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BWD @theonlyadult Probably not where I should be

I have zero patience for neanderthals and sometimes will RT their words of wisdom.

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LOL MT @MarkHalperin: @marcorubio turned tons of heads at recent @GOP mtg in Florida w/compelling speech; front runner in ideas primary”"the wait staff" RT @MarkHalperin: 1 attendee at RNC mtg in Fla sez @marcorubio speech so compelling the wait staff was rapt. RNCers noticed
Retweeted by BWD@EricBoehlert @BuzzFeed no scolding of Republicans for Intentionally trying to sabotage the entire Obama presidency.ha. @buzzfeed scolds Harry Reid for "picking fights" w/ W. Bush. like, y'know, stopping idiotic Bush push to privatize Social Security...
Retweeted by BWD#NotreDame can win this game.Being gay isn’t a choice, but living in Indiana is.
Retweeted by BWDI would support #BoycottIndiana if Indiana made anything worth buying or had anything worth visiting.
Retweeted by BWDThank U @AngiesList for joining #BoycottIndiana Together we'll show Gov #Pence LGBTs aren't 2nd class citizens http://t.co/qCKZ1QjVyO
Retweeted by BWDDear tweeps, if you tweet anything related to @MrMilitantNegro in my mentions, I will block you , no matter how much I love you.@TheObamaCat @MrMilitantNegro @supoki @AVD911 @BRios82 This is really the last time I ask you to leave out of any convo with this asshole.Notre Dame couldn't find an even uglier uniforms?@HotlineJosh @maggieNYT What about Romney?Go Stanford! https://t.co/7PiisFvuCR
Retweeted by BWD@BarackObama is golfing this weekend. Either some bad guys are going to die, or a deal with Iran is very, very, very close. #IranTalks@GovPenceIN @ThisWeekABC @GStephanopoulos Fuck you, neanderthal.@joepetruccio @Only4RM @popculturemom Good boy. :)Oh hey look at all of the billions of dollars hospitals are saving with Obamacare http://t.co/5AhgheviJ8 http://t.co/q4p8FFuLHO
Retweeted by BWDShame on you @GovPenceIN. What will be the next group you can refuse to serve? Where does it stop? #BoycottIndiana
Retweeted by BWD#Israel seeks to demolish #Palestinian village on ‘archaeological’ grounds http://t.co/LRBFBmx3Xz http://t.co/a1Zr3cQPSv
Retweeted by BWDWhoa, if true RT @VanityFair On 9/11, something changed in Ted Cruz http://t.co/xpQSPVfzFo@MarcACaputo @maggieNYT Rubio is running? LOLOLOL..@mtomasky who wasn't a "deeply flawed" Dem president? Who was more "courageous" than Barack Obama?@PaperWash Kinda thin skin for someone who laughs at others all the time, no?@McHughSteven It is? What's funny there? If I had time and energy I'd find couple of really finny Biden jokes. This is lame.@blayne_troy @thehill Ohhhh, the butt still hurt.Who? @thehill Chris Christie says America is 'weaker' under Obama: http://t.co/GOqaEIMFkh@eclecticbrotha Oh, it's the misquoted defense.@englishcad Sigh. This is like talking to the wall. Bye, sweetie.@PaperWash No, I'm pretty sure there are many others. This Panda joke? embarrassing. You can do better.@englishcad I don't think the word "apologist" means what you think it means. LOL at "it's not racist". Then what is it? Idris *is* English.Am I the only one who's yet to find more than one of two of these Biden jokes actually funny? https://t.co/zADFSM5hvG@englishcad Honey, while I respect your orgasm skills, I'm still waiting for a simple answer, which obviously you can't provide.@englishcad Yes, yes, of course you are. So, still waiting for an answer: why would Moore think that Idris isn't "English-English"?If the hatred coming from gays in Indiana isn't stopped, we'll have Kristallnacht, the vandalizing of Christian businesses.
