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Just realised that I in at least Yosemite with iCloud Drive can backup my iCloud by pointing eg. @arqbackup to ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/New FAQ regarding push notifications in iOS 8. http://t.co/2f5KnBViot
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@IRCCloud Can't load the site here in southernSweden since probably 4 hours or so and still can'tRead more about our newsstand in Helsinki, hosted by @FreeseCoffeeCo, on our website: http://t.co/rEtGr2k771 http://t.co/EabdCkaJxN
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman@susanjrobertson I use Jekyll and created https://t.co/jpviUXxA3e to enable WebMentions on it, feel free to try it /cc @adactio
Vi har blivit stämda av Svensk Mjölk. På http://t.co/EWzbCqmd3n kan du läsa hela stämningsansökan. Mycket nöje! #dåligstämningikyldisken
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman@jskn @nylander Nationellt id-kort och pass enda som räcker: http://t.co/JRleWjlRgk
Finally wrote a post about the exciting Indie-Config work that came out of this years @IndieWebCampUK: http://t.co/RncAtCnrqD #indiewebApple Releases iOS 8.1 – Here's What's New http://t.co/grSxQj6kC6
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanIf you upgraded to 10.10 Yosemite, here are a few Security/Privacy things you need to turn-off https://t.co/OUaKLfHUJ2
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanBig news for the Web Components community regarding platform.js ~ https://t.co/jgKk0N4Xri
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman@LeaVerou Haven't tried it myself, but have followed them for a while and they feel pretty solid. Ping @julien51, tried FeedPress? Thoughts?@LeaVerou Feedburner doesnt seem to get much maintenance – probably best to remove or switch to eg https://t.co/JqGfpcvlSF@PeterRosdahl Najs, var underbart när jag under ett år inte hade Twitter på telefonen annat än genom Flipboards mention–sektion – mer fokus
@achaido Kanske nästa Kickstarter-trend :)@achaido +1, aluminumet är galet halt – undras vilket case som är bäst för de av oss som är vana vid att inte ha något@arqbackup Nice!
There’s more users with disabilities than people using IE8. Still, we tend to drop accessibility in favour of IE8 support. #fronteers14
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanThings 2.5 for Yosemite is here — with a new Today Widget, Handoff support, a Share Extension, and refreshed design: http://t.co/bhUg45MgKe
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanDeliveries for Mac is now on the Mac App Store: https://t.co/HctQXbqR7k Includes a Today widget, "Add to Deliveries" extension, and more!
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanTextmate 2 is officially in beta. I have used the alpha for two years, and it's been ridiculously good and stable. — https://t.co/QQDKPwjANg
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman@andersmi Amazon är ju nästan så – köp vissa böcker – få tips om att du nog kommer gills post-itsDärför kan en extern retina-skärm från Apple dröja – http://t.co/6yL5vvxX9A
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Just published a new version of grunt-sass https://t.co/3Y4QgAK5m0 with node-sass 1.0.0 that comes with libsass 3.0 https://t.co/apFgLQ6OSk
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanSome apps make an effort to simplify strong password usage by integrating 1Password. Others make the opposite effort by disabling pasting...This Apple SIM thing could be the most groundbreaking bit of the day http://t.co/s9dpxkBWXf
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman@garrettmurray @DavidKaneda Thunderbolt 2 likely doesn't support 5k as 5k support just came with Displayport 1.3 – the 1.2 only supports 4k
Hur mår Skåne? Ny konferens som vi kör den 26 november i Malmö! http://t.co/ybmg2Wk1sp
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman@nylander Saknar främst just den diskussionen – tanken måste väl vara att inrikesflyget ska fasas ut och ersättas med tåg, men hur och när?Unity games in WebGL: Owlchemy Labs’ conversion of Aaaaa! to asm.js - http://t.co/CjTYSFVnji
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OpenH264 Now in Firefox - http://t.co/pvrm23G5Bo
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanNo installs, no plugins - Play FTL in your browser right now! Check out the the Humble Mozilla Bundle - https://t.co/jKCGCexZz4
