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@iamdanw The place I’m in is playing “Whoomp (There It Is)” and I’m blaming you for some reason.@BothersBar Celebrity Do A Thing And Win Some Points, surely?Amazingly, actual traffic jams occur in multiplayer Euro Truck Simulator. Every vehicle is a real person. http://t.co/HG9vo6O1VT
Retweeted by Tom ScottFilming at @AstonUniversity today, and briefly making my iPhone shortsighted… http://t.co/6Kx85E13TV@garybrannan On the plus side, filled jacket potato for £1.49, so it all works out.@garybrannan I’m in Birmingham and let me tell you, Telly Savalas really raised my expectations too high.@DP_World Sent an email asking about filming at London Gateway but got no reply — do you know who’d be the right person to contact? Thanks!@NKBTN See @parliamentedits and @WhitehallEdits — it’s all about the bots these days :)@chrisapplegate @flashboy He’s got competition from @edjeff’s Joke this year. Will he keep traditional or do some sort of risky remix?
@tomparryjones Not nearly enough :)@FMoonAlmostDead Four more in this run, weekly!@Borka223 That's an, er, interesting choice of song. Still, nice to know the old shows are being watched - thanks!@tomparryjones Thanks very much! There's four more linguistics videos to go in this run. :)@TvcommsTony Flattered, thank you! But I don't think I'm qualified for that :)@Denverdcl My work here is done :)@LapTop006 Ha! Over the years, I guess things like that build up.New video! The fictional bridges that became real: https://t.co/QmIyLrHx79@unnamedculprit @lyn__sea @sam_cook @tef @vetraskr @russss @jonty Same here: might be free later on though, will text!
@Monevo Thanks!@Toeler Thanks :)@Monevo YouTube doesn't do RSS any more, if I recall correctly. Been meaning to set one up!@BothersBar They never do: their phone system is indistinguishable from Italy’s, IIRC.
@youngvulgarian Bloody hell you’re on form tonight.Outside Europe? Want to understand Twitter for the next four hours? You can watch #Eurovision tonight at http://t.co/ktlxFjVQe1. Good luck.@angelina_licca I liked the camera angles! Having one static shot would be rather boring :)@geofftech @DavidMcClelland Yep, that sounds right! 90% of the things I make are filmed on a smartphone or GoPro with similar setups.@DavidAugust Thanks - glad you like it :)@TheWidget So happy for you -- particularly given how decisive a lot of those figures seem to be :)@SelenaGYouRock Huh. I've no idea why that is -- I'll have to look it up!@darachennis Yep, I should have added the word "known as" or perhaps "traditionally" in there!Lovely news from Ireland! Same-sex marriage, won by popular vote in a fairly conservative country, is heartwarming: http://t.co/RICrX0jAxN
@unnamedculprit Five, but it won't be due to the Magnum, just losing a gamble on a fart. #classytweetsNew video! Here's my talk from #TDC15 yesterday. It's called "The Speed of Outrage": https://t.co/zCUzt5JdqM@Nocteel I don’t think so: different skill set!@bOingball Been speaking at #TDC15 at the Sage — it’s been a lovely few days here!
@joannasaurusrex @coldclimate Never mind then. :) Thanks for at least considering it!@joannasaurusrex It’s in Gloucestershire, but apparently @coldclimate is happy to drive there. (It’s rather dangerous, do research it…!)@LeoWattenberg Plenty – but that shadow is artificial! The key was perfect.@Salandas About two dozen!@ZubBruno Yes — that’s why it takes so long. And thank you :)@LeoWattenberg Best I could do!@coldclimate @joannasaurusrex (We got scheming in a pub. Long story. I’m sure Oli will be able to fill in the details…)@mseckington If I wasn’t in Newcastle I totally would. Sorry you’re feeling down!@gausie Interesting, thanks!@Sparkalisha Hadn’t thought of it like that! Thanks :)@aliceness @geofftech At some point :)@Reynolds That’s wonderful!@MichaelSelsky Thanks very much!@lbamp Thanks!Thanks everyone at #tdc15 and on the livestream — that was lovely! I’ll get it uploaded as soon as I can.LIVE on #Periscope: My talk from #TDC15: The Speed of Outrage https://t.co/fUeMUfNeKINew Language Files video! Why computers suck at translation: https://t.co/N3QaMn3AVg (written with @GretchenAMcC of @AllThingsLing!)@robmanuel It's rare for me to ask "u ok hun", but I feel like some kind of dairy-based intervention might be needed soon.@edjeff They've come to investigate the theft of your Joke.@tef, @unnamedculprit, @garethbriggs et al: https://t.co/jzxh39KPCF
