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@The_Analyst they dont love him in LA but in TN... http://t.co/m037EwDaHN@Nebrewska it gets worse https://t.co/iYO8iEgWPB@ralphDrussoAP dead man walking@Nebrewska here ya go https://t.co/PSQdb0xGxP@kevindepew @The_Analyst coach or head coach? Kiffin merits consideration if we are talking coach
@Prospectus shredded pom pomsI count 11 Michigan players shaking hands. The rest ran off the field immediately.
Retweeted by StockJockey@Nebrewska they gotta keep it from getting too chippy tho Gardner was battered last year@Nebrewska I wud never joke around about Pac 12 refs@Nebrewska damn these Pac 12 refs@Nebrewska receivers are terrific wish we would see more passes to Mumphrey and Troup. Wind is cutting down the passing yardage tho@thatgirlbeach Can you two pls send Marcy my condolences?@TomFornelli @nolesfan2011 they lead the NCAA in time of possession but lets not call them shellfish@EconomPic thx. tacking any good MFs to keep an eye on?@EconomPic I wonder what the cumulative losses in TBT are up to nowMFLDX +97 bps last wk down 10.58% YTD I guess were short bonds on 6/30 did they cave? week shoulda been lil better? http://t.co/uoxdZ5wbRs@BrattleStCap kinda surprised Typhoid Mary Craig did not take in Russian Baths and expectorate all over the steam room that is how he rolls@LWinthorpe you were more constructive at the lows than I was so good work. I am happy since 6/30 but was not aggressive enough into lows@LWinthorpe yeah that has held up reasonably well as a compass question is now what -old highs loom and same old problems/bear case remains@LWinthorpe HFM Larry Bird left us breadcrumbs to follow he was cryptic as usual and deleted tweets but was spot on@LWinthorpe enough to connect the dots and act when it is still actionable. I think things started 2unravel then as that community took hits@LWinthorpe no, you are top down guy let it go. But there are probably only a few hundred buyside people that r plugged in and street smart@LWinthorpe that was beginning of the rug getting pulled out and the ole butterfly started flapping its wings with repercussions to come imo@LWinthorpe omg there was so much hot event driven money etc in em lookit how MYL et al traded late July early Aug http://t.co/6TI3iYSJBz@LWinthorpe I think in general they de-risked a bit late. Loeb mentioned GSE's but maybe first inkling of issues was pushback on inversions?@LWinthorpe puke was all about this https://t.co/ohDGQ9KD3F Loeb's letter was good that way, so here we r, the problems have not gone away@Jesse_Livermore "The upside pain trade may have been compounded by more articles highlighting hedge fund struggles" http://t.co/un5z6m44eO
Study says cell density in part of the brain predicts people's tolerance for financial risk http://t.co/d06tRkB3Eo http://t.co/t1Hom01fLG
Retweeted by StockJockeyIWM 111.07 which is +0.09 from one year ago. Plus dividends #winning?@conorsen Hussy fends off new YTD NAV low #blessedStocks up, stocks down, chaos all around. Like Wardaddy sez...Best job I ever had@rjkok2 @DavidSchawel they r really beating up on Todd on the show he is like a fired buysider who is then abandoned by his sellside buddies@IvanTheK this time a wk ago u noted afterhours weakness in SPY and i punched them up and passed on buying 188 even. my bad, but what a week@davidschawel episode guide for tonight's Gold Rush sez "Todd gets his washplant stuck" #NotBlessed@nelderini DAL reaps lowest avg cost jet fuel in third quarter thanks to PA refinery http://t.co/Q9X6QJczJn not sure those savings justify?@LWinthorpe yeah like Newton sez that and defensive stocks leading - but IWM over SPY since 9/30 so struggling with arbitrary start dates@LWinthorpe BABA top and HF event driven liquidation low r squaring off like champion Sumo wrestlers & I fear I will be guy 2get squishedHow dare they sell BABA EOD before completion of the $100 rule@DasanRedux at peak of Duncan hysteria this place was 100 to 1 long LAKE to long XAL that is just laughable amateur hour around here@DasanRedux tail risk sure, but focusing on ebola while ignoring some very positive catalysts was vintage twitter behavioral finance@DasanRedux I don't think it came until the very end of the call and they were just laughing that they could not escape the question@DasanRedux about it - did not laugh dismissing it as a joke, but it has not impacted bookings. Anyhow, shareholders are getting last laugh@DasanRedux the woman who asked it was a little sheepish and they all laughed that they could not get thru the CC without a question@DasanRedux that came from my post which was taken a little bit out of context (by me) - ebola question was one of the last on the conf call@brasil61 Draghi talks, Bullshit walks. Or is it Money talks, Draghi Balks@IvanTheK @hmeisler loved Moneyline back in the day. Her and Dobbs were the go to coverage during 1987 crash.