Retweeted by BWDFollow @Mayor_Ed_Murray. If only every city in America had such mayor.Today I ordered no #Seattle tax dollars will be used for travel by @CityofSeattle employees because of Indiana's discriminatory #SB101 #LGBT
Retweeted by BWDJames Bond Is Back, and More Brooding Than Ever, in the Trailer for Spectre http://t.co/lxsAfa10nD http://t.co/cUkX68SZMD
Retweeted by BWD@Only4RM @popculturemom @joepetruccio Craig is second only to Sir Sean Connery. He really turned into a fantastic Bond.@GStephanopoulos @Only4RM @FareedZakaria @ThisWeekABC Oh, you decided to bring someone who actually knows what they;re talking about.Ernest Moniz: Obama's big brain in Iran nuke talks http://t.co/4jkzrQYyon http://t.co/e8tji7EAIy
Retweeted by BWD@eclecticbrotha Has Moore himself or his people denied the quote?"Inventor of the female orgasm" is one smart neanderthal. >> @englishcad@englishcad @buddhafinger "apologists inc". Hilarious.@englishcad So you can't explain why Idris isn't "English-English" enough. But I see you give good orgasms, good compensation for brains.@buddhafinger @theonlyadult lets explain this in simple Idris is man not a colour so he doesn't need any help from apologists inc.
Retweeted by BWD@idriselba isn't English enough for the same reason @BarackObama isn't American enough. Special (racist) relationships indeed.@buddhafinger @englishcad I think it might be about his love for Arsenal. Yes, that's it!@eclecticbrotha your grandkids will have grandkids before you hear back.if you find Roger Moore comment racist then you have the problem. Nothing more than a liberal, hand wringing apologist. #Getalife
Retweeted by BWD.@englishcad LOL. Do explain why Idris isn't "English-English". I'll wait.So tax exile Roger Moore doesn't think Hackney-born Arsenal-supporting Brit Idris Elba is 'English' enough to be Bond http://t.co/muJSOO2lsP
Retweeted by BWDIdris Elba shouldn't be Bond b/c he's not "English English," says Roger Moore, who's played both the founder of Rome and the king of France.
Retweeted by BWD@piersmorgan @sirrogermoore @idriselba he is not racist? So why is London born Idris can't be Bond?Roger Moore, who left Britain in 1978, says London-born Idris Elba can't play Bond because he's not English enough http://t.co/GNf2h8CP58
Retweeted by BWDEconomy adding jobs #ObamaCare doing great POTUS whistles as he heads to Florida for some golf No f**ks to give http://t.co/6Dp7YlKFOS
Retweeted by BWD@Edwin_AFC @theonlyadult Idris Elba Born: September 6, 1972 (age 42), London Borough of Hackney, United Kingdom
Retweeted by BWDSean Connery - Scottish George Lazenby - Australian Timothy Dalton - Welsh Pierce Brosnan - Irish http://t.co/gMwLTJfdAE
Retweeted by BWDDerp. https://t.co/JNdZTYGHkA
Retweeted by BWDSeattle Mayor Bans Travel To Indiana By City Workers #lgbt http://t.co/AVhoftB2yx #BoycottIndiana cc @GovPenceIN
Retweeted by BWD.@TheObamaDiary oh, I almost missed the, well, wing there.@americans4amer @MattMurph24 @Salon only stupid liberals ever bought Rand Paul' charade. Principles? LOL..@HuffPostPol @MattMurph24 no wonder red states people keep vote GOP. Ignorance it conservatives BFF.Over 90% of Sunni Iraqis consider ISIS to be terrorists and 80% support an intl effort to defeat it http://t.co/kRhD2ySm07
Retweeted by BWD#Pence is getting banned from local businesses. #BoycottIndiana http://t.co/jFswHg807D
