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@LWinthorpe Russell 2000 was the story this month until today. Overshadowed now. What a crazy month@LWinthorpe it seems like most Octobers fo according to script. Small caps that r struggling by late summer crater into MF tax loss selling@LWinthorpe the relative performance issue is the thing that has been stuck in my craw and it still is a WinTel year@LWinthorpe go argue with the 1929 folks or the Preachy CMT who said it was 2007Back to the Future cuz it sure felt like October 1998 to me this month http://t.co/2qFd0pKk9YHear Ye Hear Ye Mutual Fund Fiscal Year Tax Loss Selling has left the building@well_mont still looks 1998 to me https://t.co/dxuwIL8ZdQTale of the Tape - Russell 2000 turns positive YTD today and smokes big caps in October http://t.co/Y86BJo1nby@bretseeley yes, go compare holdings and weightings of DBEM EEM then look at USD movement and relative perf of 2funds http://t.co/JOwbidqVoUHEDJ and DXJ inflows/creations Month to Date thru 10/24, updated numbers for this week are out tomorrow http://t.co/K8kjzaArnEraise tuition! MT @Kyle_Feldscher: Mich paid $4m to hire RichRod, $2.5m to fire him, $3m for Brandon to go away. Have 2 pay $2m to fire Hoke@ericjackson you cannot eat TWTRs relative performance this week. Or absolute. But u can pack the bong in an hour when market closesWould like to welcome all new logged out TWTR users to my feed thanks for maybe being there in my concentric circle of lifeNOV "Rig systems new orders down 41% sequentially and 55% YoY" and "backlog down 7% sequentially and up 2% YoY. Rerating is choppy bizness@TFMkts yes cud not list them all but these rookie mistakes are pretty embarrassing they really have no clue about FX and they run OPMA lot of "pros" here do not understand international ETFs vs Dollar hedged ETFs. Big difference EEM vs DBEM and DXJ vs EWJ on days like thisConsultants pile on BlueCrest telling clients to pull out http://t.co/QldqrUcW2pNow it can be told: @HedgeWorld is closing. Read more, including a farewell message, at http://t.co/ySZuiZRUbB. #HedgeWorld
Retweeted by StockJockey@JSiegel88 I think they need to see $10 billion of inflows to justify the current quote. But nice move by Jono to increase cost to shorts@JSiegel88 I have noted nearly every material uptick in short interest over the past year, here have been many http://t.co/OH5rIOY1Ie@hmeisler Russell 2000 in October with a few hours to go - rumors of its demise.... http://t.co/5Vasgbliy8@DavidSchawel speaking of death, buyback and dividend killing WETF shorts today. Triple whammy with BoJ
@Morgan_03 OZM closes Real Estate Fund http://t.co/mc5ITEB8XJ people r just throwing money at them@StephenStull @Nebrewska @conorsen TCU ranked 77th http://t.co/GRdxRj5sxi weird index@ryanprociuk Sad Louisville defense gotta be eating Papa John's Urban Meyer special deluxe hold the anchovies@ryanprociuk @Nebrewska so much for Louisville's number one defense they will drop back to 280 yards allowed http://t.co/IzvFGpENi7@ryanprociuk @Nebrewska def weakest of top 4 but how would they compare with Ohio St assuming FSU loss Ohio St win? can't be that far ahead@ryanprociuk @Nebrewska as a gut trader with dead battery in my HP 12-C I say FSU falls outta top 10@Nebrewska if they lose by 10 and get spanked in box score how far do criminoles fall in the new poll?@JeffCNYC wud think so new report should be out he has only done 2 so far not sure what day it comes out@JeffCNYC Josh Browns new Riskalyze report said even RIA's were puking stocks altho might have been week prior. But they panicked near lowsLouisville 160 yards and Fl St 63 yards at end of first quarter@dailydirtnap we missed this a few weeks ago I guess the stock makes people emotional http://t.co/MYiJh7Yn1hUS-based stock funds attract $8.8 bln over week-Lipper http://t.co/IkqyKOkKEy all ETFs, MFs see outflows@georgepearkes money gets sticky at a certain point. and people die...sometimes money sits there like a jacket unclaimed at a coat check lol@HFMLarryBird #cabernet #kingofgrapes #realmendrinkcab@georgepearkes lets keep in mind he was $5.7 billion in flagship and now flirting with going under a billion and most of that is outflows@conorsen I will give a rock to Blodget instead of Charlie Brown this year@conorsen Hussy in crisisMYL beats, raises guidance@buckdeerstocks4 they are too busy nursing injuries after getting beat with a stick@Bankrchick Fashionistas go crazy at Blahnik's NYC sample sale http://t.co/g27zQCA0sC oh the humanityIts like Devils Night afterhours tonight and some of you have already run out of eggs@hedgesauce serenity now http://t.co/UPdisuNL9e let see if it sticksJapan ETFs Jump on Pension Headlines http://t.co/93Higswgmp@hedgesauce that is best part of this place if you see something can handicap it and possibly take action with or against it@hedgesauce I agree too but it is the mystery du jour@hedgesauce do dig something up thats all i gotIntel drops after Intersil reports seeing high PC chip inventories http://t.co/Ha8RPGOobT@CatspawInv the next time he posts a picture of a rainbow any self respecting algo will