@CoachSalemMSU Watching Pinnacle game live on local TV Lewerke just threw a 43-yard bomb for a touchdown@buckdeerstocks4 yes dunno why they had her on they had minds made up cuz after break they were each polled and no buyers in the 4@buckdeerstocks4 no he just panned it again -saying I agree,finally.But Helane was on at bottom not one agreed w/her http://t.co/mlHZpKRAPY@Ana1Sima eclipse wasn't very impressive. Good pool weather tho seemed pretty warm today@Rock_Rogers suppose the brokers are ringing the register too it certainly has been bedlam@Ana1Sima only a Canadian desperate for sun would go tanning during an eclipse@buckdeerstocks4 FM timmy got a dig in on AAL at 5:45 after not likin in 33, 28, 32, 35. But I finally agree with him hereits The Golden Age of Margin Clerks who work both sides of this. Insanity now, serenity later. Pretty please?@BrattleStCap @The_Real_Fly yes but maybe an hour of 5pm Rapido is 15 minutes too muchMost hated rally of the most hated bull market #hatesquared@LWinthorpe they are good that wayU.S.-based stock funds post $8.2 bln outflows over week-Lipper http://t.co/3bPws4xNdU $9.2 billion out of equity ETFs@LWinthorpe that stock is just impervious while the snowplow batters everything else in its pathabsolute Mayhem like a freakin Allstate commercial@TommyThornton why stop there how about an Ebola stricken MTA/subway token clerk working at Grand Central@azdeandobbs was talking about yours - remembered that story.@azdeandobbs spent worst week of my life at Lenox Hill and your healthcare related tweets hit a little 2 close 2 home given better halfFirst milion pageview BI slideshow of post Weisenthal era deserves to be "Follow the Top 20 Ebola Twitter Traders"saw Preachy CMT on the side of a milk carton #whoopsieEclectica AUM dwindles despite Hendry's halfhearted flip flop http://t.co/L7B175MvGf@buckdeerstocks4 still cant believe they trot on Becker on FM who lays out perfect long thesis near the lows and not one panelist bites@AZ_Analyst good call, I sold into the move. Thought i was gotta get the high 5 minute bar but it came back and took it out again.first ebola question on AAL call - everbody starts laughing and then "no noticeable impact"Ebola leg of the long airline trade is over but what a move thank you teevee pundits for gift wrapping that one@hmeisler worked at same shop as him 4 many yrs cracks me up he founded "splinter airline group" of NYSSA gotta fight authority/boring peepsDid not realize Ray Neidl died in August http://t.co/rQyaD5j0oq him and Becker were best of Old Wall airline analystsAAL going apeshit right into meat of guidance on conf call@AZ_Analyst on the call right now - seem to be pretty disciplined on capacity addition stock just went HODCall me McKayla but until Zuck displays his bowing technique groveling to Japanese peeps I am not impressed@chigrl ooh this one good too http://t.co/A4zECc7pzX love that blueHeartbreaking Portraits Of Really Old Dogs http://t.co/s1dzTUez8t sorry its tuff to find good finance links to share in post Weisenthal era@isportsDave what type of golf facility is being discussed?PS wonder how big the trees r now on Forest Akers East since I last played in '89@conorsen no reason to nibble till some overhang gets mopped up imo see how it trades days after Nov 1st and maybe mop on weakness@conorsen approaching ZEN lockup should result in calls to Stay Calm and Carry On@chigrl what do u think? https://t.co/ffTwaqpDKpFund star Gross arrives too late to halt 3rd-qtr Janus outflows http://t.co/i8LEfTHrPH@AZ_Analyst they kicked around group yesterday at 5pm est and I dont think they even knew group was reporting eps today. no homework at all@hmeisler lot more free floating mkt cap here but also lets big boys play moreso than they cud with twtr a year ago@hmeisler ha was just thinking that, don't think any 144 type supply can hit market and silly season is approaching@CAVandy double lot, thats what I am talking about. Love that neighborhoodGrubHub co-founder buys $3.44M Lincoln Park (Chicago) mansion http://t.co/qV0VcZWkwt EPS are out GRUB up 6% plus pre-market for nowLUV spent $2.94 per gallon on fuel in the third quarter, down from $3.06 a year earlier. It expects to pay $2.70 to $2.75 in the 4th quarter
World Series Ratings: Game 1 Strikes Out With New Low http://t.co/tuBmFxOlUy@StockCats very strong case this year to expand the Dogs of the Dow above 10 stocks given the intense competition to make the cutWill GRUB deliver tomorrow? eps b4 the bell stock getting lil jiggyA closer look at the huge gamble Ford is taking by going all-aluminum on its F-150: http://t.co/wIVejCGUZQ http://t.co/wyK1adjgsZ
Retweeted by StockJockeyAAL finishes integration of cargo operations from US Air merger http://t.co/4eMEvYNyF7 working on lower operating cost structureUpstarts like Robin Hood brokerage might find a niche but can they really compete with IBKR? http://t.co/QUvZUNzlSDIBKR flirting with a 52 week high coming off earnings report http://t.co/qBLh5Rz6uy@Dvolatility the S&P is basically right back at the levels it was during the "complacency" meme in June lolGAO - Lifting restrictions on U.S. crude oil exports could actually lower fuel prices for U.S. motorists http://t.co/UdsqEVHRmILeon Black and Apollo double down on the shale boom with new natural resources fund http://t.co/FxYaxTdkc0
@LWinthorpe check out IWC - still below Fridays openWFM rolls out new rating system for produce and fruit etc ranking pesticides/sustainability practices http://t.co/BF4lhZA72q
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