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Sean Cook @theSeanCook San Francisco

Now: Head of Product, @Layer. Then: PM, Fabric @Twitter. Lover of mobile. Sucker for yellow dogs. #WDE

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@flyosity well deserved! Loving it so farCoach Smith willed his trust to send a $200 check to each his former players following his passing. #DeanSmith http://t.co/NyiBhU9taQ
Retweeted by Sean Cook@gotwalt yeah, it jumped the shark with season five: the incessant in-stream ads@gotwalt followed by season four: what i had for breakfastEdTV 2: Meeriscope (2015) - A regular Joe brings his mundane daily life in San Francisco in to the homes of millions via livestreaming.
Big ups to @vicsingh and @kanvas this morningWOW! All food served at f8 was single-handedly slaughtered by the leadership team.
Congrats to @webbizceo and my friends @banjo! "The social media company that's about to change everything" http://t.co/IYXrQbpJEf
If all you have is a Hammer, everything looks like parachute pants.
@auroberjo i just realized that i misspelled your name. i'm an idiot. sorry about that. -shawn
The best job recommendation in the world is "I want to work with this person again".How do you know a basketball player went to Harvard? They tell you.@episod that's some bullllll-shit, man. world needs more episodic music@isaach i swear that you and @buster's tweets have single-handedly made me want to grow up and have a family@kristink thanks Kristin!@auroberjo @layer thanks Jon. Been way too long. Need to remedy that.@dtboyd indeed. my therapist tells me it's ok to cry.@joshelman @layer @RonP thanks Josh!@andray @tomazstolfa thanks Andrej!@KillCreek @layer excited to be here!@wil thanks Wil! Keep that October 5 '09 class memory alive as long as you can@ShilohNoelle I'm like a creepy Mr. Rogers@magicpixx you're my conscience@magicpixx UGH AS IFWant favorites, RTs, and replies? Leave a job. Want MORE favorites, RTs, replies, and follows? Start a job. #socialmediaexpert@episod thanks bud. Miss your DJ'ing. Need more mixtapes.@Javi thanks Javi!@yusukey thanks Yusuke! Hope you're doing well@jaakkosf thanks Jacob!@nihalmehta @layer @vicsingh thanks Nihal!@SheetalJaitly @layer thanks Sheetal! Need to catch up soon man!@wm @layer thanks William!@samn heh. Thanks Sam!@lientm @layer thanks Lien!@rallat @layer thanks Israel!@wademvaughn @layer thanks Wade!@moxon @layer thanks Drew! Incredibly excited to see what we can do as a team@bonnell @layer thanks Mike! You're an inspiration for all of us@ShilohNoelle @layer thanks Shiloh! Miss our laughs about inappropriate jokes@tsmith @layer thanks Ty! Keep fighting the good fight@janamal @layer thank you Jana! Couldn't have gotten to where I am without you as a leader and fellow N*sync backup singer@vicsingh @layer thanks Vic! We got to catch up some time man@akarhodes @layer thanks Allison! Happy to be here@icofyre @layer thanks Pat!@elkpga @layer thanks elk!!
@RonP @ryanchris @layer thanks Ryan!@miradu @TheKimmySchmidt omg you've made it worse :)@miradu @TheKimmySchmidt agreed! I've had the intro song in my head for daysThe future is here, and I get to help build it. Happy to announce that I've joined the team @Layer as Head of Product.@rsarver @tomazstolfa @layer thanks ryan!@_jordan it got moved to april@mccv better late than never, yeah? (will clarify…)@tapbot_paul the delighter becomes the delighted. i like it.@harmophone @recode thanks, tyler!
@Javi good luck! You'll do great@Wayne @twitter now THAT'S a liquidity event I'd invest in@Wayne @twitter same here. let's get drinks next time you're out here@hemal @twitter miss you already. keep up the good work!@bonnell @twitter thanks! you're an example for all. Keep up the great work with customers@chrismpls thanks Chris!@tyip @twitter southern gents never leave, the bourbon bottles just stay at the same levels@Arun_UKBrat thanks Arun!@stevewilber @twitter thanks Steve. It's been a pleasure!@kang @twitter thanks for the kind words. You're a great engineer and even better person. Keep up the good work.@episod I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU, ALRIGHT?@MarcRichards @twitter thanks for helping me start my mornings on the right note. Keep on truckin' brother@tapbot_paul thanks Paul. It was always a pleasure seeing the high quality work you guys shipped@mdb two words: plausible deniability. Thanks for everything last year. Love you, man.@isaach thanks Isaach! I've already lost 8 lbs and my grey hairs are slowly disappearing@andypiper thanks! keep the torch burning for devs@Reeve thank you Reeve. Let's get drinks when you're done drinking in Austin ;)@dghubble @twitter thanks! You're awesome Dalton.@cra thanks! keep those young kids in check :)@ccoughtrey thanks Chris! You and the team were always fantastic partners. Glad we got to work together.@sravish thanks sravish! hope you're well
@truebe @mccv and I wore my Chirp shirt today to be sentimental. Now it seems just...awkward.After 5 and a half years, my time @twitter is now complete. Fittingly, I walked out laughing with friends. http://t.co/TuywIZqQNlWDE.Fifty Shades of Grey Album
@manuel #matónlife@manuel glad to see you not flying in coach #thuglife@mikozlowski indeed. the irony.@episod http://t.co/2NZt4u8kYrLittle known fact: Signing yearbooks in high school is really just preparation for sending goodbye emails to coworkers. #haveagreatsummer
@BravesChophouse great minds"Take me to Church." - Hozier, in a cab in San Francisco
"I can do it, and I should be doing it. It’s all about kindness and generosity, and that fits everybody." http://t.co/RBz4Drh9QZGot some extra rest for today's event. Slept in 'til 4:30.
Retweeted by Sean Cook@willydennis follow the sign up flow-- you should receive one shortly
@mnengle 50 shades of Sean@messl skate to where the puck will be@r2r #neverforgetSo *that's* how you get people to favorite your tweets.
Fruit Looper (2015): A thirtysomething man argues with his younger self over whether each color actually tastes different.
A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP
Retweeted by Sean CookTook part in a San Francisco protest for llamas tonight. Really feel like we made a difference.Never underestimate the power of Warren and Nate when it comes to showing a room what's up #karaokeI'm convinced that @taylorswift13 reads my journal.
It's hard not to take this personally http://t.co/bbSmltN1meLies, damn lies, and Uber's "arriving now" times.
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