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BWD @theonlyadult Probably not where I should be

I have zero patience for neanderthals and sometimes will RT their words of wisdom.

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@VinciMike @thedailybeast I'm not the one having troubles reading. Did you read the story?Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech is a blatant attempt to sabotage the Obama administration: http://t.co/c9LiNTTrW3 http://t.co/ndurA3fLQv
Retweeted by BWDRacists attack Will Smith's movie #Focus for its interracial couple. Yes, this is 2015. http://t.co/dcXgCLDNNZ http://t.co/fyAzBjHeCD
Retweeted by BWD@VinciMike @thedailybeast no one cares, except those who do.@EthanObama @nytimes @nytopinion I'm white, my privilege is disgusting.12-year-old w/toy gun shot dead by cops in open carry state. Own fault, says City of Cleveland http://t.co/AylumvUij2 http://t.co/AMwsK1rmh6
Retweeted by BWDNo kidding @nytimes: Research shows white privilege is real http://t.co/J4lUjwKATO via @nytopinion@madeleine @AmbassadorRice yes, but just like the president, she's black and it's unacceptable for these racists.@BetteMidler false eqvivalnce.Your late neanderthal is climate change denier and just a regular racist >> @RonJonnie5@RonJonnie5 @batchelorshow People who voted for Bush call Obama the worst president ever. I do love conservatives, you're so proudly stupid.@NorahMackenzie @AmbassadorRice @WhiteHouse It's pathetic how they let Israel humiliate them like this.Love blocking late at night. That's when I'm out of all fucks.@batchelorshow @theonlyadult Netanyahu is a true statesman. He possess courage and principle. Obama is a child seeking the approval of daddy
Retweeted by BWD@Bonedoc51 @batchelorshow LOL, you're so ignorant about who Netanyahuis, it's adorable. Go away, stupid.@bpeterman007 @batchelorshow yes, I'm the problem here. Go away.@batchelorshow Yes, my language is the problem here.Or their citizenship RT @clydetheslyde: Complete list of Presidents that have had their faith questioned. #TCOT #P2 http://t.co/5n0wp4wPVPFuck you >> Netanyahu at Western Wall: I respect Obama, but it's my duty to ensure Israel's security. http://t.co/B4JDx5sQk7@Only4RM @KatrinaNation it's actually disappointing, I was hoping for an outright blame America first tweet.@KatrinaNation LOL.@TheObamaDiary @chucktodd What, John McCain (R-MTP) was unavailable?
Retweeted by BWDReal tweet from a very important pundit/journalist. https://t.co/XzGQ2MzPb2@jdola618 @AmbassadorRice @WhiteHouse this administration asks to be humiliated by Israel on a daily basis. They get their wish.And @AmbassadorRice still going to speak in AIPAC. Losers.He's cool with it. AIPAC tool. @YousefMunayyer What does @CoryBooker think of his buddy @RabbiShmuley's attack in the NYT on Susan Rice?.@RabbiShmuley aren't you the racist piece of shit, ha? Hell is waiting for you, asshole.Hi @RabbiShmuley, your ad against @AmbassadorRice is disgusting. Especially when it is published on Shabbat. Shame on you
Retweeted by BWD@Teach3ca @chucktodd @mmurraypolitics @meetthepress There's one, a woman, can't remember her name, probably never heard of her.Pussy Riot? Trying too hard. #HouseOfCardsNow the Israeli thugs going after @AmbassadorRice. This @WhiteHouse deserves every bit of humiliation. Their weakness on Israel is pathetic.Susan Rice dared criticize Bibi & got Schmuley Boteach (Dermer affiliated, Adelson funded) to run an ad against her http://t.co/scdZAjaPfv
Retweeted by BWD@haaretzcom: Israel's attorney general is blatantly interfering in election for Netanyahu http://t.co/kxUISJfwSj http://t.co/NQJICynFXS
Retweeted by BWDAn energy innovation renaissance.Tnx, stimulus! https://t.co/aPKw2Rsi1L
Retweeted by BWDObama and Warren team up to save older America http://t.co/Wgh0roFnWB http://t.co/VAL4wpRKKo
Retweeted by BWDThis is a great, great, GREAT piece >> Why I’m Coming Out as a Christian http://t.co/cXP1qvHPI9 via @anamariecoxLOL, Underwood. A "Democrat" who make Paul Ryan looks like a Liberal. #HouseOfCards@BtyBlk @AlonPinkas Not sure, TBH. This administration will never punish him..@AlonPinkas Ohhh, The Enterprise. :)Netanyahu’s speech to Congress will carry a hefty price http://t.co/kRpTAQzESs
Retweeted by BWDDagan: "the person causing the most strategic damage to Israel in the Iranian issue is the Prime Minister" http://t.co/vWFFp55Lf4
Retweeted by BWD@theonlyadult I LOLed. Next week it'll be "ultra liberal Joe Manchin". @chucktodd
Retweeted by BWD@TheObamaDiary @chucktodd And the one Democrat he does have on? Who know who she is? It's hilarious, he's not even trying.For years Israel had a seat at the table with real influence on U.S. Iran policy. Thanks to Bibi at the decisive moment no longer the case.