recognize it as a sign to get leveraged longWill Social Trading Groups and trade mirroring come under heightened regulatory scrutiny? http://t.co/Ow5KxMmEgA via @euromoneyThis is the point in the snap back rally where the "Hussman back to academia" rumors typically would start@tomdesee how big is the garage? http://t.co/m9SJIGqFSS@luckysilverwood most of the TWTR lockup expiration proceeds have ended up in Humboldt County cash crops@modestproposal1 @matt_levine do you have to pay taxes on that? asking for a friendWake and bake for ex-twitter engineers assuming they are out of bed after burning couches last niteI guess there is nobody left on sellside to downgrade OI cuz the penguins are all lined up same way nowPast wk is first time I have seen demographic angle on ITB seriously discussed (Glenview etc) as weighing machine considerations come 2 fore@zshrier easy to say now but pitcher only had another 20-30 throws left in him at that point? wud have pulled?@zshrier I think once ball got booted the second time at the wall 3rd base coach should have been winding arm and hope throw to plate is off@zshrier maybe they have to take that risk tho - best chance to outlast that damn pitcher?@LDrogen thx. on related note I heard IEX is at 42 employees and kinda stuck there as they wait to move into new office space@LDrogen is payment for order flow a big part of RobinHood's current business model?"WWE drops multimonth committment for streaming video subscriptions" still tinkering, has been interesting experiment in any case@pcdunham historic month for you people in any case. fuckin eh@pcdunham this is what I meant, that Saudi announcement was "the tipping point" http://t.co/9ZpcZPp9H5Peck is a dime below WS consensus on BABA eps whats up with that http://t.co/FbQLJ9ld7H@srussolillo good stuff u guys have done - MoneyBeat is exactly what a blog with intraday focus needs to be imo. keep us posted on next move@stkbullgod he is annoying more than the preachy CMT did during the recent move to the bottom@stkbullgod tell him we indeed get it - the stock that is. contrary to his rants. But I bought some there hoping it will make him shut upTWTR back to 39s aw Sacca is gonna berate us@srussolillo Happy Trails - just saw u were leaving WSJ. That Reuben Kressel stuff was pure gold lol@The_Analyst yeah I know where to get it elsewhere but when I am there I want to move over and punch it up and get immediate gratification@The_Analyst @YahooFinance wud think its a glitch I wud like to see them iimprove upon it, expand to top 20 or breakdown like old sharewatch
@BarbarianCap maybe they are sniffing out the coming elections? Can't mention profit and education in same sentence since Obama rode in2townLOPE considers going private to escape stigma hanging over for profit universities http://t.co/BgXKkoXg8e@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk @conorsen CFB simulation on FSU http://t.co/YVAtkvVScK interesting siteTWTR blogs about the IBM relationship https://t.co/9ODOEiQ0pB
@conorsen Cannibalism coming to the SEC West http://t.co/iFQ544bvY1 was easier to survive the Donner partyIf Dolan Sells the Knicks, Give JAT Capital (Some) Credit http://t.co/cIBbPoUfck@LangReynolds its like "aggregated Public Opinion Data" from one of best sentiment guys around, quite reliable or at least quite credible@LangReynolds @nelderini there ya go, on sentiment https://t.co/I6V4sXdmD8@Nebrewska Lucky guy you are, now you can keep the party going with your favorite Okie from Muskogee, The Boz on 30 for 30@DavidSchawel I hope Parker can afford health insurance for all the old guys on his payrollCondi to TWTR, Costolo takes her spot on CFB Playoff Committee, everyone winsNew video surfaces showing the #Antares rocket explosion: http://t.co/Cmid8d96gW [Updates here: http://t.co/1MtfnttFz2] via @mashable
Retweeted by StockJockey@Nebrewska Penn St game proly dropped Bucknuts 2-3 spots@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk @conorsen Obama and the Chicago guys can fix this poll for the Big TenNotre Dame docked 3 spots for involvement in Rudy movieThe Best 100 Players in College Basketball http://t.co/MATOthFFm4 Arizona stacked@ryanprociuk bump up Oregon a few points cuz Stanford's defense is wrecked http://t.co/OqUavmoRJy@Nebrewska @ryanprociuk @conorsen NEB total defense is 2 good u have to be ranked 34, 52, 53 and 91 like ND, TCU, FL St and Miss St 2 get in@CollegeGameDay @davidpollack47 ND ranked 34th in Total Defense and the rest 52, 53 and 91 ok whatevrsApple Exec @cue on the twits is saying Charlie Wolf from Needham passed away http://t.co/0IoEQitw9aSocial Media stock or Antares Rocket? https://t.co/rPNv5v2Y5I lotta that goin around@Gunntwitt @conorsen Notre Dame peeps got all Zerohedgy http://t.co/iumhZabtCJ@conorsen if Nebraska is higher than 12 @Nebrewska will let the dogs out@conorsen in my quest to become the Zerohedge of CFB Playoffs I am here to remind u the SEC went 0-2 last year in BCS Bowl Games #overratedDisaster Du Jour afterhours: INVN@buckdeerstocks4 so sick of the preachy bears trotting that one out
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