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@CryptoCopter Heck no. When they’re edited!On my way to east London to play in @garethbriggs’ ‘Mole’. So excited. Even though I’m going to be terrible at it. http://t.co/crHLwOYw9o@appliedhistory I’m going to need a nuclear testing range and a classy hat. And possibly some CGI gophers.
@Thomas_Chant True, and having some tech, sure - but paper catalogues are so much better for browsing. Ditching them seems like a bad idea.@FulfordGuy Actual iPads, as far as I can tell. Because those won't go out of date at all.For those outside the UK, "Argos" is a triumph of stock control and the closest humanity has ever come to inventing a Star Trek replicator.My local Argos now runs entirely on iPads. Chaos. Three staff trying to explain. "Take home" catalogues being passed round. Potential riot.@ThisIsJoFrank @flashboy I know, right?!@pkqk Actual, out loud, responses: "aww", "ohh", "oh..."@katbairwell @flashboy If they're anything like their parents, it's mainly feathers, territoriality, and hissing.Stop what you're doing and watch this tiny, newly-hatched barnacle goose base-jump 400ft off a cliff: http://t.co/WHcysJLnq5 (via @flashboy)@mattround @flashboy I'm not sure it works as well as I'd hoped. http://t.co/jjrFVtGosx@flashboy Genuine hands-to-mouth gasp at the impact there. Part of me is utterly astonished, part of me wants to dub Yakety Sax on to it.@rbairwell I've got a GoPro 3 Black, and it's marvellous. I like the idea of having one that's suitable for "riskier" shots, though!@sil That version can't do anything fancy at all: it's fire and forget. But at about a third of the price of the regular one, that's fine!Blimey, the new GoPro is only £99. No wifi, no bells and whistles, but at that price... http://t.co/zMIxh82N16 #correctedlink
@pkqk @garethbriggs Oh my word we’re about 36 hours from MOLE. I am so excited.
Google launches confusing thing no-one wants, world hopes they don’t require switching to it, Fall 2014 Edition: http://t.co/85LaZPO2Ls@garethadams @UsVsTh3m Okay, we've disabled selection!@gileadamit We have. We really have.@Thehodge @cr3 @mushybees Good point! It now says "his first name" instead.(Code by @cr3 and me; pixellations by @mushybees; questions based on our childhoods; irritating beeping sounds by Nokia.)I am so proud of today's @UsVsTh3m thing. In honour of Nokia's demise: "The 90s Nokia Nostalgia Game". Get ur txt on: http://t.co/9bwbIBk18W@allurbass Not sure of anything specific, but generally check http://t.co/2IkZ1Ifpl4 for potential shows and exhibitions!
@reediekris Fantastic, thank you :)@nickmhalliday That sounds about right!Today, @cr3 and I are making an @UsVsTh3m game about the late 90s. Our commit messages are appropriately unhelpful. http://t.co/6pz3CAelZ5@ThisIsJoFrank I think that's just parallax from the camera? Either way it's confusing.@erghat Basically at this point I have to visit the National Physical Laboratory to sort it out.@erghat Sure, here you go. http://t.co/oERJvnD34U@av Yes!@NilsTillander I had a bet with @cr3 over how long it'd be before the first Parallax Pedant arrived. I checked for that.@deborahnaylor @darraghdoyle Ooh, thanks!@wftil I've got a load of jokes here, but I'll just say 'thanks' instead!@boggits Thanks!@edsu @whitehalledits Nothing to do with me - I don't think they're using your code, either?@georgebrock Yes! I'll drop you a DM nearer to the date :)@CDN_Antitheist That was the joke.There are two 30cm rulers on my desk and they disagree by about 0.5% and now I’m not sure about the universe http://t.co/Ai7OJQADdY
@JayHealey That’s a wonderful recommendation, thanks!@SteveMarshall Those all sound brilliant, thanks!@TRJeffries The audience at home see the missing vowels 1-2 seconds before the contestants do. Sorry to burst that bubble.@vivalablue Noted, thank you!@wosel Ooh, thanks!@AshBerlin That may be the best recommendation I’ve had yet. I approve of wings.@jenny_flynn That looks wonderful, thank you!@ChickenGrylls Cheesecake! Noted, thank you!@ElBeakster Apparently the Beast is "hibernating" this time of year, but thank you :)@kmacleod None planned! (Have I said thank you for the music at any point, by the way? Because, seriously, thank you.)