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Just posted a photo on @shots http://t.co/wspJEsj41JI keep falling in and out of love with you.😈416 http://t.co/YKmiUV8JiY💡 http://t.co/epc5FsEEnJhardly hardly hardly forget anything.
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We only do this when we're intoxicated😄👯 http://t.co/Pid32l7uYQJust like every single other thing in my life, you can have him when I'm finished.I'm obsessed with deep house music 👀My baby is cute af💕 http://t.co/HzXaqReBUR
Goals. http://t.co/JerTytQiex@sewiinxo Tight Default , Had To Do It. Your So Amazing http://t.co/TxZcIe15e4
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛It's Wednesday 😏 Hi @sewiinxo #wcw http://t.co/TVgEnJXITF
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛“@sophiaadiiana: My best friends so hot 😅😍” you're hotter baby 😏I'm an emotional wreck when I drink vodka...never again.Sometimes things get worse before they get better.
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I don't know how guys fuck up on these good women! there aren't too many quality people left - hold on tight & fight for them when u got one
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛I hate you = i love you so much that I hate you for making me feel insane
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Everything happens for a reason.Feeling good, living better.🎰📍 http://t.co/wCPAGy52UN@sewiinxo http://t.co/JwiBPPIVaP
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I'll never turn my back if I know there's love & loyalty there ...
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛I don't ever be tripping off of what ain't mine.http://t.co/VleZaggWMsI'm down for whatever but only with you."Once a cheater always a cheater"
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Me and them girls, we ain't the same.Never apologize for having high standards. People who want to be in your life will rise up to meet them.If only you knew..
#Cancer is open to trying new things.
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛I like to think about the first time that I saw you.I don't ask for much.I don't want attention. Just yours.
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Guess things change with time.What happens when I sleep😂😂 http://t.co/v6VO1nZQk6
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Retweeted by s e w i n ♛You probably go insane with a girl like me.when you're not interested http://t.co/D6Msdl8PUf
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Turnt down for what though 😏 http://t.co/B4pc7cV7sLDeep house is taking over 😍Girls night out 👑💅 http://t.co/84iumeyIcTThere's a difference between somebody who wants you and somebody who would do anything to keep you. Remember that.I got people I don't fuck with anymore but their secrets never left my mouth.It's crazy how quick things can change.
I'll be drunk texting you.Currently shitting myself...#OuijaMovie 🔫🔪Don't be afraid to give up the good and go for the great.
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Intelligence is just, so attractive. You can never be too smart. You're limitless.I hate this kid so much but yet he loves me 👼 http://t.co/ta1Zvq4KT5With my little one 💞 http://t.co/0NA6Puqdj2Shopping makes everything better 👸
how to make your friend stop texting and driving https://t.co/KKl5F7AL1j
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Retweeted by s e w i n ♛@sewiinxo woman crush 😍👌
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛this type of relationship ☺️💕 http://t.co/4ZFgRsuEvq
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛“@IrissMariaa: @sewiinxo my baby 💖” love you babe💞“@sewiinxo: 🙇 http://t.co/AaqRXbEBb4”😍😩
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛🙇 http://t.co/tOxZw4UnbrSearch for your own happiness. People are just humans. Can't expect more from them than u expect from yourself.
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛You said you wouldn't lie but you were so good, you had me going blind.this is a pain I never want to feel... hold the people you love close, they can be gone at any moment 😔💔 http://t.co/HXQvILKiYA
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Always be straight up with me💯The most difficult girls, are usually worth it. 👌
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛We the north 🍁 http://t.co/hWBvHAyE1KWhat goes around comes around.I'm excited for Miami 🌴☀️I don't fear commitment, I fear wasting my time.
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛I should've saw it coming.@IrissMariaa k den#Cancer's look for unconditional love in a relationship.
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛I can't sleep , all I hear is snoring 💀🔪Sometimes I feel like just saying I love you isn’t strong enough to express how much I love you…
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Every girl who is like this, is doing it right 👌 http://t.co/ruT3I4tdfP
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Focusing on myself and the better things in life.my mom watching the fault in our stars 😂 http://t.co/EAAuifoxX2
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Movie night with the bae 🎥💞“@SexualGif: If your girlfriend doesn't like that bitch, then don't talk to that bitch.” Simple.I need something different.“@sewiinxo: Bish whet😶 http://t.co/bAVG3E6dlK” if i cud be one person it would be u🔫
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Retweeted by s e w i n ♛Bish whet😶 http://t.co/gRdlndjWtMWake up with me this weekend.You ain't really fuck with me way back then, how bout now?relationship wise I think my biggest flaw is that I'm extremely needy and sensitive I constantly need to feel the love or I assume it's gone
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛this is perfect 😍😩 http://t.co/QrChlkAoCv
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛No man is too busy for the woman he truly wants.To all my friends that think i've cut them off. http://t.co/uKUmmrqHwk
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I just can't wait for the new year, it's gonna be a good one I can feel it 🙏
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛I want the exciting life 😈@sewiinxo Cancer baby
Retweeted by s e w i n ♛All up in my feelings tonight@arianapampena that's amazing 😅I'm up right now and you suck right now.I crave affection.A real man shows off his woman.When people take your joke seriously and start an argument http://t.co/GNb0DTDxYD
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