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.@ladygaga is a pop-music chameleon—On her 29th #birthday, who do you wanna see the Mother Monster work with next? http://t.co/x7Pm7rGg7m
@YouReSeXyDude Got one for you right here Sandra! This is the perfect party playlist- check it out! http://t.co/c7x3EOtA0L@malachicr8on Such a classic jam!@brandonqp1 Solid choice, Brandon!@EarthaMarley That sounds perfect. Make sure you add this chill evening playlist into the mix! You won't regret it. http://t.co/P73BExEdrp@NotAMonth04 We've got just what you need. Check out this awesome acoustic playlist if you need to mellow out! http://t.co/8uBqFXeuQQ@madsfarrell5 The music makes the workout Madison! To keep you motivated, check out this playlist! http://t.co/til1kH432NIn honor of #Mimi’s birthday, which @MariahCarey song do you belt out the most? http://t.co/OTW8mbXdkW http://t.co/Cn67fSVYYN@ingridval_ We feel you Ingrid. Check out our SXSW playlist to listen to great tracks from some amazing artists! http://t.co/WBdxfGNfUm@veronica_valle0 Here's the ultimate rap playlist to pump up your workout Veronica! Check out these tunes! http://t.co/NAk5HHJeML@Fuckitupqueen We've got just the thing. Check out this chill playlist for instant relaxation vibes! http://t.co/SHx3uZ4ag7
TUNE-IN SOON: We're gettin' ready to go live on #periscope with Conor O'Brien of @wearevillagers any minute now....@OneDirection streams are up 769% on @Spotify after Zayn’s departure http://t.co/Egqa3w41wD http://t.co/sZ9jg7eg3z
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Every end is a new beginning—we'll miss you, @zaynmalik! #2Directions http://t.co/LbPApMtVZZWe've got the tunes for your Spring Break—only on @Kik! Find us here: http://t.co/qHyoBA6ywj
Retweeted by Spotify@J_Mignano We just brought it with our newest update, Jim! Glad you're liking it.@Ms_Calculated Sharing music has never been easier! Who's been some of your favorites lately?
@jchez1221 that was a close one!Spring Breakers: chat with us on @Kik (@ Spotify) to find the perfect playlist—no matter what you’re doing! #kikme http://t.co/ltHPp1qjsR
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Who has a tougher taste in music: #GetHard's @KevinHart4real or #WillFerrell? We found out... http://t.co/6STPSVGe0N http://t.co/MRPt6dLUlP
Retweeted by Spotify@kmlgreen We're glad to hear it! Which song has you singing along?@stephenchip Hey, Stephen. Here's some info on the future of Spotify apps: http://t.co/pu0TdFGHUN@sarahwkearney Best Monday ever. Who's up first on your playlist, Sarah?@bridgetoreilly hey, Bridget. Here's some info on the future of Spotify apps here: http://t.co/pu0TdFGHUN@SumoChewie which are you jamming to this morning, Camille?@jahappey hey, Juriaan. Would you send @SpotifyCares a message so they can see what's going on? We'd love to get to the bottom of this!
One big shout out to all the rad fans who came to the #SpotifyHouse. We already can't wait to go harder next year! http://t.co/k94CtM7RhQ
Retweeted by Spotify@RachelGoalby we've got him *covered*@joanabraga How good is this performance, Joana?!@d_a_bonilla So good!|LIVE NOW| We're closing the #SpotifyHouse with @joeyBADASS. #meerkat http://t.co/PSpu0L0ob6@11111Linda11111 Yes, Linda. This was from our #SpotifyHouse at #SXSW!@SanderDnr1 #SpotifyHouse at #SXSW, Sander!|LIVE NOW| @PELLYEAH's onstage at the #SpotifyHouse and has our audience floating and dreaming. #meerkat http://t.co/KMkMvfiB0Z@alexhorre Yes! Have you caught any of our streams yet, Alexander?In 15 minutes: @PELLYEAH bringing his fresh vibes and slick flow to the #SpotifyHouse stage next! #meerkat http://t.co/oM7hFhVXFf@mando415 we're trying to work on it right now, Armando!@Joe_fetti We're working on it, Joe!@chenrui working on it! Check back now.|LIVE NOW| @Wale kicks off an afternoon about nothing (but solid hip-hop) @ #SpotifyHouse #meerkat http://t.co/6xgn0bx4Yx|LIVE NOW| @Wale kicks off an afternoon about nothing (but solid hip-hop) @ the #SpotifyHouse! #meerkat http://t.co/DncYsIBf6NThere is only one @Wyclef and he nearly tore down the whole #SpotifyHouse with an insane surprise set! http://t.co/v2KCc6jKYQ