Retweeted by BWD@TheObamaDiary @chucktodd Hey, Lieberman is an "independent".Why are @ChuckTodd ratings tanking? Among tomorrow's guests: Kevin McCarthy Joe Lieberman Ben Carson Chris Cillizza http://t.co/Ozq8uKBRus
Retweeted by BWD@TheObamaDiary @TheFix @chucktodd Shills gonna shill each other.BREAKING: #CPAC2015 adjourns 2015 meeting. http://t.co/ErXC0ADes3
Retweeted by BWDAwful, awful people. MT @lrozen 1st, Hagel got smeared as anti semite by some pro Israel grps. Then Kerry trashed. now Susan RiceLOL @Squatchcurious: Russia "not ruling out" Isis responsible for killing opposition leader #Nemtsov.This is the first Biden tweet that actually made me LOL. https://t.co/ANqxbH1XY8@TheObamaDiary this came out of nowhere. Amazing moment.RIP @TheRealNimoy who fought for equal pay for Nichelle "Uhura" Nichols src= http://t.co/ogAquigfJr http://t.co/xBd0dD0HuH via @hypatiadotca
Retweeted by BWDWhooooo baby you ladies better grab these hunks before they're taken. #CPAC2015 http://t.co/3Zo5fO1RuK
Retweeted by BWD@SenRandPaul you'll be the POTUS right after your dad.The Party who launched the Iraq war, couldn't get Bin Laden, and tortured people is shifting to national security
Retweeted by BWDIs this planet blue and white, brown and green, or on the brink of total catastrophe? http://t.co/gLfORVwHzE
Retweeted by BWD@theonlyadult @chucktodd @mmurraypolitics @meetthepress And Hugh Hewitt!
Retweeted by BWD@MorganCarlston @Shoq LOL, this ego maniac..@chucktodd @mmurraypolitics @meetthepress ONE Democrat. ONE. You're such a tool."I can't control congress!!!". Why can't Frank Underwood lead?? #HouseOfCardsCRUCIAL @ryanbeckwith Rand Paul wins third CPAC straw poll in a row, but Walker wins crucial second place. http://t.co/SxvMRAlm6fMarco Rubio is 0.2 above Donald Trump. LOLOLOLOL. #CPAC2015LOL, Bobby Jindal.@uthinktheydont LOL, the idiocy.LOL, Frank Underwood is as Democrat as Joe Manchin. #HouseOfCardsBREAKING: #CPAC2015 Straw Poll Results: 1. Obama is black. 2. Obama is a Muslim. 3. Obama is gay. 4.Obama is...#gunsinAmerica......18% of tiny Tyrone, MO's population died in this week's gun rampage....18% of the WHOLE TOWN
Retweeted by BWDbloody gun rampage nearly wipes out 20% (!!) of tiny MO town, story doesn't even make front-page news in NY, LA, SF, Chi, Boston, Atl, DC.
Retweeted by BWDToday in "Karma is Obot" >> Uninsured Ex-Sheriff Who Fought O-care Struggles To Pay Medical Bills @TPM http://t.co/IqPlqfdNxdWhen Reagan pulled out of Lebanon after 241 Marines were killed, the Soviets were like, "But yeah, you saw how he dealt with those workers."
