYJ
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@LeMandapantz @jasonWSJ http://t.co/GPyZgI90EUThis supercut of Tom Brady talking balls is hilarious. http://t.co/LTtGy69Lka (ht @jasonWSJ)@matt_innes @taylordpress that's the one. Thank you.@matt_innes Hey mate, can you remind me of the name of the really good printer we used for Ben's cards back in the day?do they make black tampons? my vagina isn't goth enough
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiArnold Schoenberg and Thelonious Monk play Table Tennis. John Cage keeps score. https://t.co/1JYWlQokZA (ht @Aaron_Finkel)@nathanrodger http://t.co/2bALHt5AoMHey baseball fans: pitchers and catchers report in four weeks.In Wisconsin you can pay to get a Supreme Court justice elected. Then he can rule on your case http://t.co/y6ZhoQAfAW http://t.co/nIv1FLf6VN
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski
@WondersnackCo I should be able to get there by 6-630.@WondersnackCo just me for now, and yeah, that would be great!@WondersnackCo not yet. I'm going to try to go to the new member thing week after next.@WondersnackCo Next week!@WondersnackCo did you oyster tonight?@miklb Just had a listen. So fucking good.@nathanrodger now the real fun begins. Let me know if you want to talk through your first smoke.Ummm @ruminski @wordsandsequins surely you meant 'To Kill a Cockringbird'
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiTalking wrong erotic fiction with @wordsandsequins and we just came to with the title "To Kill A Cockingbird". How's your afternoon?@LittleMissMelbn @TheLuiBar At first I thought you typoed "grog city" but then I got it.@AnnaBrownfield Look, I'm flattered, but you have my number if you ever want to talk!http://t.co/jKNuPfhQwx
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@KateLJordan @LeMandapantz @thirstyinmelb @adrianpua https://t.co/F9a3UQphNjPARTY TIP: Hug all the chubby pets.
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski.@brittonlowe @leighpa This is a great example of why I haven't read Pitchfork in maybe a decade.@JaneTribune And the longer they wait, they risk any successor becoming damaged goods.Ah, yes, here we go: When Will Abbott Face A Ballot?http://t.co/vGLWCIj6Ch
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@JaneTribune What's your bet?@maggieserota @DeathAndTaxes Thank you! That was highly entertaining.@drearyclocks Always?@AleOfATime @adrianpua I don't even see it as contrarian. It's like reading someone trying to explain an irrational dislike of a band.Holy shit, this is awesome: @DeathAndTaxes on the heretofore unrecognised prevalence of the Grunge Forest in 90s vids http://t.co/jWkYTktyyq@judycopywriter @_PT32 That too.@LeMandapantz @thirstyinmelb @adrianpua And tats. and GASP SHOCK HORROR quality design and presentation.@AleOfATime @adrianpua Sure, but rumours don't make it any less of a bullshit hatchet job in the absence of anything substantial.@judycopywriter @_PT32 Growing up, in my experience people usually started smoking what an older sibling smoked.@AleOfATime @adrianpua Similar things to what's written in the blog?@adrianpua I still have no idea why someone would write that. Is there a dollar to be made in GP hate that I'm unaware of?@beergirlbites "Pardon me; how might I entice some of your customers to my establishment? Please and thank you."watch @lydia_loveless perform the unreleased "come over" at the offices of @BSHQ http://t.co/xKoRQQCtSf
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiJournalists reporting on asylum seekers referred to Australian police http://t.co/ErDM1jBwPO
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@P_T_RYAN I can't believe that you watched both.
@adrianpua https://t.co/F9a3UQphNjExcellent. Now I know one bottle shop that I won't frequent whenever I'm in Sydney.@courteneyh COUNTERREVOLUTIONARY. http://t.co/XdHGWyamTZ
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski@courteneyh @P_T_RYAN Protocols of the Elders of Double Penetration.Morning. SCREAM! http://t.co/2QYOLgG5xg
Retweeted by Rob RuminskiThat Cookie-Monster-Sings-Mazzy-Star video would be amazing if the Cookie Monster impersonator wasn't awful.@beatrixcoles @CarwynCellars Goes without saying.@beatrixcoles Received! Thank you. You've got a beer coming. Redeem at will.@beatrixcoles @contentmelb *hand up*@_lightningheart Thanks!@goat_wang Didn't say I'd READ it. But that title would be nice on my shelf.Almost completely healed. Loving it more by the day. Can't wait for the next one now... http://t.co/nwBxzSvqZk@goat_wang I would buy the shit out of that book.@goat_wang You should send that to the Band Names people on Facebook.cockblocked by topknots
Retweeted by Rob Ruminski"I'm gonna get your nose! I'll get it! I will!" http://t.co/NL6NfNYh1L@MelbourneKy Indeed. Festivals should sell tickets like they do those dodgy Christmas hampers -- "Just $10 a week!"
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