@EwaSR What. What? I had no idea. That’s… really obvious in hindsight.@Cruel_Coppinger Different definition of racism, I think - most sociologists say that intent isn't needed. Not a subject I'm qualified for!@whoisdanw Reminder that repeating someone else's libel is still libel. Unless they say it at a press conference. I think.@Cruel_Coppinger Sure - but to get past, you call it out, get companies to think about things like that, and help them hire diverse teams!@bearslikejam "Grandpa and Grandmaster Flash" is similar! http://t.co/V43XSy0Yj9@Cruel_Coppinger "Tech optimised by and for white folks" is a trope that goes back decades! Context's important: http://t.co/2Q6w0ophs3@geofftech @jbuller If either of us get a suitable idea, I'd love to!@jbuller @geofftech @lonrec Oh heavens, no - my After Effects skills aren't up to dealing with London Bridge!@Cruel_Coppinger Those aren't mutually exclusive. It doesn't have to be deliberate, just careless: I'll bet that didn't appear in testing!@myriadofmaths The old nine-times-table trick. @jamesgrime taught me that many years ago!@sheilamu Doing well -- hope you are too :)"Let's do experimental image recognition on millions of photos!" "And make the results public!" "Great idea!" "Er…" http://t.co/BoTuV9wAJ8@sheilamu Congratulations!@TRJeffries That actually fits the song really well. "Saturday night, and we in the spot / don't believe me, just watch / BELL-END!"@colin_furze Congratulations!@TRJeffries It's actually a copy of Uptown Funk. Don't believe me? Just watch.@cds501 Ha, true! Similar problem with my speaker badge - I've had to quietly mask out the bit that says where I work :)@TheMerovius If that's Germany, then yes: national law requires a license for any sort of broadcast, so YouTube blocks the entire country!@nathanrae Last thing on Thursday again! :)I'm at Thinking Digital for the next couple of days: this year, it's livestreamed free if you want to watch! http://t.co/BsjoCj3Yes #tdc15
@MarvElBoghdadly Quite possible, I was on a train!@fridgehead That is exactly the kind of childish joke I wish I'd thought of, well done.
@angelina_licca Thanks — it’s not like the wind suffers for it, though :)@Grimbriar Thanks — glad you like them!@TomWis_97 I try not to let the internet know my travel plans in advance. Glad you liked the video :)@cr3 The ideal shot, I suspect, would have been tracking across the full mile from the back of a motorbike. Ah well!New video! How the Netherlands stopped the wind: the Rozenberg Wind Wall: https://t.co/tQVLbjObgc@EwaSR @loudmouthman I recall someone saying that could be a rail grinder train: they run late, slowly, evening out the tracks and are LOUD.@youngvulgarian @cr3 @MartinBelam I'll be in for a bit, too, later -- I've got to wait for my laptop to render out a load of videos!This oral history of the Crystal Maze from Buzzfeed's @psmith is a wonderful read for anyone who remembers the show: http://t.co/4B28uQ06PZ
@TRJeffries @unnamedculprit Let's hope they pick a less unfortunate backdrop than they did at Eurovision in Concert: https://t.co/rQIbrgsdEA
I told Siri to “set an alarm for oh-eight-thirty”. http://t.co/ELD0HZEQpi@pillotics Encrypted push to Amazon S3 daily, plus regularly to an external hard disk.@herbkim Ha — not for me, but thank you!
@pauljoannon @elfshame I thought I flagged that up enough, but apparently not :)@olivervscreeper Haven’t worked there since last year.Sad news about my old @UsVsTh3m team: http://t.co/UVe50tpyE0 If anyone’s looking for good new-formats writers, you know where to find them.@cr3 @iansteadman “Bad cookies lurking” is a Credence Clearwater Revival song, isn’t it?@gbrannanarchive Obscure TV nerdery: that's the first time I've ever seen any BBC show allowed to do anything with the copyright line.
While @TRJeffries and I climbed to the top of Pulpit Rock, this was the view from the bottom: https://t.co/bt06KENhrR@aljwhite @chrisapplegate @cr3 @moogyboobles @flashboy I blame y’all for this. #cheeky #alanbantob #bantstothefuture http://t.co/0orgBu38tf@Sparkalisha Turns out the door was just unlocked and swung open. Bit of an anti-climax really.@v21 Are you making @_ebooks-as-a-service? That's been on my ideas board for ages and I never got round to it!@Sparkalisha Clever!@carwash Happy to help!
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