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Thank you, to all who serve.. http://t.co/gq53TFDFHH
Retweeted by WandafayFerguson Grand Jury Set to Reconvene http://t.co/BATokoz3Tv@Chargers Come on #Chargers you have NOT lost this game and you are NOT going to!!!!!GAME TIME! #STLvsSD @weddlesbeard https://t.co/m05XFhGosD
Retweeted by WandafayObama says he'd be a dinged-up 'used car' in the 2016 presidential race http://t.co/CdUokjwD7UBuffalo residents urged to prepare for flooding http://t.co/npv7oNBBVYObama calls for calm after Ferguson decision, sees improved US race relations http://t.co/QXGYyD9k9yGood job to the good guys! *Kenya says kill 100 militants after bus ambush that killed 28 http://t.co/wz5cq83OkfTissue alert! Obama: Voters will want "new car smell" in 2016 presidential race http://t.co/nkGl1kmIfWIraqi forces battle Islamic State in towns north of Baghdad http://t.co/OoUCKBBKpSIsaiah 59:16 He saw that there was no one, he was appalled that there was no one to intervene;... http://t.co/hxHy7vEzAiProv 11:6: The righteousness of the upright shall deliver them: but transgressors shall be taken in their own naughtiness. ✞
Retweeted by WandafaySick twisted evil suicide bomber kills 40 at volleyball match in Afghanistan http://t.co/iFUuDqWNsSThere's a Suicide Epidemic in Utah — And One Neuroscientist Thinks He Knows Why http://t.co/lbC3R2mfZO
Ferguson grand jury fails to reach decision on Darren Wilson indictment http://t.co/PtlHOv12yC6.8-magnitude earthquake in Japan collapses homes, causes injuries http://t.co/AHd9R41dK6Obama approves fresh guidelines for U.S. military in Afghanistan http://t.co/VzZE3zBXYhHome - The Steve Sanchez Show http://t.co/f47pruUaio
Pair Suspected of Trying to Acquire Bombs for Ferguson Protests - NBC News http://t.co/bzlBIKKijN2 Thessalonians 2:1 KJV: Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ,... http://t.co/bURk0kEVAsThis immigration thing that Obama unleashed today is kind of like Obamacare! How can you trust it? Coming from... http://t.co/WJJ9parzqqPlanning a New Life, Free From Fear of Deportation http://t.co/yZplayGUOYThe lawless one @barackobama just unleashed lawlessness ...it's here #fb http://t.co/Vv0GP8I6crMatthew 24:12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, http://t.co/2udEknFptwHonoring Army Pfc. Jackie L. Diener II who selflessly sacrificed his life three years ago today in Afghanistan... http://t.co/nrBhxzQ0Ht
Retweeted by WandafayIntel boss' warning on cyber attacks no joke, say experts http://t.co/sV9JRpKQCLCongressional officials say investigators may have recovered emails from key figure in IRS tea party case: http://t.co/9mem04uTw3
Retweeted by Wandafay@VirginiaProdan You are very welcome!Ferguson grand jury announcement: Police, protesters set 'rules of engagement' http://t.co/LmIju817kqIndiana man beheaded in Syria remembered in Muslim prayer service http://t.co/s8Mzt7X3ZOWe are a nation of laws, except when @barackobama wants to change them any day any hour! Rules and laws don't apply to him!Mia Love: Obama Executive Amnesty 'More Like A Dictatorship' | The Daily Caller http://t.co/juVhzaX4Dc #IllegalAmnesty #Illegals