Retweeted by BWDNow comes the annual highlight of #CPAC2015 when we burn the giant teleprompter and dance till Fox News Sunday begins!
Retweeted by BWDNo matter what he does, Putin will always have at his side his useful idiots: Greenwald and Snowden.
Retweeted by BWDObamacare-Hatin’ Sheriff Wants You To Pay His Medical Bills For Him, Because He Ain’t Got No Obamacare | Wonkette http://t.co/siTYG64brzMe and my Obamacare wish Richard Mack all the best. We hope you'll recover, and maybe get a new heart and brain on the way.Obamacare-Hatin’ Sheriff Wants You To Pay His Medical Bills For Him, Because He Ain’t Got No Obamacare http://t.co/BnDXnz4QOv #p2 #tcot #gop
Retweeted by BWDre First Look and The Intercept --- Where Journalism Goes to Die: http://t.co/7iIQr8UGnX
Retweeted by BWDmeet the press line up gop house leader gop presidential hopeful neocon former senator democratic congresswoman #whatliberalmedia
Retweeted by BWDCillizza Is Awestruck by Jeb's Potemkin Campaign (new post) http://t.co/RhhJ2fFmZA
Retweeted by BWDScott Walker Is Making Shit Up, Just Like His Hero Ronald Reagan http://t.co/7MjHN9yzvD
Retweeted by BWDIf Scott Walker sees 100,000 teachers & firefighters as his enemies, maybe it's time we take a closer look at his friends.
Retweeted by BWDThe Strange Evolution of "Fitzwalkerstan": "1993: WEA Teacher. 2011: 'Union Thug' 2015: 'Union Terrorist.'" http://t.co/BlcTMWHprH
Retweeted by BWDI miss Palin RT @jameshohmann: Walker says most consequential foreign pol dec made in his life was Reagan firing 11K air traffic controllershttp://t.co/ErjTLgCIrL
Retweeted by BWDImportant > ex Mossad chief unloads on Netanyahu and danger he poses to Israel http://t.co/p2WhQX0PgP
Retweeted by BWDWalker: "Reagan won the cold war by firing 11,000 Americans". Conservatives stupidity has no limits, it's a black hole. #CPAC2015Scott Walker said the greatest "foreign policy" decision made in his lifetime was when Reagan fired 11,000 Americans. http://t.co/y2qYDpWyxb
Retweeted by BWDIsrael election debate, United Arab List's Ayman Odeh: "We're 20% of the population." Russian born Lieberman responds W threat: "For now."
Retweeted by BWDRobert Kagan!!!! >> Netanyahu’s speech to Congress will carry a hefty price http://t.co/PEcy8jgFVVRIP the random Russian who'll take the fall for Putin killing #NemstovDear @NancyPelosi I love you to pieces, but the fact that you're going to attend Netanyahu's speech, breaks my hearts to pieces too..@NancyPelosi #Boycott! Netanyahu’s speech in Congress is a revolting and dangerous gamble, by @saletan: http://t.co/jqRIRf3GZD via @slate
Retweeted by BWDBenjamin Netanyahu’s speech is a blatant attempt to sabotage the Obama administration: http://t.co/67RVn3AEfr http://t.co/7YnZY2ou41
Retweeted by BWDThere's zero connection between the real Reagan and the one conservatives invented. Just like with Obama, only the opposite. #CPAC2015Scott Walker, for people who thought Sarah Palin was too educated and made too much sense.@Only4RM @jeremybird Oh, wingnuts both here and in Israel are going, well, nuts over this for a few weeks now.Critics slam #HouseofCardsSeason3 as unrealistic because the Speaker of the House is shown to have a basic level of competence for the job
Retweeted by BWD@Gus_802 @Kat4Obama They're as racist as anyone in the right.From outset of Obama's presidency, Congress acted as spoilers-not partners- on #IranTalks. Now they're surprised they're not more included?
Retweeted by BWDScott Walker: Records show Soviets treated Ronald Reagan more seriously after he fired controllers http://t.co/711yXIAMGi @PolitiFactWisc
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