Retweeted by BWD@TheObamaDiary I see at least five more arrows.@TheObamaDiary its a very complicated photo!Glorious. http://t.co/MXkKc5pKlQ@TheObamaDiary We should look at this photo for few more hours, see if we can solve it.I don't need femims the religious freedom bill is good! I am SICK of gays coming into my bakery & doing PERVERTED things like 'order, & pay'
Retweeted by BWD@JesusHCristos @ConchGunny LOL. Indeed.Awesome derangement right here >> @JesusHCristos@JesusHCristos @TheObamaDiary @marcylauren LOL, you're so stupid, it's hilarious.@TheObamaDiary OMG, look at the trees! BRB.President Obama whistles on his way to a weekend of golf in Florida. RWNJ/Media heads explode. He's awesome :-) http://t.co/pTQOhGJC2J
Retweeted by BWDOh, now #AndreasLubitz had eye sighting issues. I'd LOL if it wasn't so tragic. I don't appreciate my white privilege as half as I should.@TheObamaDiary even *I* am going to be quiet here. It's very very tough, so you should respect me now.They Hate Gays, Treat Women as Second Class and Love Guns & War. Am I Talking About the GOP or ISIS? #BoycottIndiana
Retweeted by BWD@Arianna8927 @hatingitmagzine @peterbakernyt @GOP @BarackObama oh, trust me, they get it.David Duchovny says that Mulder was the worst F.B.I. agent of all time http://t.co/ZITPM8h6ar http://t.co/MTtwuTluOI
Retweeted by BWDVeteran unemployment falls to 7-year low http://t.co/y0qxvYWtI1 http://t.co/AX2QaAXs4p
Retweeted by BWD@haaretzcom probably not. Beside, the Israel he sung about doesn't exist.Lubitz, a mentally ill marathon runner who crashed a plane intentionally and killed 150 people. This, the power of framing the story.
Retweeted by BWD@BuzzFeedBen @JimDalrympleII "iconic".Rand Paul: "Moral crisis" led to gay marriage, US needs religious revival http://t.co/nKVjybubFe
Retweeted by BWD@OliOlsson @Support I have zero patience for racists.Thousands of Low-Income Women Aren't Getting Cancer Screenings or Because Texas Banned Planned Parenthood: http://t.co/V5zz5k2Ecq
Retweeted by BWDCc: @Support RT @Mycellisdamp: @OliOlsson I hope you get bounced by a pack of niggers we'll see how PC you are when your arse is bleeding”Your Saturday morning racist neanderthal comes with British accent >> @Mycellisdamp@skorzeny_lives @DailyMailCeleb @MailOnline LOL.@DailyMailCeleb @MailOnline well have a black bond the day we have a white shaft.. GTF
Retweeted by BWDYou misspelled he's black @DailyMailCeleb: Idris Elba can't be Bond b/c he isn't 'English English' says Roger Moore http://t.co/tZHBYRclXGOn Her Majesty's Secret Servant's Entrance https://t.co/6DneD1npvc
Retweeted by BWD
That's Ralph Fiennes. Not a Nazi. RT @people: How an author is coping... http://t.co/hSgdWDLCDL http://t.co/41nSMwnxxU
Retweeted by BWDbecause white. RT @bigwhiteball: @60th_Street Why can't they just say mass murder. That part is 100% accurate.
Retweeted by BWDThis is the most vulgar display of white privilege I've seen in a long time. And that's really saying something.
Retweeted by BWD"Bibi would probably win the Republican nomination if it were legal” @peterbakernyt on Israel as GOP litmus test http://t.co/ivD1902uFt
Retweeted by BWD@peterbakernyt this had nothing to do with Israel. It's never about the issue and always about the black president.@Bipartisanism @MattMurph24 who did you steal this tweet from?BREAKING: US military rescues Saudi airmen from waters south of Yemen: http://t.co/JRmkVP6xZc
Retweeted by BWDLOL @nytpolitics: G.O.P. Hawks Upset With Bush After Baker Speech on Israel http://t.co/tzSLcp5NOy
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