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman@PeterssonJesper You would suggest automating most testing rather than having such a manual intermediate step?A polyfill for `window.fetch`, as defined by the WHATWG Fetch Living Standard: https://t.co/aJ3b5PdKLs https://t.co/F4i1b9lAmS
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New post: Job Title: It's Complicated http://t.co/qI5ZYmv9KU In which I describe job roles as "bricks" and "mortar"
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanA humanist approach to understanding your users @benwerd http://t.co/pV88OBp1wt #indieweb
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanMy thoughts on the failure of @nodejs's monolithic even/odd release model. https://t.co/DpBptHNJYN
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanSQL-queries on JSON-files – is there something PostgreSQL cant do? http://t.co/GBKO4iRKRu (A materialized view on top makes it even crazier)Tomorrow it's time for this fall's first Node Malmö meetup. At @_FooCafe_ we will discuss micro-services in Node.js: http://t.co/rfivy1BU7q
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@tdh Hopefully they don’t rush it, but shops are apparently getting ready to start accepting it October 18:th: http://t.co/ZbU9c1vBsQ@tdh Yeah – Yosemite luckily sounds pretty solid. But speaking of iOS, they will likely launch Apple Pay/iOS 8.1 at the event as well@tdh Feels like it’s going to be an intense event, so many products that will be updated – some substantially, some not. Hoping for a 12-airEtt svar om Naomi Klein och huruvida kapitalism måste bort för att rädda klimatet http://t.co/weKvhZqPmN
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@HugoGiraudel Check @HuBoard or http://t.co/QSuj41cCg2 :)
Out of curiosity – do any tech meetups have some kids activity that enable parents to bring their kids to more easily attend? /cc @_FooCafe_Firefox OS: now in 24 countries, 12 kinds of smartphones offered by 13 operators - https://t.co/bnpvgWVcI4
Retweeted by Pelle Wessmanuppdaterade inlägget om mjölklobbyns pinsamma stämning med en länk till eventet Skäms på er @lrf_mjolk! http://t.co/c5N0ZiS8Dv @LRFSverige
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanWe just cracked £38K – only £1,974 left to meet our goal by Friday! w00t! http://t.co/7S9hiMIPOq
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Come work work on fun stuff like config management, containers, continues integration, dbs etc.. with me! http://t.co/OuqfEcVc6S
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@tdh Yeah, over the air updates is probably ruled out on such phones@tdh Could it be that the iPhone 4 is the first non-supported iPhone that's actually pretty usable still and therefore still has many users?
Coding a JavaScript virtual world inside the virtual world with an Oculus Rift strapped to your head https://t.co/dgm2pGGhGc
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In @chriseppstein's SassConf Community Day keynote, we announced a plan for better coordination with libsass: https://t.co/6geGrMCPAm
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanApple lanserar iAd i Sverige och övriga norden – http://t.co/wRACo9paGU
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman@nylander Bra med åldersspridning av många skäl tycker jag – ökad mångfald, mer representativ för folket, fostrar framtida toppministrar etcRuby Sass will wait 4 LibSass to reach feature parity & coordinate releases together; new dev process. @chriseppstein #SassConf14 @SassConf
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman@kalasjocke That looks very interesting – if it is what I think it is :)An Open Office Experiment That Actually Worked http://t.co/h80OMdwObi
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman
Just released libsass 3.0rc1 now with extends and sass maps! https://t.co/M09URM4q5q
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanWhy @hover, @fox and @GlennF are backing The Manual, in their own words: https://t.co/p7CnKW11R1
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanAlice Bah Kuhnke som kulturminister är ett genidrag! Hon är intelligent, karismatisk och har bred erfarenhet inom kultur och näringsliv!
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman
The IE team want your opinion on the features they should give priority, let them know: http://t.co/k0ODuXhOGi (it's ServiceWorker, right??)