Retweeted by WandafayObama In March 2011: Can't Stop Deportations Through Executive Order: http://t.co/8x1czxNlE7 via @YouTubeJon Stewart on You Can Keep Your Plan. Period.: http://t.co/rEymEWbLPc via @YouTube"If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan!" @barackobama said that! LOL #Lies #Lies and #MoreliesHey illegals! He's pretending he loves you! I wouldn't trust his temporary amnesty plan for nothing! He loves to lie!"If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor!" @barackobamaSo angry! Scary! http://t.co/lwNuK8NDJK@VirginiaProdan Praying! You did well! So good to see you speak up! Keep it up sweetie! You will be in my prayers!!!!President EO said: "I want a national debate on #immigration but I go on my own ! " That is not how democracy... http://t.co/dt20iYAcHR
Retweeted by Wandafay"Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me." Psalm 66:16 #PrayUSA #God #America #Bible
Retweeted by WandafayI will be on Fox News with Neil Cavuto Today at 4:00 pm ET. You prayers appreciated. @FoxNews @TeamCavuto http://t.co/3wACjcY7Zn
Retweeted by WandafaySo angry! Scary! http://t.co/KeifrwL61QPay attention! This is how Ebola got started, seemingly small. Plague outbreak in Madagascar kills 40 since... http://t.co/ByrX6SAWsHThankU #fb RT @jimgreenhill The National Guard on Twitter is out! http://t.co/lSymRvmC4F … Stories via @Licha77x7 @Wandafay @NDNationalGuard#Buffalo #NewsandPrayer #Prayer4Safety #Snow http://t.co/viLWFmgE53God send help #Buffalo #NationalGuard #NY http://t.co/MJV3YBGK4A
Did #Gruber write #Obama #ImmigrationAction Speech? Smooth, deceptive & Low Wage Earners will suffer from it. #PJNET #TCOT @deneenborelli
Retweeted by Wandafay@Wandafay no, they won't. They are too invested in their impotent rage. Their violent agenda will not allow for peace now. #Ferguson
Retweeted by WandafayMajority Leader-elect will be with @megynkelly on Fox News tonight at 7:40 http://t.co/yAbEKemBoK
Retweeted by WandafayWill #Ferguson listen? *Michael Brown's Father Urges Calm! http://t.co/PpCmTsawdpScott Brown rejoining FOX News - The Boston Globe http://t.co/PecPszvcXxObama: U.S. Taxpayers Must Pay For Illegals’ Children http://t.co/MDU4pqdq9gThe scripture Obama used about the stranger was first 4 the Jews, then 4 the Church not country. He USED it 4 his political convenience #fbHonestly I don't think a whole lot of ILLEGALS would actually TRUST R government 2 come out of the closet, even with President's speech!Did he even use the word illegal in his speech? I missed some of it!#Obamacare Officials Exaggerate Enrollment Total by Counting Dental Plans - http://t.co/DHcogufQnq http://t.co/Soarl4AljN
Retweeted by WandafayExclusive: U.S. increasing non-lethal military aid to Ukraine http://t.co/ZkR8J2QrW8Breaking: Obama executive amnesty plan bullet points http://t.co/lG0UEca4tn
Retweeted by WandafayCheaters and liars and the Obama administration #DumberandDumber http://t.co/O0oJmXhVUVDefiant King President Obama to SCREW America .....up again tonight! http://t.co/n7WwRQCQJB@RexRedbone Good to see you! Hope you're doing well! :)United to cut LAX service from Palomar http://t.co/r0Ow4HhP2RDrone buzzes San Diego plane as it lands in NYC http://t.co/pTZCLogmbfThe Presidency is broken, not our #Immigration System. http://t.co/57qIDLiFwF http://t.co/QWhBrVKrmj
Retweeted by WandafayMultivehicle wreck slows I-8 in College Area: At least two people were hurt. http://t.co/aoXRucsj5q