Retweeted by Spotify|LIVE NOW| #SpotifyHouse post-show with @wyclef! #meerkat http://t.co/OiFb67to1a@mercurymambo we're glad to hear it! Which day has had your favorite lineup so far?@spotify @wyclef on a freestyle verse right now @ the #SpotifyHouse!.@wyclef on the #SpotifyHouse stage – live NOW on @AppMeerkat! http://t.co/4uMD5hZeC7@enriquejp we think so too, Enrique! Perfect way to catch all your favorite artists.@des_cho there should be now, Dessy!@davidnfrankel us too, David.|LIVE NOW| Secret show @ #SpotifyHouse right now! We're live with @wyclef! #meerkat http://t.co/4uMD5hHDdx@natalietran that all really depends on the song...Wait. There's a stream @Spotify of ppl doing @soulcycle on @AppMeerkat. Literally all my fav things in the world. I just died. #problems
Retweeted by Spotify@spxaj Subways count!@TaraMClapper sounds good to us, Tara!@carlosdur_ @soulcycle joined us at the #SpotifyHouse and brought @JustBlaze to spin along!@UKMeerkat @JustBlaze is spinning for us today!@UKMeerkat we're glad you're joining! We don't have today's playlist, but check out instructor @kymnonstop's faves: http://t.co/qqfskPy7I4@thefunkyfairy we're glad you're streaming with us! So much energy.@gustavop #awkward@AEAZY5 best way to get pumped for the weekend, Adrian!@chuckiedreyfus Are you a @JustBlaze fan, Chuckie? He's crushing it!@kenshi not when you have a DJ as solid as @JustBlaze spinning along, Krishna!@RoyOron How great is this view, Roy?!@bshawsusanto it's like you're *almost* here spinning with us, Billy.@VincentOrleck Oh, you know it! He's already killing it. Are you a fan, Vincent?@law2255 we're spinning at the #SpotifyHouse at #SXSW, Alan!@IAmCarlosAcosta @soulcycle joined us at the #SpotifyHouse, Carlos!@Ed0urad have you ever heard of @soulcycle, Edourad?@VincentOrleck Should be all clear now, Vincent. Check it!@f_mtszk The #SpotifyHouse at #SXSW!@LaylinesSteve Check back now. Should be clear views now!@Orbion29 We hear you! We'll switch it up.@RuiMPego Keep watching. We've got you, Rui!@FKeirsey the #SpotifyHouse at #SXSW, Frankie!@babinkacake 6th & Brushy! Hope to see you at the #SpotifyHouse soon, Michelle. http://t.co/XegTvWkSx5@spotify We'll be getting started in a few! #tgif|LIVE NOW| Let's get this #Friday started the right way at #SpotifyHouse with @soulcycle & @JustBlaze. #meerkat http://t.co/sgvTW41NqEIn 4 minutes: #TGIF'ing the right way at #SpotifyHouse with @soulcycle & @JustBlaze. #meerkat http://t.co/ch2o5Dj260
Today at the #SpotifyHouse was one for the record books—here are some outrageous moments you guys shared http://t.co/k34rPP0od9
Retweeted by Spotify.@PassionPit just #Unveiled their new album at #SpotifyHouse one month before it's released. Live set coming soon! http://t.co/KxpCfFn4iW
Retweeted by SpotifyIn 14 minutes: Live with heart-thumping tunes from @passionpit at the #SpotifyHouse #meerkat http://t.co/Q6dd1mIF6dPut @HudMo behind a set of turntables at the #SpotifyHouse and the crowd instantly loses it! It's just that simple http://t.co/2ARioStmSN
Retweeted by Spotify|LIVE NOW| About to blow this evening wide open sonically with @HudMo @ #SpotifyHouse. #meerkat http://t.co/t9xutAdFFQ@battyIashes maybe! Keep your eyes here for all the #meerkat action from the #SpotifyHouseIn 16 minutes: About to blow this evening wide open sonically with @HudMo @ #SpotifyHouse. #meerkat http://t.co/NWq3DlUEUpShoutout to @Fit__Trainer for lending the Gorillapod to capture all the exciting action at this morning's class.In 6 minutes: #SpotifyHouse is LIVE with jams from @IbeyiOfficial #meerkat http://t.co/tBE7LTnt3d.@ColumbiaRecords Amen—that was a ground-breaking session from the man behind 2014's most viral song!We got killer tunes @ #SpotifyHouse @soulcycle parties—check instructor @kymnonstop's playlist http://t.co/mobEn0F0PJ http://t.co/HtwXyQn7OI@MoeWaveyy Hey! We have some info about getting music onto Spotify over here: http://t.co/L5ClOEQENQ /A@joshua6c Done! Now get pumped for today. http://t.co/eqFX8mhLyp@joshua6c Yes! Loaded with awesome behind-the-scenes all #SXSW day long. Just search "Spotify" and you'll find it.@BuiltChocolate things just got awkward...@gabeferreira We'll pretend like you are. We're glad you're riding with us in spirit, Gabe!@buck1133 hey, Thomas! @SpotifyCares will be able to help you out with that.@joshua6c Announced @passionpit as our surprise guest Tuesday on our Snapchat. We can't wait to party with you later! 👌@chatlight we wish you were here spinning with us! Next time.@joshua6c Yes! This is just a little preview of what he's bringing tonight at 6:45pm. Check the lineup here: http://t.co/XegTvWkSx5@jennieederrberr Close enough, right?@attefall We're glad you're in now! Time to get pumped.
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