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman
Yay! New @tweetbot 3 for iPhone! Thanks @tapbots ! http://t.co/dcFiJNRjZy
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman@davidpaulsson They're just feeling retro and are doing a WinAmp ;)
ES7: Support for Array.prototype.contains lands in Firefox http://t.co/g2vj9UsxTe Motivation https://t.co/WnpOtgFBdt http://t.co/jdVyUpxVXu
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanAutumn and tea is lovely – something good truly comes with every season@linusbohman Tjusigt!#fundamag Web design journal, @themanual, is funding a cross-platform, sustainable publishing model. Fund here: http://t.co/abjGoRJkHi
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanShould be required signage in every conference room http://t.co/Nkirne96LL
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman@nylander Oj, inte så lite heller, härligt!
@dekaminski @jocke @netlawswe iOS 8 ska efter vad som sägs exponera slumpad MAC-adress för nätverk man inte aktivt kopplat upp till@tele2sweden Sidan ser okej ut, men har fortsatt problem med att logga in på Mitt Tele2 och kolla status på mitt abonnemangsbyte
Just backed @themanual's new Kickstarter. A great print+web design journal that's now making itself creative commons https://t.co/yGkuPpBhk3@julien51 Exactly!@jaredsinclair +1, that's why CSS Transitions are so lovely – they define how to move between values rather than any animation itselfSuch a feeling of relief every time I go from any other database's UI back to @neo4j's, wow. Best built-in DB tools by far.
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman@julien51 Great thoughts Julien! Very sensible stance on Ello – I myself have been a bit negative about it but I think I agree with youWelcoming Ello https://t.co/hLCEoVeUoM A (modest) response to @aral @davewiner and @waxpancake
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman@tele2sweden Er webbsida verkar inte riktigt funka så bra? För mig laddar den inte in CSS, javascript etc – bara massa 404-fel@ThatEmil Yeah, not sure how you could make shaders simpler. Hopefully WebGL is more common knowledge when it happens.@ThatEmil So no longer any plans for shaders in CSS? That’s a relief kind ofAnother set of good thoughts – don't dictate what actions you allow people to do but what outcomes you desire: http://t.co/Ao8G9Nlx8KGood thoughts on how businesses can, and should, be more true to the social media spirit: http://t.co/ihZBKShxqc
@kalasjocke Verkligen! Speciellt när man hoppar från en 4SSo I can’t activate my iPhone 6 without a SIM card? That’s weird.@kalasjocke Lång kö i Sthml med? Väntat i 30 min här i Malmö nu för att hämta min bokade och ännu lång kö kvar :)
@tobiassjosten Perhaps Discourse? http://t.co/0x8p54N7i6Looking for awesome people to join our growing NY team! http://t.co/8XU9Q2sRNQ #spreadthelove #bloglovin #nyc http://t.co/tsI1oU6Rds
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanGood morning Europe! ☕️ We posted our first backer update while you were sleeping, but we still need your support! https://t.co/VCgE6AjGXQ
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“To prevent bending, iPhone 6 Plus owners may want to remove their iPhones from their pockets before sitting” http://t.co/OVXeqo8mtX
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman@jocke Du får boka för upphämtning på fredag på Väla Centrum eller Emporia istället: http://t.co/nvJAppL8a7@frick Tycker alltid det känns lite slumpartat när man måste godkänna och inte godkänna – inte alltid man krävs oavsett enhet tycker jag?
@maxrudberg You feel you can still comfortably navigate the upper left corner while maintaining a good grip?@ThatEmil Wonder if there's any benefit of adding will-change anyway? Will Chrome just ignore it if there's a translate()?@ThatEmil Guess we have to wait for iOS 9 now :/@ThatEmil Will be so nice when "will-change" gets implemented in Safari as well, http://t.co/fGaOAw7cyw
v2.4.0 with iPad support is available :) http://t.co/Xwsv17L9It
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanI built the #wordpress logo in #lego. Download free instructions here: http://t.co/R6s9vTi4Rb ping @photomatt @WordPress
Retweeted by Pelle WessmanJust tested and added the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to my -webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio test page: http://t.co/q2luRU6jAz
Retweeted by Pelle Wessman
@kalasjocke Same! Yes, we should totally do that
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