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Michael Burgstahler @twotribes Stuttgart, Germany

Theoretical physicist gone designer since 1992. Founding member of @thevirtualbrain project, lover of everything @rikiki_bonjour does.

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Leonard Nimoy has died. I've set my phaser on "weep."
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@edbott Yes. http://t.co/3ZSwLCvWxvLeonard Nimoy 1931-2015 Read: http://t.co/pw7zYRRlts
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@TheRealNimoy In 271 years from today, a Starfleet ship will find a newborn child with pointy ears on a distant planet. #LLAP\V/
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerIn 271 years from today, a Starfleet ship will find a newborn child with pointy ears on a distant planet. #LLAP@glennf Here's the answer: http://t.co/tHRr4Ehbvu @edbottA life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerLeonard Nimoy. http://t.co/4UpJ1lyI3JOh boy… RIP Leonard Nimoy. #LLAPyou might say the web today has post llamatic dress disorder 😎
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@thijs NotedPortraits of bodies encased in honey (mildly NSFW). http://t.co/enOfGkYPnz Cool photography concept. /cc @r00p"...and that kids, is how February 26th became National Internet Day, and why we decorate llamas in white and gold"
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler"The first wearable tech that allows you to love the planet by loving yourself." http://t.co/JJIKfW2jk0Tim Cook: "Apple Watch will replace your car keys" (Dribble, dribble, dribble.) https://t.co/lfZWQ7s6Bh
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerGuys… let's just settle this dress thing, shall we? Google knows best: http://t.co/el9sKgXyDAThe internet is dressed for success today. #BlueAndBlack
Verizon thinks Net Neutrality will throw them back to 1930's morse code. http://t.co/5OB7FojMgbCan't wait for the introduction of Apple Standard Time on March 9.
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@edbott I have Godwin on the line here. He wants to speak to you about his law.Finally upgraded to Windows 10 http://t.co/8q9WyRPXgz
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerA surprising but calm look on politics and stability by @nntaleb: How to Predict State Failure http://t.co/Gj082BJOx0@sk_txet Seufz… die Schmierfinken waren noch nie anders. Wenn's nur nicht so viele Menschen lesen würden.Quite interesting: Futures of text. Conversation as an UI. http://t.co/TJiNCarOuP /cc @sk_txet /via @counternotionsAndroid, the anti-productivity OS. http://t.co/9JHcQaobUJ"I am sure I could solve 90% of my complaints with Android by putting in a man-week of effort playing with settings…""Android is the best hacker toy, but both the iPhone and Windows Phone are an order of magnitude beyond it… as productivity tools."
The global wrist watch industry: 1.2B sold per year, Switzerland has 54% value share with an ASP of $739 http://t.co/RvgipGb73n /cc @asymcoPlastic-y smartwatch gets preordered by 40,000 guys for a 10-20% rebate, ships in 3 months from now. Tell me again why this is so awesome.Only in Amurica. https://t.co/j3f1oETeKgNice photography stunt: Everyday people in superhero costumes at the edge of a 1000ft skyscraper drop. http://t.co/uslyRD1D6X /cc @r00p
How computers are made http://t.co/CY9XvfxxaQ
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerWhy isn't there more press coverage and analyst commentary on Apple? Seems odd for such an important company.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerThe most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds the most discoveries, is not “Eureka!” but “That’s funny…” — Isaac AsimovYou could make a ton of money from a smart watch with a single button that toggles between showing the time and displaying “YOU MATTER!”
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler"FYI I'M A GRAPHIC DESIGNER": http://t.co/DigdBvPDbw
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler"You-Seriously-Can’t-Believe-It-This-Shit’s-So-Insane-You’ll-Shit-Yourself, I’m Talking Poop On The Floor…""Oh God Let Me Tell You About This Link It Has Everything You Ever Needed, The Most Awesome, The Most Astounding, …" http://t.co/f0qcVRS35hThis French agency measures everything and publishes the readings on a dashboard: http://t.co/fYnTgdA9rbJust ordered my new toys for the weekend: Juicy Canon 85mm/1.2 L + Speedlite 600 for a birthday shooting :P http://t.co/1NYF4d0vCRIt's a tough day at work: http://t.co/o1aseYHigZ
@codepo8 @janl No, it's here: https://t.co/kFzSiqvkb0@janl display: inline-shock;
A company's response to a vulnerability reveals far more about product security than the existence of the vulnerability in the first place.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerA guy once told me that anecdotal evidence isn't very useful.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerRemember when teachers used to say 'You won’t have a calculator everywhere you go.' Well, we showed them.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerFifty shades of grey is romantic only because the guy is a billionaire. If he was living in a trailer it would be a Criminal minds episode.
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler
I would like to thank Lenovo for already coming up with a catchy vulnerability name for us. Heartbleed was cool, but "Superfish" is awesome.