Retweeted by WandafayHe found the Jonathan Gruber videos — and no media outlet would call him back http://t.co/oALZwfzjqnEnglish ‘soulmates’ die just 10 minutes apart after lifetime of love http://t.co/gHP7tvl5WAWarning over webcam streaming sites http://t.co/7gZmVpbuJWBuffalo, Western New York Buried by Another Wave of Snow - NBC News http://t.co/NPuWvVi8GP
#GruberGate all in one video Defund #Obamacare @PeteSessions @JohnCornyn @johnboehner #MakeDCListen @galaPartlow @J_Wade_Miller #tcot
Retweeted by WandafayAbraham Lincoln R 16th U.S. President was nicknamed Honest Abe becuz he once said, "I can not tell a lie." @barackobama cannot NOT tell liesObama orders review of hostage policy http://t.co/Mxjvpgstj9Uber exec considers investigating and smearing journalists - CNET http://t.co/Gtfl7IQaxaIt's disappointing that Senate Democrats & the President continue to block construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. http://t.co/QtNCJSowVM
Retweeted by WandafayAdrian Peterson suspended without pay for remainder of 2014 NFL season http://t.co/RmYZMWVmYXThree Americans among dead in Palestinian attack on Jerusalem synagogue http://t.co/rBs0CZJDkR
#NewsandPrayer #Pray 4 Police as they hunt suspect who pushed father of two onto NYC subway tracks http://t.co/5lmTqLCJbg#NewsandPrayer #Pray for God to convict these liars! *Gruber ‘some adviser,’ http://t.co/vX6UMVTvG6#NewsandPrayer Missouri governor declares state of emergency as national guard brought in to Ferguson http://t.co/TUdDXPZn6RStates hurry to fix healthcare exchange websites in new enrollment period * *THEY'VE HAD AN ENTIRE YEAR TO FIX... http://t.co/86uQsXKdPYPolice officials on edge as grand jury deliberates charges in Ferguson shooting http://t.co/UuiS540Z9XSurgeon dies after 'false negative' Ebola test http://t.co/xcXIO2hdTw.@USCG Coast Guard conducting hoist training in Middle Bay near Kodiak Alaska in an MH-60 Jayhawk! #MilitaryMonday http://t.co/fNnl1t3XKY
Retweeted by WandafaySurgeon who contracted Ebola virus in Sierra Leone dies at Nebraska hospital http://t.co/hJJLhMZ66X
DEA agents raid NFL medical staffs after games http://t.co/M1AUZhJ6FJDefiant Obama says he won't bend to GOP http://t.co/vEh6kbN3PpMore parents explore homeschooling http://t.co/e1c3Jukjli
Retweeted by WandafayM6.7 - 178km ENE of Gisborne, New Zealand 2014-11-16 22:33:21 UTC http://t.co/kjlP0vIHWQFinal Score: Raiders 6, #Chargers 13 #OAKvsSD http://t.co/0MCSctYEPC
Retweeted by WandafayBACK TO BACK at 8pm ET @foxnews: Part I and Part II of "The Man Who Killed Usama bin Laden"... watch or DVR!
Retweeted by Wandafay"El Shaddai & Thy Word" Amy Grant & Michael W. Smith Pt. 1 (Carey's Demo): http://t.co/VqgEQkeLer via @YouTubeMichael W. Smith & Amy Grant - Thy Word - [Live]: http://t.co/M1xOutP2E3 via @YouTubeState Department shuts down email system after suspected hacker attack http://t.co/44N59glB8n #politics
Retweeted by Wandafay@CarsonDaly #GoChargers :)Being with @blakeshelton at a Bass Pro is like being with Jesus Christ at The Vatican.
Retweeted by WandafayTHANK YOU for helping me raise over $77K for our armed forces & @USO during #Rokerthon Click: https://t.co/whhk0BmxGC http://t.co/jcNXoXLcsX
Retweeted by WandafayISIS Killing of U.S. Aid Worker 'Act of Pure Evil,' Obama Says - NBC News http://t.co/0F0LxOyKlmTOUCHDOWN!!! Rivers to M80!! #OAKvsSD
Retweeted by Wandafay@Chargers Here comes some football! Are you ready? #GoChargers !!!! #fb
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