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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches.

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@CVS_Extra bye-bye CVS. Hello Walgreen.@fmanjoo alibaba"I have been quarantined in New Jersey... I am scared for those who will follow me." http://t.co/w37aIDXOyQ
Retweeted by Joe ZouOh, no, this is not good: http://t.co/ZxYbo4sxEj@CVS_Extra there is a Duane Reade, a Walgreen and a CVS within 2 blocks. Walgreen/Duane Reade are my choices because of Apple Pay. Not CVS!@SuB8u extrapolation too much.@jandawson the trouble is by the time it stop building new fulfillment centers, the old one will need to be rebuilt, roofs leak over time!
@_youhadonejob Google map sucks Dick?@Starbucks do you accept Apple Pay in your store?I just donated to help @MSF_USA help fight Ebola in Africa, Join me here: http://t.co/M2LLqjETn5If you really want to help stop Ebola, now is a good time to give to MSF (Doctors without Borders). http://t.co/SoU0wVAvDOEclipse sponsored by  “@washingtonpost: Stunning photos of the partial solar eclipse http://t.co/SBGV0Al05u http://t.co/nwVgLdKEKC@ReformedBroker "we believe in Jeff Bezos"
@businessinsider never going to click that link no matter how many times you tweet it.Rare snow leopards photographed on Mount Everest: http://t.co/1RTLhV6NKs
Retweeted by Joe Zou@EmanuelDerman what if one feels completely normal, no symptoms what so ever and one is quarantined for 3 weeks? Tough call.@EmanuelDerman mandatory quarantine someone without symptoms because the person had contact with victims is a civil liberty issue, no?@EmanuelDerman this NYC doctor wasn't even self isolated. He went out bowling.@EmanuelDerman civil liberty of those having direct contact with the source.@EmanuelDerman and ban media coverage like cnn. Stop mass panic. That how the Chinese stopped SARS@EmanuelDerman or adopt the Chinese model, forget about civil liberty, mass quarantine of people arriving from affected region.@andersoncooper with all these headlines, CNN struck gold.@ReformedBroker "we"? "Some" is more accurate.@BradStone @BW the probability that Jeff Bezos is a total fraud is not zero. They never break out relevant numbers. Smell like a Ponzi.@businessinsider @BI_Video fluent? Please. torturous more accurate.@jonfortt but Jeff Bezos is going to make it back in volume, right?$amzn after hour activities shown in a Bezos Chart http://t.co/55mE8kObzJ@firstadopter @danielhsqr secular shift? iTunes Store didn't see it...@theloop @jdalrymple does it come with Ebola?Amazon missed on revenue, lost $1bn on $25 bn revenue. Expecting the stock to shoot up to the moon now. #ponziUber, but for people with Ebola http://t.co/f6i7EdbN3E
Retweeted by Joe Zou@ReformedBroker @jamielissette because CNN need a rating lift.@ianbremmer @NatGeo what's "other meat"?@bhorowitz @a16z @mattyglesias vox wants to get bought by Jeff Bezos. Suck up to the future boss.@fmanjoo nytimes is next.@jonfortt @MarketFried @MikeIsaac polite for the students to sit through 30 minutes of that. It was painful to listen to.@MikeIsaac @jonfortt @MarketFried you are just a bad son@clusterstock don't you mean going bananas?@MikeIsaac @jonfortt @MarketFried he has Chinese speaking in-laws.@JBoorstin @danielhsqr good luck with that..@jonfortt maybe the Chinese government will unblock FB when His Mandarin is proficient enough. Larry Page better starts learning Chinese now@jonfortt nobody give a damn that Pony Ma speaks English and doesn't even have American in-laws.@jonfortt find me one with Chinese in-laws first.@hzqtc @ZhouFengSuo google free. They couldn't pay me to use it.@CanuckBCGirl @andersoncooper compare to CTV, CNN is hysterical. Sensational and rating driven.@andersoncooper hysterical coverage as usual. Guess Ebola rating is tanking for cnn.