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler.@eff on #Lenovo: "horrifically dangerous", "wildly inappropriate manner", "massive security catastrophe". https://t.co/CzNsYK6t5YOops, that was fast: "I extracted the certificate from the #SuperFish adware and cracked the password …" http://t.co/FekxSDLIyT #Lenovo"Why Is America Dotted with Giant, Concrete Arrows?" http://t.co/xcAD0Ph2xB
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@thijs Sadly, I see these used a lot by employees of our large corporate clients.mmm… love the smell of fresh class action lawsuits #LenovoEngineers, the techies at Lenovo, knew this would happen. And even that wasn't enough to stop it. A total organizational failure.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerDo you remember the Sony Rootkit fiasco? Lenovo Superfish is worse.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerSo… Lenovo stinks. Puke-level stinking. http://t.co/ZCABiO5SpB
I take disorder, raw disorder, and turn it into sense. You have no idea what you’re getting into if you get into that.Ex-GM CEO warns Apple against building a car - http://t.co/GapXE7LanD
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerEx-GM CEO about Apple: “We take steel, raw steel, and turn it into car. They have no idea what they’re getting into if they get into that.”HP is like the Samsung of printers.
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@m_ott Gerne :)Global flight streams in WebGL. http://t.co/uBwpLBVQZSWelcome to the Federal Department of Outrage. http://t.co/tPrOdR0x1lNearly broke my tongue when trying to say "prestidigitation" aloud.Scary but awesome mailing idea for a photographer emphasizing his prop-making skills. "digit-al" http://t.co/r2o4fJjV5h@m_ott University of Notre Dame had some pretty good test running over 3 months for carousel effectiveness: http://t.co/LKP7TiBPKA
When my teammate complains about my usage of semicolons to end lines in JavaScript. http://t.co/7HpJOvcqJiUnderstood. http://t.co/5W1ZowsJ6j@grumpusnation 3fucks+1After 9 yrs of writing CSS, I still have to look up the equation samples of the :nth-child() selector ☺ BTW… I have a degree in higher mathintriguing, animated, architectural letterforms for German creative agency @db_networks. Excellent illustration work. http://t.co/WmQvvI65Z1Um… yes, @thevirtualbrain @ar0mcintosh “@Tanya_Chen: And the most painfully Canadian.gif goes to http://t.co/RhVUaP6Qd5This is the how the German language figured out gender for nouns. http://t.co/G6pQYQJe44
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler@thomasfuchs "Frostschaden", "Wasserrohrbruch", "Handwerker", "Ausgebucht"@edbott "Apple praised for creating 3,000,000 new notificator jobs in the U.S. Critics added that these are demeaning and pay low."Why Samsung Design Stinks. http://t.co/yY6BLd2L9p"[Samsung's] tightly integrated, low-margin assembly line approach… [views] any one-off, paradigm-questioning product… as an outlying risk.""Design firms… complained that working with Samsung… was daunting and lacked any real opportunity for collaboration."Moses awaits the word of God. http://t.co/fFpV7fjwO2All your base are gehören us, my fellow Americans! http://t.co/3epu9e54hN /cc @r00pThe passive-aggressive voice. via @Mededitor http://t.co/q6ik0BllII
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler
You know its cold when your *hot water* pipes freeze. #winter #toronto
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerBig leak at @Mozilla: Bug 949446 - Source Code Disclosure of every possible project https://t.co/P7UlQ251npAwesome and long portrait about Apple's Jony Ive in The New Yorker. Lots of juicy bits in there. http://t.co/56UbB1ThwSJony Ive on smart watch design: “When a huge part of the function is lists, a circle doesn’t make any sense”But of course: "Over the years, Laurene Powell Jobs has consulted Ive about eyeglasses, flatware, and the proper height of countertops. "
hmm.. looks like clean design is not always working design: http://t.co/jq7QXQPh1H
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerNice. http://t.co/gjr1isVYKZ http://t.co/74mPJhBw18The dark science of interrogation: http://t.co/sDPbg5neCv Nothing we tried so far worked. Everything we believe is a myth.So let's play this game again. #ChapelHillShooting #CopenhagenShooting http://t.co/6a62relduV
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerThe #50ShadesOfGrey trailer looks like a programme about domestic violence in Ikea showrooms
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler
@miggohoo Not that I'm aware of.Sneaky: Invisible click tracking by embedding zero-width UTF-8 characters in an URL. http://t.co/OnZpbPCiYmRead why I think Google will lay off 10,000 by a year from now http://t.co/QDSmOvTuly http://t.co/hrnR3IRlz5
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler
Most of the problems power users have with their computers are self-inflicted. They know enough to be dangerous, and that's it.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerOH: "On the surface, it seems stupid, but, once you dig deeper, you can't deny the fact that it's actually pretty much idiotic."Study: Studies need more studying. http://t.co/5vWFwHliAH /via @garybernhardt
@SwiftOnSecurity I guess what you say has legs… http://t.co/mC90mCuAJc“Imagine trying to figure out what Stuxnet did if you couldn’t look at it.” http://t.co/g6KZD1ZRvx We are fucked. /via @counternotions
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