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BWD @theonlyadult Probably not where I should be

I have zero patience for neanderthals and sometimes will RT their words of wisdom.

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Unfollowing all kinds of racist "Liberals".@samsteinhp @dliebelson Gee Sam, I wonder who's responsible for this crap.@metaquest @joshledermanAP @jeneps Racism is tough poison. Isn't this the same "reporter" from "people left when Obama started speaking"?WaPo spends newsroom $$ to send reporters to Columbia to chase dubious WH "prostitute" story, reporter to Guatemala to fawn over Rand Paul
Retweeted by BWDSame % who believe Obama was born in Kenya. @SaraLang: 28% of Americans admit to being trolls online: http://t.co/Mb7sWW3lNW@PoliticaILine you didn't build it!!!@TheObamaDiary @MarcACaputo I can't stop laughing. Most of them at least make some effort to pretend. This is hilarious.@joshledermanAP @jeneps Pulitzer, here we come!!@ThePlumLineGS @LOLGOP sadly, only R's going to vote.@jraymol @MarcACaputo You're right, Florida deserves a criminal.@TheObamaDiary @MarcACaputo hilarious how he isn't even trying to hide it or pretend some objectivity.@MarcACaputo LOL.@TheObamaDiary @Morning_Joe they think everyone is stupid as their 5 viewers.@LOLGOP they're just awesome. The level of stupid derangement is biblical.LOL #tcot the black man in the White House really drove your miserable soul nuts. I may never stop laughing.Drudge is so desperate for a new Ebola case that he's linking stories he hasn't read about Obama being charming. http://t.co/04VgfkfBUD
Retweeted by BWDThanks to the Supreme Court, the GOP is winning the war on voting http://t.co/DhiXUQ12uS
Retweeted by BWD@Arianna8927 @TPM they know their stupid base.Of course @Morning_Joe didn't show the entire clip from chicago yesterday, so their viewers couldn't see Obama's winning move. Assholes.What? http://t.co/fJgkjYs29A http://t.co/37FU075IUl
Retweeted by BWD@LOLGOP Ebola need much better lobbying in Washington.Weird. 1 Ebola death was enough for the GOP to call for a ban of fictional flights but 30k gun deaths isn't enough to close dumb loopholes.
Retweeted by BWDMan who believes God speaks to us through "Duck Dynasty" is about to be Texas' second-in-command http://t.co/enA2RpFAiL
Retweeted by BWDConsider the incentives: Even if Republicans don't win a single Hispanic vote, they'll still win the House. Amazing. http://t.co/hOVRs5ZlqS
Retweeted by BWD@Wonkette of course I will. I always do :)Andrea Mitchell Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things http://t.co/HZxuLzdkGl
Retweeted by BWD@Wonkette going to RT this without even reading the link, because it's a universal truth.This is awesome >> "Don't touch my girlfriend, Mr. President". http://t.co/7k9IGKtaPI@mattdawidowicz good luck to her. I'm sure it's the right winning formula for a Democrat.@washingtonpost conservatives don't believe Mars exist.#ACASignups MINNESOTA: Total #ACA enrollments up to 358K (up over 7K in past week): http://t.co/nL96aS4cPL #Obamacare @MNsure
Retweeted by BWDLOL, Go, Rwanda! @joshtpm: D'oh! > Rwanda Flips The Script, Will Screen All Travelers From U.S. For Ebola @TPM http://t.co/7AVhTeXlOnDon't be caught unafraid when the Ebola panic dies down. Start transitioning now to fear about the border. Work smart, people. Plan ahead.
Retweeted by BWDYou idiots should look at the mirror RT @CNN: Ebola is a real threat in Africa but the U.S.? This hysteria now has a nickname: Fearbola”how many media reports are we gonna see abt overreaction to Ebola w/o mentioning Media Fermented The Overreaction??? http://t.co/5bjfRve1Bj
Retweeted by BWD
@sacole52 they find me. They keep me grounded with all their Obama truth!#ImprovedBaseball cancel it.GOP is only going to repeal the parts of Obamacare you don't like, only invade the safe parts of Iraq and only gut other people's Medicare.
Retweeted by BWD@JamesJpainter @CAlvarezAranyos @LiberalPhenom @GOP endless entertainment. Thanks.@theonlyadult @CAlvarezAranyos @LiberalPhenom @GOP If Obama was white, he would be impeached and in prison.
Retweeted by BWD@daveweigel Ohh, I'm pretty sure we still had some sort of Obama's Katrina.Republicans outvoted Democrats for second straight day in Clark County, where Dems have 13 point registration lead. Unheard of. Panic time.
Retweeted by BWDForty-two percent of PBO appointed judgeship has gone to women compared to his predecessors: http://t.co/1561AXgGxa why does he hate women?
Retweeted by BWD@joesonka @TheFix @PeterHambyCNN The Fix sez that Romney will win too.@TheObamaDiary And just getting richer and richer.Gov. Kasich To Black Lawmaker: ‘I Don’t Need Your People’ http://t.co/rGZFe89EBt via @thinkprogress #GOPMUSTGO #FLORIDA #StopTheGOP #OHIO
Retweeted by BWDHope and Change we can believe in: Obama's track record speaks for itself. #StopTheGOP #UniteBlue @AaronWorthing http://t.co/IHclerVvuQ
Retweeted by BWD#Gotham is so stupid, so why do I keep watching?Spent my night talking to the NYT, WSJ & Politico. Why? Because the AP screwed up. Let me make my position simple. Repeal Obamacare.