@mattj_uk See "Calling time on 'Mind The Gap'", in here: http://t.co/u67LsEznJH@sammachin Been looking for a good place for NY pizza, thank you!@mattj_uk That's a fantastic list, thank you! And those hydraulic bridges might be coming to the tube at some point...@sammachin Thanks!@dpmattingly Huh, that's interesting. Thanks!@yourolly That's interesting! Filming on public transport tends to be difficult, but I'll keep it in mind!@trioptimum Yes! I'll try and stop by there, thanks!@Kisa Ooh! Definitely going past that if I can, thanks!@theotherelliott Ooh, thanks!@unnamedculprit http://t.co/f8Lcf1dZLn@TDLukens That's lovely! I'll see if I can get there.@ChrisHanel I haven't even been to the London ones yet! Good idea, though.@trappleton Ha! I think I'll pass on taking a Geiger counter round a major transport hub, but thank you :)@helenarney Interesting! That's like Treasure Island in San Francisco, only with less toxicity...@unnamedculprit But I don't like my toast done on one side. No-one likes their toast done on one side. Apart from Sting.@nickbegley Interesting! There's a lot of private parks in London - it's strange there aren't many in NY.@DeTeReR I'm not a big Punchdrunk fan, but htanks for the tip!@xmjw Thanks, those are ace (I've got a video about some New York ballast lined up...) but I think I'm most excited about the firehouse!@bear_foot Added to the list, thank you!@silverchicken1 That's exactly the kind of recommendation I wanted, thank you!@rmblake Just looked up their menu. That looks astonishing. On the list!@ItsVidak Thanks - glad you like them!@milonoblet Fantastic, thanks!@kevinefclark Ooh, I'll definitely try and stop by Barcade. I visited Mana Bar in Brisbane when I was there!@hyper_linda May not have time for big shows, but I'll keep it in mind!@George_Berridge @alex_bate Everyone seems to agree that Top of the Rock's the better choice. Sorted. Thanks!@unnamedculprit Damn, if only there were actually suggestions in there. I'd probably try and do them.I'm off to New York for a few days next week, internet. What lesser-known interesting things should I see, eat, do, or film while I'm there?The new @UsVsTh3m 1812 Overture rhythm game is joyous. FIRE THE CANNON! http://t.co/GGm6OIQHhE (code: @cr3, art: @mushybees)@christiancalgie Still in the editing bay, but it's getting there!@arsatiki Four, I think? My wand kept misfiring.New video! What did witches actually use? http://t.co/Mp4tK49Ii5 (filmed in the Potions Classroom at Hogwarts!)@AmyLouiseGwynne Got the video from the Warner Bros studios up - thank you so much for spellcasting, it looks great! https://t.co/ViDDiFigzJ@karaspita @rnalexander @hllnS @jonty @felix_cohen What I'm learning is that I shouldn't try and set up jokes without working it out first.@rnalexander @hllnS @jonty @felix_cohen How on earth did you both miss the obvious "Dr Scott" punchline? In different ways?!@jonty @felix_cohen rocky
@siddvee @2xAA @unnamedculprit Also, someone's way ahead of you: http://t.co/sV5PA5iX7f
I’m at a pub and I think the government is here and their road tax is expired http://t.co/5Ty9aQZMh7@jonty Turns out anonymous troll bots are actually the lowest form of wit. Who knew? (Anonymous badgering about style is a real jerk move.)@alexHacked It seems to be more common than I thought!
@cr3 @AbiWilks @mattround Advice: do not be like this man from my old hometown: http://t.co/PYU8md1cbF@BothersBar The Hedgehog?@OllieShadbolt Er - I can't decide that for you! It's pretty much exactly what you see in the video :)
@ogbajoj Lost that literally an hour later.Explained the annual “try to avoid Fairytale of New York” game. @mushybees pulled out his phone and played it. I’ve lost. Not even November.
@_mattwill_ You’ll have a lot of the same questions as us, then!@reediekris If cost isn’t an issue, any of the Hawksmoors. Went there once on someone else’s dime, and it was wonderful.New video! The man who set up his own toll road, without permission: http://t.co/oC0mZ2EEOC (thanks to Mike and the @KelstonTollRoad team!)@BothersBar I think work had some stats on that from one of the games a while back.@jivameuk @UsVsTh3m I think we ruled that out as just being a bit creepy…!Brainstorming ideas with the @UsVsTh3m team. The best so far is probably “Portal: Chuckle Brothers Edition”. http://t.co/JBjZUMYngH
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