@XHNews Tsinghua still Zucks. Beida Rocks.@XHNews so why don't the government unblock FB?@nytimesbits @mollywood seemless in iTunes Store.@SammyWalrusIV 21 dumpster Street?@harrymccracken it's coming as mandated by law.@jonfortt @byandreachang but they won't unblock FB until he improves his mandarin. It's painful to listen to.@harrymccracken in that one station.@paulmozur @SirSteven the adult deals with the powerful, the kid fools around with kids. Tim is laughing to the banks.@SammyWalrusIV this picture summarizes the current status of AI: They are anything but intelligent. http://t.co/Se4qCpI8ti@SammyWalrusIV more like MIT lab@SammyWalrusIV there will be no autonomous vehicles on real roads in next 100 years.@SammyWalrusIV Apple Map is good enough. Hasn't touched Google map in last 18 months.@PhilipWen11 what about one-sided coverage by US media?@TheDomino so CNBC gets its news from @zerohedge now?@SirSteven I wouldn't want to sit through that 30 minutes. 2 minutes small talks maybe.@SirSteven Zuck's mandarin is so bad, it's painful to listen to.@WaltBTIG @vine poor camera quality. IPad Air 2 might convince Twitter to make an iPad app.@stratechery @sparky1999 can YouTube save google from being eclipsed?Peak Google http://t.co/iq008U3cnT Google will always dominate search, but that doesn't mean they'll dominate digital advertising
Retweeted by Joe ZouGoogle self-driving car will never happen. It can't memorize all solutions to real life's unknown situations. π in 🌌 http://t.co/9KGMCQe1FY@MarketWatch calorie-less revenue is worthless...@NickKristof this proves conclusively that 清华Zucks and 北大rocks.@garyb5131 @asymco @counternotions google has a clown too. His name is Eric@fmanjoo his mandarin has a long way to go. Rather painful to listen to.@jank0 @tomkrazit @gigaom or for your cars@waltbtig @ericjhonsa reduction in data rate > reduction in phone "subsidies"?@waltbtig @ericjhonsa is that an accounting issue? how do they separate data charges from equipment "subsidies"?@fmanjoo Tsinghua Zucks, Beida Rocks@asymco a slight slowdown around Q1 2014?@PersonalCapital @CNBCClosingBell @Kelly_Evans news for you: Apple Pay works online and Offline. Get your facts straight.@CNBCClosingBell hey, Apple Pay works online and offline. The former Paypal guy on your show is talking garbage. Get your facts straight.@claybavor @parislemon thanks. But no thanks. Not going to use it.@nytimesbusiness @fmanjoo resistence is futile, just give in.“@cctvnews: Zuckerberg joined the advisory board of China’s #Tsinghua business school. http://t.co/v3gV6RfWhn” when will they unblock FB?@BloombergNews that's the wrong Peter Oppenheimer! He's the former CFO of Apple and current board member of GS.At Robin Hood investment conference. @fredwilson of Union Square Ventures insinuated he'd be short $NFLX, $AMZN, and $EBAY. No $aapl short?
@cmasontaylor exactly, one family buys a new iPad every year, so on average, everyone upgrade every 3-4 years.@counternotions on China's finance TV, red color is used if a stock is up, green if down, exact opposite to what we use in U.S.@cmasontaylor one person always has the newest one in the family, He/she gives the last year's model to a kid. The rotation continue ..@cmasontaylor the solution is kids get the last year's model. Parents get the new one.@backlon no need for both. No fucking way I'll share a personal device. Go get your own..@fmanjoo @nytimes but we don't need nytimes either.@counternotions redundant?@BenBajarin you need a Mac made after 2012.@asymco $143? Including dividend payment would be 144.88 to be precise. Lol.@tim if using credit card, no, debit card yes at whole food.@tim I used my Chase debit card at a Whole Food today, I still had to type my pin after Touch ID authentication. Seems unnecessary.@KenRoth @tengbiao they should go work at the Apple Store for a week.@asymco more reliable than CNBC and CNN@BenBajarin before Chinese New Year!@BenedictEvans iPhone also sits on other people's wireless infrastructure.@Garvey_B she prefer F**king British dictators?@levie national football conference?"Warren Buffett acts as a shark repellent" -CNBC talking head on Buffet's effect on Coke stocks. $KO
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