Retweeted by BWD@JohnKasich @MattMurph24 LOLOLOLOL.@sdmunroe No argument there of course, but this specific story has more to it, it's pretty obvious.@sdmunroe That's one side of the story.If you'll tweet that misogynistic piece of shit @MrMilitantNegro into my TL, you'll be blocked in a second. FYI.@Lawrence is trolling the @nytimes again.@MidFeastTruck Hey, where are you now? How can one know where to find you? I hear the food os awesome.A third Ebola patient was successfully (and quietly) discharged from Emory. 3 for 3 on survival. http://t.co/Qv7QJownQA Their finest moment.
Retweeted by BWDGOP concerned about Ebola, which at current pace could kill everyone in America in 7 million years: http://t.co/TzsZidWOOP #StopTheGOP
Retweeted by BWDMidterm implications of Oscar De La Renta death: both @billclinton & @HillaryClinton will surely come off trail to attend service
Retweeted by BWD@MarkHalperin @JWGOP You really need to meet Karma soon.@MarkHalperin @billclinton @HillaryClinton Disgusting piece of shit.I can't with this idiot, I just can't anymore. https://t.co/VAEtIQnxM8@donnabrazile @MattMurph24 Are you trying to ask racists to stop being racists? LOL.Romney: Romneycare good, Obamacare bad. Kasich: Medicaid good, Obamacare bad. Ryan: Medicare exchange good, Obamacare exchange bad.
Retweeted by BWD@DCinAZ @MattMurph24 He's right, Matt. Someone had to tell you the truth. Especially someone so witty. "Turdocrat"!@JeffyIsFat @LiberalPhenom I said he'd be at 60% approval. By your logic people who didn't vote for him would never approve his job, right?Since when did it become the high purpose of political reporters to ID soundbites that might work in attack ads? Leave it to the oppo guys.
Retweeted by BWD@AlecMacGillis Since these reporters are shamelessly on the GOP payroll.@JeffyIsFat @CAlvarezAranyos @LiberalPhenom Did i say that? Where did i say that? Hilarious.@theonlyadult @JammieWF @CAlvarezAranyos @LiberalPhenom @GOP If Obama were white and had the same resume, he'd never have been elected.
Retweeted by BWD@sdmunroe What record?@CAlvarezAranyos @LiberalPhenom @GOP If Obama was white, he'd be a 60%. Everyone in the beltway media knows that. They're all cowards.People hate #Obama because of his race, not his performance. There’s no way to interpret his performance as anything but extraordinary. @GOP
Retweeted by BWD#StopTheGOP before their "patriotism" destroys America http://t.co/LznphHPLsm
Retweeted by BWDIt's a simple formula: We vote. We win. Take a friend to the polls. #StopTheGOP http://t.co/kskKQhtFYg
Retweeted by BWDThey'd rather give millionaires another tax break than working families a living wage. #StopTheGOP http://t.co/8AWF2pnQD6
Retweeted by BWD@LexAlexander @daveweigel @LOLGOP Chuck Todd wasn't right since 2007, and he's just moving ahead all the time.@theonlyadult @daveweigel @LOLGOP As long as they support Republicans, no pundit will ever lose a job just for being wrong, even a lot.
Retweeted by BWD@daveweigel @theonlyadult they also thought an old man getting cursed at by an empty chair was a good idea
Retweeted by BWD@daveweigel @LOLGOP This is peak beltway bullshit. At this point it's downright embarrassing. Who are these people and who pays them??Quick reminder that the pundits who said "you didn't build that" was a game-changing gaffe are all still running things.
Retweeted by BWD#ACASignups MICHIGAN: 638K would lose their healthcare coverage if @GOP repeals #Obamacare: http://t.co/MdtOhzjztv #ACA @LOLGOP @Eclectablog
Retweeted by BWDA hoot. James O'Keefe puts on a disguise mustache & goes undercover-but tweets out a pic of his undercover self. http://t.co/rzbF8lk9Bu
Retweeted by BWD@JohnKasich LOLOLOLOLOLOL.@ZekeJMiller You people are so stupid and so stuck in the bubble, it never seize to amaze me.@tomservo10 @TheObamaDiary @bpolitics that's @MarkHalperin baby, the racism is built in.@PhilipRucker LOLOLOLOLOL. Lunatic media.Journalism. https://t.co/cII4i2NJFHNobody tell her, ok? She's a Real Reporter. She'll get to the bottom of it. #awkard http://t.co/3YVucqizqG
Retweeted by BWD@DemFromCT never mind, forget it :)@DrRichardBesser @DemFromCT @CDCgov stop this nonsense.Must read >> @JeffreyToobin on How Obama Transforrmed the Federal Judiciary http://t.co/7Mu7Vv1Ry2 via @NewYorker #hopeandchange #greatnessDallas hospital nurse who cared for deceased Ebola victim pens poem in his honor: http://t.co/0t0LqCvba2 http://t.co/LYXjCUkB0S
Retweeted by BWDGoodnight. Remember: #RickPerry is what happens when intelligent people don't vote. #p2 #TeamWendy #VotingMatters http://t.co/5aHNVF0md0
Retweeted by BWD@Nate_Cohn thanks for the follow. I'm a fan :)@WeathersbyWI @colinoldenburg @WisDems @GOP always amusing to hear members of the flat earth society talking about other people's brains.@Arianna8927 @instapundit how many Americans have died of Ebola? Stupid racist.@TheObamaDiary they deleted this tweet: http://t.co/QSLH7agV3X@TheObamaDiary @sarapepitone http://t.co/2o0oMC5Etc@mgross81 @sarapepitone right, it's a legitimate question.
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